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THOUAS tuomas S sprixff R THOMAS rna GAPDES OAKDEN ganden S i ina yr 9 C 10 18 1810 1840 isto

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saints in this country have been very desirousfor desirous for a hymn book adapted to their faith and worship that they might sing the truth with an understanding heart and express their praise joy and gratitude i in nev and everlasting evert songs adapted to the new everl 11 69
.11 11

covenant in accordance with their wishes we have selected the following volume which we hope will prove acceptable until a greater variety can be added with sentiments of high consideration se lv ess ourselves and esteem we subscribe our esi over ever your brethren in the new a oyer

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gaw gww lmo lwo



leA led unfuriea 10 lede ledi lo zions standard is unfurled the dawning of a brighter day

die fie flee ther shadows dlee THE morning br eak S thee reaks

majestic rises on the world

the clouds

of error disappear before the rays of truth divine divin the glory bursting from afar will s in wide oer the nations soon willss
commes cornea now com eam fulness pow falness binl int inl now Israels blessings are at hand i and 1 a from sin judays remnant cleanse cleansed 10 lo judahs fid canaan att promised cnaan stthid shall in their promisedctn aan sta

the gentile

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jehovah speaks let earth give ear car and ants ands gentile nations turn and live his mighty arm is making bare covenant cornant cor his cov nant people to receive
angels from heaven and truth from earth have met and loth both have record borne bome home thua zions light is bursting forth thus thui to bring her ransoms rans ransomd omd children home HYMN 2
beet evr eet ear


ak 4k morth montal mortal ear attend d zvrv id evry heartrejoice heart heik rejoice dejoice h trumpet truin pet of the gospel sounds ih t h an hivitingietl inviting v3c1e ye y hungry starving souls a feed upon the dmd wmd fainly rainly y strive with earthly toys 0 imi an empty miod mind mlod
1 I

ised saviour hath pr epard s ased er le ibllssed b1 so o oui ul re reviving oulreviving ving eing feast n d tdyour nd i d our longing appetites hrich shich ri ch provision taste 1 efrich

ho ye that pant for living

and pine away and dio dlo dle die



ill k61

publio public rudlv rudla


here you may quench your raging thirst urst mith with springs that never dry
lovd and mercy here iove rivers of love in a rich ocean join

salvation in abundance flows like floods of milk and wine

graco the gates of glorious gospel grace stand open night and day supply suppli lord we are come to seek supplies

and drive our wants away

HYMN hyun S- P M

tst xii rii

ryt glorious things of thee are spoken jrat fat J zion city of our god lre lio ile he whose word cannot be broken chose thee for his own abode chosethee

on the rock of enoch founded LA what can shake thy sure repose lah llh salvat ions wall surrounded with salvations f faesy foesy mayst smile on all thy foes thoujuayst thou
see the streams of livin seei living waters springing from celestial love well supply thy sons and daughters and all fear of drought remove A a a 4 a4




wilo wiio who can faint funt while such a river ever flows flaws their thirst to assuage grace which like the lord the giver never fails from age to age

for a glory and a covering showing that th the eLord theford thelord lord is near thus deriving from their banner light by night and shade by day sweetly they enjoy the spirit spuit

round each eacil habitation hovering see the cloud and fire appear

which he gives them themwhen when they pray

blpod alpod inhabitants of blesd ofzion zion ar 1r

purchard purchasd Purcha lkichasd sd with the Savi ours blood saviours jesus whom their soulsrely souls rely on diakes them kings andtpriests makes slakes andt andi anai priests ests to god anari andri andriests
while in love his people raises 1 Awith vith vlth ith himself to reign as kings alth priests his solemn praises ali ail all AUS each for a thank offering brings

saviour since of ziona zions city 1 through grace a member I ithrougb mem beram am memberam though the world despise ana and pity 1 I will glory inthy in thy name

liy lis

VOKSHIP VORSHIP PUBLIC worship treasures fading are all worldly treasu resit treasuresil resil andshdwc r boasted pomp andshowtl with their thei thel heavily heavnly joys and lasting pleasures ileavnlyjoys none but zions chil children dreu know dren chii

expected blessed da race when countless thousands of our racel e obey shall dwell with christ and him 0

timp time is nigh that happy time lile timo ilie the

that great

fulfilld fulfiud the prophecies must be fulfills A heil bell heii should dare oppose anchell andhell though earth and eel asl the stone out of the mountain cut jff aff
grows though unobserved a kingdom gr

soon fail fali shall shail shali the blended image fall sobnshall cia clay brass silver iron gold and cla clar and superstitions dreadful reign Td tdlight to light and liberty give way

pany p6ny of praise one sweet s symphony prais in onesweet nite willsmi the jews and gentiles will I AndT infidelity overcome andl andtinfidelity an&infidelity dex dercomes comei return again to endless nig nie t


gou god west fromnorthltd from northtgtsout towest from east to sod lowest kingdonffshall es kingdomI shall t nd extend shali vi shail oura ours savioura savl savioues the Savi Saviou gimn aa a a A 5 a5


nd every cry man ery every place illctery inan in shall meet a brother and a friend meeta



toye proclaim rifiitindious iwbndrous roye tove lovo love iove baay
ge praise
1 I

ireat is the lord tis good to praise beatis reatis teatis praiss amis rmis hjs high and holy name djs tlfmayjhe thed saints in latter days thee da s

him let usall usallengage engage UA unto us is givn gian i in this momentous age 16 n are the light gf indhdrc beavn heavn of beahn
V at

him for our ofir happy lot uch favoured ouch nuch ed land favour land righteousness are lend arc taught u iwine irine comma idne sine nid commard commasd sd
oor him oar for far more glorious things aage ge can express t 990sptp brings itmgosper he e soullo soul io bless

borter lorter er is sent again own the church attends owr inlpowr n hnanrith th the faithful will remain b1i rjll jews jesus jems christ descends rall

bai hil hll


tho the all the world deride praisphim praisehim him the time the chosen Praise phim Prais
andall the saints

him for a prophets well praise hinilfor guide i his peoples steps to gulde in this we do and will rejoice


to favour zions come

timet time

from every clime be gathered home will soon ie S de clard dechard by prophets long declard

day daj thoopcning thqpming seals announce the da

n all in one triumphant lay when whe i7se the lord villjoiu join to praise will plaHYMN 6

gation gatlon join jol joi creatlon creation mation let all mationjoi the e eternal prai praise pralsethe to pral sethe

6 bcgi hosts bagi heaienlyhos the heavenly

yu1 and moon vdt4 wittl yua moonwittl s tarry ilala4 the til tii e tarry shine to the thelris iris

bisnam his a r and sound bihnam oMell sy withaomell the sun withjgflldeu withe witha

ligknl ag



lie built lle ile he


those worlagib6ve worlds d won wondis diS din fixd their bondis drs amp fiad qi iv





his command theystand byijsi6mman&theyst9nd they stand or more and always sjeakhis speak his namo bis AMID famo fame

6 fleecy cloud he 4 that rise clouds y or falling g showers or snow tjnfthunder h 4hunderrollin rolling 9 round the fikiet his hj s power and glory show

broad road expanse on high x t all the heavens aiiod ith afford rin kling fire that stre crinkling streaks tha sky the aksthe lite to praise the lord he

jataints Ja t that know ow his endless lov taints iov iove love
ifould iiould d sing

hlsglory is e ressa expressed expressd ressd


5I i that shines above ai



his praises best

31 P PM


appy PY souls who pray ere god appoints to hear jvhere sappy rappy appy ppy saints who pay air constant service there eir heir vvo vve IVO we praise him still and happy we who love the way to zions hill idil



no burningheatsby day burning beatsjby dayi airy air norblastg nor blast of evening alry shall take our health away ugo godbe usahere us there usA god be with uga here if goa

he is our sun ana our shade he ourshade and andhe andee head guard the hewa heu to guardthe
byjiight bynight benight or noon

god is the only lord our defence our shield and ourdefence stored handa bands hanaa are storla hands with gifts his banas we draw our blessings thence bestow lne will ine willbestowl ire ite on jacobs race peculiar grac grace

and glory



me 1 ilm
alm i

praise to god immortal praise

for the love that crowns our days joby joy bounteous source of every joyy


thy hy

I praise our tongues employ 1

yor ifor the blessings of the field

the stores the gardens yield for yor vor ton tor for the vines exalted juice apliTe uge use I generouplive4 generouaplite for the generou

14 1.4

U brtva poblitworshi brtvw 61isulf

ocks that what rail the plain rall tall whitehall clocks gro glo fripend sheave meltow sheavesofripend beltow fellow sheaveglo fri pend gram grain

clouds that drop their fattening dews uns un 3 th at temperate warmth diffuse that

scatters oer the smiling land all that liberal autumn pours oerflowing from her rich overflowing oer flowing stores

all that spring with bounteous hand

source from whence all blessings flow blessingsflow jabid jjbid d for these our souls shall raise valle vaile gratful ujrateful ratful vows and solemn prame praise

thanks to thee our god we




C 31

ot ashamd not ashame to own our tord lord mma moa todworship orship him on earth tod worship sloye aloye e to learn his holy word imow ow what souls are worth nd amow

bcr hcr r to reward fbejust amow the only name e world wiil will imow he worlawiulmowthe which the saints can ta trust uit in whichthe

lien iten

jesus sus

comes mes aflamin asnaming As naming flame

ayin down dri wn in be do when he comes aown n eaith heaven earth heaten atin drw ilis liis ills holy baud bis with all his band

jhel jhjl


before creations second birth we hope with him to stand

ta anew name T t9 us then will he give tis its a new with robes of righteousness and in the new jerusalem
eternal happiness


co e corner joy to the world the lord will commer and earth receive her king roomi let every heart prepare him room iii sing and saints and angels si na n9

rejoice i rejoice when jesus reigns and saints their songs employ and floods rocks hills and while fields andfloods repeat the sounding joy plains

no more will sin and sorrow grow nor thorns infest the ground make the blessing flow and hell come andmako andrako

far as the

curse was found

e rejoice in rejoice m the most high hi while israel spread abroad like stars that glitter in the sky and ald ever worship god aid

aa a8

aa &a tile tlle

pvbuowoksh1p y publionvorship P mii mil



iuni that made the worldy world 6 luni to sun the moon the stars tlie gunj starr sunj alie

14iwith th days and months and years

0 him that died to

na all and andall ali ail that in them is

rour ur thanks and songs lour we freely give

ope in things to come hope ppm spm quicknii2gipower spirits ts qnicnihgppwer a turn hould tum him hims tub our hearts to himp e heavenly blessings are lere atiat at we may sing hiat hlat tiat of things above ana iana lana always amow imow mow and iove love that god is lote

that we might live



ivfien en he comes down in heaven a earth again is blest ebna ehna en all the tinea he heirs of him twill find the promisd promise rest

theu they may sing then sthen

od is with us igodis irodis and we withdiim witlihim

wthallthejus4 thallthejust

LICWORSI poblic OKSHIP ir 1oblic



17 131

io ere iong ng the veil will rend in long


the the

twain bis train x king descend with all his y shake with awful fright shali shako shall earth shallshakewith 1 his might feel all creation deel fee

s hall sound shali hali the trump of god it long hall

and raise the nations under ground of heaven heaten domain throughout the vast domains sof
siven the voice echoes the sound is given p your heads ye saints in peace alft lift llft up the saviour comes for your release 3 rede emd has rvdeemd his come redeems comen the day of the redeemd comer 4 weic welc welcomd welcomb welcomchome mChomE omd bome home thesaiats the saints shall all be welco

behold the church it soars on high to meet the saints amid the sky to hail the king in clouds of fire 1ayr IY r strike and tune the immortal lyr and andstrike
shall shali sound hosanna now the trump shail proclaim the joys of heaven ax6itid around when all the saints together join V oglove and all iove andali eli divine ongs oflove of love andall n angs in

meet we all shall ahall wept chill avith here ye with enoch hera messiahs et aht feet messiah and worship at Messi ahA f messiaha




hana and hearts in love unite our hand and reign on thrones with christ above

whose walls were jasper and streets gold kid ild well now inherit thrond in might t the father and the sons delight celestial crowns we shall receive and glories great our god shalT shair shall give shait shail shali shaltgive gite annas well proclaim 4 hosannah hosannas with loud hos Savi ours name and sound aloud our saviours savl saviour

oid ofold of old the city that was seen kofold


loud d hosanna to proclaim A1 pfile wfile all the heatensshall shail sh6iivitga shali shout again heavens shall in jfa7nd d all creation sav amen sny sky creatlon creation sev

bt our hearts ana and tongues all joindirilo johnd e joind dIrilo inone join r
oriio friio 9f af

1 I

HYMN hyun 13

31. 31 di nl CM v

jesus esus the name that charms our fears fears ythat that bids our sorrows cease 4 t is music to the sinners ears tis anapeace fe and health ana and ilfe life peace tishee tishfe tis Tish


he speaks and listening to bi sToice sinners new life receive the mournful broken hearts rejoice rej oice olce f the humble poor believe

efrom fallen natures sleep from awakefrom awake Awak alighi light and christ shall give you lighi cast all your four sins into the deep ash the ethiop white and wash alvi th with lvi


me your chief ye then shall know shall feel your sins forgiven anticipate your heaven below and own that love is heaven M

0 for a thousand tongues to sing my great aly gr eat redeemers praise


the glories of my god and king

the triumphs

of his grace

kaai 1

bin sin cancel ld st ofcancelld ile breaks the power of lie lle he canceled cancelld I I ile sets the prisoner free lle lie he his blood can make the foulest clean his blood avails for me

your loosens loo send tongues employ loosend ye blind behold your saviour come andleap ye lame leme for joy iame and leap yelame selame
alj flj

ye dumb dombi dumbi pral praise prai seye preise hemr him ye deaf his pralseye hear


C M 1f af

come dwell eil oneartbi ell eli comeailye on earthy dome all ali ye saintswho ail saints who dw Comeail

your cheerful voices raise



our great Redee mees to sing meds iove redeemees redeemers love xo and celebrate his bis praise
y can we ungrateful be Since he has markd to bliss nsmcehe marad a road topliss tobliss iesince Ie and said come follow me i

his love is great he died for us

rep rem efm

weyejqund the strait and narrow way weyetifound then let us travel on till we in the celestial world a wt 0
shall meet where christ is isgoqe gonev bonev


and there welljoin well join the heavenly choir heavenlychoir heayenljchoir ana sing his praise above and endless ages roll around y jvvhile iwfie m perfected by his love f t H W th w HYMN 15 L 1 31 a-



god spake theword wora and time began the word 1 theford I man y he spake and gave his law to mano his presence oft did adam cheery y cheer iiud j 34 ay 4y isud who lovd the voice of god to hearait hear hea rala rait
scenewas newas chan changd changa but by and by the sce gd chanad our parents broke the lords command they lost their innocence andfiedm andfledg ind ted 0r among the trees and strove to hider


211 21

valn from god their in vain lavain father but lwvain theirfather for soon the lord ap peard again and caird to adam in the wood condemns and trembling stood who felt condemnd

so wick wicked ed men in every age far from the god of heaven have strayd have fled years year near six thousand yearshave shave till nearsie nearsix and left the world with faith thats dead
j1 ja

by faith the ancients sought the lord e to time obtaind time from lir obtalnd obtains his word V not only they but so may we i when faith and works do both agree r

from adam to the present day tothe many have sought a righteous way and some have found the narrow road walked and enoch like have w aued with god

god is the same amegod age goa in every agegod but men they change from time while sinners take the downward road god d the man of faith approaches go
experience and the word agree draw nigh says god 111 iti ill draw nigh thee lii then are they wise who do deny the works of faith beneath the sky





mortals awake with angelsjoin angels join and chant the solemn layyft laypo laypt love joy and gratitude combine to hail the auspicious day
rous song begani rapturous rapt began in heaven the mperous raptrous and sweet seraphic fire

aff off i i



through all the shining legions ran and swept the sounding lyre

the theme

new the song the joy was newjt newitt n ii A to each angelic tongue gie glew swift through the realms oflight flew w fie aflight it gge and loud the echo rung
s ran anthems the pealing anthe reager Feager


D own through the portals of the sky m down

and angels

to bear the news to man

wieff flew witff wit eager joy


hark the cherubic armies shout jhark chark and glory leads the song
1 I


peace and salvation swell the note j Tenly throng heavenly fis of all the hea f awa ffttf aws with joy the chorus well repeat repfzt 3 bogod to god on high y glory togod



noy complete poy vare poycomplete now tare goodwill peace are will and peacetare good ood oodwill jesus was bom boru hom to die
hain halh hali hall hail prince of life for ever hail brother friend deemer brothers ite redeemer aki lki though earth and time and life should fall it nevet end thy praise shall never

17 nymn nynn j7 HYMN ja

M 5r P ar

.7 7

the giver ali ail we enjoy otallweenjoy ig of all our lives to thy honour we wish to employ with praises unceasing hame well sing of thy name thy goodness increasing binn hinn procia procla thy love well proclaim

0 jesus I

with joy we remember


the dawn of that day

in darkness we lay the sweet invitation j we heard with surprise weiieard nessa salvation witnessed witnessd witnessa and wit
th staes sides flow bow flom from tho to dow

cold as Decem december benl betl beri




with sweet exultation


the wonderful name sings of our jesus well sing and publish the fame of our captain andking andring


his goodness we prove his name is saltfttion sal sai ration salvation salration his nature is love
e now are enlisted



lyl divinely iTi ivinely itinely nely assisted assis tedi 1 I to conquer our foes is grace will support n bis his us 1 till conflicts are aeri oer oeri e 6 then will escort us j to zions bright shore

in jesus blessd blesed bleser cause



to f



HoT bom hotevery one that thirsts draw nigh ho botevery race tis god invites the fallen race
100 teo ieo come me to

mercy and free salvation buys buy buy wine and milk and gospel grace the living liking waters come I sinners obey your makers call return ye weary wanderers home and find my grace is free for all



see from the rock a fountain rise to you in healing streams it rolls money ye need not bring nor price ye laWring burdeno burden1 burd bura end sin sick souls bring burdend
nothing ye in exchange shall give leave all you have and are behind frankly the gift of god receive jesus find pardon and peace idd ids izfjesus

why seek ye that which is not bread nor can your hungry souls sustain on ashes husks and air ye feed ye spend your little all in valm valn vain talm

in search of empty joys below ye toil with unavailing strife lW lwhither whither hither ah I whither would ye go 1 I have the words of endless life

toe with earnest care carey hearken to moe carel and freely eat substantial food the sweetness of my mercy share and taste that 1 I alone am good

my goodness prove my promises for all axe are free come taste the manna of my love ani and let your souls delight in me

1 I bid you all

26 your


my words believinglyreceite believingly receive Quick quickend quickens awine quaend end your souls by faith divine anine ilfe life eshan shall live shail shali an everlasting lif

willing ear and beart heart incline heartmicline beartincline

fo A tear my soul from earth away asfor isfor for jesus to receive
ats fib tib fts

t 1 yet delay and can I my little all to give mylittle mclittle





1 pry I

j y

1 can hold out no more I fl lemk compelldo do compelld compello 1 ld compeli compel Ismk by dying love compell l

nay but 1 I yield I yield 1

ana and own thee conqueror

my friends my all resig ii 5 resign gracious redeemer take 0 take ijgraciou I and seal me ever thine

pm forsake though late 1 111

ili iii

nor hence again remove gnor settle and fix my wavering soul with all thy weight of love rtj i n raj my one desire be this t

t come

lt whoie and possess me whole

thy only love to know


ibliss other bliss to seek and taste no otheribliss



no other good below

my fy life my portion thou thou all sufficient art my hope my heavenly treasure now my1ope enter and keep my heart HYMN fjiymn
20 4 as 5s &


come lord from above the mountains mountain remove oertum 0erturn bertum all that hinders the course of thy love my bosom inspire inkindle the fire in kindle kindie bindle and wrap my whole soul in the flames of desire languish and pine for the comfort divine 0 when shall 1 I say my beloved is mine 1 pann my portion I have chosn parn chof chef the good part thou thon th art trouart ouart thouart I loye 0 love let me find thee 0 god in my olove
1 I


heern heart forthiamyheart for this my heert suffice


eise can elso nothing else cam

1 I

1 purchas purchase the pearl of how lord can I great price




nought not an action a wordy word or a truly good thought


be bought it cannot he

and thou knows 1 I have

i ye may receive it whoever have nothing to pay who on jesus relies without money or price forgiveness and holiness buys the pearl of offorgiveness

u t money I hear a voice say 4 without but 1 witho aitho

lord let it be the blessing is free so lora

1 I yield

that thy love should be given giten to me 1 freely receive what thou freely dost give I to live and consent in thy lovein thy eden edenao edenah
1 embrace the giver 1 I praise the gift I jenuss grace salvation sn to jesuss and ascribe my salvati asta 1 foretaste I prove 1 it comes from above the foret 1 and I

falness of soon shall receive all the fulness love



91014 god moves in a mysterious way ways s his wonders to perform vea sea teak he plants his footsteps in the beak

and rides upon the storm



yi deepiin deeplin deerlin unfathomable mines f ai ofpever of never failing skill he treasures up his bright designs
wili anu ana ani works his sovereign will

ye fearful saints fresh courage tafe take safiy spfiy take

f wea hig with mercy and shall break wra are big v ff ran rjn in blessings on your head i sensis judge not the lord by feeble sense bis grace but trust him for his buttrust burtrust behind a frowning providence smiling face bides a an filing he hides

the clouds ye

so much dread

his purposes

will ripen fast

every hour hoar unfolding eteryhour the bud may have a bitter taste flower j i but sweet will be the err iam blind unbelief is sure to grr scan bean his work in vain r ts t and sean Go goddis godjis his own interpreter dishis alid he will make it plain and


hy31n22 L hy3in 22 lad hygin ALI LALI


souls with pitying ey sbepherdypf tqfsoulswith 8hephrd our lsraelseej thousands ands of purisraelsee the the thous 4 cry theirbehalfwe in their behalf wecry to theirbehalf becry t4 thee found lath bath in thee ourselves iath AT selves but newly round





1 I

see where oer oler desert wastes they err i and neither food nor feeder have ime lwe nor fold nor place of refuge near 41

for no man cares their souls to save

wild as the untaught indians brood t the christian savages remain emaln strangers yea enemies to god 4 they make thee spill thy blood in vain
fur nought i thy people lordy lord lora are sold for nor know they their redeemer nigh they perish whom thyself hast bought their souls for lack of knowledge die opewd the pit its mouth has opend olend wide


why should they die when thod hastdied hastidied died hast tidied has thair sins away awaya4w hast died to bear their

to swallow up its careless prey

why should the foe thy purchase seize 6 s6ii seii remember lord thy dying groans i all il thy sufferings these the meed of a oma ones ransomd ranso&d 0 claim them for thy ransoms

extend to these thy pardoning gracei1 grace graco ilivl graceie ilial gracei gaail 411 gaall show sh owd to these be thy salvation show411 showd shawd iv chosen race 0 add them to thy thythosen 14 all 0 sprinkle sprink their hearts with blood



public ans draw near still let the the publicans doonon doonof faith and heaven Oper operithe opelhe opelee ithe dooqf hearts thy word to hear their theirhearts graat theipjh6arts and grant alT foijiven alf their r sins ait sinsforeiven andivitness lftlme and witness alttheir limm linw HYMN 23 L M


4 away my unbelieving fear j& p fear shall no more in me have place ja my saviour doth not yet appears appear 60 SA face ts thebrightaesaofhis facett brightnessafhis he hides the I therefore let him go but shall 1 andbasely and basely to the tempter yield no in the strength of jesus no 1 I never will give up my shield

although the vine its fruit deny although the olive yield no oil the withering fig trees droop and die the fields elude the tillers toil the empty stall no herd afford penish all ali ail the bleating race perl peri shaU perish perishau shan and periseau yet will 1 triumph in the lord willi praise salvationpraise thegodofm y salvation the god of my


hopiibeyieving hope believing against hope in hopebelieving t cia cla claim jesus my lord my god 1 I f jesu m wup s up shall shali shail lift me eup Tesu jes y strength shalnift tesusmy s my im Mai mal mactation maitation Tation is in jesus name r salvation

