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Jessica Taylor

Title of Project Wilderness Pursuits for Deaf Youth Identify the general topic to be investigated: The availability of extended wilderness pursuits for the Deaf Community and providing the Deaf community with the opportunity to participate in wilderness pursuits. List at least 3 questions you would like answered concerning your project. 1. What opportunities are there for the Deaf Community already? 2. What are the benefits of participating in wilderness pursuits/outdoor reacreation? 3. Does participation in outdoor recreation increase sense of belonging and sense of community? How does your project affect your life outside of school? What makes this project important to the community or world around you? My project affects my life outside of school because outdoor recreation has always been a passion of mine, especially canoe tripping. Since meeting Kyle and having classes with interpreters I have become fascinated by ASL and I plan to learn. I would love to combine my passion of canoeing with my new desire to learn ASL, and provide an opportunity for the Deaf Community to participate in wilderness pursuits that I find to be so beneficial. I think this project is important to the community/world around me, because there are not a lot of opportunities for the deaf community to participate in this type of program, and I believe that it is important allow everyone to participate.

What help from other teachers/ subjects might you need? I am new to learning about the Deaf Community, so I might need help in better understand their needs.

List a minimum of three different resources you will use. At least one of these must be a primary source (living person). 1. Camps/Outdoor Programs that already exist 2. Kyle Rosenberg 3. Journals/Articles Project Content I. II. Develop an outline to define and organize your project. (Attach it to this proposal.) List the Tasks/Activities/Steps needed to complete this project (If the project is a group project, identify the activities each person is responsible for completing.) Examining the history of programming for the Deaf Community, create camp/excursions model/schedule, program goal/mission statement, staffing and training for staff, the location, tripping safety. III. List at least three (3) different types of resources that you will use for your project, other than the Internet. Make sure to talk to a person as one of your resources. 1. Organizations 2. Books 3. Employees of other camps


What will be your final product(s)? (Examples: report, poster, PowerPoint presentation, model, article, etc.) 1. A written report/plan 2. Maybe a poster or power point displaying the program plan

V. Tentative timeline Now until the end of the semester.

VI. Initial Proposal Approval: Instructor ____________________________________ Date Project Team (if applicable) _________________________________ _________________________________ _________________________________ Date Date Date

Project Outline What is the purpose of this project? What is the mission statement of the program? What will the program entail? What are other organizations/camps/programs doing? What are the staff requirements? What are the safety precautions for canoe tripping? Where will this camp/program be location?