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[A Government of India Enterprise]

KOLKATA 700 016

Hindustan Paper Corporation Limited (HPC) is a Central Public Sector Enterprise under t e !inistr" of Heav" Industries # Public Enterprises$ HPC as t%o production units namel" &a'aon Paper !ill (&P!) and Cac ar Paper !ill (CP!) located at State of Assam % ic directl" controlled b" HPC and to% subsidiaries namel" Hindustan &e%sprint Limited (H&L) in (erala and &a'aland Pulp # Paper Compan" Limited (&PPC) in &a'aland) HPC is also 'oin' to settin' up a Greenfield lar'e inte'rated state*of*t e*art paper mill namel"+ Jagadishpur Paper Mills Limited (JPML) %it a capacit" of ,--+--- tone per annum of premium 'rade %ritin' and printin' paper at .a'adis pur+ /istrict+ Amet i+ 0ttar Prades t rou' a subsidiar" compan")
As per advice of t e 1oard of Practical 2rainin' (E3)+ !inistr" of Human 3esource /evelopment+ /epartment of Hi' er Education+ Govt) of India+ HPC intended to en'a'e follo%in' Graduate Apprentices in t e different disciplines for under'oin' trainin' for a period of one year under t e Apprentices Act+ 4564 as amended in 457, # 4586 Sl) &o) 4 >) $is"ipline !aterial !ana'ement Computer Science=Information 2ec nolo'" %ualifi"ation An" Graduate %it Commercial= !aterial !ana'ement 1E= 1)2ec in I2=Computer Science


As per 'uideline laid do%n b" t e Govt) of India (under t e Apprentices Act+ 4564 as amended in 457, # 4586)

Interested candidates are advised to submit t eir application %it t e In*c ar'e+ H3 # ES+ Hindustan Paper Corporation Limited+ 7:*C+ Par; Street+ (ol;ata < 7-- -46 in t e prescribed format on or before 17.4.2014. 2 e application format can be available in t e %ebsite %%%) indpaper)in mployment !oti"e !o.01#04#2014


APPLICATION FORMAT Application for en'a'ement of Apprentice in t e /iscipline of ???????????????????????? 4) >) ,) A) :) 6) 7) 8) 5) @ull &ame of t e Candidate (in capital letters) &ame of @at er=Husband /ate of 1irt Place of 1irt SeB !arital status &ationalit" Cate'or" (if belon's to an" of t Address9 a) Permanent
ese cate'ories+ please attac cop" of t e

Passport siDe p oto'rap

certificate issued b" t e competent aut orit")

SC =S2 = C1C = P%/=EB) Servicemen b) Present (for correspondence)9

2elep one &o)9

2elep one &o)9 !obile &o)9 e*mail id 9


Educational and Professional Eualification (copies of certificates dul" attested b" 'aDatted officer is reFuired to be enclosed) EBamination Gear Percenta'e of SubHect 0niversit"= Institute Passed !ar;s


Lan'ua'es ;no%n




4,) 4A)

Professional Ac ievements # A%ards 2rainin's attended (more t an one %ee; duration)

Separate s eets ma" be attac ed

I do ereb" declare t at t e statement made in t e application are true+ complete and correct to t e best of m" ;no%led'e and belief) I understand and a'ree t at in t e event of an" information bein' found false or incorrect= incomplete or ineli'ibilit" bein' detected at an" time before or after selection= intervie%+ m" candidature is liable to be reHected) I s all be bound b" t e decision of t e Hindustan Paper Corporation Limited) Place9 /ate9 Si'nature9 ????????????????? &ame9 ????????????????????