2 32

wdrship4 tkorslllpi

bring it nigh me be soon shall briugit bridgit to mebe bebe my soul shall shail then outsgp shau the wind outsv on wings of faith mou awn falth mith mount engin ffqln high rwn


sin behind eaviigwgigsin lely leiv



M L 31

peace troubled soul thou needst neednt not fear AM is near thy great provider still win feed thee AM still who fed thee last will win bis will sink into his be calm and sirk yov yot mot the lord who built the earth and sky i hear thy cry in mercy stoops to hearthy all may freely claim ail ali his promise au tf ask and receive in jesus name ask 4iu T i his stores are open all and free to such as truly upright be water and bread hell give for food 9004 good heskes he sees with bees good wth all things else which hesees


your sacred hairs smail small bairs which are so smaus numbered ail i ujj ali number A all by god himself are numberaall dail dali 1jj allt ailt allabroad publishd aile abroad this truth hes published that men may learn to trust the lord

the ravens daily he doth feed

hyexqed have need haveneed and sends them food as they haye



although they nothing have in store althoiighthey yet asttheyjrfsk tliem more he gives khegivegthemmote lives bliem yetamhey

what ye shall eat or dri i your heavenly father will yon ee feed you yoa need need he knows that all these things you neej without reserve give christ your heart mls mis wis bis righteousness impart his let him all ali ail things else h6llfreely heii freely give heil hell then aq snall receive shall with him you all things snail

re then do not sbwtoimbemre driff

lf drilf

thus shall the soul be truly blest that seeks in god his only rest may V be f vw 0 I that happy person he bay 1
in time and in eternityi


come simiersto to the gospel feast sinners simier simler sto every soul be jesus guest evry let ye need not one be left behind godl godihath godhath God hath bidden all mankind for Godi
on you 1 I call b the invitation is to all

nfs sfs

sent hymy lord

come zoina coine colne all the world come sinner thou things in christ are rea now ready readynow dynow all thing



as111p yniiship

ye te

gln opprest gin C oppress itis bysinopprest jneanyeisoiilsiby op prest 0 1118 sin presl 14 d r a fter re r rest restless wanderers pi ye poorjyand n 6 mI1imah inaiinuaarfihalt 06 ait and blind an alt

otnsflieartvivnhcme i art inip 0 find

partake the gospel feast gln ace savea erom sm in jesus rest from gin sin e savedfrom saved saved1rom fce iajtgb tattffthe goodness of your god ohal ellel bis blood his flesh and drinkbis ohtl drink his fllel

e mn d CO cdnieand

iitttiy rap

te is&sjas tojgbty gaty gbty to compel04 compel p iar


etntsoals 11 ft nvizu1s I ly alliy ail ali inattnjvbice tnipwice could reach you all ailer alier ri ynow dynow be justified 016be v yv for christbath ijmayillye bath chhist hath died bathidied christ f 1 itd ntd god from uessageiasifrom receive unbay unlay tor hristandlivbw comertor comer uniay comerton coibeftoichristandlitbifl jpur hearts constrain 3ulqfbjtur jeur toad in valna todd aoa guflerihinl top xaina taina toa


I on you 1 call

til tii itit

mi 04 kar aar tOt feel feeA aing love consent iing ubring toi febl lubring totfesl fesl consent totfeea moves reslstlesspew ena a een resistless pne ern pre era ert goiiibhnorw ig hf against your G baub wrm oaub



tliipi&et yog ycm our etar bef6re yom before beffre 3 laet forth begore qa bleeding clous bl cious epding socrifieih wrifiteik q4 precious gptferd d i1tfits4embracei jic b benfifitsembrdce i af rfrcflyjfllteljfeifecl 6d ty ad am Y esst IM i 9m weak weal vsst



pubijic WORSHIP pubwawonsum


no more delay dclay ft this is the time nomore i kr if agre acceptableiilay a haa this is the adre ptabladaji baa come in thiimoment cail cali ijnof this moment at his call conall 4 hini hinl who died fi1al4 ilvo for himwho live tonall .a and livefor 4



thou shepherd of israel and mine qv heart hearte av and desire of my hearn hearti 14 4 the joy erem A for closer communion 1 I pine prem 1 iong to reside where thou art I long artin artia

the pasture 1 I languish to find

where all who their shepherd A are fed on thy bosom reclined hosom reclind rec lind sere a sercend scrcend end from the heat of thada and serc lym

isaab isaai Shepher c shepherdobe dobe

I shew me that happiest place ashew placet jg ah ishew abod the place of thy peoples abode an extacy gaz gazeui gazei4 where saints in inan eol hi eui eul and hang on a crucified god godiijj ginner declare loveo for a sinner deciare i ina lna leclare thy lovei

uro mlo

isf iff

tree passion and death on the trea re thy th my spirit to C cplv 0 r alvany alvaty alvary ary bear colv boa bea atti attl wa and ith thee tfiam aha triam w1 p& triumph huffer ana buffer the to suner


ftb7 teero ero 0 mb 1 thero th thjiflocl bro with the lambs I of resine jk 1 vonly covet fonly therorfonly Theror rc coi et to reside I cov restre stRE thvrcznl tharoclyatefirfi k ile at the lle lie tha foot of th to h60tt4he or riso to be hid morriso bid in thysbreasw re ot orriso
1 I

lbs ifa is

2 B b2 ba

ag 3g


therel there 1 always abide I would alwaysabide tisand a moment depart never am6nient

ibi aid in the cleft of thi once conc6ld onceald ald thy side ally aily held in thy heart eternally xi

HYMN hyun 27
asi asl

as 8s

si s

only wisdom here be it my onlyvisdbm 11 to serve the lord with filial fear

superior sense may 1 I display by shunning every evil way waiking in the good and walking

with loving gratitude

4 ni



0 may 1 I still from sin depart


A wise and understanding heart i jesus to mebe me he given bebe r of lehme spirit know and letme iet me through thy spiricknow let god1below o glorify my godlelow God lelow telow i 1I find my way to heaven r i mywayto

fulfs ftlfs
trt loo art


8 HYMN 28

S 14

Lord iacome ye that love th thei theilord elora theford thelord thelora lora j eLord liacome be known jnd joysbe joysue and let your joys n in a song with sweet accord pin hig roue while ye surround big th rone bis throne his

publigworship1 publio WORSHIP PUBLIC

let those


refuse to sing meyer knew peyer know our god whojierer who but servants of the heavenly king may speak theirjoys their joys abroad

thatrides that rides upon the stormy sky and calms the roaring seas ife sll hf mighty god is ours ile this pur msp gur our father and our lovei loye love wsk lbvei gena sena down K powers s heavenly pow will send rs his willsend lle wallsend lie ile he

the god that rules on high surreys that all the earth surveys

H 1 I

to carry us above


there we shall see his face and never never sin grace gracei there from the rivers of his gracej
5 1

10 lo

the thoughts of such amazing bliss

should constant joys create glory begun below celestial fruit on earthly ground from faith and hope may grow W then let our songs abound andeveryaearbq and every tear b dry j3 ja aa 3 a3

drink endless pleasures im ini yea ana nise rise and before we hise to that immortal state

the men of grace have found

PUBLIC ivor8111p uok&h IP worsh

were marching thro immanuerb immanuv ground fauiworlds on high to yl pfyl t rfyl rf 9 Vs Y AIN HYMN V nin 29 nln IHYMN I nymn
soui tha soul slappy jlappy that free freo from iiarms iialpysoul haridi thafreo caridi iffeits arsts rsts within the shepherds arms arnik vvho shail molest shali ri ohisquictshall his quiet shall vvhs A who kaii ktioshalliiohite kail violate his resty ball rh nflfoth oth his spirit bear I W 1 r taxus takes hiseverytare takus his aery eery care shve lio who found the wanderiin llo wandering ile in he sbccpl wanderi pll pli all 0 ohve jesus still delights to koep F keep loop


.1 1

T mile at the destroyer nigh prce pree ace rce from sin and sergie ree servile fear rree 1 exer near have llave hate my jesus oker wa w1 1 his care rejoice to prove proy&nowql w ua u11 ryn BAU rhu U his paradise ise of love I lse paradisa paradisb parad isb

lf 0 that 1 I might so believe FA fr steadfastly to jesus cleavel cleav cica clea c clmim ner mio n r nel noi ma an n his ins only love rely ius lus 2n

djesus sjesus jasu seek jcsu jesu shcepi sh cepl desu seel thywanderin cepi thy wandering g4beeor B and ttscp bring me back and lead andkf aik all ail eon every carent ike on thee my myeverrcaiya gais con careft gats B F ar en thy bosom bcai4qw4c r me on bcariwan t me kneir vul voi vui L E ivine knoir hepherddxbi1 shepherdsvoi knowtny iny Shepherds morg 5 more intheelrejoice4 gand r mand in theercjoice 00

niV PUBLIC WOK wor wokniv

more an botill and more otill tilc i of tilo ever in thy spirit liv ci


tili till dl all au thy life a4iowy1711 dil live li perfect through my lord ord b I 114qrdvn1 mt frpm gladly then am c earth rth remo 6m gdthcrd to the foid fold above mays a last may stand jat 0 that& tand

lip 41p ire

uq 94 aq
JJ fl

weime wilme wtime IIAQJ tlieep leep at thy right ha yav yau tav yule IakMic hg crown vule crowll so freely given

E r entcrjnby thee sw tilee

1I 1 I

to heaven





the wisdom coming from above blobs tho faith that sweetly tha the sweetis works bio blovs blo vS
lied happy beyond description iley he in&j ror who knows the saviour died P for ina in0 gittlunspeakable unfepeakable obtains the gitt obtain understaudlutgain aveney understanding u avenly s heavenly and bta t5 gains

happy the moan roan that finds thid theman tho themanthat the grace gracd goas chosen race tile blessing of gods tilc the

telis j thi tells wisdom divine who teil teli th p rice cc ovivisdoms coolly costly merchandise of wisdoms eiler eller to silver wisdom tosilver we prefer preller sliver wo pr eiTer is dross complied to her and gold lsdrosscoinparw

jl4 4 jle


a 4q 4q 0




611d with length of d ays field filld hands are fild her bands immortal true riches and im in ortal praise

bestowed riches of christ on all bestowd and honour that descends from god

purest joys she all invites to purestjoys chaste holy spiritual delights verways of pleasantness ways are ways otpleasarif herways her e peace and all her flowery paths are pe
Happ yuie gains happyuie 11me yule man who wisdom wisdomfains sains lime thrice happy who his guest retains



and shall for ever own wisdom and christ and heaven are one

lie owns lle ile

4 happy the souls that first believe

wsus esus cleaye tojesus to cle cie avd Jesus and each other cleayd cleavd


131 LM

idl ini

j r

johnd joind by the unction from above love lote fellowshippf iove fellowshipf in mystic fellowships aa hipfl mirel 1a mje mie Hir hirfl meer meek simple followers of the daml laml same livd and spake and thought the s they elivd ame livandspalie conspired jov fully cons conspircl afiaj joyfully conspird qj joy pird pira to raise tfi tfiej geless ce scless ageless cek eck eckscless seless sacrifice of pra1sp4i eir praisey craisey aki ski 6r eek th ar ttl


A pure believing multitude

with grace abundantly enduedt endue dt

mosni ell eli a fx



4 41

of one heart and soul ofone they all were cofone vinspird pird pira the whole whoie iove love inspiril inspirit only loye vins and onlyib

of golden days 0 what an age ae 4e racer pecullar race choice peculiar 0 what a i washy washa in the lambs all cleansing gonblood

god 0 god anointed kings and priests to

1 wander now to find shali shail I where shall

M the successors they left behind yain gwm lym vain 1 seek in valn the faithful whom I bengt engt enge awminisyd are minishd from the sons of me minis minishi hd frona
8 ye diorent deci declare deciare different di6rent sects who all decl arci ther here is christ or christ i s tric trie 10 lo liere

your stronger proofs divinely give nc ine lne six christians sa ll and show me where the Christian lnc t hwkfl t M J HYMN 32 L LM

jesus from whom all blessings flow great B builder of thy church below now thy spirit moves my breast lenow lfnow if meary weary wearp 11 fulfil thine own request I T II ear and fulfill

thee lord the few that truly call theo sanctifying ing word sanctify and wait thy sanctifyingword

own n and thee their utmost saviour on unite and perfect them in one

sa s6

42i 42

pbii liu 11 ib A ubii II PUBLIC VCORUIP vbligih l-

feind express lot tmalftfif keind iet 0 let ern lioieri lioi enn eri witnesses auiftq livieri stand iirllmhy pgwer unto salvation show power thy pw T itd I ltd lid p erfect holiness below 1 tand oiled aliba

swa taw ina

001 cliristlans livdm days of 0 o oi ay 0 pllpw irowchristianslivuhi dass knighty fig liy ilg 1 ity their envious foes to jupi I jnpi lix 013 15 pr ov erb of rej iove reproach roach and atia love aud prutcib reirowch

i i all A let i 11 i 11 ail ali mankind lcholu intliiu mk



wondrous th in into thy bonaro gigli won drous ligli tlly tily wonaro uis ilg dious 119 bgirtliem tis it wiuto aiuto to walk vith theo waik with wall thee in wluto bluto rthyto lakqhli thy jewels lord and sjiokil show

phfilorious 0 ous spotless church below

1 e afffrom iniquity from allifilquity iniiuity bllejud al folqwship 416wslilp


s111rul minrul sinrul wrinkle tqf rqneyy r free tuf effrom


of saints make maka known I wo iii ili ill glif inighf inight ne godifiii alif 1 be onel my god GodIf

these c cast with my lot be east vith uth tjics 3pij rao nno nau of jesus witnesses r east oflesus least raoleast

would count 166 ipthat me ofa that my lord wouldcotifit oai

feet1 disciples feets to wash his dear cjiscjpjeetttj

this only

i 1 require ti thing do I know stals stAis tis au all my hearts7desire ali ail hearts desire lnowst thou knowstais ji I receive to give gu c freely what 1 th church to live tky the servant of eky

ptfiific w5uiin
164 below stunts wait upon thy ssunts and linti te ani mait andwift
eard m lowly edrd abu I go 41 after my lbu 1

r 4btl 0

43 37

isnjov the grace to angels given serve the anded thei royal heirs andlserve Andl biks of heaven i andt and&d i 1 drawings feel lord if I now thy m v wu will th viii ask according to thy and asl confirm the prayer the seal impart f and speak the answer to my heart
me or thou shali never go tell 11 e it shall be so I y prayer is heard hard thy th

pasani thy lips passd the word hath passni

1 U I and shall with thy people live and die

HYMN 33 23

7 6 as 7s 67


videl ive weary souls that diat wander wide from V tlis4 poifit of ofhliss rom the central point irom turn to jesus crucified 1i ai lil lii his hii fly ity to those dear wounds of 111 lly ily gink sink into the purple flood floa god lliso iuso into the life of goj find in christ the way of peace peace unspeakable unknown ws be gives you as by his pain ho 5 ou ease f lifo by bis expiring groan if life ilise exalted by his fall mintin dintin your ail in ail ali aih our all chhist christ all hnd in christyour and christfour na n6 n6

1.4 14

4 44

rb lic



of heaven above hive sivc 11 the life of glorious love


r truc 0 believe the record rqqrd true g6d gad G od to yqyfill hath lath given oa eath t5on oii oil his taon give j oil j five ye may now now be happy too 100 loo en find on earth the life heaven ilfe of ufa heaten ofheat


iivc the life dive five live

gid eid ild tills the universal bliss tilis 4i ai design&40 bliss for every goul soui soul foul designd designe gods original promise this Li v gods great gift to allmanli ali mankind ail all abid atid ailman aliman allman UA tlaiqtii momen blest in christ this moment be blest to all eternity ims isr iisHYMN 34 S 31

7w yar from the path of pe peace d19 pfar tar lonely wye ed vya unfrequented that wre unfreqien vy1 6 happmets mess to life and happ mlp mets
vaa eha leaa leha v

e simple souls that stray

INIIY will

ye folly iwon iove love iwo9 1 downwardjy downward jy roady and throng the downwardly downwardroady from a ove and hate the wisdom froin aboc aboe g6affj n UA godbl got goi and mock the sons of godal


i f


c madness and misery f yo count our life beneath ye pif bencatlfp I bif at t and nothing great or good canise oug ous in ourdeatljr or glori glorious oun our death i j

kul tui 4 to grieve i kwi As on nlyborn lybonitoigrievie lw beet ile lle feetiwe he eet we lie your beneath yourtl courtl ama arcllutterly coutemnd we live utterly contemnd am1 1 dle die and unlamented died

4.51 451
451 45


f i

so wretched and obscure

f i ye despise gand and poor so foolish impotentgand impotent yand ft we rise sc6rnwe above your scorn iwe through them thet hois holy the hols ghost can witness better things for he whose blood is all our boast hath rath made us priests and kings

the men whom

the spirit we receive of wisdom grace and power uve

ute sorro whA we live and always sorrowful
rejoicing evermore

and pleasures springing from the well i oprflow berdow of life our souls oerdow
1 I

riches unsearchable jest jesi s loye love iove lote we know in jests


seryants are angels our servants ways Vs ivand keep iwana ivana koel koei keel in all our wa beait beari and in their watchful hands they beail
sons of grace i unto that heavenly heave niy bliss N 1v41 01 at tind t they all our steps attend
B 137

the sacred


tinfatherisy is i and god bimselfp himsdfiounifather andjostfsastodurirriend jcsjp i sourfrjend and
5 i

j t
21 t

nth i w fth i iki N ith juin walfcjn tclnt& we walkiinwhiteq taj tvj iwithhim jh ininbos tos his image shine pvn vvn mos iru irn 3jridbare glorious light robes of gloriousjight vlbwurc our oar nrpgaiteousness righteousness divine tl ii aki thI all angs of earth r thiangs in akl look down v evda pitwe lookdowirv pltye rfa avda nitu t pitie ovda allu afa laii1qn virtue oun wilyj our birtlil bjvndjlaiirfjn virtuwof birtlil kw birthil olour ofour ff


thl yllu


r4ding crog rading icrfading rom

CT lri iri

antl ntl nal ert



6 as 8s


gimners word believe tiie gosp ners gospel gospelword elword lim limners tjbllevethc

r come your souls tosane to save saxe jeuis deuis tosafe ud lorda lesupcyme your common lord4 lord if

oa wf

oughhim him may have ail ali through bpbnqre all W be c save saved whoeterwill a whoever will abbe awbe an i shillit stillit

aw th sinners stil abman receive bman stii

1 I


iku lit ili still

ere the lamey g here iame the halt the blind lame ghere esick sick the poor th ezick TO deaf the dumb the & totlhenfriend awit iwit kina lana 1 laua toithefriend of human kind tt dd freely all accept their cureail allaccept om did ho bom hom heip denyel his help be lis hislielp denydl fedi n 1 inlilsd ays in iiiidays Iiii days siy sly I passbyt ass of flesh pass dass hass

iitio iI

ail ali their &ielnesheal ne boiiiysit rf1 nid henot did dilh6notzalltheirsicl benot all tiis f th eir very need satisfatheir sst try ne ei ery and sa aft air e rft f ediff herejectftliebelplesscl4y rcjectlthe helpless dayma did he daymj 0111 i 4 or send them sorrowful away2is 0isend disend awayia 4i P awadia nay but his bowels yearnd to 160 150 tji see i jjr

47 ptbiowoitsuu Word lh0filcndstxpel hiSt histword did not hiss F biswo bisbo the dead tbeleperscletnsejand isethq&ad lepers cleanse ami raise


sa faint scattered s1 t aitioTio people hungry scatter nay but lie oven N ile uttard utterd over thees v 0 er theed a

jerusalem Jo rusalem a true complaint n jerusalem who ft ho shedst smedst his lus ius ins blood nef bea nsf div haduowjd for haALil thee tears his uh that with haalildiv

ily lly IIY IN 36 nyain dyain

6 as &8s 8s

11buid would jesus have the sinner dio714r dior K thien on yonder trio 14 f1t fat hangs he then n Whyt whythangs tiyihangs trefg trefa what means that strange expirlul vhat expmngcri ahat mqs and ms dm sinners he prays for you 0u ana sinners or ive lve 141fprgivetliem iprgite tilem father 0 forgive mer mar t hpyhite thevkaow knoW not that by mee 116 mcf pali pail eail
jesu jrsn jcsn descended from abovei sw bus hus detri eva it losa ofrden ouf outloaiiof oui eden to retri


4is dis ais ji



j6to jato

retrievt4s g reat loye G boit iove love od universal of lote ioit 0 11 theemim ho thee niayi hc world through theeim ail hcworld ali all cfall ifall if niazi I Y ningspirifcbc tiquickmingspiritbcp u&auicli in us 1 Andi died fer me I thoff tliou bast diedformell an4twitriess andt andiwitness witness thotf did formelL

8 AS A

ra r4


all atoning atoninglamb hamb lamb a1 whee thee by thy painful agow agonj abow 9 thy grief and shame thy bloody sweat 1hygrietand shaine on the tree thy cross and passion onthe anthe and ilife 1 thy precious death andilife I pray tale all my sins away take all take

thou loving

ana landwash andbathe and w ash them and bathe andwash withmytearsi themwithmy tears the story of thy love repeat i every drooping sinnefiears in everydxooping sinners ears quickening quicltning sound that all may hear the quiclening since 1 I have mercy found I een 1
thy love iove my heart constrain 0 let thylove thy love for every sinner free gen soul men koul of man failen soui that every fallen

0 let me kiss thy bleeding feet

may taste thegrace the grace graco that found out an ei fn me that all mankind with vith me may prove iove thy sovereign everlasting love lore lote

nyun UYAIN BYMN byun


ars 46s 4rs

& as 2 &s &a8s


heaten agree heatn let earth and heavn

ro celebrate with me offo

ana men bejbiird angels angelsand Angel and sand bejomd bej omd wirf 3irf t

manldn4 saviour of ofmanltind the co

adore the all atoning lamb allatoning d mess id biess dhe bless the soundofj sound of jesus pame name bame




pqundl prundl jesus transporting sound t vy heaver f the joy of earth and heaven tino other help is found

no other name is given N 0 wer salvation atlon have vy lly which we can salv ily

to save tosane saie but jesus came the world tosave jesus harmonious name sabov saboi hosts abovs abols host it charms the hostsabov

they evermore proclaim

and wonder at his love ani xii me ail ali their happiness to gaze gize tis all jesusfact face Jesus fact mls heaven to see our jes mis stis itis

all tis

illis his name the sinner hears and is from sin set free muhic in his ears cars tis music tis life and victory 11 ps e new mp 0 ew songs do now his lips employ mploj for joy 1 and dances his glad heart f6fjo

61 11w6l by the scorpion sin 0 al my poor expiring soul thebalmy the balmy sound drinks wholey and is at once made whol see there my lord upon the tr arje trje gor 1 feel he died oor 1 for m form I hear I

S tung stung


iov lov ap 1 I love 0 unexampled iove ng grao f gra grae 1 ail redeeming all I 0 allfedeemi


IS toa E f6r all mankind at keif far ftvlifukuftr


110 how lio llo IV swjmijtiidst thou move si moto mote calleri race N ialleri ce raco T s hall I 46 to make hail hali mahe inba male it known n jtjatau g 1 do

8b ab


hast done

at 6t voice b forifiiunpct

on all ali ail th the world to call

hearts rejoice 1 died f or all I rd v was CUH ru S y MK ar r saviour ail cd fyrk M T sav16firwd niy wll wil



erf arf


ef ad st trf


gli gil a all allrcdeemlngjord rcdeenlingq lb qu 9141ng wp we implore jle&bg bori oo preach thybfd oori eq door a acdal ual aoo r cual abo

ri oual acual

ana anksaye and sae dni5rf 61 and gatans satans poweqi er it&els po yll yli 111 dil ow acceptance haye III now tahani tahcni bave have lave gnnloutshour ow t1wir now tlifir graidoisdiour
u stoin eihauteaistin a

nne rne RNI

3f bouis af bouls ouis thou 6 vliat aliat lat thouha&t thoub4st bought so dear 11 ifl 111cii id in thpeililieveu thy peples pepl6s CM and 9 liciij al q all fil tii i wom vom fin vou tin wniiidssppter with ivik4r

J owen ial lai lal owel to prize laiowel knowittolitize






W ourjourn6 come let ulkhnew us anew our journey j tpursues with the jedel year roll round with 1aivdfwjrjie&r and never standstill till the mast6rappcar
1 nui fulfill I h nul rul fulfil llisad4blewillletus nis adorable will let us gladly his

ititrdv div

oflo ve c tho patience of the labour oblo hope and the labouroflo ofhope by tfiapa&nce

imprav6 our talents improve and 0

our oar life is a dream our time as a stream

glides swiftly away

and the fugitive moment refuses to say

krow iroT is flown the moment is krot The arrow shearrow Thea theairot thearrow thoa


theipillennial theiiinillennial year hel hei rushes on to our view and eternitys here
of ofhis his coming may say 0 that each in the day ochis 1 xn fought my way through ht an I have foug alae llae ilae

1i th ai 1 havo lhaio finished thou thon midst give shaio fini 64 didst finisled sled the work sied zive fimshd sive me I five woi ty110 ty110


6 the that each from his lord nlay lay recer slay recaivo 0 1 ochat othat

glad giad word glud gludword done faithfully faithfullydone well and faithful lydone ny and si y throne sit down on my myj oy dowl on enter into byj


