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Allison Wood Dr.

Dobler Due 4/8/14 Assessment Item #1 Writing Attitude Assessment Reflection I chose to interview Erik because he is one of the few students in my class that are very skilled at writing. I was interested to see if being a talented writer affected his attitude toward writing. I gave him the Garfield attitude survey during MIRP time on a Thursday afternoon. He was more than willing to help me. Throughout the survey he was alert and focused very well on the questions. In the beginning, it was hard for him to choose but after I explained that there were no right or wrong answers, it became much easier for him. Erik gave predominantly 4s and 3s for his feelings towards writing. He is the type of student who does whatever is asked of him with a smile on his face. So it was no surprise that he had good feelings toward the subject. He said that he would be somewhat upset if a classmate were to read his writing. I think this feeling is just from a lack of confidence in his writing abilities, not from his attitude toward writing. On the very last question he answered that he would be very upset if he did not write as much in school. This reinstated my prior assumption that Erik enjoys writing. Erik scored a raw score of 97, which is in the 87 percentile range. This is above average for his grade level and tells me that he is excited about writing and enjoys doing it.

Allison Wood Dr. Dobler Assessment Item #2 6 Trait Assessment Overall, I scored this piece of writing as a 4. The student earned a 3 in the category of Word Choice. She used familiar words and phrases, and there were no striking phrases that stuck out to me. It is cool in the third sentence is a very familiar phrase at her age. She earned a 3 in Sentence Fluency as well. Her sentences were mostly, grammatically correct. I experienced trouble understanding the 3rd sentence when reading aloud because she forgot to make revisions. I understood where in four square was supposed to go, but it would have been easier to read if she had revised it in another final copy. AshLynn earned a 5 for conventions. She had very few errors and she used appropriate punctuation. In the first sentence she used a comma in an appropriate place (they had been working on that skill). I love four square, it is sometimes easy and sometimes hard. She did capitalize it in the first sentence and she misspelled exercise, but overall she had very limited errors. In the category of idea development, the writing earned a 5. Although the text is short, each sentence has details that relate to the text. She does not have any extra, unnecessary information. She has very strong focus throughout the entire piece. For organization AshLynn earned a 5 as well. The entire piece has a main idea with details that support it throughout. Her first sentence and her last sentence coincide

with each other to solidify the writing. She did a good job of making her details stand out and relate back to her main idea. She did not use any transitions, but at this phase of writing development the students are really focusing on having a main idea and developing details to support the idea. They have not really discussed transitions at this phase so that was expected. AshLynn displayed excellent voice throughout the piece, she earned a 5. Her topic of Four Square perfectly fit her audience of 2nd graders because it is a game they love to play. The topic of this particular writing assignment was: write about your favorite outdoor activity. Her tone was very informative and I believe she achieved her goal of informing me about four square.