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YeJin Song

Email: Career Portfolio Website: LICENSURE EDUCATION School Counselor Licensure, K-12 UNC Chapel Hill, Chapel Hill, NC School Counseling, M.Ed. Emory University, Atlanta, GA Bachelor of Arts in Psychology Minor in Music; Minor in Educational Studies SCHOOL CONSELING EXPERIENCE Expected Date: August 2014 Expected Graduation Date: August 2014 Graduation Date: May 2013

Mary Scroggs Elementary School Chapel Hill, NC Counseling Intern August 2013-current Provided direct service Individual Counseling Solution-Focused Brief Theory and Cognitive-Behavioral Theory Group Counseling Friendship Skills, Motivation and Study Skills, New Students, Cultural, Families in Separated Homes Classroom Guidance personal, social, academic, and career development lessons for all 600+ students in every classroom every month Parent and Teacher Consultation Solution-Focused Brief Theory and collaboration Provided indirect service Meetings Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports, Response to Intervention, etc. Preparation planning and organizing lessons and activities for students and the school Observation behavioral or academic observations of students; lesson structures, teaching styles, and classroom environment for teachers Professional Development School Counselor Professional Learning Community, seminars, and workshops Clerical Act entering and analyzing data, organizing calendars and events, etc. Committee Work giving presentations for faculty, volunteering and fundraising, etc. University Medical Center in Mississippi Jackson, MS Research Assistant Summer 2011 & Summer 2012 Worked in the mood and behavior lab, a psychiatry lab, in Summer of 2011 and 2012 Visited patients, interviewed patients, entered and filed data, organized lab materials, etc. Emory Reads (Hands on Atlanta) Atlanta, GA Mentor for elementary school students Oct 2010-May 2011 Mentored children from ages 6 to 12 in school Helped with homework and communicated with students for mental and emotional support Self-employed Piano Teacher Piano teacher Taught classical piano to young students in the community ages from 5 to 17 Mississippi 2003-2012



UNC Chapel Hill Masters Merit Award National Honors Society Hall of Fame Comcast Leaders and Achievers Scholarship Excellent organization and planning skills Bilingual perfectly fluent in Korean and English Commendable computer and online networking ability Tutoring at Druid Hills High School in Atlanta, GA Small Group Leader and the Secretary for the youth and college ministry at Atlanta Global Mission Church in Johns Creek, GA

2013-2014 Inducted in 2005 2009 2009


Fall 2012 August 2009-May 2013

1. Internship Supervisor Emily Picquet ( 2. University Supervisor Patrick Akos, Ph.D ( 3. Internship Site Assistant Principal Tony Widder (