40 HYMN hymna0 hymnal


brighter than the noon day sun 7 noonday foremost of the sons of light nearest the eternal throne 2 these are they that bore the cross nobly for their maser master stood sufferers in his righteous caifa caifs e cau se goa followers of the dying god

what are these arrayd white ahlie arrand in whlie

blood that washes cashes white as snow therefore are they next the throne serve sen e their maker day andnight and night god resides among his own god doth jn faints delight in his taints more than conquerors at bastl last lastl s oer trials here they find their trial triai they have all their sufferings past nu more hunger now and thirst no nowand cowand no excessive heat they feel from the suns director directer ray in a milder clime they dwell region of eternal day

out of great distress they came washd washa their robes by faith below beloil belfil in the blood of yonder lamb

ini diiO R A f i P inidiio i& ia lai

53 .53


throne doth reign deh feed ree themthe fee them the lamb shall always beh fie sew rew life sustain of tree the witli th wiih ritli to the living fountains lead chas ire lie lle shall all their sorrows chase he remove all their wants at once remo face teara from every facet wipe the tears fac6t fackt lovet with lote iove love fill up every soul w

W that on the he



down spirit spint of faith come do god lw reveal the things of go go ead knqwn 0 i known and make to us the godhead viitnesi with the blood and witness mg TIS thine the blood to apply ana and give us eyes to see who did for every sinner die hath surely died for me


no man can truly

say that jesus is the lord 1 away yeli yell taice the tei taire veil take awaa vei vel unless thou talce and breathe the living word only then we feel nonly thenonly then The our interest in his blood bloo ae 1e unspealcable and cry with joy unvoa lbrj my larj mygodl mylbri thou art mylbre




0 that the world might know ali ail atoning lamb the all

the grace which all may find the saving power impart
ndp edp manldnd mania and testify to all manid and speak in every heart

mith descend and show falth with spirit of faith urtue irtue of his name the girtue

inspire the living faith whosoeer receives nmch whosoever jvhich jemch hath witness in himself he inath the 9xitness and vnd nd consciously believes hefaflh fal fai itii that conquers all h ancljiipth Q th the mountain move paye beer whoeler whoeer oeer on jesus call npate at s w acts snel cts them n perfects ein in love
HYMN hyun


alpus s thine influence prove leus prophetic fire source of the old propheticfire


bly ghost our hearts inspire oly holy

laye fountain of light and loye lave lore

moved moted by thee come holy ghost for moved1yjbee spoke the prophets wrote and spoken ley ft14rey tho aey the thyself iey unlock the truth thyse unseal the sacred book

fll W wwill awill all

111 III ili lii




03 03

wing qj celestial dove expand thy win vin our natures night brood oer ourpaur4jiight Broo dwer broodoer doer mdyf mfve lsordcrd spirits mave on our diqrdcr4lspjrits there and let tl ierq iera now be light vye go we hqnsljall goil through himself nye thn&hau know 1 11 us s h ine I lne if it thou within saintqbelov jwlow julow thy saints and sound with all ally lovo4ivjne oflovc daine diine i the depths of


gis G is 6 ai 8i


inspirer Inspire rof of the ancient geery nl eol sho thgy5acred 4acreok bac wrotorom wrotofrom thee aht who tht gamo ec d aj through all s ucceeding s amo same tijsame rough Tij aisa uno th une yf 7isa tous degenerate te age tf to us in our degene 70us 9 hespirit respirit par t impart the spirit of thy word im hearl and breathe the life into our heart


whila avhile ahila now thine oracles we read achile mhli with earnest prayer and strong desire vuil wiet diet olet thy spirit from thee proceed our qui souls to awaken and inspire oui gur our weakness help our darkness chase chasi I AO guide us by the light of grace 1
wc rove e wcrove werov wheneer in errors paths derov fursale for corsale fursale the irig god through sin forsale

66 5

pubimwors11111 WO KSHir publio wokshir public

our conscience by thy word reprove

Con and bring the wanderers back convince vinge convinge vinee convince 4 wounded nded ly u anded by thy spirits sword w0 deep wa and then by Gileads balm restored

the sacred lessons

of thygrace thy grace transmitted through thy yord word repeat and train us up in all thy ways to make us in thy will complete c6mlete fulfill thy loves redeeming plan fulfil ansjbring us to a perfect man kn&jring

idl i t stai stal idy ready dy stand may we always rea p the souls redeemdby by thee redeemd rede redeems emd dby redeem ilhelpthe what their various states demand In lwhat inwhat lehat cffeafliconvince nvince novince correct reprove d them iove love em up in hollest loye hulid build lote abd sbdy A 4 L HUNIN 44 HYMN LM
mlp miu

isud out of thy treasury fnrnishd

wond word bordi author of faith eternal wordi the active flame whose spirit breathes ih6attiv6 faith like its finisher and lord today to day as yesterday the same
thee our humble hearts aspire J 0 thiee to
as I the gift unspeakable aud ask

am L

mik adl ail

hie ivo iro potfllb kifiiii kifiiii WORSHIP riuiib yvo


ug th6jdnd16d aw &w the kincuedfire increase in us fulfil usthe work of faith fulfill in esthe

saig slig knoW thee stron strong by faith we knowthee 0 to save save us a present saviour thou ANba Wh whatever anbateer ateer we hope by faith we have whateer hate 0 teer autu re and past subsisting now it future futu


blin elih that in thy name believes elin to him

eternal life with thee is given into himself he all receives pardon and holiness and heaven heaten
unknown to feeble sense unseen by reasons glimmering ra with strong commanding evidence their heavenly origin display

the things

falth faith lends its realising realizing light

the clouds disperse the shadows fly the invisible appears in sight
and god Is is seen by mortal eye


45 15

6 as 7s

1 odiselbse thy lovely face disclose quicken all my drooping powers gasps my fainting soul for grace t gaps As a thirsty thirsts land for showers

yun PUBLIC LI C VORHJP YUB VOIPJP my longno haste myjio4no lonlno more delay com yiour come away comeynyatiour miour

qnaccjpmpanied by thee ay 6y is the days return joyllj mercys gercys beams 1 I see till thou inward light impart giad glad warm my heart giadmyeyes fayes es and warmtnyh wt

1 morn d gheer tho thomorn darkndpheerless is thomore lessis cheer cheerlessis t

athy tthy tm fqyes Fqy


geo gee

niln soud of ou th s soul thou sord his soui bitah 0 biln sitah mine isit and gloom of rief andreef andrief rier lef 4p1 VI lilg men lidi divine lancy diah iancy me radiancy divh fill met unbelief patter all my unbe mil nii nil y e and mn ye re thyself dipia more e pe itp the n ftp tho eperfecayg
.1 1


hy3in hygin H 1n
Y an



wrf 8s 6s 6 as

mya mra arf

e tilt that 1 can it be I should gain saviours savl ours blood sati an interest avloun alloun interest in the Savi died he for me who caused his pain tor me who him to death pursued for 10 amaz it be ve how can A iove love amazing abaz n lo shoulxgt shouldnt st die for me 9 should that thou my god shouldst

tis mystery all

thelmriiortaldies the immortal dies tie tle sign tlesign 4esigu nesigu who can explore the strange xie

udi adl aai




loye of love4ivine love divine iove to sound the depths 6 tis mercy all let earth adore
angel minds inquire no more qjmindsinquirenomom letan let angelminds

in vain the first born seraph tries

m pitied ptied himself of all but emptied hut lovet n bled arid bied for aud and Adams helpless race lied fox foxadams foradams 4 tistmecyall immense and free tismercnll i for 70 0 my god it found out me 14

abote i i he left his fathers throne above i iso freeso gracej gracci grac free so infinite his gracei j li freaso gracdi

W 3


499 999 arf


imprisons my imprisond lay imprisond spirit my imprisons long rumy aupy rupy alpy abound in sin and natures night bound fast tbound fas ning ray quick quickning thine eye diffused a quickening 1 awoke the dungeon namedwithlight flamedwithlight I ay my iy chains fell off my heart was free 1 M sey went I rose ent forth and fo llowd thee vent sej ment iqsej


now 1 I dread jesus and all in him is mine jesuslzind alive in him my living head A righte ou sn ess divin righteou and clothed in righteous righteousness rone I approach the eternal throne boid 1 bold boldi doldi i st my cro Slaim the crorn vn through C Christ chhist and claim mv christmv brorn christov andslaim own

no condemnation

6b ab

ptjbiidwors111p publicworship PUBLIC WORSHIP


1 I

.31 31 31 ni

my god 1 I am thine what a comfort divine what a blessing to know that my jesus is
mine I am in the heavenly lambthrice lamb thrice happy 1 and my heart it doth dance at the sound of his name f t1 altrue iltrue the rapturous rile pleasures abound in therapturous e sound ijand ijane nd whoever hath found it hath paradise s TA found f my ky jesus to know and feel his blood flow life tis ilfe lii everlasting tis heaven below ili


yet onward 1 I has teTo the heavenly feast hasteto

1 shall prove and this I

thesis fuln6ss fui ness but thisis ful this is the taste falness that thatis the fulness

jeduss jedurs love to the heaven of heavens in jesuss

1 ios los I1 S 10s&irs

I remove till with joy 1

ret iet all men rejoice by jesus restored


iffsjoy lly foi fol Us free tis thrail it to bless us nd free lit from thrall joy is s us all rescue from all that oppress us ide ire rescues ife lre

ve lift up our voice and call him our ur lord aleft alift



praise jesnes grace and tell of the riches of jesues

m clai cial claim jenuss name we triumph and sing of jesuss poor sinners he teaches to show forth his

a ndring dKing king and priest we proand dring him prophet an

no matter matten how dull the scholar whom he matteihow mattei kow bow into hisschool lna inc his school and gives him to see takes ina A wonderful wonlerfiil fashion of teaching he hath and wise to salvation he makes us through
faith meu though fools shall not men the wayfaring mqjjhough stray ills his method so plain so easy the way the simplest believer his promise may prove

jenuss love and drink of the river of jesuss

poor otitcasts outcasts of men whose souls were despised and left with disdain by jesus are prized liis gracious creation in us he makes known lils ills his atio nAnd callsus callous his own and brings u s sah ationand HYMN 49

tse spring of all myjoysl my god dod cod the myjos majos the life of my delights
ijmmmui mil lil


WORSHIP PUBLIO publioworsmr

ty baning ning heavens around me rne shine the bpning

sa red biln iwith 6vith bliss ilith beams of sacred blin SIfUe us sifuesis sis shows his mercy mine lr liis his and whispers 1 I am ills ly lysoul lystul soul would leave heavy soui leate this hea dby 6 clay &w

j jfnfcmy damming is begun dawning Th ouart uart trouart dart my souls bright morning star thouart and thou my rising sun

mjy comfort of m and v nights nna ans fod tan rde ian ih darkest ke9t shades if thou appear keat ap pearil infdarkest Inf rdr

ot i4ydaghtestdays het g lory her my brightest days ory 0 he

j with 110y with 1 the shining way ame joy fkxmajs AMT jos ane c wan N e an and praise my lord

aw at that transporting word


qss of hell and ghastly death gadless gajless ass foo foe break through every fop itf breakthrough iff ory ble wings of loye bie fie ori he love and arms orifaith iove falth of faith ahr0 ueli would bear me conqror thr through

lly AIN ily HYMN din nin

SO 50


a1 keff seff ratealt thysell lk k with us lordy reveal lordi tily aik lord y while vrho rpte hero ger here nota note per oter earth we apte ispeak eab to our hearts and1et eak isseak iet tirtief fftttet andret and let


kindling orilia iove of thy love lore oriliv

publkywbklhip i b ii M PUBLIC
AU fume all time ali


1 I

fsrgft8 theo convcrsmg 1 7 we q 11 with theoc9ilyersing org 91 t

and ildciie iiiiibil coudare pai pauls auis sweet nIS labour is rest and j 4iwt dauis iia i i4 god od art here hero tr if it thou my 0


heryt beryt

bl w
1 I

bly niy myboundinff y stav svav n thy W kbunding heart shall ou avav owal owai swa tjl t voice volce a d echo to thy toice Ana olce oice and 3 bmw lmw J fosi fasi ballest me to seek thy easi thou callest 1 wish to seek ll ail I all viall olt t to attend the whispers olf arac &rac iii V s pe peak and hear thee ill ak W I speal nily uily

vouchsaf Saf to stay vouch voucils touch liere then my god vouchsafe here rejoi cei and bid my heart rejoice cel

err ajl erl




11 otnyac


cmploj e ery hourmp hour employ let this my every mP n 1 thy glory s e see I till 1 W

enter ta t6 r joy into my mas masters hnterinto jos ilea ilca lii thee ill and find in my y lica in heaven iiii lil licaiiii

8& gis

ema byg VVI eni h1 1 orid 41 happy happs gracious lora ilow liow how ha lord aey to follow c divinely yraiyn wev 0 d wey dral drai diffd hours diffy hburs i diitdd are vhosehws whosd whose 1 itude ana I id nailutudc tlle etude the mount and betwixt tile hil our aay fil doing good day aas das is spent hii in doinggood our otienight Otie night in praase pralse and lrayer praise brayer prair brair




tjoid vpid with us no melancholy ipid unemp no period lingers unempt d unemployed unemployd

below our weariness of ilfe lire is gone life who live to serve our god alone and only thee to know night and summers yp day A glide imperceptibly aw away ayt 4 1 too short to sing thy praise too few we find the happy hours heavenly powers and haste to join those heavenlypowers qienljpowers in everlasting lays

or unimproved

the winters


with all who chaunt thy name on high and holy holy holy cry

A bright ht harmonious throng abri abrl we to

long thy praises repeat restless sing around thy S and restlpss seat the new eternal song

6 as 8s

camv carne came when israel out of egypt cayne oppresses U d oppressbs oppress fg land and left the proud oppresjs bs su 1 AIM ahm pported by the great I supported AI haho safe in the hollow of his hand aloneP reigud reignd reigna a1pni the lord in israel eavou ana eI1te throne favourite and judah was his favou



and fled the wondrous rod disparted Dis parted by thewodrous 1 4 W an r an backward to its head jordan jord ident iaent god J I the incumbent nai felt t iheincu feit andlnal Andl nal ed rams frig4ted flighted oun sidpva sldppd fright sidhva like frighted oin the mountains hills bills leaped after them as lambs the eliis

the sea beheld his power

andt ad

ili iii lii sea trembling alid trembl nvhat aild thee 0 thou tremblili what nihat abild tuond tumd the river back what horror turnd displeasdiwith thee was natures god displeasdiwlth e shaie shale ana anywhy andwhy shai and why should hills or mountains shal ye mountains huge that skippd skippe like ramsy sldppd rams ramf frighted ye hills ed lambs fright bills that leapd leand as flighted

earth tremble on with all thy sons

whose power inverted nature owns his only law his sovereign word tody slakes the centre with his rody rod he shakes and heaven bows down to jacobs god
hy awful lord in presence of thy

creation varied by his hand kno ws the omnipotent jehovah knows tuba to solid land ls tuma the sea is the rock into a fountain flowsproclainht and all things as they change rro41m the lord eternally the same



G Ws ges HYMN 52 GWs hyxn52

praise my maer pralle maker while ive breath P volce is lost in death d when my voice an toice and praise shall employ my nobler p owers ow e rs

my daysof dayson das of praise shall neer be past thought and being last while life and thoughty or immortality endures

y rely happy the man m4n whose hopes re be made thefiki the ay n israels god he ind nd earth and seas with all jhelrirain her train oon e erstands fox e er stands secure fone liisi truth fore opprest prest he feeds the poor op H saves the oppress nd none shall find his promise vain pours eyeile lord1pours lle lie sight on the blind Lord eyesight lordpours jle jie the e lord supports the fainting mind labour ing conscience peace ile sends the labouring lle lie he
acet sweet cet rc release rolease and grants the prisoner sw lease

tremm distress st treft raTler in dis he helps the stranger the widow and the fatherless


anci anti and tb last thought and bf being while life ancl ought k

dlce is lost in death oice myvoice i dice and when my praise shall employ my nobler pdwqrs powers my newl neer be past nevi da s of praise shall neyr jy days

e aih be lends me br breath him while he ill praise himwvile

or immortality endures

PUBLIC WORSHIP publicworship


ratt rftt kwi kii


ilm af

alm Y 3f

praise ye the lora toiraisei lord tis good toiraisaw y your hearts and voices in his praise uo praiseiH praiseih dt flioih his nature and his works invite A raj irkj bin to make this duty our delight fc4 fi lin lia


r tulit t4lit

dair drir

ito riim the flames tho stars those heavenly mes lietto ile lle be ei names thelt fia ounts their numbers calls their he counts Hes hesounts hen no bound bount his wisdoms vast and knows nd drowiim dre au brownd drownd all our thoughts are drow ail ali A deep w here nd A

AO sing to the lord exalt him high 44 atyk who spreads his clouds along the sky to alyk rain a tj there he prepares the fruitful rain4q nor lets the drops descend in vain r f valn m IT

vt t
1 I


adorn ile grass the hills adom he makes the pp arfa alsa clothes the smiling fields with ap and comi coal coml 2 rood his hands su supp1supply supplj with food lj astsiiith the beasts thee

r and the young ravens when they cry

and saints are lovely in his sight delight withdeliglit He heviews lib views I lews his children with reviews

fear their oear their hope fea hovd he knows thein the reJ roi rei A and looks and loves his image there seea ille sees he seca



jpubliqworship yubliqworshir


jptwaywith our ur tears fears



glad morning

bom M when an heir of salvation was bo wrom ams trom I came for his glory 1 I am from jehovah 1 V and to him 1 with singing return I withsinging

I own thee jesus alone the fountain 1 of my life and felicity here and cheerfully sing my redeemer and king T his sign in the heavens appear illhis illais till
I rejoice in thy fatherly choice with thanks 1 of my state and condition below ed thy honoured urd if of parents 1 honour I came who hono

name 0 etwas tvras thy wisdom appointed it so 4twas

1 I

yi yi

grace gracy gracd from my earliest days ever near to allure and alfend defend aefend sin hitherto thou hast been my preserver from 1 trust thou wilt save to the end and I
sing of thy

snares ji hana hand bana hath conducted me through thy band gody Q the blessings bestowed bestowd by a bountiful god if and the mercies eternally newt new newl

0 the infinite cares and temptations and

usa uss ula



heavenofbuss of bliss this what a heaven mcrcjia what a m crckis crikis 1 I how unspeakably happy am V gatherd pwple Gat paple the fold with thy people herd into tho eatherd lTd enrol enro enrolrd enroltd lra ira rd dio dle I thy people to live and to die with thy

the goodness of god employing a clod i his tribute of glory to raise his standard to bear and with triumph declare ilil iiii iiiispeakable unspeakable riches of grace his speakable

0 the

deignd deig delgfild to deigna fathomless love that has deigfild approve w oric of my hands and prosper the work with my pastoral crook 1 I went over the brook and behold 1 I am spread into bands

who 1 I ask in amaze hath begotten me

these and inquire from what quarter they came my full born fuli heart it replies they are bom bob from fall the skies and gives glory to god and the lamb

grice all honour and praise to the father of grace I return to the spirit and son 1 the business pursue he hath made me to do

I ever was bom and rejoice that 1

ca c3


naa HYMN 55 HY

1 C CM

lest iest be our everlasting lord buy our father god and king bur thy sovereign goodness we record thy glorious power we sing


strength and might and ear and car th and earth ad A 4 and all therein are thine

by thee the victory is given majesty divine alvine tho majestydivine the


heaven theaven heaten

is thine alone who dost thy right maintain d high on thine eternal throne fkvho yer oer men and angels reign

h e kingdom lord lora the

111 ant f ait

seebeth good to thee riches as seemeth on dost andhonour and honour give thou thoa nd kings their poper power poyer poser and dignity and out of thy hand receive naad naaf grace us on d the besto thou hast bestowed

to proclaim 4 goa and therefore now we thank our god GA glorious gio glo and praise thy 910 rious name i yle tle lii si tu re s powers powggs hy glonousnameand nature glorious name andna thy ers knownly knowny knowny thou dost to us make known

thy greatness


and all the deity is ours i y on figh thy incarnate son through Thro

nymn HYMN



10 father jehovah jeh god bl biess bless 6vahdl goi the y and thy own work defend embrace smbracej armsembrace outstrctchd arms gercys outstretcwd with mercys 7 anakeep and keep us to the end


preserve the creatures of thy 1 love iove by providential care above A to the realms abovev conducted tothe to sing thy goodness there il

9 9

jehovah god the son reveal wwl aq fq awl the brightness of thy face filly pardone par dond people fill and all thy pardond enitude unitude of grace plenitude with pi maest matst shing orih shine farih delty orth with all the deity delts deits e alone which dwells in thee the see sec us up thy face to seo and lift ns on thy eternal throne

j wvirai

goa the jehovah god jehovhgodth spirit shine e spiritph4ke

father and son to show divine with bliss ineffable dvinpi now our ravishd oerflow oernow ravis hd hearts overflow oerflow bernow

ca c4

wms wff


TAl A PUBLIC taliship U D ia 6 valiship iSHIP S ft i P

tai hymn7 hymns OM



reather wide thy glory shines leather mher how wido nse how high thy wonders risel by thousand signs known through the earth ty skies by thousands through the sues slies
ow er hy power orbs proclaim thy those mighty arbs 11 speak thy ll slnll their motions spenk thksla and on the wings of every hour we read thy patience still StA nak hak part of thy name divinely stahds1 hah stahac stahah i arl ali ari on all thy cr creatures writ they show the labour of thy hands M or impress of thy feet

worms where vengeance ami aul compassion join jo u divinest forms diviness in their divinest

but when

to save rebellious

we view

thy strange deeygu besign esign

16iowfi irown i lr here the whole deity is imown nor dares a creature guesse guess5 guess ri

shone which of the glories brightest shonie cey cep or the grace justl grac justice the justi imi twi a lwi ln 4 now the full glories of odthe the auw ofthe lamb4 lamba L amb act adorn the heavenly plains plainsact


psrfiigbm n r

xt at a

earri M ekht immamiflwm s learri seraph4 ffimdanku bright serap sl bleir chmceststrams11 their and try tleir I fvswjfij ti wtinni T stinni some 1 humblfpurt beai beal may I 0 song tliat immortal songa dna lu eliat inthatimmor nvon avon tane my py shall tune er anaj myheyf andjo wonder anajo agaj to ngu i ind noy rny roy ommand io iove ana ve c 0 roongu and love moo




j UT

ia adis aris soldiers of christ adds armour onfiiabsi ana and put your armouroxfifv i supat etsil upp il suplt strong in the strength which ttsil C f athrough his bis eternal son ithrough through t strong Stron is the lord of hosts strockis stronkis kis and in his mighty power 4 trusts 4 who in the strength of jesus trust trusi more than conqueror Is ismore


stand then in his great might ensued with all his strength endued but take to arm you for the fight the panoply of god SB thatllaiiiag that having all things done passa asad Vs assd and all your conflicts passd ye may cereo yemay through christ alone owercome come oercome mee oereo oer demay mei uiroiikhchrist s stand entire at last and standentireat

ca c5




your foes spyr stand staud then against spur 1 close andara andarm and arm array I inclose legions Lc glos kios of wily fiends oppose klos throughout the evil day but meet the sons of night but mock their vain design of heavenly hcavenlylight heavenlylight light armd arad in the arms 0 of righteousness divine

ivy indissolubly indissolublyjoind johnd joind atr its itr battie all proceed battle tabattle y the mind t arm yourselves with all tpui ali ail ibu alith thui abu that was in christ your head

take every virtue every kj and fortify the whole

leave no unguarded place tho soull the soui soul t no weakness of thesoull



t ttt 40 hym1459 suo HYMN hyun 59 suh SM SMO


bno mt bon pi attt



gold adamant ana and andgold t field 0 ld be sure to win the fi e y if faith surround your heart satan bhail ub d uc d shall ahall shail be s ubdued

arwa arma araa arad with the

but above all lay hold sa on faiths victorious bhield victonous chield eia fid fia




ltcpclld rcpeltd his every fiery dart quenched with jesus blood andquenclid and quenchd

i gems geus you for jesus died hath jeushath Jeus can his love withstand i What whatman whatcan y vhatcan an who fast your shield shieldand hoid shiel believe hold holdfast dand bis hand shall pluck you from his aa beheye belleve that jesus reigns believe eem eim fy

tji taltfl


eye 3 believe belleve B eve till freed from sins remains remain if believe heaven lieve yourselves to heave jr

all power to him

is given

to keep your tour armour bright


and watching unto prayer y for all alarms ready read 31 Stedfastly set your steadfastly stedfastly youl face arms ana alm and aid always exercise your arps and use your every grace
ing pray pray without ceas ceasing your captain gives the word

attend with constant care captain still walking in your captains


kno kro

his summons

cheerfully obey call upon the lord and nd itgod tagod your every want jagod ininstant in instant prayer display pray rray never faint prass pray and neyer fray always prays pray without ceasing pray

ca c6


te0k9jilp 1 P I PUBLIO MOKSHIP

HYMN 60 30

peace doubting heart formd me man forbids iny my fear who fored calid me by my name calld cadd tlle tile lord hath calad the the lord protects for ever near his blood for me did once atone and still he loves ana and guards his own

