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Unit 2

Chapter 1_Taking Notes

pp. 73–75 (Activity 4)

1. People lose attention.

2. Talking—125 wpm; listening—500 wpm.
3. Summarize. Try to guess what’s next. Question the truth of what’s been
4. Make a conscious effort to listen closely.

pp. 75–76 (Activity 5)

1. Messages intended to persuade audiences to adopt a certain opinion

2. Testimonial, bandwagon, plain folks, and transfer
3. People are encouraged to do or buy something because “everyone else is
doing it.”
4. Products are associated with something attractive, respectable, or

pp. 77–79 (Activity 6)

1. a. Make a point.
b. Support your point.
c. Organize your supporting details.
d. Write clear, correct sentences.
2. “Be specific.”
3. Time order and emphatic order
4. Saving the best or most important detail for last