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Nicholas Chuilli Ms. Jacobs ENC 1102 3 April 2014

Annotated Bibliography

Baraban, Elena V. "CRITICAL READINGS: The Motive for Murder in "The Cask of Amontillado" by Edgar Allen Poe." Critical Insights: The Tales of Edgar Allen Poe. N.p.: Salem, 2010. 163-81. Print. This source delves into why exactly Montresor killed Fortunato, and is very in depth. Over 20 pages long, this excerpt from Critical Insights is very in depth and explores almost every possible reason the murder may have occurred. Its point that Montresor killed Fortunato for a reason he saw just, other than him simply being insane, is very helpful. It uses Spanish and Italian cognates of amontillado, Fortunato, Montresor and other words to find meanings that otherwise would have gone unnoticed. From jealousy to spite, this source analyzes every possible symbol and double meaning and provides further insight into the murder of Fortunato. The paper also backs all of its claims with numerous sources and insight. This is by far the longest source, and the most professionally written in my opinion. It is from the Valencia Library database so it is credible. It is very objective and there is little room for bias. The only real bias is the author thinking the crime was motivated and not a random act, which only helped with the investigation. I will use this source the most out of all of my sources due to the sheer length and amount of useful data. Mays, Kelly J. "The Cask of Amontillado." The Norton Introduction to Literature Shorter Eleventh ed. New York: W.W. Norton &, 2012. 164-70. Print. This source is simply the story I am analyzing contained in an anthology. It will be used for quotes and details from "The Cask of Amontillado". This source is the backbone of my paper,

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however, because without it I would have no story to analyze. However, it serves no purpose for aiding my criticism of the paper. This source, unlike the others, is written by Edgar Allen Poe himself and not a critic of his work. It is credible and serves its purpose. There is no room for bias as the story does not represent an opinion. This source will aid me in picking quotes to support statements I make and allowing me to see the actual text being dissected by my other sources.

Platizky, Roger. Poes The Cask of Amontillado. Explicator 57.4 (1999): 206. Literary Reference Center Plus. Web. 6 Apr. 2014. This source analyzes "The Cask of Amontillado" as a whole, delving into many details. It is rather short however, and very broad, only scratching the surface of many of the points it covers. It loosely covers the murder, the symbolism, the plot, etc, but is not specialized in the area of my research. It is more of a detailed summary than a criticism. This source is not related to my paper in any special way. The other sources do a far better job at examining the murder than this and render it useless. It is credible, and relatively unbiased, but still not very helpful. I will most likely refrain from using this source in my essay as it is outdone by the other sources and would provide me with lesser information and therefore a subpar paper.

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Lewis, Michael Jay. Refining A Fortunato Amontillado. Explicator 69.4 (2011): 179- 183 Literary Reference Center Plus. Web. 6 Apr. 2014. This source is unique in its focus being on Fortunato rather than Montresor. It aslo examines cognates, but branches off and views them in a different way than my other sources. The source also heavily fixates on the process by which amontillado is made, and draws several good points as to how it relates to how Montresor killed Fortunato. To make amontillado takes time, and is considered an art, just as Montresor's muder of Fortunato took time and careful planning. This source compares Montresor to a winemaker making the perfect amontillado. This source is most similar to Baraban's work due to its quality and flowing style of analysis. It is credible but may be biased as it does not shift from the point of view that Montresor intended to mimic the process of wine making with his murder of Fortunato. This source tries to redefine the title of "The Cask of Amontillado" to make Fortunato the cask of wine he sought to sample. I will definitely use this source in my essay due to its unique analysis of "The Cask of Amontillado".

Robert, Morsberg E. "The Cask of Amontillado." Masterplots II: Short Story Series (2004): 12. Literary Reference Center Plus. Web. 6 Apr. 2014. This source broadly analyzes the overall plot of "The Cask of Amontillado" and the obvious symbols and figurative language. While not being very in depth, this source makes up for that by covering almost every aspect of the story. It is more of a sparknotes type source than a criticism, however it is still useful. It supports the claims made by the other sources that Montresor was a motivated killer but doesn't back up its claims with as much evidence.

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This source will help me choose which topics to analyze broadly before digging deeper with the other sources. It is more of a roadmap than a critique. It is credible and unbiased. I will use the source in my essay for the purpose of backing assertions made with evidence from the story rather than an individual's research. Other sources trail off on ideas presented by the author, this one sticks purely to data from "The Cask of Amontillado".