s 8 6a 68 8s my gods 1 I am

when passing through the watery deep d0p dap 1 I ask in faith his promised aid the waves an awful distance keep and shrink from my devoted head oin aln cln 1 dare fearless their violence I they cannot harm for god is there thera ther
h7 1 him mine ne eye of faith I to ha hlo nn hio

tur turn l and through the fire pursue my way the fire forgets its power to burn flamen flame around me play pian plan the lambent flames ids 1 I IAs I own las lus ius ins As power accept the sign saylo saviour urL mine and shout to prove the Savio

a stana savio still nigh me 0 my saylo saviour stand satio urvi shour temptatiovs1hour temptation and guard in fierce temptationshour iride ulde hide in the hollow of thy hand i i I 1 ill me thy saving power show forth lii 0w er I i sure defence V still be thy arms my suref&fjha nor earth nor hell shalli0iibvat ce M thence shallpluclme


pulito PUBLIC publio WORSHIP

7 4 77

171 111

tliqu since oliqu thon hast bid me come to thee thou good as thou art and st qs save vej rong strong ved goo4as goodas fong to 111 walk IM waik wall ver valk vaik oer lifes tempestuous sea j iti upborne by the unyielding wave dauntless though rocks of pride be near

and yawning

whirlpools of despair

when darkness intercepts the skies gorrows sorrows rows waves around me roll and gor borrows when high the storms of passion rise overwhelm And oerwhelm my sinking soul half oerwhelm und andhalf andalft andalf my 51 soul a sudden calm shall feel and hear a whisper 4 peace be still though in afflictions furnace tried ainhurfon unhurt on snares and death ill tread edep idey idep though sin assail and hell thrown wide tiughsin pour 11 all ali ail ll its flames upon my head like moses bush ill mount the higher fire infire in gire and flourish unconsumed infare andflourisb

ywi cwi



L 31

wan feeble feebie man shall 1 shali shail I for fear of feeblewan spirivscoursa coursel in me restrain the spirits wora or undismayedindeedandword undismay edin deed and word undismayedin myilord lylord be a true witness for mylord bea

ca c7

asv 1sv ra r7 f 78


awed awad aw6d by a mortals 6 frown 1 fowh foch shall F mortal I conceal theivbrd the word of god most high how then before thee shall 1 dare I aard bow thine anger hehr bear to stand or how heir beir shall 1 I to soothe th unholy throng tbrong soften thy truths and smooth my tongue or flee to gain earths gilded toys norflee orflee by thee thu the cross my god endured bythee bothee what then is he whose seornydread aread scorni scerni dread whose wrath or hate makes mp me afraid A man an heir of death a flate siave tii slave slate to sin a bubble on the wave

yea let men rage since thou wilt wiit spread

around thy shadowing wings axoun adoun
emd i ead my h ema a love sm ce dinall ali pain thy tender ail all lender since iove in inall i refreshment prove refreshmeni prote will still my sure refreshmeni ta t0


eye hig saviour of men thy searchi figcje 6je searching eye eyo eie doth all mine inmost thoughts descry doth aught on earth my wishes raise or the worlds pleasures or its praise
afien ifien to seek the wandering souls of men with cries entreaties tears to td save to snatch them from the gaping grave

constrain aln ain conitiain the love of christ doth me coniti


nam let men revilo revile my na for this iet no cross 1 I shun 1 I fear no shame hail reproach andwelcom hali ana pam allbmi and welcom ipairil allbri all ail hall

chy only thy terrors thyler lly rorsj rorsi lord restrain

my ilfe life my blood 1 I here present tti mylite mylife pant 10 pqnt spentj soa if for thy truth they may be spentz fulfill fulfil thy sovereign counsel lord01 lord io
hy will be done thy name adored T thy

mult 11 ati




give me thy strength 0 god of power I dg blow or thunder iel thund6rs thunders roar let win winds tlierclet then lel witness fiess will 1 I bei uit thy faithful wit bet 0 bei0 beia gxd 1 gad Ms he au thee 0u I can do all through tis fiodi fixdi aciw11


aufai aufli
mma mea tea

nymn 62 1 m7 UTO HYMN hymn62 I ma v te4

come saviour jesus from above prei X rst me with thy tily tlly heavenly acde ac acd1 assigtme empty my heart of earthly lovea iove love lovej plaas placs seif prepare the plac self thyself and for thy

erpvy erphy

w leathy letthy sacred presence fill 0 lctthy midget lonflgring spi my free re e spirit rree and set twy tny longing midset iny woo to have noo faill no ftill wbichpauts which pants tojiiv other i cwi boo rwi ii i id night fea s t on hire lay and nig fire but da d feast C c a 8 c8

1 I

while in this region aeral helow here below aertl no other good will 1 pursue I pu thi s world ot this otnolso noise and show ill bid thl al ej ar adieu snares with all its glittering sn

with humble speed ill seek seel seei footsteps shine ours fbbtst6peshinc saviours in which my Savi nor will 1 hear nor will 1 I heard I speal of any other love but thine

that path

henceforth may no profane delight boul soul consecrated soui divide this consecratedsoul possess ross ess it thou who hast the rig right tu f tarole wh As lord and master of the tdrole oie ole

ind wealth honour pleasure a hat else n d what can can give this short enduring world cah tempt as ye will my soul repels to ilfe live to christ alone resolved 6hy6

ana I can love ad and thee alone V thee 1 ss and inward bliss with pure delight ana an tayst m e far f6r thine IQWH i balest to know thou talest chis what a happiness is ihis owhatahappiness 0 nothing on earth do 1 I desire m r ast but thy pure love within 1I will 1 this only this will I re durei reuie turei r6116 a s give all and freely glye giveup t up theirl

art mrt


nrq 1 Y i neq 1 II



reil rell everi oar wants reli evtri shepherd dlviae5 relieve drriae our L dla dia in this our evil day 0 di7 l1 la friy i4te4mpted giyeu giyer tempted followers giyuj ftiy tojau tofau to pr aya ayt 0 IJ the power to watch and praya

jl sti laft long as our fiery trials last beark kit a bear cross wa kil w& lobigas loiigas long as the crois be cast thee miour theebo iet our souls on thyebo let 0 1iour a W a er cearin ceasingip 81plrawr in riever ceasin lawr
171 bim him imi

mr MT

9prit sprit give us in faith


to claim q till we wo see thy fac lace face qa wreede wresde wrestl to grestl name1 knore thy hidden nami knori and know

A atta artrf artif frd or graco imtorcoding grac rhee 0 ohff spint of interceding inter ceding grace thff gy

sg q4
4 ij
afi 4 ifi

tillthou till thou thy perfect love impart

of every htfart ryfiwartjv be this the cry ofe net tot js blu not not biu let thee go I will

till tin thou thyself bestow tiu

i i

A 1 T 44iw1unotletthi6gquuvs 14k iet thee go unless not let I will nov b anwj annj t irmy riame3tblm9 thou tell thy n 7 mess ness i6ibltlsfi all ail ali thy great salvahorf ivich iviih allthygretsaltgi with withall wlikaiifipw77 litaafiee make meall and makeme makere
1 1


publio5vqkship publigivorship

4 jesus my strength my hope T 1 on hed care thee theo itasta I cast my are arb itast with humble confidence look dp know hou hearst and know1bod hear s my er mypra cypra prayq praya give me on thee to wait i till 1 I can all things do on thee almighty to create almighty to renew y
1 I want


sober mind a sobermind A self renouncing will seif renouncijwill casts behind ahdcasts that tramples down and ffl leasing iia lia s ini fal the baits of pifa A soul inured to phin pain an dloss IITW andlous ahd169 to hardship grief andloss teufleain bold to take up firm to 6 consecrattd cross the consecrated

aa 1a r akam wife akra r

want a godly fear BBB discerning eye A quick &sceming siri finear fsnear that looks to thee when sin it near tiie tempter fly and sees the epary prepa A spirit still pr rJ t n u re i fii care and armed with jealous ca yor eyen standing on itsguardiia even its guar guarduci ever guardui tor f dUi ti for everstanding unto prayer and watching unta

1 I

ryn ryk rin


8 83


tsy ady tahy neyen A tdy to murmur neven never nov tjhy t ihytay nev ra er6ihuhnu less s jswm ys sufferings iess le gsbess jsam ibern ixern or wishlmy &v i au boye nii all andie nil bove ssing asing a abdie thimble thisble this blessing i 1 want yj bant aaj I r always to pray am cali cail all out of the deep on thee to c and never never faint

bdrt to pray 1 bart a heart I want arh prayy prayo and never cease pray



tant iant hit kit


1 I want

alm im ste6ay a smglesteady A iing1o kp ipri or reward rew tnreatning ning ikeat ikert ly bv unmovd unmoved wnmovd vls ow i s 0 ulc als rt i . 1 thy 1 narno narne name 1h ah great ee yzr&t an theo and thee to in r eanous J xum MUM ast 4st concern jealousy ea1ous dalous just Aj y forlthine immortal praise fiala fonthme aegire that all payjearn may learnjfp desire r A pure alegire i and ani glorify thy grace A

0 a ar regard e ked true wlia led alia tebay

M i lvttt


tan ion word upon thy 1 rest I promise is for me 12tl the gu6c6lir tawa salvation loid succour and sana my lord lold lyly inly succous ae 6e thee bi comefrtib theet shall surely astm ot stm abide 6 t tne but let ane nor from my hopes hodes remote f is 0 u spirit guidool q1 pfiunt i&uguidow till thou my patient

tcn lom


periycttove into thy pbrmalole

4T finr fiar


HYMN 65 1 sas& GA ai 1i r on jno saviour onmo bestow antst6iv jao lonmo tao the want which surely know shich all that feel shall suelylca6w their sins on earth fatt forgiven yen fqtt give me to prove the ian iriine lan langdom irdine mine ana and taste in holiness divine r beaten heaten the happiness of heaven meeken my soul thou heavenly lamb I in the new earth may claim that 1 my ooid rewar& foid reward foia niy hundred hunared fold hundredfold a my rich inheritance S possess inherita nce passe p9sse gry co heir with the great prince bf P cc oteacc coheir co partner with my lord copartner


me with that restless thirst inspire inspire lre wi that sacred infinite desire hungry heart and feast my hungryjf&jtlq seu cannot suffice thy sem less than thyselicannot my falness cries niy soul for all thy fulness 71 ft for all thou hast and art p wit att ltttti ait A mercy who show shall mercyifindj mercyjfia ana mindnrt aw an mindert nd flyp d tender ruindiitp thy pitiful ama 4w towa towd bestowed on bestowd me bes stod tsi mobe jei mobestod be lord tel jaessing gain to 1 stillthe still the so shall I tho blessing i wvdf fmrft and to eternal life retain aff rff god od mercy of my G the mercyof



part impart jesus thw6ownixig the crowning grace ini punty of heart bless me with purity thoertf X tllquowbeholding teat that now beholding thbj114v WI 1 miyl may view thy open face I soon mayl X s kize gaze ous beauties on all th glorious beautie thy glorl florl gor iv 1vx1r for ever see and god forever

g6 66 HYMN ga
11 arki how

danl S M

slrltt6w wry ury
kiy viy


watchmen cry A 1 l the watchmencry hark souut pers sobut the trum sound lys lye trumpets attend he


tea te6 th powers of hell surroftim nd compla who wha bow to christs command

Aggi foaggi foelsughl fo your arms the fraggi stand to yourarms

iss surrouifdi1

your arms and hearts prepare prepar prehar f hand day of battle is at handi the meu PUF feu 6 fei go forth to glorious war huf

V only have faith in god in faith your foes assail ft 10 andibls lo not rot bot not 1ot wrestling wreritlin against flesh and B but all the powers of hell T from thrones of glory driven by bv flaming vengeance hurld the air and darken heaven theg throng tho they and rule the lower world

861 86



courts are found the joyful sound listening ta t9 tothe lost and helpless as ye are sons of sorrow sin and care glorify the king of kings take the peace the gospel brings 4 f jesus for the sinner dies view the wondrous sacrifice see in him leihn your sins forgiven pardon holiness ana and heaven andheaven j glorify the king of kings 1 gospefbring brings take the peace the gospel f g sa q a s Gs 6 HYMN 69

ye who4nhis yeiihoinhis

captain of israels host bost and guide tene land ofallwhoseeictitelanda all who seek tree e of ail iana above lana beneath thy shadow we abide loy iov lovec ac the cloud of thy protecting lov our strength thy grace our ru rule ruie thy word lethy our end the glory of the lord L OF d bord bora y I unerring g spirl t led by thine unerrin unerring spirit wo shall wa shail not in the desert strayh shali strajy strayj p we shall not full ftcctionnjp direction need directionneed nor miss our parotid providential tiai way protid

P PUBLIC w0rsiiip iqpli C WORSHIP


dauger as from feay fear As far fromdanger from danger almighty whil&lov iggy igty love is near lo nvkii 10 HYMN 69


b as 8s

1 sj sit houshi I house when quiet in my housoi 4

my 11 y poy loy joy idy

y sayings to repeat th thy e the records of thy will oer talk taik andliar 1 I ch the oracles divine and search felt word be mine every heartheartfelt till iwis

thyb9oks thy books be my companion still i repeats

to t


0 may the gracious word divine bo subjectvf subject Vf of all my converse be so will the lord his follower join 0


rov so shall e prove presence ay heart his presen shail my shali burll bum and buril bua with everlasting love

e andiialk and walk and talk himself with me

sweetly compose my weary breast bogom d on the bosom basom of my lor lord yhue valle 0 valie naile ahue 1 sink sikl m in blissful dreams away I ot eternal day and visions of prai pral se Savi ours praise rising to sing my saviours d ay iong nil nii 4 long pubuh I pubpj6all das thee may 1 subuh all

ilay oft as 1 I lay me down to rest 0 may the reconciling word

1 I


life with purest love my ilfe fill all milffie din oin ma ofn lio andjoin andj m6 to the church above andaoan

wora sword 6 0 word 6fgrac&t preciousword and let thy precious fl preciou fili fill my1reart1and flow from M my tongue yheirtana fi ilmytongue Ilmy limy

lly ily HYMN IIY IN




iche ifhe

tso j gh tio ali ail searching sight to whose all U LID 0 thou darkness shineth chineth as the light searce Sear cb prove in my y heart it pants oor searcb foi or theed search thee ITO too set it free loo burst these bonds and retif setif

drogs out its stains refine its dross aa 4a tipjail tiptail Jail my affections to the cross kip tiPrall h fhy challow ohallow within hallow each thought let all wit vit ann clean arn ife clean as thou my lordy zie sie art tie lord araw

IN ash wash


this darksome wild 1 iu in if I stray i be thou my light be thou my way 1 fear moes No noroes foes no violence I nof6es nofoes no fraud while thou my god art ngar near

when rising floods my soul overflow when sinks my heart in waves of woe at jesus thy timely aid impart cheerry ana che ermy hearl cheermy and heart and raise my head alla acla acid cheermf
66 j saviour whereer thy steps isee ls 1 follow theof dauntless untired 1rouq I the3f bof dof


worsnip ptinlic WORSHIP

thy hand band support me still 0 let thiiand boly hill me to thy holy and lead mo
rny be the wa ana way rhy d tho thorny ough an and ough if r
l4f laf

89 9

my strength proportion to my ay niy day cease till toil and grief and pain shall peac6 peace where all is calm and joy and peace



sla J low the sid below from all that dwell be skiest shiest shiesl y s praise arise let the creators sung let the redeemers name be sun tongue through every land by every to ague

y sl4

thy mercies lord eternal are thymercies eternal truth attends thy word HYMN hyun 72


org orp thy praise shall sound from shore to s hore mpre mp melg re meba till suns shall rise and set no ampre


soa boa come let us join our cheerful bog songs gs bongs 0 ww throne0 with angels round the thrones throne iab egx ten thousand thousands are their ton tongues esx zut all their joys are one but

thoy y cry they worthy the lamb that died the

to be exalted thus

rr 9 on 0


worthy the lamb our qut obr lips reply for he was slain for us
jve jesus is worthy to rece ivo ive receive q power w erdiijm divine honour and po it ssings more than we can agne and g gne ble isings ind blessings ahme wine mine be lord for ever thme

sk let all that dwell below the sky

ana annd se anid sea as and air and earth and I conspire to lift tlly glories 1 h tily glori thy lmh and speak thine endless prause praise pt&isea

pjain creatlon join jain in creatic prain creatio inon6 lnona inona the whole creation 9 naine bie ss the sacrednaine ble biess sacred name to bless throna throne of him that sits upon the thro thronf nF


to adore the



tt i



s 8a

praise the lord who reigns above abai yy mls courts below belovi wis his and keeps mis i ay praise the holy god icye ve y4 gd4qfiq 0 iqye ilis greatness show hla hia his and all lils ta t3 praase prafse prai pral e him for his noble deedji deca is s m atchless power his 0 praise him for li whom ai prpcgd aI l good pr him from y110m earth 0 eai adore let heaven and eal



publish spread to all around W name manuels great Im N the trumpets ets sound him the gospel trump proclai 1 shall lord of hosts proclaim f I heavenly love the song inspires jehovah jesus will we sing s iyre strike the cymbals sweep the lyre isr the sweetest music bring
amov mov el himinvhonx him in whom we live and move


lov e love iove lor re and iov adore him whom saints ado ve sing i6rateft in grateful la s a iu 9 v yes redeem uls re&znjiii he did our s ouls she name adored be hi bis pam his r bp for ever ff over ali supreme kil rules all ail he ill se the lord praise let all things pra

let all creation praise



5 M


the song awake and sing tqsqpg aake of moses and the lamb ana toll U toil artana and every ton very artand heart wake e V ty he Savi ours se the saviou sna namciy nameiy savl saviours prai praise ana to pral

his sing of ids ding sing of his rising power abote sing how ho he intercedes above


love iove dying jove

w hose sins he bore for those kose bose hose


P PUBLIC publio

viticuonsurp vonsinr
pj f a

we geel art feel the hc sing till w wefeel heart refeel ascending with wilh the tongue eveny every meaner joy depart evens lot ever lct let d gr the song grace A hd ice inspire tho

tin fir tir v

sing on your heavenly vray tray trax 511 ye ransoms oma soned sinners smg rans ransomd rinsoned omd sing1 sag singa ran rin r ng qn on rejoicing every day an buiu 1 christ ni st the eternal king ch bfiu

4 t0m egin my tongue the heavenly tam e begin theme B andt weake my heart and sing awake same the word unchangeably the sdnfe y bf our eternal king lof
faithfulness nd sound his power abroad and sing the sweet promise of his grace and the performing god i n proclaim 14 salvation from the lard lorb lbrd lord ti i mem to wretched dying mend mek word his hand hath writ the sacred t with vith an immortal pen M sf
wondrous ondrous


0 OM

tell of his


engratt Engra d as in eternal brass bruss T engratd Td iwho mtglltypromlbdshllestf he ifil aitho itho P


va 93 v3

rasey dankness darlmesgrasav can the powers of darkness nor cafiibe ay oyt everlasting lines 411 those gsg

yes eterjrword wora of grace is strong11 strong 11 word every everyword skles skies As that which built the sides the voice that rolls the stars along speaks all the promises

isg 1 I


poo por

so that gracious word should raise my song thil


0 might wear linear that heavenly ar nana mine owe hana butwhisper ote but whisper thou art ode
cisn isn tongue

tnt ift rf3

to notes almost divine


C al CM

casts th e k idols has hasta let heathen to their hasts alai flai

aidw6rshlpw vood bodor oodor or stone and worship wood my delightful lot is cast i casto oij dij casta 6ij batmy balmy cast& but li goa im wherethetfuegodi god s imowni vo is y qwn4i where the true ytftei1 10 ftod my constant atod mik mii his hand provides myconstant
I qi he fills my daily cup 00 present prpsent oo 1 pleasa with prcsentgo much am I pleasd ami


ja j1 a


bope yh rejoice in4opf1 in hope butimore butmore t god godis is myporoba my portion and myjo amyjo my joy bodis & un seIs are my light hisjounsels 00 dil atl w e advice loe b ioe sweet ice hejgivesme ijdavyn ae 1e hints b y nightiftyfo gentie and gentle


my soui soul vom vow would WoW thoughts approve ali her thoughtsapprove ail all thoughtsrapprove wowdall dowdall dali dall dail ali ail seeftig eye allseeirigeye to his all not death nor hell bell heli heii my hope shall move friend is nigh whilesucba friendlsmjg wmesucha



weana meana 8sanapastic xstir astir

ohgihha unchangeablefrierid oiirfaiihiul e wals whose imie wbls 6 as hslp8wer Is as targe large agha TM k mowa nowa mows norena rena anaki hotbeglnning andlmows i h6vbg1finifignortn& Andl no anak anal rend

this god is the god we adore adori aderi

ae 1e

fir the girst first firsthand end thelast and firstand stand stend whose spirit spi zit rit shall &ct6iigsafe guide suide us safe home weil praise him for all that is pas weli well past et oor ail thays and trust to tiiisi him for all come ome st lefft era l1fft aln eil sln itah tm t ithh sr 78 huici ii M ifrri
1 T
hui hai

tis jesus


wkh israels obdnoetnompaffr wah or who like israel ha pp Y are happy ap re f TA fel a saved by t he lordt9i 0 people phie he fhle ana greatireward shield and he is thy sh1eldandgreat1rew&0
of li itc al ditc byer ever eit lly eyer liy by upheld bly everlasting fm latting arms git secnrtdfromfoesfand lfoevahd tams thou art 66cudfrom aims hans tias its and valn vain plots in vaihiheii false theirboaste tain their plo and1ilsetheirboa4s our refuge is thedlordd nordo ffiostsj the lordo

publ16 PUBLIC



nymn HYMN oer

lr7 7 8 lra

danh darkness dari mess the gloomy hills of aann he feind ana and gaze look my soul be still ieind pie oke oie all the promises do travail igus of grace i ibus dax af gloribus glorious ith a glor lih gior ai day pf with wi bl6gsad jubileet 6d jublle Jubile et blessed let thy glorious morning dawn mrfn
mue ume tIffie tee negro an latiffie letiffie agro egro indian letjhe le let leethe letthe tulip abaaan ide rba iee141 lee 6an see ttlip do ba Barbarian barbadian rudo rude the fu rudebarbarian let iori6iis conquest emd amicie ana divme and globous glonous that amiiie
ri &

yt iaarro wa til darlmess darl mess aari aarl m aarao that rung at sit in e tit vide kingdoms tung hung 0ms wide
w1 LI
1 I

azy ary once obtaind calvary obtains on Calv moffic fsff9l gospel tho dospel 1 cdpd TA the let I at soon aund nm sogl 0616 to pole yi es ound from pole irom 5 soai resound

hl hg granthem lord the glorious hghl orantthpi hahl xiiirszreagtefn ddom eastem oa at from ana drom western ste rny 4t to we and eastek coast chase gc tho the naght u maytee mornmg set e ss aar e oar darkness the chase J alli V flli V f t t tt lag erom behl beni benl eyes biti 16g longoenighted beniliti their liti from eir air

fly liy lly abroad

rdighty ubel thou mighty win and conquer never cease so lmmanuelwfairdominiong falz dominions fair Im manuels faiz SO hall iiiereage marease 10f and still mcrease hail hali extend and ashall a oms tril the kmgdomsi kim imunhe till 4 1&thewofld v4 W wcrid arefauihisoftnj va of the acrid


1 I

publio PUBLIC WORSHIP yublionorship



01 la


yon rest from all your ill give you sofir toils heave1501&ie evou raisevou 0 U to my heaverilyhome and raise rais rals

ye YV hea eavy laden sinners come eavyladen commer corner


wiyu wiy6 ye weary souls herail herall

snail find rest that learn of me they gnall im of a meek and lowly mind w rages sea like the I but passion wind wlna wina d astae astbe and pride is restless asi win the wip thi


blessd blesse is the man whose shoulders take my yoke and bear it vihdelight with delight my yoke is easy to his neck
my grace shall make the burden light ure n6bj venture near then lord we humbly vent thin opprest unbelief and guilt oppress oppresi by unbelidind hfbear weli well bear k weil sftke ea4 satke eab henceforth thine easy e st d rest the promftil seek anthee and see k in inthee thee wd agn aes bri hll f itarb&rtjt ali ii if H HYMN 1 pxmama hymn1 hymns &t a i t i mls ye dying 011spf iisa1 iisak pfmen sons pimen men is nwrawl lsi lil r iii woe leg lea tja andwoe and 1w emmergediijilsain emmergedtinfsia andnpe androe ani

gospelhjtj49ttend the gospelaiteic&attenda tha



s tofyouq sends tofyuui


ye peji peri y comp perishing guilty hin g and guilt calis thero calls mercycalls there theio ytis iq&qsh tis mercy no longer now new nov delay nev at nor fulisf tain excuses frame 10 sg He bids you come to day hebids rebids fftbe i lam an iam though poor and blind blindnandlamqjm AU sinneicomer all things are ready sinne ali nec rec sinnerec nevery egrevery kqulthii Eg revery trembling treml ling soui r soul therr ynt4qpry

bellevo believe the leaveplyword heavenly wora word tri trl 4 ss engers proclaim eddi jils essengers tj A i bis mP nis his 11 1 s a gracious lord 6I is he s his name and faithful is 5 yomg sliding soulsreturn backsliding Back g and komg backlidln souls return andprn andorn off off4espair cast1 orf despair there yet jsijq is apony rpony

rf e

draw near nehr no more from jesus rove rote savionrhere y assy ssy but seek the savionrhqkqciv 1499 ssa will may gome ftifjigs for whosoever willmay big tome beg his jn7hile h qq yot q mgrcy marcy vtiile M calls calis thero yet s rom ca P yf

