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OBSERVATION FORM (10%) (Evaluation by Institutions Representative)

INSTRUCTION: Please rate ea ! "te# $el%& t% re'le t st()e*t+s ,er'%r#a* e.%%) A0era1e

RE.- NO PRO.RAM ME N% A 1 2 B 1 2 ! C 1 2 ! ' ( * , 1 2 ! Ite# EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION TOTA3 ;Access 910< information in the form of verbal and written communication Show appropriate non-verbal communication PO3ICIES7 PROCEDURES AND RE.U3ATIONS Comply with the rules of the organization Understand the ob procedures "ealth and safety awareness C3 O 6

Bel%& a0era1e

PROFESSIONA3 ET8ICS handed-in on time and $erified by the supervisor %erform tas& in various situations #esponsible behavior Accountability and integrity )thics and protocols +ime management Awareness of current issues REPORTIN. +he reflective ournal report is written accordingly to the TOTA3 underta&en activities ; 914< +he reflective ournal is updated daily +he #eflective ournal is written clearly and neatly
TOTA3 ;#eport 940<

+otal Score .rand total/ 3e t(rer+s %##e*t:


0)C+U#)#1S 2A3) %4S5+542

/ / /

C%#,a*29%r1a*":at"%* sta#,:

-A+) 46 4BS)#$A+542 S+A3% /

U*sat"s'a t%r2

E/ elle*t