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Education Issues Scenarios:

Suppose there is a student in your class whose parents are not fluent in English. They do not often ask questions about the class, and seem to drop off and collect their child as quickly as possible. How would you, as the teacher, create an environment that the parents and family of the student felt welcome and encouraged to be involved in the class?

Suppose one of your students parents is very reluctant to participate in activities and learning outside of the classroom. They say that learning is for at school only. They show no interest in participating in school trips, writing letters to the teacher or recording books in the home reading log. How could you, as the teacher, help encourage them to become an active part of their childs education?

Suppose one of your students come from a lower income family. The parents dont know how to be involved in their childs education because of their financial standings. The parents are also very embarrassed because of this situation. How could you, as a teacher, help the parents become more involved and help them feel comfortable in the classroom?