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‘ WORKING GROUP REPORT GUIDELINES FOR PREPARATION OF DETAILED PROJECT REPORTS OF IRRIGATION AND MULTIPURPOSE PROJECTS GOVERNMENT OF INDIA MINISTRY OF IRRIGATION 1980 : ri RR RI OES WORKING GROUP REPORT © GUIDELINES FOR PREPARATION OF DETAILED PROJECT REPORT OF IRRIGATION AND MULTIPURPOSE PROJECTS VOLUMES f, I & HE GOVERNMENT OF INDIA. MINISTRY OF IRRIGATION 1980 n~ Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Chapter 6 Chapter 7 Section—t Seation—2 ‘Section—3 TABLE OF CONTENTS VOLUME REPORT Introduction 7 7 Pee Preparation of ProjetRepors. =. Command Area Development Bee ae Modernisation of lecigeticn systems. . : ee Benefitcost Ratio. SS Sess SSeS Infrastructure 2D ‘ Recommendations»... Annexure—1 Oice Memoranda No. 46/77-DW-II dated 24-10-1977 & 8-2-1978 rogarding constitution of Working Group etc. Annexure—2 Latest constitution of working Group and Terms of References Anoeiure—3 Lito Réfrenes 6 VOLUME—II GUIDELINES FOR DETAILED PROJECT REPORT Oe Salient Features. . Repent EEE eet eee eee Eee 3.1 Introduction : BEEEEEE EEE et 4.2 Phvskal Features... EEE eee 3.3. Inlestatfintemavonal Aspects). , 3.4 Surveys and Investigations 2S Hyde ; PES 2.6 Design feature and eriteria for dierent river vale structres 3.7 Reservoir. ; ES EE eee eit 3.8. Irigation Plana eee 3.9 Command Area Development 3.10 Flood contol and drainage ae BM Power, He ; 2.12 Navigation. at (3.13 \Ponsruetion programme ad Mun-pover andl pant planaing 3.44 Foreign Exchange Element Gas Financial Rous. Hidesimtes B17 Revenues... He th SEES 3.18 Beneficeost Ratio and Financial Retura 3.19 Environmental and Beologicalsspects of the project 3 created (Duiklings) 3.20 Future utilisation ofthe fac