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PAR Lesson Plan Written Purpose: Students should understand "The Necklace" in terms of theme, its social function,

and have an understanding of the vocabulary within the text. SOL 10.4 - The student will read, comprehend, and analyze literary texts of different cultures and eras. a.) Identify main and supporting ideas. b.) Make predictions, draw inferences, and connect prior knowledge to support reading comprehension. d.) Analyze the cultural or social function of literature.

Student will be able to:

Make predictions, draw inferences, and connect prior knowledge to support reading comprehension of The Necklace through a DR-TA.

Brainstorm possible solutions to the conflict in The Necklace. Write a double-entry journal to analyze the social and cultural function of The Necklace

Create self-generated questions to demonstrate knowledge of main and supporting ideas in The Necklace


Activity #1: Prelearning Concept check/Word Inventory- This activity will allow the students to be in charge of their own learning; they will self-monitor

their understanding of key terms and concepts. This activity will also give the teacher an idea of where the students are.

Students will if they know the term/concept, + if they have heard or think they know the term/concept, and - if they do not know the term/concept. Concepts/ terms are: theme, social class, irony, envy, disconsolate, pauper, adulation

Activity #2: Anticipation Guide-This activity will allow students to develop their beliefs on themes in the text. They will then read with curiosity about their beliefs and provide a basis for teacher-led discussion after reading.

gree with. It is worth paying your whole life for one good time. Living an average life is rewarding. If you lost a friends belonging you would do anything you could to replace it.

Appearance is everything


Activity #1: Directed Reading-Thinking Activity- This activity will allow students to explore the text and make predictions and then verify their predictions with a partner. The text will be broken into two manageable chunks (pg 161-166 and 166-168) 1.) As a class, we will preview "The Necklace" together. We will pre-read the background, title, footnotes, vocabulary, call-outs, and pictures. Then we will make a two-column chart, we will make the left side "my predictions" and the

right side "what really happened." Students will fill out the left side about the story based on our pre-read. Once they have made their predictions, they will turn to a partner to discuss and explain their prediction. 2.) Students will read the first half of the story silently to check their predictions. 3.) Students will reflect on their predictions with their partner then they will make corrections to their predictions in the right column. 4.) Students will make new predictions based on what they have read. 5.) Students will read the second half of the story and check their predictions with a partner. The class will discuss what really happened and why they liked or did not like the story.

Questions to lead class discussion: Why was Mathilde unhappy at the beginning of the story? Why did M. Loisel expect his wife to be excited about the invitation? Do you think Mme. Forestier knew the necklace was a real diamond when it was returned?

Activity #2: Guided Reading Procedure- This activity will encourage students to read with the purpose of proving or disproving the class predictions. 1.) Clarify any concepts/terms that the students do not understand. Have students make predictions, in class discussion format, based on the concepts/terms discussed. 2.) Students will silently read "The Necklace." 3.) Two volunteers will record the information that the students tell about what they read.

4.) Students will point out any inconsistencies and misinformation and then will re-read and correct all statements. 5.) In groups of four, students will write the statements in an outline. 6.) Students will take a short quiz with their groups to ensure their understanding. This will be an oral quiz for the teacher to gauge the students understanding of the material.

Possible quiz questions: Why was Mathilde unhappy at the beginning of the story? What was M. Loisel saving 400 francs for? Why did Mme. Losiel want to leave the ball quickly? What did M. and Mme. Loisel do in an attempt to find the necklace?


Activity #1: Vocabulary Self-Collection- Students continue self-monitoring from the Prelearning Concept Check/Word Inventory.

Students will identify which words they want to learn and remember. As a class, they will decide which terms are most important; each student will record the terms in their vocabulary journals. The class will have a discussion during which students practice using the important terms.

Activity #2: Brainstorming- This activity will allow the students to reflect critically on the text through problem solving.

In groups of four to five, have students brainstorm on alternate endings, had Mathilde been honest about losing the necklace, what could have happened?


Activity #1: Self-Generated Questions-The students will create 8-10 questions based on The Necklace and provide page numbers where the answers will be found.

Activity #2: Double-Entry Journal- This activity will allow students to independently reflect on and react to The Necklace through specific quotes in the text. The teacher will choose one quote and the student will choose one quote.