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Tishna Mohiuddin Introducing Unit 6 - Jim Crow & Segregation OVERVIEW/ RATIONALE

9th Grade African American History, 65 min

Today I am introducing the unit. I will provide an overview of the essential questions and give students a general sense of the time period we will be working with. Students will then independently research key terms that I have listed for this unit. Most of the class will be dedicated to this independent work. I have found that when I assign homework here, most of my students dont do it. I dont know if this is due to the relaxed work culture, the long commutes, or just a lack of maturity. Regardless, I let them do work on time. For my one class this is particularly important because I have a few students with particular learning needs. ENDURING UNDERSTANDINGS/ ESSENTIAL QUESTIONS Essential Questions What is the value of integration or of diversity? What is the value of segregating oneself or ones group from the rest? What are the effects of segregation on a person or groups identity? Of integration? Of assimilation?

GOALS/OBJECTIVES Students will reflect on the topic of segregation in the context of schooling and their experience as students. Students will be introduced to the essential questions we will be exploring this unit. Students will explore the multiple definition of segregation. Students will define assimilation and integration. Students will work on IDs. STANDARDS CC.8.5.9-10.B CC.8.6.9-10.G

MATERIALS photographs [can be found in Power Point] Unit 6: Defining Key Terms worksheet [attached to this lesson plan] PROCEDURES OPENER Warm-Up: Tracking: the process of separating students into classes based on academic

ability (i.e. - advanced, average, below average.) Your ability is usually determined by your test scores. Do you think tracking is advantageous or disadvantageous? Explain. Think-Pair-Share Transition: Will explain to students that I chose this warm-up as a lead into our next unit, because we will be talking about segregation and the Jim Crow era. Defining Segregation: I will present the following definition to the students (1) the separation of a race, class, or ethnic group by enforced or voluntary residence in a restricted area, by barriers to social intercourse, by separate educational facilities, or by other discriminatory means (2) the separation for special treatment or observation of individuals or items from a larger group BODY OF THE LESSON Presenting Essential Questions: I will present the essential questions. Overview of Time Period with Images: I will give an overview of the Jim Crow era. Unit 6 Defining Key Terms: Students must define key terms that we will be exploring some in depth, some briefly - over the course of the unit. Later, they will be quizzed on these terms. They must define the who-what-when-where-why of each term. In terms of research, they can look at the list of links that I have included in the assignment description on Canvas to obtain the information. They will have the rest of class to finish this. It will be worth 30 points. CLOSURE Ask students to finish Defining Key Terms activity for homework.