Comp compelld compello Compel eird elrd ld by bleeding love


ye wanderers

82 HYMN 82


.11 11 M


i 1 t oYah r ovah bedore s wyilhrpn before jehovah Jeh sar baj ti yi nations bw with aar eaj




know that the lord is god alone stroy siroy siloy create and he be de destroy cancreate concreate he can
power without ald aid hout our aldi itbout aidi enny erny made us of clay and formd borad usm forad busm austn en ustn


sovereign reign SOTe

sheep we straydy strandy stray dy and when like wandering sheepw&stravd

he brought us to his fold again

high as the heavens our voices volles raise voiles ihousaris tongues saidtongues sard said and earth with her ten thou oundlm praise wilh sounding shall fill thy courts with
commandoC wide as the world is thy c6mxxi 4 vast as eternity thy love firm finn linn as a rock thy truth shall stand 1 cease m6ye when rolling years shall ceae byes in dyes ceab to maye HYMN 83

tvellcrowd wellcrowd Well thankful songs weil weli crowd thy gates with tbanl4utiongs


col me sound his s praise abroad couie conle conie and hymns of glory sing jehovah is the sovereign god the universal king
unknowns unlmown lie lle ile he formu the deeps unknownp hound he gave the s eas their bound ds are all own worlds n alkhis lasos ail allhis the watery worl lisos agad ayad and all the solid grounds trdina

snip WORSHIP wor worsnip PUBLIC won snir


goishi come woishi p at his throne t v comewoiship f 1I C the lord ri 1I Com bow before tho e comebow ebow ana not our own we M n and are ar his work andnotourow ehisworl jhb hdif5iied fored us by bis word 11j amm he formd


voice volce to day attend his toice today

come like thepeople the people of his choice god 11II dus gracious dui gol and own your graci 7vand evand
mls vis gracer his gracei the language of mis stuhbomjews aws ews ilke stubborn like hardhke hardtke and hearts grow hard unbelieving race unbelieting that unbelievin vengeance ance drest the lord in Tenge vill lift his hand and swear wili wiil vill you that despise my promi&d roe promiedrest promic promie drost drosi rof drest ref

n3 nor dare provoke bistod his rod ii a na bisrod


ant aft

but if your yout jony ears refuse jouy

portionthere hame there y bare no portion shali shail hamm shall W 5hkhave
84 HYMN 81 C M

bow lovely is the place soul how bly soui siy sly plac where thy redeeming god unveils gluries of his face untells the cluries ajidsheds ana sheds his love abroad J and
fspot iportfib the sparrow seelsja Tisi there thesparrow tisithere seeksiaxx


for her nest forher of safety dorher

d2 da

100 00

PUBLIC WORSHIP vest sweetestrest rest has found her sweetest

y courts my thy happy oui yhappyjsoul oul tis in th

blest are the souls that humbly wait within thy temple lord re e sweet to them thy words of grace ar joy afford and strength and joygjtor4
come holy spirit fromabovp from abovp above MI fill the place descend and bhil Savi love saxl oura iove aviours19e ours saviours sati reveal to us the S ing grace sanctify and sanctifying
5 HYMN 85

before thee theo now we come be1oretbeenow humbly bow at thy feet we humblybow 0 do not our suit disdain myain dyain lord in taint io shall we seek thee lordi


vay war var i own appointed way in thine

chee here we stay seeli seeh thee seek now we seell bence we would not go hence frombence lord from till a blessing thou bestow

d byword send some message from thyvoi that may joy and peace afford

those who weep and mourn comfort thosewhoweep 1 im I iove love lore return lw let 41 the time of lovereturn

find grantwe seek and wind ali may reek grkntwdanmay grantie twe all Gran finda finde findf god and kind& ouy gracious godi gods kin our kinda thee ourgra6oug oree free heal the sick the captive freq frea all ail ali rejoice in thee lettus allrejolee letus

10 101 loi

HYMN ily lly 11n

813 86

lmay LM


come dearest lord descend and dwell 9 ea s t breast faith and love in every br by then eely Then thenshall rau shali shall shail we lenow and taste and fee phu rhu expr be expressm e joys that cannot he exar e Ss a the

come fill our hearts with withinward Ith inward strength ithinward make our enlarged souls possess and length bread thandlength and learn the height and breadth ana dinh dind aind depth of thine unmeasured grace and

poer can do nw to the god whose power

more than our thoughts or wishes kno know ino luo ra done hondours be everlasting honours lionou lionor 11 the church through christ his on ali ail by all

hymn87 87 HYMN ra r1 conae thora conre come

atip itip

tholl desire of all thy saints our humble strains attend while with our praises and complaints kow dow low at thy feet we bend
D3 d3 da

nnw nem NEW emp NRP amk


PTTBLIC publio WORSHIP public wheniwethywondrous when jnqpthywondrous glories hear

what whal whai sweetly awful scenes appear what rich unbounded grape grace ii
how should our songs like those abote above with warm devotion nise hise rise should hould our souls withwings with wings of love HoA hoahould ney nry IRY upward to the sides mount bides tvpkardtothbsl les ies

ana and all thy sufferings trace aba aha

h6 ha


N t erht tiht kon elli ah the gon song how cold it flows I BE but languid our desire I hfiw 101a howjaint the sacred passion glows rfiou flo fio U the heart inspire reiou bispore bispire bispire sfire Vdint

thy love alone can raise rafie ane flain e tne aea tide heavenly venly harne Iea tenly haine in p yide thy praise thypraise T n all pur lips resound i rts ts adore thy na me name ur arts ar
iferd iffrd fd




1 where should 11odgey deep complaint I lodge my deepcompl0nv

A at friend of the friendless and tbiaddinta theifaata

god of my life to thee 1 I call afflicted at thy feet cfall all ail C lfall lfallfi when the great water floods prevail emot heart gfall i not my trembling heaxvt6jfail leavo leavemot leave Leav



Whe whereout wherebut rebut with thee rebul inerebxitwith


open door whose opened openad or poor 441 f invites thehelpless tho the helpless and the poo
sints y

did ever mourner plead with thee and thou refuse that mourners plea t fixd remain a does not the word still fiad
face in vain that none shall seek thy facein

I could not bear that were a grief 1 didst thou not hear and answer prayer GO d but a prayer hearing answering god
supports me under every load

fair is the lot thats cast for me mej met 1 orate with thee advocate I have an adv theywhom they whom the world caresses most
have no such privilege to boast
f1 fa

poor 1 am de forgotmafe forgotmawe despised spied forgqt41 mafe foor though I yet god my god forgets me not i4& y sage sale and must succeed siiuf and he is safe a vouchsafes safes to p lead Touch for whom the bord lord youch lard HYMN 89


40 i

stillin distill theide w from heaven di As theidewfrom distillmu descend gently on the grass descendsp flil fillin and ind revives it thus alil intends inten providence anten ttr what thy thyprovidence si iifmtsflif D4



IM wt


prote efficacious niest biest ty blest blett by thee prove


it thus
ta t6

gracious graciou4 los ios u ehy thy 01101 arac ehr doctrine l lord so grac
dezfding from above descending de ffii frii thy work of iove fulfil lovo love to fulfill

precious vi5n vian clous promises fulfill cious fulfil yroin broin thy holy habitation j6mtby e dews ew s of life distill the alet A th fjfltfur cry come up before thee tilee sweetest influence shed around y gotlie isy shali adore thew rhall thee the sotlie iso Sot lie people shall ile lle and confess the joyful sound nna ana

l6rdbehold this congregation foiaftehold

ae llet



0 thou at whose almighty


sprang the glorious light from darkness sprung thy quickening influence afford
them clothe with power the tower ther


116wd flowd As when of old the waters clowd til command thy forth from the rock at tii moses in vain had wavd wava his rod wayd working hand thy wonder workingllnp without thy46nder
Z fla jericho im As when the walls of jerich6p fl1 w egri Waii were vere down to the earthdio&d ehrl earth at once verewaii eivcak

VUBLIG kil7 WORSHIP kila P thi

aa thy por power thai brought them low vas it was tha poi r that t7s nd not the trumpets blast trumpe ts feeble maw and
viiwuld in the means befountij we would thus befoldid thu w 1 t 71 arld arid alid thui thut on thee alone depend IT I and KZ 0 make the gospels joyful s6finldi shiun sfiun d promisd end d W effectual to thepromisd the promise

it N thug


onco&6re onmuu6

qnce pnce ance 0 may not duty seem a load nor worship prove a task

bourg 6d ourgfid we come before ourg ad aali 2 more his blessing askw11 asli

may we receive the word we hear f 3 in an honest heart hearty each iliin iriin kae the sacred treasure thle keep thereby and k6e thie nor ever with it part

awakh awake 0 heavenly wind awash awalen awalel 814 114 bit 1 refreshing breezes blow pan par partakes partake pantale nake taLe let every plant thy power par takes take takei and all the garden grow
parch7d parchd with son parche revive the parchd sof tenin

with warmth divine the benefit shall all be ours bo all the glory thine

the cold


d5 da

log 106

OWORSHIP publio PUBLIC gubli bubli WORSHIP

chhist ris t and heal your wounds To Christ gyr tochrist OYRd T gosp elday thllilsth this is the welcome gospelday

iwi cwi and flee away corner guutykqulsand guilty ouis ana comd coad


ili zah tah



wherein free grace abounds

e his god lovd the and gave tho world anaga bis son andga drizik driiik the cup qfwr of wrath ath i4to into t to drintt esus says hell andj cost cast ist out none heil heii heli gost and jesus k anda to him b faith hy falth y tohir that come tohim

iti itt

1 I



rear forbids our oar feet to stray thyl thyi thyyiiar doubtful trul way thyfprecepts recepts receipts guide our doub thit d lead to righteousness 4 und and

howjlprecious lordjj pr lous IOUs is thy word Q 0lordji no V whatllgi vj5aybid keayes afford leayes aud thowlqaj an1joy annjoy joy those t and whaltit Whaltit whai ouls in deep distkessll distress 1 auls I to ouis

slumbering sium wate erng eyes waie our slum berng threaten ings wake tbyhbreatenings th threatenings and warn us where our danger lies tis thy gospel lord but butth clead clean consciencclean makes es the guilty conscience that mak b&i bai converts the soul and conquers apo s treo tree reward and gives a afree

PUBLIQ WORSHIP pudliqworsuip

1607 107

HYMN 94 CAI nan ban anise Kingsl arise eings kingslansei anise arise oking 0 king of kings ansei and enter to thy rest mw besy desp 6esp Mw waits walts ait alt with longing eyes zion Z thy thi owna blesed biessd bles bleser owad and blessd be ownd thus to he


enter with all thy glorious train

afford could no such grace amford

thy spirit and thy word ahthat kttllat thet ark did once contain

v6w ohr vow ouf TOW tyr god accept our mighty here migia e spread here let thy praise be

thy house of th h6liu bless the provisions 0 d bread with br nii thy poor wit nil and fill
1 I

ane ibr 6ne 0 throned thrones here come and hold a lasting abr jg aridas alidas and as thy kingdom grows

6i crown fresh honors shall adorn thy ai shame confound thy foes 1 and and ir

nymn nyun HYMN


7 4

blessing bies ing lug lbrddismiss lord dismiss us with thy bles peace vl our hearts with joy ana and peau fill loye possessingldjj poss s thy love iove let us each thylove triumph in redeeming grace ajssl 1 bs 0 refresh us Tra velling through this wilderness 4 travelling


d6 da



public WIMIC mimic


vid ald adoration give oration thanks we giv div e and aid for the gospels joyful sound liay may the fruits oathy ofthy of thy salvation nlay thalrufts jhobrhearis hearns hearts and lives abound inpur inbur vy er faithful liver ilver

tou hou nd botje the truth may we be rou found to totje totie



may ve who know the joyful sound mayve uay we mayfe stillpractise still practise what we know N oi hearers of the word alone not bu doers of it too i but
ts of mercy let us show shom show byacts valu vain we twe have not heard in vaini talu AK but kindly feel an others woe ana paim iong to ease Ms long us palm lon und and ion ain alu aln sbare our joy j the widows heart shall share oppressed opptessd the orphan and oppressd

t employ shall see we love the sweet swie succour the distressed dlstressd distressd to succous

well teach the ignorant the way true happiness to know

maya mapa and how the vilest sinner mary mayt escape eternal woe



109 io

qospelhearj hear i thanlulithat we the gospel thankfulithatwe sound so und joyfulso is and love the joyful s appear omay O may tliesacred the sacred fruits fruit inpur id lives abound andjnqurllv6ploun and inbur jives
97 hymn97 HYMN
& ilg lis 10s 10s&119 ios

abord 0 jesus our lord thy name be adord

believing we trace thy wonders of grace con cert of praise cheerfully i a concert cheer join in fuU y jom fuw and cheen cheerfuu cheerful

word conveyd in ihiviord thy wora ali the ricliblessings ail all dich rich blessings conveys for alithe

bear and obey thrice happy are they who hear ana share in the blessings ofthis gospel day gosp of this gospelday orthis elday and thro favour divine that blessing be mine throfavour and 0 my redeemer thy glory be thine f
M HYMN 98 L LM hymn98 e

cha cbasd the night 14 edthe J the rising sun has chaedthe and brought again the cheering light ja this mercy multiplies our days

and calls us to renew our praise

we laidusdown laid us down and sweetly slept laidus the lord our souls in safety kept we wake his goodness to proclaim i am es fl hondours to his n ame honourstohis and sing new honours namefl

bjt fac fee fle ffc ay

bajt dju

d7 da

110 lio llo


we know not what hi swill erill ordain tis our joythat joy that jesus reigns ourj6pthatjesus but buttis toes abound though dangers snares and foes

the eternal arms will us surround

ourselves to thee we would woul d resign thisie thiiie content to know that w e are areithlne
jeffia jhffia

teach us to walk with thee to day today our only care to keep thy way

ik & 2 8s 99 4 as 6s sc h1 ayi ryl ryi men om d sinners ha ar hear xen jyesranom jjtb eprisoners of the lord


t ti HYMN

1 I


thpyrisoners vait till christ appear mt ana And andvait valt appparfj rait ahm ahw
word &ccoi aing to his v ding according

rejoice in hope rejoice with me


sins be free we shall from all our ems

rv w s A n their chains chain clain let others hug theirchain H for sin and satan plead 11 1 VO eins remains v sins and say from mins f they never can be freed i rejoice in hope rejoice with me sinik free wahall from all our sinie

t KA c d wol feln wei put our trust treiput3our ffln in god woi sins confess I ihu1 1 i if we our oursinsconfewd



hilj lilj

1 I be is and just faithful he from all unrighteousness Jf ek cleanse seus you and me boxi us all both yoxi sens to clean free 1 we shall from all bur dur our sins be flee

appear lift up sinners your heads lif i m eption redemption ption near and see rede bup hup hya again 1 I say rejoice with me weshallfromalloursinsbiiree we shail shali shall from all ali our sins be free

surely in us the hope

of glory shall


who jesus sufferings share iab ijb mim my fellow prisoners oners mik boners now hik rs ye soon th wean weavil wreath shall wear the weafil firrfgi thwreath thwreatt on your triumphant brow with tith me rejoice in hope rejoice rith we shall from all our sins befreefg befree fg 4 f tqj taj & l& the word of god is sure t 4 la



and never can remove IW we shall in heart be p ure iove luie and perfected in love me bbs withm4 rejoice in hope rejoice with free we shall from all our sins be fre

i am 4m

us gladly bring then let U

D d8

our sacrifice of praise




a nd sin sing grace and gloryjn with me hope rejoice rejoice in hoperejoice hoperejoi rejoi4wtiith gins pe sinik we shall from fr be free all our ui sins HYMN 100

glye gh e thmik thanks shmik let us give f hi

C M c31

pora I believe thy every word lord lora cord rord 1 f& fa YS f thy every promise true W and any nd 10 lo 1 nty lord aty I wait on thee my I my strength renew till 1
1 may flesh I awhile show forth thy praise jesus support the tottering totter ipg ing clay lengthen out my days das and lengthenout alsand lsand

if in this feeble


P4 tf


I can spread if such a worm as 1 Savi ours name the common saviours ralpd ho raisd himwho L ralsd thee from the dead lett him

f still

quicken n my mortal frame

11 ll a show thy et yve live t me let iet bloo bloodito d ito ipe lve every purges which lchpu Y stain rgqjs ever beloy linger out below dlylinger and gladly mqre yp4rsin gaiu paiu few mare afewmorejearsinpain

purely 1 doubt urely arely thou canst canet ptdoubt otdobt I pt cz4stlon 1f af rho tho u wiltlhvseuimdart

bond womans tond comans son cast out toad me dhe the boad all my


and take up


ancient strength renew 1 I shall my the excellence divine if thou art good if thou art true shali shine thall throughout my soul shall
1 shall a weak and helpless worm I through jesus strengthening me

impossibilities perform and live from sinning free


for this in

steadfast hope 1 I wait now lord my soul restore now the new heavens and euth th create earth eu cr tes tel and 1 I shall sin no more

HYMN hyun 101 IIYVN


let not the wise his wisdom boast the mighty glory in his might ehing riches trust ering natt ening the rich in flattering
wisdom misdom gone miswisdom hiswisdom gore and where is all his

which take their everlasting flight 1 he rush of numerous years bears down

I the most gigantic strength of man j

dust & gai 1 I again when dust he turns to duct azain vai val

biem tiem tieH hwtieh HW one oke one only gift can justify gift4an y

when jesus doth his blood apply 1 gloryin in his sprinkled blood floryin I glory the lord my righteousness Lp raise

the boasting soul that knows his god

nna asi naa

1 I triumph in the love divine of grace the wisdom wealth and strength ofgrace

tn christ to endless ages mine in


102 HYMN 10

c3i cai

I lift I father to thee my soul 1 1 soul on thee depends kf 4lyfoul lysoui lysoul lystul elbny elany aftic ftic ed that aery 4ery convinced perfect gift every perfecvgifio perfectgift frqm frpm thee alono descends fram t i tW mercy and grace are thine alone I alonea alonef 1 wisdqi too toa and power and wisdom toa sog eov sov oru n ori without the spirit of thy oui avs notliing good can do SVs avd nothing


elye concette concelte elTe our lord unliininsver iinanwer to oqtilqtd bless biess hiess 9 give oln blessing oll oil itliy&clf aa

i unholy

diot slot spe speak ono one u use sefulword word yord fulword sssmot ehi erl On holy exye y thought conc con onholy concewe cewe cene
iqod I purchased glace izod demands tho iho purchawed5grace hislp6d


log hlfehlqfldgyailing aleq rleq lou iou

lab fai lai


115 lia lla

ali ail our race the help for all obtawd obtamdthe and sends it down to me


wrought wroujg s in us hast hastwrought works our outwork work ourwork thou all ourworks our good is all ali ail divine isail virtuous lir bious thought thoug 8 thong The praise of every vIr theprais& thepraise a and righteous word is thine
jesusy wqreceive receive we wereceive through jesus thrpug4 from thee thrpugh to call sheeto theeto thee the power on theo in whom we are and move and live yl au god our goa godia is au auinau1 in &u


open their graves and bring aal agi the outcasts forth to own sai theirjk JK thou art their lord their god their one annointed oper their true annomted

to save the race forlorn

1 I

and show the world a nation borer borau borlr I A nation in a day 1
HYMN 103

thy glorious arm display


raSyS messiah full radli fuli ofgracej of grace fuu graceb radys gracej thee we plead iw hf redeemd rcdeemd by tbeewe redeems

rasysss SS

ilsk sisk

ilg 116 116 ilg

wor WORSHIP ship PUBLIC won sHir

for ages dead to souls forages

promiseimade promise imade to abrahams race the promiseiradde

their bones

as quite dried up throughout the vale appear off and lost their last faintlope cut oe hope fdiut sope lope faint to see thy kingdom here ii HYMN 104


iri lil

preserved preservd ky power divine rreservd by to full salvation here in in jesus praise we join agb aab albin and in his sight appear

nd are we yet alive and and see each others face give Jesus jesusgive upgive usgive glory and praise to jes mg grace graci for his redeeming

what troubles have we seen conflicts have we past what contlicts m witha Fightings without and fearswithe sightings fightings lastr since we assembled last but out of all the lord f 1 i iove lote hath brought us by his love afford affordafet and still he doth his help adford above j life abote bides our ilfe r m9ttii lifeabm and hides


fae fee


w h
i ti
1 I

the uttermost which saves us to 6 71 more till we can sin no moro let us take up the cross till we the crown obtain ail things loss t ali all kowall rec reckon and gladly reckowall so we may jesus gain
105 HYMN 1

our boast outboast then letus make ourboast of his redeeming power

all praise to our redeeming lord us by his grace joinsvsby who joins ik
and bids us each to each restored seek his face together seekhis and gathered into one i

he bids us build each other up

ous callings glon glorious gion to our high callingsgion


we hand in hand


go on

stows bestows bestons the gift which he on one be weall delight to prove the grace through every vessel flows
1 I

in purest streams of love

even nowwe tho same now we think andspeakthe and speak the mowwe agree ift and cordially agreeadv4 rit iii i

f1118 fa lib


jeaba name jebus jeaua jesu6 tred all through jesus jesua Concen concentred namey i in perfect harmony
A peace to tosensual sensual mindwunkn6iffi minds iun funknown known fun A joy unspeakable ai

we all partake the joy ofonq of one we feel refeel the common peace wefeel


and if our fellowship below in jesus be so sweet khali we know shall what heights of rapture khail when round his throne we meet

jesus lord we look to thee let us in thy name agree peace show thyself the prince of cease a bid our jars for ever cekse4xt




ahm rho fhm

by thy reconciling love every stumbling block remove 1 each to each unite endear endear iz I f

e come and spread thy banner here

and mind make us of one he heart artand kinds courteous pitiful and kindy kind lowly meek in thought and word altogether like our lord

dor each other care f6r for lor eachother VU far lely lety le lets each the others burden bear pattern give to thy church the live be


rievers show how true believers


let us thus in god abide

HYMN 107

free from anger and from pride

tho depths of love express all the all the heights of holiness


so pleasant so divine now while the nesh flesh is mine abode ascends to god and when my soul ascendslogod

in work

prose praise ye the lora lord lorl my heart shall j o n

praise shall employ my noblest powers endures immortalityendures while immortality my days of praise shall neer neer be past wid mia and being last while life and thought mid
man 1 mahe should I why hould make a nyan nian my trust princes anil antl anti tuni princesmustdie tuna to dust must die turn ale and aie acid abid powr their breath departs their pomp and alid awn adhour an hour aft vbniih in achour ali vanish ail all and thoughts ann
hopes rely whose hopesrely happy the man whase wmaje godfrhe smaje godfrie made the sky on israels god Godf rhe



and seas with all their train and earth ana andpeasxith vatn vain tain shall shail find his promise talu and none shallfind tain
for ever cecur ecur ei eter stands s ecure his truth f9zqter oppress op prest he feeds the poor th opprest he saves lh lie sends the labring conscience peace lle ile he

and grants the prisner sweet release

eyes to give givetheblind the blind batheyes heyes hath the lord hat bat the lord supports the sinking mind he helps the stranger in distress

vidcw and the fatherless idcw the vidow he loves his saints he knows them well dow don dou n to heila heii heil hell but turns the wicked dom jav jjv thy god 0 zion ever reigns

praise him in everlastng e erlasting strains everlasting

HYJMN HYIMN hylun 108

LM lma

kingdoms and thrones to god belong crown him e nations in your song powrs povr rehearse his wondrous names and poar your verse honours shall enrich yourverse your4yerse terse his hondours


alarms loudalarms lanns loudalanns the heavns hearns with louda loud loua how terrible is god in arms I aro his mercies known are arehis in isrel archis known040 040 17 lyrl pecullan ie peculiar pecullar thro throne rrel is his peculiarthro ihrl

he shakes




proclaim him king pronounce him blest your r rest joy you hes jour defence your joys when terrors rise and nations faint god is the streng of attery strength tvery ttery saint f thOf

nymn MN HYMN liy




zira aire

V ml

heavnly king 0 lord our heavily a 1 thy I Y name is all divine tt thy glories round the earth are spread
oer ver hedvna hedena and nen den the he avris they shine

when to thy works on high gondring 1 wondring dring eyes I raise my won J tile moon complete in light tlle ee the and see darL darksome some skies adorn the dark
stats sunvey surrey the stars when I survey hen 1 form and all their shining forms lord what is man that worthless thing to dust and worms 7 aldn alan akinto acinto

lord what is worthless man i bim so im st love him shouldst should that thou shouldnt S next to thine angels is he placed iju of all below ali ail beloy aiji lord loid and boid an dlo ofubelop


