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LIST OF BOOKS PURCHASED College of Criminology Academic Year 2014-2015

Author 2. Lagonera, Manuel G. 3. Ajero, Joel


Publisher Quezon City : WisemansBooks Trading Quezon City : WisemansBooks Trading Quezon City : WisemansBooks Trading Quezon City : Wisemans Books Trading Quezon City : Wisemans Books Trading


Legal medicine.

2010 2011 2011 2011

Bank security management. 4. Garcia, Mario Comparative police A. system. My quizzer in 5. Manwong, criminology : a Rommel K. reviewer Police planning and 6. Florendo, operations with Adelene M. master plans and procedures. Textbook in police personnel and 7. Badua, Jonah B. records management for criminal justice education. Forensic ballistics : guide for criminal 8. Duyogan, lawyers police Zosimo A. officers, students and reviewees. Police patrol plans and operations with police public radio 9. Garcia, Mario communication : a A. textbook for criminal justice education students and practitioners.


Quezon City : Wisemans Books Trading


Quezon City : Wisemans 20119. Books Trading

Quezon City : Wisemans Books Trading


LIST OF BOOKS PURCHASED College of Criminology and Law Enforcement First Semester, S.Y. 2009-2010



Y ea r

1. Guevarra, Ricardo

2. Florendo, Adelene

3. Guevarra, Ricardo M.

4. Noaks, Lesley

5. Pyrek, Kelly M.

6. Castillo, Rodolfo C.


Criminolo gy 20 licensure 09 examinatio n reviewer Revised police ethics and 20 police 08 communit y relations Police organizatio n and 20 administrat 09 ion with police planning Criminolo gical research: 20 understand 04 ing qualitative methods Forensic science under siege: The 20 Medico07 Legal death investigati on system Handbook of criminal 20 investigati 07 on Forensic documents 20 investigati 08 on

8. Pakes, Francis

9. Pakes, Francis

10. Pekley, Miller

11. Peckley, Miller F.

12. Guevarra, Ricardo M.

13. Agas, Juan L.

14. Canete, Arlyn M.

Psycholog y and crime: Understan 20 ding and 08 tackling offending behavior Handbook of victims 20 and 07 victimolog y Industrial security manageme nt review handbook 20 for 07 criminolog ist licensure examinatio n Firearm and 20 firearm 09 safety Ethics and values for 20 law 08 enforceme nt Criminolo 20 gy 08 glossary Essentials of forensic chemistry and toxicology 20 : in the 08 crime scene investigati on (made

15. Manwong, Rommel K.

16. Manwong, Rommel K.

17. Reichel, Philip

18. Bennet, Wayne

19. Brightman, Hank J

20. Wallac, James

21. Manwong, Rommel K.

22. Fisher, Barry L.

simple) Handbook in police 20 intelligenc 08 e My quizzer in 20 criminolog 09 y: A reviewer Handbook of 20 transnation 05 al crime & justice Manageme nt and supervisio 20 n in law 08 enforceme nt Todays white collar crime: legal, 20 investigati 09 ve and theoretical perspectiv e. Chemical analysis of firearms, 20 ammunitio 08 n and gunshot residue Criminal justice system: 20 settings 08 and procedures Substance 20

23. Ksir, Charles

24. Britz, Marjie

25. Biggs, Michael

26. Brockman, Elizabeth

27. Abadinsky, Howard


29. Garcia, Mario A.

abuse: 09 informatio n for school counselors, social workers, therapists and counselors Drugs, society and 20 human 08 behavior Computer forensic 20 and cyber 08 crime Just the facts: 20 investigati 08 ve report writing The Blue guide written communic 20 ation for 08 leaders in law enforceme nt Drug use and abuse: a 20 comprehen 08 sive introductio n Criminalist 20 ics 09 Police patrol 20 plans and 07 operations

30. Park, Yeon 31. Irani, Zahir

32. Foronda Mercedes

33. Rosete, Mario

34. Soriano, Oscar G.

35. Soriano, Oscar

36. Cano, Gerry

37. Maxfield, Michael C.

with police public communic ation system Taekwond 20 o 09 Mallory, 20 Stephen 07 Technical report 20 writing for 09 criminal Questione d 20 documents 09 examinatio n The art and crait of industrial security 20 with R. A. 08 5487 P.D.S. 11 100 and 1919. Special crime investigati 20 on theories 08 and techniques. Philippine criminal 20 justice 10 system. Basics of research methods 20 for 09 criminal and criminolog

38. Domingo, Wilfredo

39. Nulud, Crisanto M.

41. Depayso, Veneranda

42. Paman, Jose G.

43. Mattingly, Katy

44 . Grosse, Susan J.

