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ENG: 1010 Basic Writing Tentative Course Plans

Date Wed. June 26 Reading due Work due Read Allen The Myth of Inferiority; Create Home Page (Completed in class) Class plans Syllabus intro; Wiki, blog, Google Doc and Blackboard mini-lesson; introductions; pass out article list; pass out Adler How to Read Article; Assign Summary chapter Discussion: Based on Wiki posts Exercise: to gain/gauge understanding of summary chapter (group summaries? Discussion? ) Debrief after exercise. Choose Groups Discuss Article Choices Assign: New Yorker Article Brain Gain w/ Annotation, AND Group Article Choice Choose Groups Exercise: Group Summary using techs from article Whole Class: Public Critique of Summaries Group Work: Brainstorm Consensus/Disputes; Skeletal Outline Development; Early Drafting Rough Draft Workshop AND Revisions In-Class Free Write: Summarize Major points of article read Discussion: based on Free Write Exercise: Think, Pair, Share share/discuss summary points pick a response tech. begin to develop notes/brainstorm

Thurs. June 27

Course syllabus; List of texts; Custom Text: Summary chapter; Assigned Article

Select Article from List; Wiki Post: The most useful techniques from readings

Mon. July 1

Democratic Article Choice

Brain Gain NY Times Annotation

Tues. July 2

Article of Choice

Annotation of Article

Wed. July 3 Mon. July 8 Custom Text: Response Section Supplemental Mats: (Either Yellow High or Adler whichever wasnt used) Bazerman

Rough Draft of Summary Summary Due

ENG: 1010 Basic Writing Tentative Course Plans

response to article. Pair up and share (discuss strengths/weaknesses) then double (com)pair pairs Finish Bazerman as needed and brush up on Response Techniques depending on individual class needs Sample Student Response Papers Notes: Review Response Protocols and Approaches Discuss/Critique/Identify pieces and types of Student Samples Response-Geared Annotations AND Semantic Map Wiki Post: Thoughts on Shitty First Drafts Response Notes/Mats, Early Drafts Rough Draft 1pg Response to Groups feedback

Tues. July 9

Wed. July 10

Thurs. July 11

Re-read Choice Article

Mon. July 15

Shitty First Drafts

Tues. July 16 Weds. July 17

Thurs. July 18

-Custom Text: Analysis Section -Project 3 Assignment Sheet

Final Response DUE -Reflection on Summary/Response Unit

In-Class individual conferences Response Workshopping Day 2nd Hour: Group Planning Rough Draft Workshop Group Presentations: - Summary - Different Response Approaches Discuss Analysis Readings/Develop Analysis Vocabulary (Understanding Comics?) Introduce and Discuss Project 3 Term Presentations or Term Stations: Students should use terms/concepts from rhetorical analysis and either present the terms in class or move around to different stations and demonstrate their

Mon. July 22

Mats from Understanding Rhetoric

Wiki Post: Response to Understanding Rhetoric

ENG: 1010 Basic Writing Tentative Course Plans

understanding/capability with the concept Practice Rhetorical Analysis in class. Can be in groups, or as individuals that then come together in groups to discuss findings. Whole Class Discussion on practice RAs and application to Lecture/Discussion: Developing Thesis and Outline for analysis (skeletal structure from Jeffs wiki) Workshopping/Individual Conferences on Analysis Outline Analysis Sample Papers: Split class into groups (2 papers, 4 groups) Read papers in class and develop critiques in groups. Whole class discussion on findings: Compare group opinions and apply to analysis assignment In-Class Work/Individual Conferences In-Class Work/Individual Conferences Rough Draft Workshop Introduce Portfolio Assignment Initial Instruction on Reflection/Discussion of Whites Article Discussion of articles Begin selecting pieces for portfolio Introduce/Practice Reflective Argument

Tues. July 23

Blogs/Newspaper Articles/Supplemental Mats

Wed. July 24

Reading Comm. Article for Analysis

-Analysis Annotation -Semantic Web -Apply Reading Strategies from Reading Intensive Course

Thurs. July 25

Analysis sample papers

Mon. July 29 Tues. July 30 Wed. July 31 Thurs. Aug 1 Passage from Ed White: Phase II Portfolio Assessment

Analysis Mats. Analysis Mats. Complete Rough Draft: Textual Analysis Analysis DUE (Can Negotiate moving DUE Date to Monday 8/1) Informal/Low Stakes reflective letter on Analysis Unit

Mon. Aug 5

Tues. Aug 6

Yancey: On Reflection & Reflection and Action Student Samples of Reflective Arguments

ENG: 1010 Basic Writing Tentative Course Plans

Weds. Aug 7 LOs Brainstorm connections be LOs and Course Work Presenting Preliminary Brainstorm Work Day/Individual Conferences 1st Work Day/Individual Conferences 2nd 1/2 Student Evals. Work Day

Thurs. Aug 8 Mon. Aug 12 Tues. Aug 13