I honours crown his head 1 jr thine hondours

beasts like slaves whilo while whilebeasts




birds that cut theair the air with and birdsthatcut thai cleave thesea the sea thelea and fish that

irow ilow rich thy bounties are how arej alej and wondrous are thy ways powj1 can cau frame thy pow of dust and worms th A monument of praise HYMN 110


lord thou hast se archd and seen me through pier6ing piersing view thine eye commands with piercing
my rising and my resting hours my heart and flesh with all their pbwrs voors vovrs my thoughts before they are my awn own bwn thyz7 y known are to my god distinct distinctly 0 to speak mows the words 1 I mean tospeak he knows e ak ere from my copning break opniug lips they br opning
iid ild fstand within thy circling powr 1 I sta on evry side 1 I find thy hand awakes awake asleep at home abroad 1 I am surrounded still with god

great amazing knowledge vast last and gieitv what large extent what lofty height 1 boast my soul with all the poers I powrs lbojis Is in the boundless prospect lost



mytbreast ta mellre t1 0 may these thoughts possess myllre 1 rest 1 WH I rove whereer I vhereerirovewhereeri whereer resilaw s e dare nor let any 4ny my weaker passions dar

consent to sin for god is there HYMN

1 11 I 111


am LM ili L iii


as fs

of night is no disguise the veil ofnight je s no screen from thy all searching eyes hana can seize thy foes as soona bana band soonj thy hand noas noss midnight and noon in this agree g r great god theyre both alike to thee spy not death can hide what god will spyw spaw vis naked bis eye his nak ed to mls nalea nal and hell lies nakea i fc

as blazing 0 on through midnight shades astlazingii

tala tst ist my thoughtspossessmybi possess breast 0 may these thoughts r 1 1 rove whereer 1 I rest whereer I k nor let my weaker weaner passions dare consent to sin for god is there i
C 11
aum aer owr

hald tal4



sweet is the memry of thy gracea grace graced my y king heavnly xing eing ki ly god my heavily oti righteousness Kt t let age to age thy righteousnesskt ging in sounds of glory eing


PUBLIC WORSHIP publicworship

goodness to the skies skles f through the whole earth his bounty shines

goil reigns onhighbut god on high but not confines


evry want supplies rywant and ev

with longing eyes thy creatures wait l on thee for daily foody mood food thy libral hand provides their meat fills their mouth with good and fiRs firstheir sood

com passions lord how kind are thy compassions 4 oyes how slow thine anger moves wora vvo a word d but soon he sends his pardnlng 16vei he idvcs chear the souls ho checr to cheer

creatures with all their endlessrace idc race endless cdc proclaim thy powr and praise proc aim alm i but saints that taste thy richer gradt 1 to bless thy name delight Deligh tto

nymn nyun UYININ HYMN



lim ihm

all my powers of heart and tongue ail ali with au

iti ill praise my maker in my song lil

shall shail hear the notes 1 shau I raise angels shali thet approve the song and join them the praise
ia 111 sing thy truth and mercyilord Lord mercy IM mercylord 111 ili sing tho lii the wonders of ilipwoidi thy word

iti ill



not allthyworks allithy works and names below so much thy power and glory showa show show7
subaud my foes he heard me and subdud he did my rising fears control
1 cried when troubles rose to god I


bsd through all my soul dial usd diffused and strength diffusd

amidst a thousand snares 1 I stand 4 upheld and guarded by thy hand band words my fainting soul Thy thywords soui revive soulrevive fai falth faith beep my dying fal and keep th alive
HYMN 114



the th needful blessings still impart

and no good thing deny

bcd on thee we all depend 0 gcd vua sua on thy paternal care i tim tin u wilt the father and the friandfcsfcts frand frbnd in every act appear ei bok bno bn4 lok band and libr libral with open hand libralbeart heart v1 albeart va thou wilt our wants supply

issa ISSQ


os noal naal phav o what s good and fi 0ur father knows whau fiti bis eis els love and wisdom guides his to thine appointments wesubmitv wesubn4w i p every choice approve dwitt and evers indi 404 dub irdi

sci irl iti




and all thy thoughts are just goa provides we cannot want while god what bo he ordains is best wh and heaven whatever whateer ateer we want besides
will give eternal rest
HYMN MAIN maln 115

thy tender mercies boundly boundless ss are boundle

in thy paternal love and caree care caret cheerful hearts we trust with cbeerfulhouts


ye yc sons of men a feeble race

expose to every snare t fa exposd come mate make the lord your dwelling place oi and try and trust his care

no ill shall enter where you dwell dwello y

come coma nigh digh uigh hellp and sweep the wicked down to helep heil bell heii 1 highe hight higbajj twill raise the saints on high high1

or if the plague

feet in all your ways i t deep to watch your pillows while you sleep tip and guard your happy daesik days tid day daysik das

angels charge to keep to give his angelsclwgetwkeep hell your


ghali bcariyowlest ghail their hands shall iest you fall beariyou lest th and dash against ghoston stones the thoston oston eso esa es&

PUBLIC WORSHIP ruibligworsuip


cau are they not servants at hiscallrv4i his can tio wry tiq 2 ly14io bis sons 1 wiy atiq and sent to attend his

ril fil

love iove loveifrif they set their loye me theysetitheir because on mo 111 III saith the lord iti ill lil lii save them salth cn y abovecn abover above t ill bear their joyful souls anover eh 1 I sr ic f destruction and the sword 34 tfta 1 ni afta I my theyicillill siy sly grace shall answer when theyicall be nigh in trouble 111 iti ill lii t my power shall help heip them when theyfdliyc aly vheixthekfall rf 10 and raise them when they die


j4 ja i

116. ilg HYMN 116

ad S I smtfft

bmw fa as fs caa caremfa care dismiss your anxious careM c0a V sons all ye of 0 JQ ons need rayens b aron how the tho rayen ravens arc consider he raven aror by heavily heavnly bounty red- i
i M UO jehovah will provide ma KC r uss m4 usi your clothing and your food ay J in f 1 supp lyd suppled think how the ravens are supplyd and trust a faithful god


you have no present store laid up for future needs yqtho yethe poqr poar thbpoor bethe will not forget the reeds wha1ungry hungry ravens feeds who



your father will bestow on you your daily bread the ravens neither reap nor aie richly fed and yet are

sow BOW

w mean these creatures are ho how yet god supplies their wants and he that doth for ravens care

will not forget his saints


aled for you the saviour died heayn pregara prepara leil ifil for you prepa pre parA pard hea en is prepaleil

he that for ravens

doth provide cooil tooil will feed his children too

if satan should suggest ji god will not hear your cry kuung ravens in their nest lie hears yuung lle ile he
and answers from the sky
sh his gracious word believe sa it forget your long complaint 1 I mr rayens ravensjgive glvea alvea if god doth food to ravens I if 1 he will not let you faint i it HYMN 117 L LM y

heed inheed own in heeb when gods omnpeoplestandiaeed orn people stand indeed supplies nesi will provide su goodness his good

WORSHIP fub&t PUB pubworship n om

fit tii
mft IM


faints for bread when elijah nntsforbtvad& succous flies raven A rayen raten to his succour

129 29

in s commanday commandy d wines com with speedy wings 0 mandy god i at gods id ilpee JT illee gunj er ig t p rey f Y 7 its bird resigns hungry the huny hunj and to the reverend prophet brings a adful portion day by day riv edful n6 needful the na FII kii stranger ay be counted strange tran 9 e 7 max this metho d m

afis lot elijafis elijahs jahs elijass s ElIj bul happy was bui buthappfwa Eli eil ell chang shali sooner change shail shan shau natures course shall For fornatures gods clear elear children be forgot dear chah thdn goas thah
ewd ren renewd reneld this wonder has been oft renewj7 and saints by sweet experience find their evils overruled for good inc inclind iriclird lind their foes to friendly deeds inclined
whcf 6 kimi hat mighty hand kiml ai distrust strusi that wilh universal sway which rules with which natures laws can countermand or feed us by a bird of prey

CM mirhij mirtij goi qs 0 my 603 athy mercies merol whe althy merci mercl gui gul VI y appy suf davs daks 51 m 1 so ul purveys b happy sot I ifewli i wittfthe 0A the view transported Ttan l loit aloit fan sported wie loyetahd I 4 wonder er 1 in 01 e and praise n won

jir yam sir hymllg YAW




nce my life sustain proTide providence protidence rovidencp sustained thy P d and all my wants redressed redress when in the silent womb 1 I 1 I lay
1 I

and hung upon the breast

unnumbered unnumberd comforts lord of al hesto besio bestowed wd thy tender care besto concelvd before my infant heart conceived fio flo flowd from whom those comforts clowd

slippey slip pry paths of youth slipfty when in the slippry with heedless steps 1 I ran conveyed me safe thy arm unseen c

yik sik

and led me ine on to man

ply sickness 0 wlien ast thou oft alien thoa t hast womby when wom ace with health renewd reneld my face sund ana ai4hen and when in sins and sorrows sorr9ws sunk revive my soul with grace revivd retivd
ood hand with food bounteous 0 thy . 7 ah various vood 7 thi der ny cup run oer hath made my

dearest friend and in thy son my desist

hath doubled all my store

ood 7 y through all eternity my goa 1 song IM 111 raise A j toyful oyful fuI ajo iti ralso y but oh eternitys too short aw yw i e alltha thy praise 0 utter all ail ali allthy T t o pais




fair how pleasant how divinely fairy hxe dwelling 5 axe are dry thy dwellings 0 lord of hosts ary with long desire my spirit faints vith oathy assemblies of otthy thy saints to meet thissemblies my flesh woula would rest in thine abode gbyl g6d gad wut my panting heart chies out cries but for gayl criesbut my god my king why should 1 I be so far from all my joys and thee theo
on hlgh1 saintswhogit who sit onhigh unhigh swints arelthe the saints blest are around thy throne of majesty


shine above work ispralseaad love theirworlc is praise and iove iov lov and all their

thy brightest glories

siard thesonls a place Bles findwplece blessard ls that find blesiard blesfare bies stard fare 664ouls Ble bie theson Vi thin the temple ofthjr of thy grade within there they behold thy gentler rays pral s semthj face and learn thypral praise thy prai and seelc4hy T blest are the men whose hose hearts are set ta zions gate to find the way to god is their strength and through the road they lean upon their helper god
with th gr 6wing atrength gr6wingstrength cheerful they walk M wint strength tiuaushilliaeetiziheiyifitl6fiith ali shallmeetiri heaytfat length till all

ea e2


132 122



there ther e andjoin aid join in nobler worship teere

31 N 120 HY HYMN hyun

till all before thy face appear

131 ben lan


sweet is the kini myking tle work my god M tie pr9se to prase praise thy name give thanks and sing hght to show thy love by morning light aht and talk of all thy truth at night nigh
s sweet is the day of sacred re rest relt no mortal care shall seize my reast breast 0 may my heart in tune be found like davids harp of solemn sound

my heart heaxt shall triumph in py myj 9r3 byj liis ks word and bless his works and bless llis thy works of grace how bright theyI shine divine councils un clis how di vine how deep thy co tine


to thy dear name

e shall 1 shail I raise but 0 what triumphs sh

ay iy

of joy 1 ofloy when in the realms ofjoy I see thy face in full felicity
siny sin my worst enemy before

endless throin e throii through en days



vex vek shall yek rex my eyes byes and ears no more my inward foes shall all beslain4 be blahy slahy nor satan break my peace agam again


133 3

ana iniowi and iniomi see and hear andkxi6l khali khail iee shall 1 I gee then shag shad A W WK wised below wisha or wishd visha AH debird orwishd I desird all 1 ail ali

and every powr find sweet employ t of joy ofloy in that eternal world ofjoy ati tti 31 hymn121 HYMN 121 C CM aa dim a1 dix f ulm lord not to the terrors of the lorde p esa tempest es4 fire and smoke tem the jthe athe not to the thunder of that word IR spoTE spoteei nviordli whlcligod on sinai spoke ei




we shall come boutwe butwe but

where milder words declare his will 1 alid and spread his love abroad

the city of our god


hill 9 zions imi ssatftsi


th innumerable host flap behold ty zec 711 t11v yec clotha in light I flav clothd of angels clotwd behold the spirits of the just ose faith is toad to sight P whose whore wh plue PIIE a th erej18 blessd blesed assembly OR behold the bleser ayen heaven whose names are writ in he ten declark declare a god the judge of all decair declir ardd arid their vilest sins siw sit forgiven e deaU andan thdead ali thdeau and all the saints on earth acdan ure ma use one communion riia but ono B 3 f3 fa




all join in christy christ their living head e and of his grace partake partak in such society as this
my weary soul would rest wherejesus Jesus is the man that dwells where
must be ie for ever blest
122. HYMN 122


come holy spirit hea heavenly 0 Tenly dove with all thy quickening powers love iove kindle a flame of sacred loye s ours in these cold hearts of our t
below look how we grovel here heipt fond of these earthly toys our souls how heavily they go thpyg joys eternaljop to reach eternal joh L jop
fo ai songs yain we tune our formal valn tain in vain wms sms nise rise in vain we strive to nse xt at tongu ongue angu our t oa oury ours Hos annas languish on hosannah hosannas i

and our devotion dies

e live liv father and shall we ever ily dying rate this poor dying gunio burlovego coi cold cola coia burlo vtego ego 0 faint so col 4 to thee 0 6 K 1I 0 v the W 1 fand thinejo us so great and think

i f


PUBLIC LIC WORSHIP PUB come holy spirit heavenly dove 42 alf thyqui thy quickening alt ait ali ck6nn powers with ail p&vvex come sh6dabroada Savi saviours iov e lov ours lovei shed abroad a savl sati ourslovei kinale ours and that shall kindle

A j


HYMN 123

ma C m1 CM

how happy every child of grace who knows his sins forgiven placej5 e plasc this world he cries is not my plalc 1 g seek Is igei igii ekk m y place in heaven eek A country far from mortal sight yet Q 1I by faith 1 I see deligh the land of rest the saints delight aae prepard for me g heaten preyaed the ale heaven ile
ablessed ablesser hope is ours 0 what a blessed

aft rft

on earth we stay lili while here onearth lihi we more ihan taste the heavenly powen power ana antedate that da y day and ave feel the resurrection near we our ilde life ilfe in christ conc conceald eonceild conceals eald eaid eala lif here and with his glorious presence 1 our eav filrd fiird ear harthern earthern thern vessels filard earthem earthed

vs HYMN 12 1 121 124

al i 0 CM a mi cmi

W cleaiiwfw when 1 real my title cla I can read oia tlde ola nimi tldesw sW in the ai to V mansions manilo manlio nili f
1 Z

4 T

WORSHIP bic llo &h woi PUBLIC ru iic wol ah ir

i4 ia

40 bidfareweue tii iii re

every 111 1 I dlax6wel 1 to very

ibar fear d andwlpweeping 7reeping eyes

erA engage against my soul eni qu gage eli nshouldarth aarts fiery darts arts be burld hurld &nd pna ue at gatans 1 ana smile satans rage I c an S sataifs then rhen f a frowning owning world n llndface 993 ftc i hei ller ft5 jrr jrf 4 ihfi 4 995 feglike figlike deluge commer ilke a wild dellikelcomek like ares corner I smi aut kaut s of sorrow fall p kaui t1 i amt stonns t hzstoans alt so otbihkfely llutsafely reach my home t jviygbd my heaven m my a115 l


t ar


ssqs glie gile

h tsas


1 viirf i viire


s116 isdtafae

aq fq all bathe my weary so soui soul soal ginisea rest eave cave inisea cate r oubiexoh troubie roll of trouble 0 t eaul veak eful breast T s mtypeaceful r beak 1 Ig



125 .125 125


fei hll

ex ord conduct the plan e ic lord euniie exniie i-c oncerted es t ar evain oncer ted schemes ae teo tee Th the obest ebest thebert thebest taib talb d succeed everman evercan can succee Snd d eyer sndnever succeed never ever strength astren au forjought en our wretched stren 0u glit thf w &fpend taf W silt 1 2 .4 jbii5nufl 92 re wrouglrtj our works 0 s in thee are nut but if ourworks blost yasesdv indeed they s hall be biest w

4 g r


W 4v&itt 0 rjllz 6di4ii ITI t hyself th thou didst lord u thoudidst loria lorif inspire jispij desfiv desriv with vith e desire th intense our is this ur souls 0 proclaim thy to frqclaffi4 goodnessto thy goodness 6&ssto lutena thy glory if we now intend


d end 0 let our deeds begin behin beonau berin and beenau jenuss jesues name jisues complete in jesuss
retreats vii world retreat far from an e vil ways and all its frantic w

r in jesus name behold we meet

iya lya ow lyd to amow imow one only thing reso re solvA

t wk
ayi grf gri

sny iny

eio elo lelowt and square our useful lives letowt by reason and by grace
6 d not iin n the tombs we pine to dweu dW ieu not in the dark monastic cell yows yow find ki conundii vow and grates con confind confine by vows



freely to all ourselves we give zi i constrained constraind by jesus love to live nstrawd ta im m of ankind afkind the servants ofmanlnnd ha f now jesus now thy love impart to govern each devoted heart vsiji and fit us for thy will 1 grace j4 deep founded in the truth of gra ja place placa andplaca build up thy rising church and aii0lace hui thei thet hUl theihul the city on ahm 0hm

e a F e5

13 38


wigh jufalustre purest with jufA lustre shine ramay iiound our oar wo works may see rkmay that all around glory the y lord to thee and give thglor thie thalor alvine gt the heavenly light divine

0 let our love and faith abound 11 around ilives lives toa ilves td-a ali ail all 0 let our blives

idia idla

HYMN 126


ana and let our bodies part

inseparably joined in inseparablyjoinei rt heart inhea indea jesus are the friends of jesusi

ro to different climes repair

jesus the comer conner corner stopp stone jcr lur jas U rhe hearts first 0 das unite our did jur zhe our spirits one ouf keep and still he keepi keeli dui til tii him 1 hite waik bitite in w who walk itite A with

0 let us still proceed dio w elo eio work below woraelo in jesus worA following and fo Rowing our triumphant head to farther conquests go jo

the vineyard of the lord is llesj before hfsjibie his labrers liesllesi librers labrers vast reward e the vastreward analo we andio andlo sse 70 whi wanch whi ains wal ils lis winch lins11 wrtusjntne ch wil ll wlnch slue s slae afi Bf i




0 let our heart and mind continually ascend heaven heaTen of repose to find thatheaten that
laboure end where all our labours

where all our toils are oer ning outring our sunning ring and our pain sunring sun sutring who meet on that eternal shore shall shail never part a gain shii shil

place meet ebt abt f alfei where saints and angels ni otherls others ft fit therei we shall seei each othe iw hiew f hitw xx greet brethren and all our brcthre cy y

0 happy happy

we shiffl shall with them be blest cretu return endless joy retu crown4 crowni with endirssjoy and crownd MWU mlo ur eternal rest to our resl


born first bo church of the girst M

the patriarchs

with joy we shall behold in yonder blest abode

and prophets old chod cfod ffod t and all the saints of feod tvr ive ine 4 abrahm and isaac there and jacob shall receive fal prayer rs falth and faith andprayer rs of their fai follwers the followers follwe A live hei in bodies hep hii who now jn

s6 i6 ia

f au 4u t


we shall our time miniet beneath tiniet LIT oat liv chedi fui ho ful cheerful hope out in cheel pe 0 4parin sparin an d1 fearless s pais pass the vale of death and e e mountain top ji the and gain th
J h owdij owij 0 gather home his own jjoe od shall his angels send v 1 jjod td bi begunk ind bliss on earth begun1 egun agun dur triumph end in deathless triumpbiend

1 1.

HYMN 127

C 11

oyd 0 all oid oia godof godif f

n cea incenseless praik6 seles s songs dtvraue beaTA in inceaseless ceaseless uw i rf31

nigifts ni

ou thee through


th girts to thee we Y gifts

conso consolation atlon tail bonso take tall tali g1 graces e ga e glory of thy grac 0ry 0 the

i c

render packddll

leness of heart inangleness Inan gleness tinisin met 6 wmet th name amet 0 jesus in thy nawe 3 d in thy name ve we part and vla ilk ila part in body not in M mlu ind mina v&part afa L our rour 6n6 minds one continue four joind and each to each in jesus johnd we hand band in hand go on n

earne baine farne iaine we now together ame rc

yubsists one oul subsists as inus in us all oneoul e6sists 6651 oui no power can make us tm twain



roil roll roii oreans rolly oreansrolly and mountains rise and oceans 7 san r busm U valn vain sei sevct sevat u sm to sev J lllbttr fcw sy A i f 44 vifi t are i bifi spir present we still in spitiare ap spiriare 9p lare iare t and intimately nign prayers prayeri yeri and pra faith falth faithana hand niile tiile on thewings of faithand allie fait falt y we each to other othen fly
1 1

our his mighty hand& ofir souls are in hismighty1and handa if tandhe tandee end he shall keep them still and stanas ana stands standi and you and 1 I shall surely s with him on zions hill

him eye to eye we there shall S our face like his shall shing shine 0 what a glorious company join when saints and angels jowl

rtr rfy 0 what a joyful meeting there afy

mur mtr atr


oy0 gyn ayn yl oya jd palms in our hands we all shall b6i be ar bai ram aar sse ste tth i iam and crowns upon our head ath

in robes of white arrayd

ys then let us lawfully contend throngfi17 throux gh and fight our passage throu4 mar in our faithful minds war mindstije bear tend t
J 0t6i

iar r1

view prize ie in yiew and keep the pri

ea e7

jbv vbv


iet ailet to the hasten 16 iilet when let us thi thl then

day shali shail shallbe be brought ha M6 t h0 when all shall home come 0 redeemer come away ayap gome djesus ojesus dome bickly come OJ esus qhickly
HYMN 128


sag smg jehotahs in g to the great jehovahs hs praise Jehova T

who kindly lengthens out our days demand our choicest songs tongs bongs brough tus his providence hath brought vis tis through brouth another various year vve ave we all with vows and anthems new before our god appear

all praise to him belongs

irn cleipf t we 0 past oinn wn mercies father thy mer


f 1 I

to thee presenting

through thy son or are aro whatever Wh ateer we have orare whateer whawer 1&4 ijrf f our ups ilyes shail shali lips and shan gladly show shau lives ilves andlive live shall thewonders fc 1 the wonders of thy love s steps we go ea ame on in jesus while to seek thy face above

detill fetill continued care thy w11continued



e our residues diyi6 of days residue 0 ar residued resl resi duea dued oi hours bet het shallbej bej aa shali thinewlioly thine shall aag atg d po erg T wis powers his e fis ers andalf6iir and ali our cbfasecrate ail all sae saa 1wtwthe d A sacriac thee sacrinceto

public POBLIC



i m the clouds appear till jesus in tiu tir fo forgiven earthforgiven s ai is on eaith earth aints rgiye n tobpi gibba

fuc ana sabbatic grana fic year and grand ng the gi bring and bil ile av in heaven jubliee of lie the jubilee


1 io long to I iong

P ar PM

behold him arrayd arrand froaibqve rabove labove 1 fron fronrabove with glory and light r displayed bisp sd the king ebid ehid in his beauty disp hollest love his beauty of holiest 1 languish and sigl there sigh to be therp I hath fiad fixd his abode i where jesus hathflxd 0 when shall we meet in the air buntain mountain untain of god and uy by to the mo
stands stand 1 on zion shall standy with him I nor spokenae the word nAe i6id for jesus hath spoken ibid spoke fid lana land iana th of Immanuels la the breadth ge sunvey survey y by y the light of my lord re dind reuim thy bosom rehim but when on thybosom ena strengthens strengthend strengtlend am strength end to see thy face 1 I my M Y falness of rapture 1 I find my heaven of heavens e s in thee m tiie heaven ille ti 1& dwell dwelf kie die e that dve how happy the people secure in the city above abote no 16 pain the inhabitants feel no sickness or sorrow shall prove s shali shail wove ES

