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The 100 Book Project

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Mother Teresa : Let's do something beautiful for God. What was it that made her so special? Mother Teresa, one of the most well known women of her time, exerted fascination on most people she met. Admired for her work, she was also a true contemplative. Along the years she received a string of honorary doctorates conferred by some of the worlds most prestigious universities. Mother Teresa became, during her lifetime, the most decorated a woman in the history of civilization. She was without doubt, an outstanding human being. Many pictures reveal her as both compassionate and determined; there was work to be done and there seemed to be no room for sentimental speculations. Her gentle but relentless crusade for the poorest embodied a businesslike approach witch filtered down through the ranks of her order. Many books and thousands of articles have been written on her and she was not without critics, some seeing her as a demagogue, a servant of earthly powers. The order she founded is still one the very few religious order within the Roman Catholic Church
Project organized by the Chair in Ethical Management, HEC Montreal, many resources online