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PHED 239 Module 4: High School Site Observation/Teaching Assisting Assignment

Due one day after the observation

Directions: Read and become familiar with the questions below BEFORE the observation. Submit answers to the questions on a separate sheet (word-processed/double-spaced). Points will be deducted for grammar, spelling and punctuation mistakes. Total = 30 pts.

Include the following general background information: Name of high school : Agawam High School Name of cooperating teacher(s): Mary Murray Grade level of students: 9-12 Number of students in class observed: appx. 50 Description of facilities & equipment available at school: 3 Gyms. One small, one large and one weight room. They have a full room full of various equipment.


1. Describe how students interacted with each other, teachers, and/or administrators. During the observation, the students were all interacting differently. We only saw them sitting on the bleachers so we did not observe much interaction but from what I did see they were all different. I noticed there were a lot of different groups. The guys were sitting together, the girls were sitting together and then there were some students sitting by themselves. 2. What characteristics of a high school student did you witness? Give examples. The students at Agawam all seemed active. By looking at some of the students they looked like they could be athletes. Also they seemed like they could be creative. I saw students listening to music. 3. What rules, routines, and management techniques are used by your cooperating teacher(s)? The only routine I saw today was the students walked into the gym and sat on the bleachers. Other routines that are used at Agawam is a routined warm- up. Also, the students know to arrive at gym, take all their jewelry off, change and enter the gym for class. 4. What units are the students participating in during this time of year? How do the teachers determine what units the students will be involved in? How long are the units? At this time of year the students are participating in Ping-Pong, Basketball or weight training. The

teachers will determine which students will be involved in each by allowing them to pick what they would enjoy participating in. 5. Any discipline issues? If so, how were they handled? What is the teachers discipline policy? There were no discipline issues addressed during this observation. 6. What are the average class sizes? How are classes divided (i.e. by grade level, skill level, etc)? The average class size is 20- 30 students per activity. This is divided based on the students interest and what they would like to do. 7. What is/are your biggest concern(s) about teaching at the high school level? My biggest concern about teaching at the high school level is teaching older students and losing their interest. I am afraid that I will teach them as if they are younger than they really are. 8. What are you most looking forward to in regards to teaching at the high school level? I am looking forward to getting experience since this is my first time teaching this level. I am also excited to teach a new subject that I have never taught or learned before. (table tennis)