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Section A : Directed Writing [35 marks] [Time suggested : 45 minutes]


Your school has received a group of exchange students from Germany. As the President the English anguage !ociety" you have #een as$ed #y your teacher advisor to give a talk to %elcome the German students to your school and give the information a#out your school and country. &se the notes given #elo% to %rite your talk.

'( school ') #ac$ground *) facilities *( country ') multiracial *) many festivals 3( attractions in to%n ') tourist spots *) shopping malls

+( souvenirs ') #ati$ *) #am#oo #as$ets

,hen giving the talk, you must remem#er to'( greet your audience *( mention the purpose of the tal$ 3( include all the points given +( end your tal$ appropriately Note : .or your tal$" you %ill receive up to 15 mark for the format and content points" and up to 2! mark for the /uality of your %riting.

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Section # : $ontin%o% Writing [51 marks] [Time suggested : One hour]


,rite a composition of a&o%t "5! 'ord on one of the follo%ing topics. ' 2y most precious possession * 3escri#e an incident %hich helped you to #e a leader. 3 Academic excellence guarantees a perfect life. 3iscuss. + ,rite a story that ends %ith4555she cried tears of 6oy and %hispered the %ords" 7han$ You.8 5 9hallenge


0 *1'3 Hakcipta BPSBPSK

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