14 4 144

PUBLIC WORSHIP f i 4 physician of sou souls untome unto me antome R fork Forgi benl forg jsand enl asand holiness give j nadholinss A hd therifrpm theli4 r mtlie the body set free orid atlie arid f andhetfto the city receive

liyan imin


1 I

adans rdans stormy banks n itbrdans hanks 1 I stand 5id aid nd cast a wishful eye g fair and happy land ams c anaans canaan canaanj Cana ans 0C hapyjind s lwhere lohere where my pos lie n possessions possession sessio s possessio
rapturous transporting porting rapfro rapt rous scene raptrous tralis 0 the tranis usic tt that rises to my sight

sweet fields arrayd vinig viiig gre arrand in h viligigre deligh I and rivers of delight gre ere kte r fal kill fai rous fruits that never gen genrous there generous on trees immortal grow ana hills vales and tales bills andhrookand there rocks andbills andbr6aid mut h milk and honey flow fewlth feelth

aner extende4114 all ail ali ai ern aay a day ines one e ternal crimes T reigns eib tsere god the son for eve r ie ever eie elgi elbi eibi away scatters night and AA H mft aft pft no chilling winds non poisnoustireath vio winas norpoi4nqus nor vin th can reach that sciore tC sil sll sli sliore ore iha healthful silo

M & er those wide extended plains Us



naa n4and and ssrrowpainaserwmth siclmessadro rr0 p Sickness sicknessand k ai a moreeiwhbi arid feard n n6 neit aggi nelt are felta6ff6ar7 felt f

affef alfef when shall reaca reada biest and be ie for ever blest myi rat ayi Vat delb deib fatheitsac keie shali 1 shail shall when shalli I see my1 vatkeie raml bosomrgt resttt restit if4p and in his bosom rfml elud with delight delights my

I hcijl ur izoielf thatppypl fhatufpik J


hl there on those high and flowtyplain our spirits neer shall dreg drey I S voul joyful vful strains but in perpetual jo
1. 1

stayt would here no longer stays jordans aroandme dAus waves aiou5d though Jor dans fearless fearless id launch away

rapturdsos raptarisou


redeeming love admi admire


1 13 HYMN N 131 lsi isi HYM


3 1 M




say soon as 1 fathersaj I heard my Father saj ye children seek m my grace grab deell my heart replied without deellft ft delai a8 ni seek my fathers fac

drog diot dros riot thy face be hid fro fros fiotihy daf dat N or frown my aw

soul aways adays od of my lifei life 1 libei I fly to thes wa distressing da day i 5

i6 146 ia
my god


ear edne arand dear shoulaftiendsandldn should friends and landred ednearand

leave me

and all my need supply

would make male my life

to want or die

his care

my fainting flesh had oiedni6npr diedjwith grief belle helie beile saul belieyq helievd heliend vd f had not my s6ul ft fr to see thy grace provide relief pon deceived por dece was my hope deceivd ror decavd ivd 4qgwas r emang em4ng itts wait on the lord ye tremblingaints i4ts leep your courage up ov and keep i ants faints heii raise your spirit when it 6 hell heu hen yqrr kopi and far exceed your yirr hope

1 som tov


HYMN 132

131 LM led

thy presence springs i to spend one day with thee on earth exceeds a thousand days ofjairth of
plac piar might 1 ac I enjoy the meanest pI god og race cjodagmqp ograce within thy house 0 goa bgrace powr ofpowr not tents of ease nor thrones of door thy thedoor myfeet should tempt myfelt mrfeet to leave thydoor

great godt god attend while zion sings gody

the joy that from

god is our sun- he makes ourday our day burday god yay vay G od is our shield shieid he h guards our way



A n4 gram graa will god bestow all needful grace 0 and crown that grace with glory too 1 chhoI withholds thho ginis and wi lings he gives us all things ab nb real good from upright souls 1 no
soy god our 0god ngod sov reigns sovereigns 0 king xing sovreign reign sway ring whose sovreigns ourkingwhose a of heavn hostsof the glorious hosts hearn obey and devils at thy presence flee trusts blest is the man that trus in the trustsin tsin

th assaults of hell heii and sin k heli heu from all ty without and foes within 11 from foes withoutand



HYMN 133


1 l

for years to come s i d our shelter fromthe from the stormy blast ra and our eternal home ja

ages past heip in agespast 0 god ourhelp oun onn our help

qur aur hope qurihope

tlieisladqw of thy throne under thq tha shadowof shadow thrqnejj secure still may we dwell secu becu re

sufficient is thine arm alone ain gure eure and our defence is sure


sto od before the hills in order stc stood or earth received rece ivd her frame WR receivd goda god9 alfr god from everlasting thou art gode same7 same to endless years the samec


148 48 l48


A thousand ages in thy sight injby are like an e evening vening gone rening short as the watch that ends the night thewatch nigh before the rising sun

and lost in following followingyears years eyer rolling stream elUce Tim timeluce elure an ever timet4e i B ears ali all ail its sons awa bears ill lii lil t they fly forgotten ai a adream as dream aiadream dies at the opening day god dod our help in ages past 0 goa our hope for years to come tocome t6come beth6u our guide while life shall last betkou amt our perpetual home

the busy tribes of flesh and blood with all their cares and fears are hurried downward by the flood

soxologiel dismission DOXOLOG



1 I

may thpgrace max thegrace of christ our saviour ndjheathe bpundless love hk V ffieftbqundless boundless iove lote dyma dyna th fayo g1101 fay sk 0 vur bur iresuunon us from above


as 8s

and Vs

thus may we abide in union witheg& with each other and the lord insweet in sweet communion and possess unsweet afford
joys which earth cannot . M 1 L HYMN 135 1
praise god from whom all blessings below here helow praise him all creatures herebelow praise him above ye heavenly host praise father son and holy ghost
HYMN 136



6 6 66

1 4

glory to god on high let heaven and earth reply praise ye his name his love and grace adore who all our sorrows bore sing aloud evermore worthy the lamb

jesus our lord and god bore sins tremendous load praise ye his name prale tell what his arm hath done won what spoils from death he wo alone aiona alon aion ryt aloneryt sing his great name alona worthy the lamb

150 0 loo fib rib

song of love

join in one

let all the hosts above

praising his name to him ascribed be ilonour honour and majesty through trough all eternity leworthy Worthy liworthy orthy the lamb hkw haw
HYMN 137

li ill lil lii


C al CM

ToH Father ather tohfather

he god whom we adore wasy glory Bshe ory aa as it was wast is now d shall be evermore id

sou ana holy ghost son

SACRO jsaceamental sacroental sicro ENTAL

t 1 138 HYMN I YMN

C al Q

lag iia ila my saviour bleed yana las nd did ala aia lasyand yand lid 71aid And did my saviour die ala aia anddie anddid illdiie Woul wouldve wouldhe dhe ahe devote that sacred head f6isuch I for such a worm as 1

was 1 had donev doney 11 k it for crimes that I done

groand he groaned
treel upon the tree r 4

tsacratiental sacramental
ity amazing pity its f grace unknown and love beyond degree

151 lai

nesa hide darkness nesi hidei sun in dark well might the iiiii in and shut his glories m when christ the mighty maker died sen yor ein e aturds ben sin an the cr creatures man rm for fo

thus might 1 I hide my blushing face while his dear cross appears dissolve my heartin heart in thankfulness ceartin ejes eyes in tears ana and melt mine bejes
repay ay but drops of grief can neer rep I owe the debt of love 1 I give myself away here lord 1

I can do tis all that 1

180 HYMN 139


twas on that dark that solemn night diid hell arose power deaile daid and aud deaili 3 of death when powei whe powers gods delight weal 6exi een goas against the son lexi ius lus ins foes rayd him to lusfoes bet wfoes and friends betrayd betrand
began aiu alu before the mournful scene beg hp bies blessd blesed bleser sd and brake he took the bread and bles what love through all his actions ran 1I ar jaeck ake ile s p lle grace lie pake jaelk what wondrous words of ale al e



atals is myw4yj atlis sin this loda brie mj lodj hrie for nood ierliying I eat lwi cel r e an and g food ood ier liying f cei lai frpceive ana

h took th tb cup and ble bie d the me rhen then blessd blesse ine lne tot tat 1 tia ris ti& ehg t of rn blood b pjvopant thg

bla bia

f m ma with a t orn sh vA utp nails r6rg his fah vatorn ftp valorn flh stoore th htoore ourge surge bourge he felt th grm gabo te t thsurge tom

an deo Ana dee poud upon his head anajustice and justice tslipfefftoeance n gar g&r stead

1 or r V s e S ins lie suffering g dies hae his life a sacrifice and use

ruiaylku&33looi nadi radl 0 id rapist rapilt lt 1 its F rapi





till ehala gaj tui time ehalf tul e&lf qnj gnj mory of your dying mend friend in m emory meet at my table and record loye iov e of your departed lord lov iove love the loy

do this he cried

timit titit

jesus thy feast nast we ft e celebrate kast PI gill tHylnane we show thy death we sing slug thylnane a e rhall re um anabe lala and alabe h ea thsujeturn ald wbs till ala abs tid tt6ft tiu be shall 1 arna ee pper of the he roarnagupper the lamb I lad lam iam ild ile

nym HYM

L 1 0

&s 4 as 8s 6s & 2 as

1 I

e m aoul apse myaoul i ysoui soul ofar fear shalce offthj guilty oear chalce aballe

aris arif


qacram sacram eif4t sacramental

the throne my surety stands before tha my name is written on his hands

13 ryl

the bleeding sacrifice in my j behalf appears

wigs a e tiss throneycgrace s pr ln kleino now wilz A nd sprinkles and al

me to intercede de formetointerce for his all re deming love his precious blood to plead our racq rac amond for all owr aton7d ewe bacq macefe his blood atond racefe efe

he ever lives above

6i onpj ai

3i ajtfj ai igi nor igl ral rai sinner ransomd sinn let lei iet that ransoms 3

they pour effectual prayers if g forme forniegt gT they strongly speak fornie cry forgive him 0 forgive they cryjj i

five bleeding wounds he bears rece lyd Bece received ivd on calvary beceivd receivd

The Father eather hears him pra&jqs thefather tha gather jather oneg oneag EIS dear deir anointed One delr oneal Ag ri his dean els turn away cannot cannottum ottum he cann v so his son the presence of 00 his spirit answers to the btotl ME goa I am bom of doa and tells me 1 s IH

reconcildo reconcild to god im reconciled 1


cheat he ning voice iheat pard pardning his pardoning

. 4A 4 AO

a puidi AL RAMENTAL iuidi


owns inwavhli mo vorhis iorhis child n no longer can onger fear ilear i J afideh66 wifficohfiderice 1 fidw with now draw nigh I fida

rie ire lle lie ile

aua ana an&killer and father abba father cry

HYMN 141
C 31

bel hei rel


I the saviour d1nawnd of maan taan kind to the shameful tre e dtoffieshat66flfree id lind inclind how vast the love that inclied incline thu him inc tha fo 0 bleed and die for thee

yark natnreshakes lark how he groans while natuiooakes d d earths strong pillars ho bend and kna e temples veil in sunder breaks aila che rhe bre alig 6 solid marbles rend the rhe


s done dond tis

ona ana

ransoms paid the precious isaii60 is ray soul he cile cries receive nay where he bows his sacred head e vows bows his head bead and dies aies ales diel

nd in full glory shine yt at and god was

soon hell t won flout Oon fltut oonhell heii heil break deaths

u chain envious enti anti


ip lamb of

ever pam liann liafn age ovas ever ase ilke thinel iove love rlbvelik lote like



nymn hymn142 HYMN 142
ire lie died lle he


the great redeemer died ound around aund and israels daughters wept ar A solemn darkness vella velia the sly sky sko slo groundy A sudden trembling shook the groundt gro ground undt kro come sal L tear or tw sai fits auddrop saints ana drop E a groawa groland beneath your ft ho groand 0 load for him who you yo sous jou he shed a thousand drops for yous bloode blood5 bio A thousand drops of precious blo


10 what sudden joys were heard a but lo jesus though dead a reviva again revivd dg

iove and grief beyond degree lore heres love of glory died for men the lord ofglory

tomb the rising lord forsook the tom

hoxie home cherubic legions guard him horie side and shout him welcome to the skiep skief
orr teu en off your tears ye saints and t orf wipe offyour deliverer reignss how high your great delivrerrei delivrer triumphed triumplid over hell 44 sing how he triumphd f foe in chains and how heli ini int hell bell heti betl bind your lbe4alih

rise disei risei in vain the tomb forbid his nise

mr77 156 I llo l56

walt y p

thy sting T wheres thy victry boasting grave

the monster wheres tha then ask th&monster

say live for ever wondrous king to redeem toredeen born moredeen redeen and strong to save


HYMN 143

31 P PM

pgess seess igess

ybo dsus abo VUs amid the sky jesus name we ask thee uehame nehame Pg ess and sanctify pure before thee ya wme ame T tyn tynbread bread and cup of wine tun aread av we may all remember fohat fthat tat lat offringa hat offring so divine offnng

ty tyeternal th eternal father

1 I

qd holy of acred at- a icred r ad fring anleastunderstood least understood B aan suz bins sins remitted ur gins ia duz dur An mis a M mls aka his flesh and blood h ak6 imay a in y ever witness ran inn tun hing ring of thy son 19 eways have his spirit iways taws as one ourithearta a U make

when jesus the anointed

drom above from ii descended flom ransoms and gave himself a ransom love iove lov iov to win our souls with loy

ALe SACRAMENT kle sacramental

with no apparent beauty men should him desire that mqnshouldhim he was the promised saviour

hir zir lir

rol toii tol


to purify

with fire

how infinite that wisdom wisdo the plan of holiness that made salvation perfect ana vaild andvairdthelordiu and valid haild the lord in flesh J asto oli tsto footstool to walk upon his foo oii almo S almost be like man aimo and he in his exalted station 10 st lost was lo and die or all w

to all eternity messis be is the true messia he

twas done all nature trembled wtv ltv yet by the power of falth nai t iii nal fai naith ewh faith r jwh he rose as god triumphant i 0 death t i and broke the bands of de all r and rising conqrer coxiqreri contrer captive alm tj a st he led captivity fst 6 and sat down with the fathe father
11 SA

ap we look not for anotherj another i wasslainj tw hois asisla inq inn haa har is the lamb twasisla her d no an andighepherd the stone vp he is thos
ato att OIs oisrae ols rae scattejfa1

ilves liv esgain again that died and lives





the glorious branch from jesse morningsiar star morning siar the bright and morningstar
ag aln he is that prophet ain again
said should come comgj comaj ralpd being raisd ralsd among his brethren mel c tr ho mei to call the righteous hq6 m and all that will not hear hini shall feel his chastenmgrod pd ended endea wickedness edness is enaedl vick till wick As saiththe saith saitu salth the lord our dod wim

that moses



with angels yea our fathers

he comes he comes in glory vanished too vall vali has tanishedtoow tail the vail
tha songs of zion and sing the doficit donefl ana shout tis done tis donell andshout and

to drink this cup anew


while every son and daughter joicey joices are one a mb ices we axe lw jo nices


d was dead

livesl W livell imowthatt my redeemer it redee I 4& swena orftfiis sentence this sweet a comfort what swen4 nco ace nce olive etive s lives ilves 6ce he lives ho da


he lives

my over ever er living head



loye lovei love to bless me with his iove he lives to plead for me above feeds he lives my hungry soul to feed time timdof of need he lives to bless in dime

lag 59 159

lie lives lle ile he

t he lives to grant ma rich supply eye hiseyes he lives to guide me with his lie lle ile he lives to comfort me when faint he lives to hear my souls complaint j au ail my fears ali he lives to silence all ana wipe my tears and stopandwipe ite lle ile lives to stop he he lives to calm my troubled heart he lives all blessings to impart friend heavnly beavnly mendiv ase wse beavely my land vey mylund he lives myldnd wet vet ehd ead ile lie he lives and loves me to the end s ing he lives and while he lives ill sing

an dKing hfrlives heiives HeI hed ives my prophet priest andking5


path breath i he lives and grants me daily bri deathyti ItiAW if deathy he lives and L shall conquer death parg prepare pari peepari prepari he lives my mansion to pre therp he lives to bring me safely theng

he lives all glory to his name n samtflf the sind simd he lives my jesus still tho 0 the sweet joy this sentence gives

1 I know

sd blivess livess that my redeemer live

PM igo 160

sam SAV ENIUL saorameniul

hymnu15 15 hymxli

nr P PM

macrea elthe the sacrea raise sacred strain gently raiselthe rals rais the sabbath come again for thesabbatljdcome man may rest that inan i gods godf and return his thanks to god

biest fr his blessings to the blest

61 st

11 holy

strife stri devold devoid of strifeli day devo delo feli deloidof idof io seek eternal life V theek toeek a tief that great reward tijf amen nd partake the svamen sacramentw bid sv sacramenta aid ald kvamen ourlom lord ih in remembrance of our


sweetly swell the solemn sound ardi arbiind while we bring our gifts aidi around js of broken hearts AS a &villhig willing sacrifice what his grace imports showing g4hat sowin s t happy type of things to come como gat gixtheedhome gatherd home when the saints are eatherd herd homb lord to praise the lora urd in eternity of bliss all as one with one accord jtu atu i v holy holy is the lord precious precious is his wordr woodr word repent and lire live j kl 4



g onit ya y6 g joursinssare crims erh though crimsortt shouh ortT thouh irtsi0kar6 repentant repenfsnd repentand tana forgive ll llforgive tand he hell 0 repen

layr lay softly sing the joyful lays ily for the saints to fast and pray As god ordains for his goodness and his love while the sabbath day remains



HYMN 146


ye children of our god ye saints of latte r i6jys oflatter dys 7

fieshaahdble dd hd blood lie gives his fleshiahd lle ile he fleshia

10 surround the table of the iiordfy lo prais st and join to sing his praised

our souls to purify gooffi gioffi Ana anablesses and blesses us with with every go

U s thus he brings us ni nigltv sand amalhus amaldus



we do remember him

at and d eattql pain ana resag S wa q be r psag and how with power he leli ear triumphant from the leil

his sorrow

oen gra rav 0 oer thprg at he triumphed 9t ascendedihtgh1



soon asce E to 6




162 62

thrones in power he sits to save where throned
g the sinner nigh bring and brin
soon will come again

and with his children taste lamby iamb the marriage supper of the lamb bless& blesso bies sd bles with his own presence blessd
arrayed in spotless white won well then each other greet thrones in mighty might and see messiah throned anake andie feel feet and worship at his deel
HYMN 147




daughtersjdlord L ord behold thy sons and daughters on whom we lay our hands ands gospiel4wqrdi gospel word fulfilledtthe they have fulfilled I ahe commands si and bowed to thy command

oye biwa iiwalove heavenly ove heavenlylove now send forth the heme oyer bouis bouls overwhelm whelin their souls bwl and over with peace and joy and perfect love As lambs within thy fold

eolsj swi Eol sJ

ower pover own spirits power beai seal them by thine ownspirifs seai which purifies from sin may they find from this good hour and m they are adopted in



strengthen their faith confirm their hope guide them in the way and gulde bean behr their spirits up bear with comfort beir day perfectday the perfect until thejerfectday



SS t
HYMN 148

fle fie 11e


jesus f mighty king in zion b1 alonebur guide shalt ba 716u thoiraone0nr thycoinmissiori thy&missioif we rely on yeb vaivy il follow will yeL none but thee yelwill ownonebutthee 147

thy victory ahdthy xi etory oer the grave e who know the great salvation we are baptizd baptized bapti zd beneath the he wave
griess of the worlds despi ariess despising sin Fe irless fearless i vve the ancient path pursue ave we e &rsu buried with our lord and rising lifa ilfe divinely new to a life

emblem amb oathy Tan emb le ofthy of thy passion tanemblem


r2 f2 fa




6 as 8s

in jordans tide the prophet stands

immersing the repenting jews the son of god the right demands nor dares the holy man refuse i jesus descends beneath the wave the grate ile emblem of his future grave lle

1 your wonder ye heavens I ybur maker lies dhom conc from humaniriew conceald conceals eala ddom eaid eald in deeps conceatd69nihiiniauitiew ye men behold him sink and rise A fit example this for you the sacred record while you read calls you to imitate the deed

shies skies lo from yonder opening sines slies but 10 glory spread that beams of dazzling gloryspread what doye ilke like the eternal spirit flies dove dovelike and lights on the redeemers head amaza divine alvine A the power avine amand they see thepower amazd ayi shlneim f shi avi oura shin4ti Savi around the S ours temples shineim s savl aviours avioura
1 adorel bark my soul hark and adore but hark what sounds are those that roll along sinais awful roar not like loud kinais gabriels song as gabrieyssong bong but soft and sweet aa well beloved son this is my wellbeloved 1 bath done be hath pleasa what he I see well pleasd

etfemal etkrnal father tho eternal eather rather thus tl

16 163 165 3


shakes creation creatlon with a nod who shakescreation throughparting through parting skies the accents broke and bid bu us hear the son of god to day 0 hear the gospel word today nation hear all ye nations si and obey

AH righteousness to fill allrighteousnesito twas there the ancient prophet stood whose name was john a man of god to do his masters will

as & 2 as 8s 6s 8s&2 salems saltms bright king jesus by namey name numes taf am el In ttf jordancaxnc unancient times inancient wmcient time tcrlord7anl ancient
HYMN 150

the holy jesus did demand be baptized then his right to he the prophet gave consent on jordans banks they did appear the servant and his master dear then down the bank they went
tolling stream down in old jordans rolling the prophet led the holy lamb and there did him baptize jehovah jell Jeli ovah saw his darling son dolse pleasa in what hed dosie dorie and was well pleasd skles ownd and owid oirnd him from the skies

f3 fa

waw w9w V 66


the opening heaven heaten now complies Uke ilke lika likalightning lightning flies ukelightning the holy ghost ilka
down from the courts above venly and on the holy heal heavenly renly lamb renis the spirit lights and does remain I like ilke in shape 1 dote ike a air hir dove

i jehovah son my sonjehoviw is this cries the echoing voice from glory flies 0 children heary hear ye om hun yis nis voice behold hartt tis his behoiahe cne he cries repent believe and be bapti bapdzd baptiid id and wash away your sin sm
4 children Come hildren come liis comechildren ills voice obey ilis his

f it

saleni4 salenia saienibright bright king has mark mailetlthe althe way tlthe tithe wao war prepared and has a crown pi epard consent 0 then arise and give cons 6t in the way that jesus went walk inthe and have the great reward


believing children gather round ana and let your joyful songs abound with cheerful cheerfulhearts hearts arise ariso see here is water tere wate waier watertere re is roonig roorot roonie X loving saviour calling corner comei Y tijA 0 children bo bap tika haptizu be baptija


1671 167

behold his servant waiting stands with willing heart and ready hands upon the bride walt wait waitupon to ye candidates your hearts prepare and let us join in solemn prayer slae water side by the waterside down hy


.151 1 151 HIJMN IN 151 115

l tdngdom come ye children of the ingdon ingdom day today sing with me for joy to gather round as christs disciples kneel with grateful hearts and pray


what the saviour said to john heaven and the sacred words from heavey heaten this is my beloved son
As twas said to nicodemus astwas astras so 1 born bob again I must be bom tis by water and the spirit 1 I the promise may obtain so 1 alwill will obey the saviour I lwill his will and dahis keep his law ana dihis oor ever foroverj for verj foro veri i I may enjoy ford that 1 happiness on qnaonsmil xonsbill

cont aind in matthew contains theres a line containd

F4 ra r4

16 la





i fi 1

wora know that solemn word we not knoy knoT word knowthat knotthat 1 q are ara buried with the lord araburied that we rtttiied baptized baptizd zd d into his death and then baptie baptiz Bapti put rut off the body of our sin 2
IQP kep D O leo


our souls receive diviner breath

raisd raisa from corruption

guilt and death so from the grave did chhist christ arise goa above the giges gides sides and lives to god

no more let iet t sin or satan reign

omd souls again rans ransomd ransoms pli pil ill lusts we servd nervd before lonu loru orninion inion now no more

IN 153


sweet e eldo ido do meet et heremeido here we herem ey lide water side y the waterside n D wn 11 ere we stand by christs command here hla bride hia 0 wait upon his t
welli farewell here we do bid the world fare

godj it is the road that leads to goda canaanj Cana ans land igyfe the way to canaans

practisefhis higpommand command to practisef goa god



now we will sing to christ our king our souls shall give him thanks who came to jordan unto john and went down jordan banks come sinners allabe ali obey the call ail all allbbe baptiz7d bapti zd baptize repent and be baptizd forsake your sins and follow him yon in gloi glory aloi y rise till you

tggl to weve found the road that ledo tegl thatleaas leda ibia tGgl
fm the way of holiness hag beliy bag n bepiy well follow him where he has for all his paths are peace
HYMN 154
31 C CM
cat oal cal

piu plu pli thus was the great redeemer plung in jordans swelling flood

in tears and sweat and blood v laid4411 laidi 4411 iala iaia lal lai thus was his sacred body bodv boda laid t wave ware yielding 16 beneath the yielding16 raisdfe raie& thus was his sacred body raiel sa s1 ve grave out of the liquid gra

baptizdlf V to show he must be soon haptizd

woulds wouldob dob ej wouldo lord we thy precepts woul thy own footsteps tread in thyown thrown




be buried rise with thee would die beburied thecl theel our everliving ever living head