45. Murphey, Rhoads 46. Nolledo, Jose N.

y Industrial security 20 manageme 10 nt. Polygraph 20 (criminaliti 09 cs 5) Manual in personal identificati on. Arnis selfdefense : stick, blade and empty20 hand 07 combat techniques of the Philippines Selfdefense: steps to survival a 20 proven 07 plan for personal protection. Water learning : improving mental, physical 20 and social 07 skills through water activities A history 20 of Asia. 09 The 20 Constitutio 09 n of the

47. Enriquez, Delia C.

48. Ditan, Carolina

49. Mulder, Niels

50. Mulder, Niels


52. Mulder, Niels

53. Mulder, Niels

54. Edgardo, Fernando

55. Enriquez, Delia C.

Republic of the Philippines Philippine literature: 20 a regional 09 approach. Introductio n to 20 biological 09 science. Sining ng pakikipagt 20 alastasang 09 Panlipunan . Inside 19 southeast 96 asia Doing Thailand : 20 the 08 anthropolo gist. Profession al stranger doing Thailand 20 during its 09 most violent decade: a field diary. Sanaysay sa 20 kasabihang 09 Pilipino. Communit y radio broad 20 casting in 08 the Mandaluy ong City Philippine 20

56. Arrogante, Jose A.

57. Bauzon, Prisciliano

58. Gray, Peter

59. Malinao, Alito L.

60. Zulueta, Francisco

61. Sanchez, Bo

62. Yager, Jan

63. Tomeldan, Yolanda

64. Ricjer, Audrey

literature : 06 a regional approach. Retorika : masining 20 na 07 pagpapaha yag Handbook in public speaking, 20 argumentat 09 ion and debate. The practical guide to drawing technique Journalism 20 for 09 Filipinos Philippine history and 20 governmen 08 t through the years. How to find your one true love. 125 ways to meet the love of your life. Prism an introductio 20 n to 09 literature. How happy families 20 happen six 06 steps to bringing

65.Koenig, Larry

66 . Mendoza, Eleonita

67. Senatin, Ruby B.

68. Arrogante, Jose A.

69. Abad, Marietta

70. Zulueta, Francisco

71. Senatin, Ruby B.

72. Mercena, Felisa

73. Zaide, Gregorio

74. Uy, Corazon

emotional and spiritual health Happy married fro life : 60 tips for a 20 fun and 08 growing relationshi p. Pagbigkas at pagsulat 20 na 09 pakikipagtalastasan. Introductio 20 n to 09 literature Pinaunlad na pagbasa 20 at 09 pagsulat. Retorika 20 (Filipino 09 111). Rizal : life 20 works and 09 ideals. Review of 20 English 08 grammar. Sining ng 20 pakikipagt 09 alastasan Jose Rizal life, works 20 and 09 writings. Principles of public 20 speaking 09 for College.

75. Apruebo, Roxel

76. Arrogante, Jose A.

77. Espina, Leticia

78. Cabrera, Lucila

79. Pesznecker, Susan


81. Tabotabo, Claudio

82. Catchillar, Gerry

83. Castillo, Mary Jor

84. Tendero, Edwin

85. Espina, Letecia

Personality 20 psycholog 09 y. Retorika, : masining 20 na 07 pagpapaha yag Pagbasa at pagsulat 20 tungo sa 09 Pananaliks ik. Effective speech 20 communic 08 ation for Filipinos. Crafting magick 20 with pen 09 and ink. Western 20 civilization 09 . Jose P. 20 Rizal : a 09 heroes life. Fundament 20 als of earth 08 science. Komunika syon sa 20 akademiko 08 ng Filipino World 20 literature. 08 Literatura ng ibat-ib 20 ang 09 rehiyon ng Pilipinas.

Paula Wiseman Books is an imprint of Simon & Schuster Childrens Publishing that launched in 2003 with the publication of Clorinda by Robert Kinerk and illustrated by Steven Kellogg. It has since gone on to publish over 70 award-winning and bestselling books, including picture books, novelty books, and novels. The imprint focuses on stories and art that are childlike, timeless, innovative, and centered in emotion.
The list publishes 20-30 books per year by many of the most beloved talents working in children's books today, including Matthew Van Fleet, Patricia Polacco, Diane Goode, Kate Feiffer, Stephen T. Johnson, Donna Jo Napoli, Kadir Nelson, Meghan McCarthy, Judy Sierra, C.F. Payne, Ral Coln and Wendell Minor. The backlist contains many favorite books and series including the Amelia series by Marissa Moss and the Game Time sports series by Tiki and Ronde Barber. We strive to publish books that entertain while expanding the experience of the children who read them, as well as stories that will endure, including those based in other cultures. We are committed to publishing new talent in both picture books and novels. Debut authors coming in 2014 are Jorey

Hurley and Elizabeth Rose Stanton. We are actively seeking submissions from new and published authors and artists through agents and from SCBWI conferences.

Paula Wiseman, Vice President and Publisher

Paula Wiseman joined Simon & Schuster in 2002. She was previously PVice President and Editor-in-Chief at Philomel Books, a division of GP Putnam and Vice President and Editorial Director of Silver Whistle Books, a division of Harcourt Inc. She began her publishing career at Dial Books for Young Readers, now a division of Viking Penguin.


Mama Miti by Donna Jo Napoli, illustrated by Kadir Nelson was reviewed in the Washington Post. The book has received starred reviews from both Publishers Weekly and Kirkus.

Peeny Butter Fudge by Toni Morrison and Slade Morrison, illustrated by Joe Cepeda has been nominated for an NAACP Image Award in the category of Outstanding Literary Work for Children.

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