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Guess Who's Coming For Dinner Pizza each ingredient scientists are testing GM varieties modifying rennet (dried

ed extract used to curdle milk for cheese) wheat used in bleached flour (easily digestible), green peppers, onions and tomatoes (stay fresh longer in supermarkets, resist pests and survive droughts) Coffee coffee plants engineered to produce coffee with altered caffeine content. If approved coffee growers could potentially produce decaffeinated coffee beans Sushi !ice one of most research using gentic modification researchers are planting rice w" altered starch levels, pest resistance, and #edible nutrition$. %almon may soon become the first GM fish grow faster Bananas &dible vaccines against host of disease hepatitis, polio, cholera, and malaria they serve as particularly good storage media for edible vaccines, b"c their skins provide sterile barriers against contamination Fly 'irst GM insects are due for release in (.% this summer (sing %terile Insect )echni*ue, biotechnologist genetically sterili+e an all male pop of pests which are later released into a crop area. GM insects cannot contribute to reproduction and most female pests can mate only once pest pop in release area is eventually reduced or eliminated Corn ,iotech companies have filed more application to plant varieties of GM corn in field tests than any other crop testing corn concoctions that have altered oil profiles, amino acid compositions, seed color, starch content and ability to tolerate drought Fruit plant geneticists are testing almost all fruits for GM variety approval. %trawberries, pears, melons, apples, grapefruits, and watermelons with altered sugar content, fruit ripening cycles and pest resistance Flowers -etunias may become first GM flowering plants available !esearchers are currently conducting tests possessing GM coloring and pesticide resistance Fries -otatoes engineered to absorb less oil when fried ,ioengineers are also working to generate high performance cooking oils such as peanut oil, sunflower oil, and soybean oil, which may allow for healthier fried food with fewer saturated fats Cotton - )esting underway on GM cotton with altered fiber *uality that is also moth resistant and drought tolerant