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Swim curiously in the tides of fate And appreciate when plans go accordingly. In a world of mystery and discovery, You cannot afford to close your doors Even when the unknown may be intimidating. Find not only a single source of inspiration, Be it extrinsic or intrinsic, or both in harmony. Ideas come in the least expected of turns, Keep an open eye and an open heart, For celestial events never occur twice unchanged. Cultivate an idea, virtue, or resolution. Nurture it through genuine words & deeds. Be the paragon of what you believe in, Stay dauntless and staunch in the currents of temptation, For as elation is temporal, so is despair. A steadfast character is a strong foundation, But is immaterial in the absence of the will to express. Choose a medium, a bridge from your imagination to the physical, Making your colors visible, heard, sensual. Create a piece unique to you and worthy of your spirit. There will be charlatans who would disagree with your style, Comparing your fruits with things insignificant. Heed not their lashes, but view it all as constructive, if not amusing. Remain true to your soul, stay free though shackled in flesh. Your art will be your legacy, and your legacy eternal.
by: Joaquin R. Sorreta of 4-A

By Charmaine Olivia