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Stacy Marie Wilson


B.S., Elementary Education Minor, Human Development & Family Studies Salt Lake City, Utah University of Utah May 2014 3.85 GPA, Deans List recipient for all semesters attended University of Utah Leadership Scholarship, Mary Elizabeth Baum Hanks Endowed Scholarship A.S., General Studies Utah State University Concurrent Enrollment, New Century Scholarship Logan, Utah August 2006-July2009

Utah Elementary Teaching License Utah ESL Endorsement Passed two Praxis II tests: Elementary Education Multiple Subjects, ESL May 2014 May 2014

Escalante Elementary, Salt Lake City School District Salt Lake City, Utah Student Teaching August 2013-March 2014 Taught 2nd grade class of 19 diverse students Collaborated with four 2nd grade teachers each week to plan, prepare, and reflect on instruction Built relationships with my site teacher, other school educators, my students, and their families Implemented a service learning project to help my students understand cultural differences by learning about several winter celebrations Led four reading groups of 2-5 students at different reading levels, observed students reading abilities and instructed them to help each child improve their reading level and skills, provided students with appropriate texts including fiction, non-fiction, and short stories Differentiated language arts centers for students to complete weekly, differentiated each students weekly spelling words Used engaging texts to enhance language arts lessons including lessons on parts of speech, phonics, and comprehension Used fun math activities to engage students while learning addition and subtraction Used pre- and post-assessments, ongoing observations, and student artifacts to guide and reflect on my instruction Taught English Language Development instruction four days each week; taught lessons focused on parts of speech, traits of writing, and social skills Implemented classroom management that focused on preventive measures and procedures, carried out supportive and intervention practices when necessary Held high expectations for my students in academic and social areas Helped conduct parent teacher conferences with my site teacher during the fall and spring Attended the 2013 UEA conference in October and participated in the new educators workshop Evaluated multiple times by my site teacher, university supervisor, and cohort leader using UETS standards

Escalante Elementary, Salt Lake City School District Salt Lake City, Utah Classroom Volunteer February-April 2013 Taught 3rd grade class of 22 students multiple fine art skills such as theatre, dance, music, and visual arts by integrating them with the fairytale, folktale, and fable core content Collaborated with four colleagues to plan, implement, and reflect on our lessons U of U Reading Clinic Murray, Utah Reading Tutor August-December 2012 Tutored a 5th grade student using the Higher Steps Reading Instructional Model with a focus on improving his accuracy and comprehension while reading

Reading Tutor January-April 2012 Tutored a 3rd grade student in the Next Steps Reading Instructional Model and helped him improve his reading skills to reach grade level by focusing on fluent and accurate reading Rose Park Elementary, Salt Lake City School District Classroom Volunteer Taught geometry lessons to 5th grade students who needed additional instruction Highland Park Elementary, Salt Lake City School District Classroom Volunteer Taught small groups of 3rd grade students math lessons on multiplication and division Salt Lake City, Utah August-December 2011

Salt Lake City, Utah January-March 2011

Hawthorne Elementary, Salt Lake City School District Salt Lake City, Utah Classroom Volunteer February-April 2010 Taught 3rd grade students multiple lessons in math and language arts using one-on-one and small-group sessions


Piano Instructor Bountiful, Utah Teacher November 2012-June 2013 Taught 3 students, ages 11-18, beginning level piano lessons using my talent to help them develop their own talent and selfconfidence Primary Teacher Bountiful, Utah Co-Teacher January 2011-September 2013 Taught a primary class every week by planning and implementing 30 minute lessons on our religious beliefs to children ages two, three, six, seven, and eight

Escalante Elementary School, Salt Lake City School District Intervention Paraprofessional Tutored 2-5 grade students in the Next Steps and Higher Steps reading models Tutored 2nd grade students in math Salt Lake City, Utah March 2014-Present

Northstar Elementary School, Salt Lake City School District Salt Lake City, Utah Computer Lab Paraprofessional & Tutor September 2012-June 2013 Taught K-6 grade students lessons focused on improving their computer skills Collaborated with classroom teachers to align instruction to the core curriculum and their classroom instruction Taught small group math lessons to 1st, 3rd, 5th, and 6th grade students who needed additional support in areas such as addition, story problems, multiplication, division, decimals U of U Early Childhood Educational Center Salt Lake City, Utah Classroom Teacher May 2010-August 2012 Taught children, ages 2-9, lessons on language arts, math, science, and social studies Planned and implemented classroom routines, schedules, classroom management, and rules and procedures Communicated and develop relationships with children, parents, and other teachers Summer Camp Leader May 2013-August 2013 Taught 25 students during a nine week summer camp where I planned and implemented lesson plans Guided students on several field trips each week to local attractions and education learning sites

SKILLS Next Steps, Higher Steps, computer, SMART Board, UALPA trained, piano

*References available upon request.