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Wimby, Alexis Mrs.Jones English IV April 4.2014 Job Shadow Reflection Questions 1.

Was the job shadow you completed the same career field you identified in your career PowerPoint? If you completed the e perience in another field! e plain why there was a need to chan"e career fields. #i.e.! I was not able to set up a job shadow e perience in my intended career field $R %fter ta&in" a closer loo& at the field! I found that I was more interested in'(. I was not able to set up a job shadow e perience in my intended career field) ne*ertheless I always had thou"ht+s in my head about becomin" a dental hy"iene. I lo*ed the fact how they could chan"e a person whole appearance by just addin" some new pretty pearl withe teeth! that one feature could transform someone,s whole life .

%s a result of your job shadow e perience! are you still plannin" to pursue the same career or has the e perience led you in a new direction? - plain. .es I still plan on pursin" my ori"inal career ./ecomin" a neonatal nurse will always hold a special part in my heart because I always wanted to be able to sa*e a baby life,s so they could "et the chance to li*e . If I had a second choice I would most definitely choose to become a dental hy"ienist.

0. 1urin" your job shadow! what s&ills did you obser*e that are needed to be proficient at this career? 1ental hy"ienist needs to be will s&illed in many areas such as people s&ills! steady hands and also "ood eyesi"ht. /ut the main thin" they needed to be proficient is the education behind their study. 2. What acti*ities and or duties did you li&e3disli&e about the e perience? 4he acti*ities I li&e the most was ta&in" 5rays and watchin" 6rs.Sharell remo*e stains from the patience +s teeth. 4he acti*ities I disli&ed the most was seein" her remo*e the pla7ue from the customer teeth.

8. 1o you see yourself doin" this job for the duration of your wor&in" career? #i.e.! 18 to 9: years in the same field( ;o I don,t see myself pursin" this career !I would ne*er want to do anythin" were I &now my heart wouldn,t be full in to it .I &now where my heart is and that is bein" a neonatal nurse . <. %side from academic preparation in school! what are some other thin"s that you can do in order to prepare for your intended career field? I could learn better people s&ills and how to handle certain situations better .I would want my customer to feel the lo*e and how much I lo*e my job and that I am not doin" it for the money but for the lo*e of it. =. Is there any important tips and or ad*ice you were "i*en by your mentor concernin" your career field? 6y mentor "i*e me tips such as lo*e what do and understand that you are not here for the money you are there to help people ha*e a healthier clean mouth and me more confident to smile . >. ?onsiderin" e*erythin" you ha*e learned! what is most in*aluable lesson you ha*e learned from your job shadowin" e perience! and how will this help you to mo*e forward in your intended career field? I learned that you should ne*er just do somethin" for paychec& because you would be miserable .4his would help me mo*e forward in my ori"inal career as neonatal nurse by just lo*in" what I do and ha*e patient with my patients .