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High Fibre Chilas

Scrumptious pancakes made using buckwheat which is extremely high in fibre and iron. Carrots and spring onion add crunch to these soft pancakes, apart from providing substantial amounts of vitamin A. When served with Low Calorie reen Chutney, they are sure to bring a smile to your face.
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Cooking "ime # $% mins. &reparation "ime # ' hours. (akes ) chilas. Ingredients * cup buckwheat +kuttu or kutti no daro, $ tablespoon sanwa millet +sama, - cup low fat curds $ teaspoon chilli paste '/0 cup grated carrot '/0 cup chopped spring onions +including greens, $ tablespoon chopped coriander salt to taste Other ingredients $ teaspoon oil for cooking How To Proceed Combine the buckwheat, curds, sanwa millet with * cup of water and mix well. Allow it to soak for ' hours. Li1uidi2e this mixture in a blender till it is a smooth pur3e. &our it into a bowl and add the chilli paste, carrot, spring onions, coriander and salt and mix well. &our approx. 0 tablespoons of this batter onto a heated non.stick pan. Cook the chila on both sides using a little oil, till both sides are golden brown. 5epeat with the remaining batter to make 0 more chilas.

$. '. 0. ). %. 4.

Handy tip(s) : 1. Variation : 2. You can also make these chilaswithout adding the carrot and spring onions. Suggested Accompaniments !ggplant 6ip Spinach 5aita Low Calorie reen Chutney (int and Coriander Chutney Nutritive alues per chila Amt ): gm !nerg" :) kcal Protein '.; gm Cho $4.< gm Fat $.< gm it A 0;%.= mcg Other Related Recipes &aneer &alak (ethi 5otis (oong 6al &anki 6oodhi "heplas 7a8ra 9and 5otis

it C '.4 mg

Calcium );.; mg

Iron 0.$ mg

F# Acid 0.= mcg

Fibre '.$ gm