HYMN 155 PM never does truth more shine withbeams with beams of heavenly light than when the scriptures join to prove it plain and right than when each text doth each explain speart ana speak the same and all unite to spealt

thus philip

did to th eunuch say if you believe in christ you may households did dla believe dia ald aid whole bouscholaq ana and were baptized to christ rece ivd receivd whose gospel they received were of ancient date wereb thus christians wereq bistry As sacred hisfry histry doth relate see tis no new thing to teach and then baptize so 0 christians first began christs ordinance to prize

what jesus said was wise and preached as he led repent and be baptized bapti baptizd baptizl zd

thus peter

who obeyd obeyil oberd

paul preache preachd the word of grace



171 71 f

malies us cheerfully males this makes HYMN 156

obey haye led the way ay they have and go as theyhave

31 IM li

come all ye sons of grace and view your bleeding saviours Savi ours love to you behold him bim sink with heavy woes boes fees and give his life to save his foes

when you behold the sacred wave you see the emblem of his grave come all who would his laws obey and view the place where jesus lay



but not deaths adamantine chain could long the mighty lord detain
when you ascend above the flood then call to mind the son of god ye saints lift up your yourjoyful joyful eyes exulting see your saviour rise

behold him cheer the heavy gloom and rise refulgent from the tomb

edy edp proceed proee nobly from strength to strength proce fisit rritt risit ana nd rise to every worthy deed and

IQJ loj bindwith findwith find with largo lor fresh from the stream andremoveqa r tlle tile tents of guilt remove qA far from the

f6 r6 fa




risman rismal bartisaial

al L LM

157 hyimn157

iriis burn withardent spirits whoe whoaspirits with ardent flame withiardent whoso Whoa choso friis 4 10111 T sea to seipt learn his praise beo his glory leam bea osiow him in all oiiow ilis ills liis ways and follow ali allms allas

ym that love Im all you immanuela name immanuels manuels

rispou risjou ou ye yo children of the light tim tiv split and Ti eSpirit bride d the bhide tride invite late

me j come ye subjects of his grace eare gire ejre ez e ho eire he reveals his smiling face


t s me to his church enter his gates s presence waits gracious iipryon gracion II pryon tyon his graciou bestowed bes towd peace and pardon are bestowd god od t gifts and worthy ofa of a G


hee way the saviour came v144hd jordans sa stream s4 baptized bapti baptizd zd in jordan is sbaptled

welcome why should you delay nvites has marked the way hdfinvites svites
V h

SW if

hyil158 CM
1j6ail16fdaandiwul pardoning thy pardning pard ning love deanii6rdand will thyparxning embrace agoul vlie aboul so vile vviltt thoutmydoad guilt remove of gulit thbumylload ofguilt nd lles m eath hies s niwivith bies bles deand feand seand thrsmilot emth thyismilet



discharged discbargd dischar gd my dreadful debt hast thou dischargd and set the prisner free canet thou each bold affront forget canst and save a wretch like me


and shall my proud rebellious heart yet murmur at thy will

shali shall shail 1 shan I from thy commands depart and wander from thee still

aura endura dura durd hast thou for me the cross en spied despi sd ali alt all ail the shame de and dil 0 lord and shall 1 I be ashamd baptizd with thee tobe baptized
didst thou the great example lead in jordans swelling flood and shall my pride disdain a deed thats worthy of my god



dear lord thy condescending love reproves reprover Reproves my cold delays ahing steps how slow they move my wandering wanxring wandring wan aning dring ra how careless in thy ways

1 still rebellious stand and shall I 1


this ordinance is thy command vi pq thy will my god be done aq

let fear and shame be gone f W

1 I



nin HYMN 31n 159

.1 1

behold the lamb of god aus inpus jus khis divine array go down into the flood A s his father to obey jordaens stream to be baptizd jordans baptized bapti zd iii lii lil jordaes in de spied despied despise despi carnal world despisd sd though by a carno

can we pretend to know more fully gods design can we pretend to show
IA A conduct more divine can we neglect this ordinance i phout thout an insult to our prince without 71

i we will obey arby commands y practice and command 56 4- e id us 1 ti h0 behold here to dayt 4b we in thy presence stand blesse awn i blessedwul devoted to thy blesseawn fulfil et pie asure to fulfill ready eady thy pleasure 8f I atil af ttil i we wave e sink beneath the waye wavea the water we go through 14wz the emblem of thy grave and resurrection too 00 we die are buryd agama agamc hise nise ziseagwnq burld rise ahi reign in hopes with thee to live and

sus tjesus djesus tJ e esus

3rby n

tflrf w




1 I

give grace to persevere and then rejoicing we will go to do our fathers will below
HYMN 160

great father cast thine eye and drive away our 0ur fear our evry want supply

kh go teach the nations and baptize baptizee baptized 7 received rece ivd the word 3 if the nations have receivd if since he ascended to the skies skles t

twas the commission of our lord

ca c1

ire lre sits upon th eternal hills lie he

with grace gr ace and pardon in his hands rajI and sends his covnant cov nant with the seals faj 1 R connant J to bless the distant british lands

repent and be baptizd baptized salth bapti zd ho he saith for the remission of your sins fhi fal th falth faith and thus our sense assists our fai atl itl j e S IS means and shows us what his gospel in

As water makes the body clean and the good spirit from our god descengs1ike ne rain ilke purifying descends like purikti

our souls he washes in his bloody blood




cngageurselyes to tbeeiv4 lheew thus we engagurselvesto ana thjjord and seal ouricovnant tholord oursovnant with tho lord great eternal three thes thesgreat thei thelgreat 0 may theL thred v napur npur record ord our solemn vow re ard it heaven in hea
ip i


31 L LM


irv irr in ancient times

came preaching in the wilderness did aid dla dia ala baptize in jordans flood he aia requiring fruits of righteousness
1 I

a man of god

time s fulfilled saying repent the times the son of god will soon appear make straight his paths and do his will 10 near is nean his langdom now innear for lo isnear
with water here baptize withwaterberei for the remission of your sins but he shall send the spirits power to witness to your souls within
1 I now

when first he came unto his own peard and by this means when he appeara bride her saviouriowned saviour owned theoreadybride the ready bhide

aws messiays aYs way prepared messiahs thus was Messi

9 th elatter E en s blatter soin tbisfheilatter el atter day I omie earthtojeign beforgihetcomesion onie soiieartjji



his way ilis lils his servants must prepare hi and all his paths make straight again
come then ye wandering sheep who foid fold told arise return unto your mold come he be baptized without delay and thus pursue the paths of old
163 HYMN 162
11 al C CM

stesy stjsy atra 9tra

syf ryf


believeg heayn veg we do belie beile belle believed faiherinhea enwedobelieve Fathe heavn hearn eln ein fathejin jin mig maae 114 madol A madei the promise thou hast made wora ledel word with meekness we iedel Thet tora thetword thei rord iora thetford thetiora just as thy saints have said justas



we now repent of all our sins and come with broken hearts to thy covnant connant enter in andtothycovnantenterin and d choose the better part A parl and


st stria well now be buried in the str6a reamA jesus name blessed in us jean and rise while light shall on U lean leau alamei flamel flame amel 11 flamei tho the spirits heavenly fl amei


prayer accept our humble prel ye prek d all our sins forgive an and hq new lif impart from this good aq lifajmpart houn melr melf lifimpart hour tin hew tir ana tho sinner live the and and bid th
JD jdgrid prad TA grid prid

r 179


baptize u s with the holy ghost as thine own and seal us is oun ungdom egdom we may stand that in thy h ngdom Aand with thy saints be one w

1431 l431 irfm

haam iram


now how foolish to the carnal mind iaokoliih Tf 4dnances of god appear lesordnanccs count them as a puff of wind they ant ana conteimptii6tis sneer and gaze with a contemptuous aifdre

vdi adi atftiiiled attburietl now beneath thell ood the flood tbellood theflood theli tbell jwash away your guilt and sin awash A unsome me other means as good n uysome romean meau so mean lljlbelter ter why appear somean a

. 4 4

umily despise the proffered grace tihey


mit sst nit

si die ale and perish in their sms aie sins styrian ssyrian leper thought t eieassrian an116veah al wash in jordan anccbeioean
w d awaj rage eb turned he turne a ra agaj rae stilri yould shilf stilf rould ouid remain a leper stilli ould

s swa BWB ts humbler serra Hs serrant 4hublfr a bwl bul hul and turned h 5retalt T at last ast avi q41t asi andthnied

W r kigian roluhs arliew rolufs flooa1 asliew aws araj ghhr4y14md traj renew d nesh neshrenew har6trajghtway trai found Ms round ti owrifiewd


the virtue of the word of god bad proved thus by experience he had
poor sinners now would fain perform deed deedil S ome great and meritorious deedie iome lome bow to the systems men have formed and from their leprosy be freed

baptismal1 BAPTISMAL nartis


171 179

then why not yield to simple means the gospel is the power of god wiiest from their sins twill save the vilest wordy vordy word obedience ence euce to the words whtyield dia obedi eld dla wh
HYMN 164

101 10 lolf on the waters brink we stand lo do the fathers will baptized bapti zd by his command to be baptizd 4 thuy fulfil falffi thus the word fulfill and thug


0 lord weve sinned but we repent and put our sins away with joy receive the message sent

& k r

in this the latter day


thou wilt accept our humble prayer giTe forgive zorgite forgite and all our sins for nees neer friend sinners for jesus is the sin
live might ghtliv he died that we mi



we lay our sin bin fui bodies now ful sinful fal
beneath the opening wave then rise to life divinely new As from the bursting grave so when the trump of god shall blow the saints shall burst the tomb immortal beauty crown their brow with an immortal bloom

phymn phyan FIYAIN



ome humble sinner in whose breast the gospel word is sown come with your guilt and sin oppressd oppressed of jesus own the name ofjesusown
rosep rose have like a mountain rosey coynant covenant cov covnant nant enter in and to his coy

0 come

i s to jesus though your sm sins

whatever may oppose

believe repent and be baptized and wash your sins away d his spirit from on high send hell sen when you the word obey whenyouthe

tali treecy triecy in vain the sons of men have taii tai tal A thousand different wassy wassa wayj rayj



seage seate have called from anxious seatshv6c ailed him lord never neten neer do what he says but nemen

teach teach teich mens commandments siiflvthey still hey stillhey while menk and doctrines of their own

in vain they worship at his feet

bedore his throne before or bow belore

the lord from heaven has renewed the covenanfragain covenantwln words sen sent the nations senthis his word and to thepations renthis this
anty plain duty iain to make their auty lain
HYMN 166

4 as 8s 6s & 2 as

skies skles sides messave massave and sent the message 7 we declare his second coming to prepare

ours call saviours it is the Savi hes spoken from the

repent ye gentiles all baptized bapti zd and come and be baptizd

pith pursue the ancient path no1w sbeure now1 secure the promised blessing nowc quel sure the spirits seal for ever suel

be buried with your lord ama ana new WY and rise divinely ne his eternal word tushis dis tlshis tis

482 182


ye souls with sin distressd distressed distresed t4te


who fain would find reheftlj relief tu come C e 0 on his ron se re promise rest r07 ie he will assuage your grief 11 send eu n d the sp h i it from on high spirit 1 you comply th the gospel vh hen with vith gope I

coma come comb be adopted in with vith israels chosen race dui ad wash away your sins promisedvess btessingtaste rhaipromised promised Vess ing taste e venant 5tands for ever sure stends heyo heyotenant Tenant steeds hezo V 0 to helen dendure vallwbo endure heien vallebo heiendendure thawnd thawed as fs rem fay ism fjy fv ffiuwww f


1 I



G M HYMN hyun 167 C ft 6ki from doleful harlcl the tombs a sound my ears attend the cry ye living men come view the ground where you must shortly lie ile lle

aki akl


princes this clay must be jour your bed jourbed rour in spite of all your towers wised thqreteredhead wise the revered head held the tall the wisey ile as low as ours lle he shall lie f

fiuiveral4 nweralk


1 is this our certain doom great god I deom H eure cure ana secure seeure arewe lwe still se and are alewe still walking downwards to the tomb 4 and yet pr epard no more grant us thepowerofquicfeening quickening quick enin gy the powerof quickenin

flesh dying nesh dyingflesh dyingness then when we drop this dyingnesh sicy siry well rise above the sky IM nymn CM HYMN 168 C dying an fn en moumford for a do we moumfor ying mourn oor s alarms deaths or shake at death ser rig tig Toice that jesus send volce voice sei toicethat ris but the voicqithat tis

to fit our souls to fly


bis arms to call them to his

are we not tending upward too

As fast as time can move lc nor should we wish the hours more nire al 40 tokeep to keep us from our love
to CO con m hy should we tremble why

alv nlv

1 I tomb th tomba their bodies to the ofjesusls jesukla jesulla there once the flesh of

zi S and left a long perfume ya

awbis saints awhis U s saintilelble the graves of abbis every i bed everybed softenedevery and softened



FUNERAL fcneka1

should the IA where illiene shouldthe tha dying members rest illiere thein their dying head 7 but with theiraying11ead

whence ence he arose ascended high ah ibad tend shawd our feet the way ibnd showd imndshowd oroa uptdnthe lord our feet shall fly oro& great rising day thegreat at the trumpet sound then let lei iet lel iel the last loud ft kindred ziso landred hnso rise and bid our kinared awakeiye unden ground Awake nations under awakee awaked iye ye saints ascend the sides s side

HYMN 169

1 L 31 I M

why should we start and fear to die dimerous nerous timerous thnerous what tim th erous worms we mortals are death is the gate to endless joy and yet we dread to enter there
the groans the dying dymgstrife dyingstrife strife u1 sayky fright our approaching soui soul 0 ua saway soulsaway saday ept again and we shrink back ag eat 0 lif lifew eif aln to ain fond fona of our prison and our 14 fondon fondof

the pains

fec clayt tr

compani my lord would come ifmj 0 if comeani iH meetch ani meet meetih my soul would stretch her wings i ha ste is haste fly fearless through deathpsjron deaths iron gate j nor feel wei wel kel the terrors as she past


1 I


Sh makqjdjdyingbed ohff jesus can maleiadyingbed ff shff nfc as dony pillows are nac feel soft acdony aCdowny my head I lay in i while on his breast 1 thqa and breathe my life out sweetly th thea


L al LM

volce volco creation speaks with awful voice hark Har tis a universal groan harkias harkiis J re echoes through the vast extent tmou Ofm worlds ofmorlds calleiltomou of thou orlds unnumbered called

kIis kils

sickness for si ekness

t pain and de deat deaf reigne3 reigner roi rol with awful tyranny have rel while all eternity has shed slaini her tears of sorrow oer the scaini
sorrowy sorrow


i but hark again resounding through the sullen gloom appears appeared appeard A mighty conqueror has ap peard tombrf tomb tombro the to and rose triumphant from ther M b rf

fi beard a voice is heard

mourn i no longer let creation moum ye sons of sorrow dry yourjears youn tears jears your lilfe I S ours ilfe our k life luo eternal gilfe is life ilfe


on e dismiss your doubts dispel you


T king shall soon in cloudsdeeif eing eini the rini clounl4esce

hostafiove heavnly beatifly beaTI fly hos ael ve aei with all the heavily ali


love dwell with those they iove and always 41mi

ana hail enise erise irise friends shail lise shall shallirise and theirfriendi iise ilse andhail hall hali their the dead shalliise

xo tears no sorrow death orpaini no paini or pain shall eer be known to enter there but perfect peace immortal bloom shall reign triumphant evry where
HYMN 171


the morning

flowers display their sweets

As careless of the noontide heats As fearless of the evening cold


and gay their silken leaves unfold

nept by the winds untimely blast blas41 nipt

director reeter recter ray hy the suns by directer suns sans di taxy glories wakstei waste momentary tary wastei the momen elivd livd beauties die away the short livm

divi div mem me alv meo so blooms the human face alvi divanei divinei nef o nei outh its pride of beauty shows when youth auth shine i colours shi6vil fairer than spring the colouos tha virg virgin rosa rose in t0sehmi and sweeter than the

a4 or worn by slowly rolling yearsich yearsic1v aa or broke by sickness in a darmo day darrotr das fe fading glory disappearsiiis Th disappears thilfading Thil thfading 41iles lived beauties awaft livld awayi tiei die awayt agayi h brt livd beautiek the short


1871 187

yet these newfrising neW frising newrising rising from the tomb lustre brighter far shall shine aj &j with lustrbrighter ever during bloom revive with eyer
safe from diseases and decline

let sickness blast

let death devour C pains recompense our pain if heaven but recompence perish the grass and we fade the flower if firm the word of god remains



priesthood PRIESTHOD
30k L LM
une uee

1 I

HYMN 172


in ancient days men feard the lord lords received and by their faith receivd rece ivd his word vord t tord bestowed bes towd upon the meek bestovld then god bestowd
thepriesthood the priesthood of melchizedek

by help of this their faith increased increasdt increaed J face till they with god spoke face to oace an enoch he would walk with od vith god A noah ride safe oer the flood theflood jm

gq aq

lhp1 abrham obtained great proraiscs14f14& promises and isaac he was also blest 1 tnt i tot tat

co couldprpvail could prevail with god coula eia ela jacob hia divideatof6ses oses rod boses I ioses eadividarat loses arhe ea trhe

clo sd mouth a daniel closd cload e fire re neer scor rens clothes scorched brethrens breth scorclid brethrees threes scorchd clid his bre the world fail fall fali to mention all but time would the men of faith ill just name paul

lions TE T telions telious lons ions

who did to the third heavens arise ana and view the wonders of the skies he saw and heard mysterious things yet all b y faith falth and not by wings such blessings to the human race once mor moreice elre ten derd by gods grace moreire eire tendered the priesthood is again restord abord for this let god be long adord
andyjohn now we by faith like paul andjohn an dJohn may way see the father and the e son 0 and view eternal things above avei otei ovei and taste the sweets ofbq ofboundlsi
i ke them we hated be ft ilke and i f like deprivsi depri debri A sometimes of liberty we will like them this faith &&di defend Wh whatever ateer our fate unto the end whateer


worm ui 0 lord assist thy feeble worms this resolution to perform J praise and we thy sacred name will prais
remnant of ouridays ouri days HYMN 173

throughoutahe the throughout Ahe

TNI avi ani

now well sing with one accord y for a prophet of the lord V bringing forth his precious words cheers the saints as ancientl anciently

layj laoj when the world in darkness la jai iki ray Vay j ral 10 wayj rayj lo he sought the better Iw sajj16 and he heard the saviour saya sara go and pruna son prune iny vineyard so prun6 my
and an angel surely then for a blessing unto men nien brought the priesthood back again its ancient purity in inhi ichi

even joseph he inspires sj yea his heart he truly e syl y fires sit Q sil e desires mith with the light that be desire withthe righteousness for the work of ofrighteousn6

ormon tri mormon truegj and the book of 31 trl new t with its covenant ever riew




for the gentile and the jew 9a lie translated aa lle ile sacredly i7 he
he commandments to the ch firch church arrhe much the saints will always search ivhich ivsich iwhirethejoysofheaven where the joys of heaven perch came through him from jesus christ precious are his years to come lvhile the righteous gather home while for the great millennium mille ni lu m where hell rest in blessedness

prudent in this world of woes boes he will triumph oer his foes while the realm of zion grows yhile chile h purer for eternity


nymn HYMN


savl saviouri 0 ye people the Savi sati saviou ouri ormrg hem 1 w hear helllsuadenly denly come to bis I teniplqwn het tel his tei bear aas eas repentance epen hamart tart ving thatart 310 110 of a els needed 0 eis ali ail ll t tha ting
gwin them a lot of inheritance near gain to gaiiieln ez

1 I

191 91 igi

1 I

mno wn will soon pass and that unlcnown to row mo morrow tomorrow arrows rrows may nay soussin a more dreadfulgff soulsin leave many mayleave wayleave manysoulsinainoredreadfulsor than came by the flood or that fell on goteeth morrah yea weeping and wailing and ana aria gnashing of alia

today to day


bbr be ready 0 islands the saviour is coming zaon the prophets dec declare deciare laic hell bring again zion re repent of your sins and have faltwlirre antof falthwre intof d d emption demp tion mptlon demotion

to gain you a lot of inheritance


windsiof s f and call the elect from the four win heaven eri erl t for th e earth lesus is coming to reign on the o jesus

to the nations in season is given A voic voice volce a4o abo volc to show the return of the glories of ed n ofedfs

HYMN 175 P M M froin from the regions of glory axi an aneti kic aneel secluded scend cd h6i the si 1 and told nows hai news tola tho a strange howthi trange ncws hoathi I trInge tia was T iia attended qp A beagent ap beavent sheph erds ivin str is and visit this hea sheeh g ger 1 I hen star tligr ath that bright gar leath bbr bar W keath a sh aTna manger nger


SE CONn cond second

poming coming

hallgluja halleliijahjto ito the lamb whom our souls may rely on wbombur all see waa req him on earth wat sho ali ail rwhen svhen sehen he brings again Zion againzion f
nation 1

glad tidings 1 and each I bring unto you aud lud glad tidings of joy now behold hold nowbehold nowe nowehold holl oour bour salva

aup your y6ur voices redeemer f while heaven e iweerneifwhile andsaout and116e 217 the rejoices aq rq ices i
1 ihup

arij e pilgrims and alij arisllje

jtion ution

highest b e given even kiven diven let glory to god in the high6stte

story and sing of his love his salvation and glory ac hallelujah to the lamb &c
doin is yours by the will of the fa g dorn langdom the kin

be re ehod in heaven i and glory to god bo A as tell the glad let ns iet around round the whole world jet

ther S will righteous whose uplifted hand just the tig gather WIl the wicked will pass as yeate re eti etl byjate befordwil Be forea beforea Beford ali ming tho the thoming the heavens shall shine with all f messiah 4j aj X hallelujah to the lam lana&c


of curl chri



1 76 HYMN 1 76

is near r behold the day isn6 isnt there when zions king shall enter theye and banish all their fear fill all with peace and love

arts prepare ilief r he hearts prepared let all the saints their

and speeds his way to earth acclamatfons sounding loud with acclamations

ornt the church of the first born flying clouds suds a behold he comes on dying
with songs of heavenly birth will sing willding the saints on earth willsing and hail their heavenly king race emd of adams raca rede redeemd redeems all the redeen3m fae in peace behold his face

and blessings from above adorn T ad honours to adornt adorant his church with hondours


lil g


devouring aevouring flames before his face devouringflames in awful grandeur rise the suffering saints he boldly claims sides ana bears them to the staed and while earth is purified to in peace they all abide 4 again to againkf1 earth descend and then rejoicing in his reign
G 1




A thousand years in peace to dwell with joys itboundp abound abouna the earth withjoys made free from all the powers othell of heil heii hell

no adise cdise curse infect the ground erom sin and fr6ni aud pain releasd frani released from ilnandpalh relea sd The saints abide in peace thesaints tha aga ayd all creation here below air Savio xing eing and sapio eir king mow sarlo tir know saviour bir uir air

HYMN tI lYMN 177 P lyun alP M s cus ns pray gladly pray let jehovah jehotah oTah ovah in the house of Jeh the righteous can say ill lUhe lohe irl iriluhe VT vtill irilii still

teat tust

isijipiour warfare is over nr we 11 oui our tears lextweu ll dry di7 dia up ouk wltly foy oly praising together witly fly

hrugh brugh r h the great thousand years n ace with the saviour pieto pleto foil foll caeto face ace c1eto

hat a joy hai tov iov will be there i4 gat the great resurrection ia w the saints meet in air yin n their robes of perfection the lamb then the l b amb then tho L mandatory with a gods mind atory 1 AM TEST aa As I air THAT 1 ail I AM gibr gabryl glbryl rus with rufs ruis withhis his rris the world wid fus hh gabr


iga 195

we can then live in peace withajoyunthemountains witha joy on the mountains

doth increase earthdoth As the earth with a joy by the fountains for the world will be blest a joy to rel rei witha rely on from the east to the west through the glory of zion



hymnfm cil cli

let zion in her beauty rise

f icsdjc

majestic and divine r 1 the gospels spreading through the land A people to prepare to meet the lord and enochs band triumphant in the air

ere long her king will renda rend the sklesi skies heskie heskle rendtheskie rendt

shine begin sto ahlner her light beginsto


ye heralds heraias sound the gospel trump to earths remotest bound 3 with hosts of angels too soo n appear his ve soon ts t salp saip saints q tojsaye sa1p ojsaye will goo iis saap laye tod lils e nemies subdue liis ilis his y

go spread the news from pole to pole polei in all the nations round above abovipi that jesus in the clouds abovici

ca 2 c2





turnea into blood be turned tamed the moon he the waters into gall clo clothd clotha blackness will ilg be cio awd twd the sun with blacknesswill

bolema solemn day but ere that great and solema will vill fall the stars from heaven wiil

while men rebellious wicked men gaze heed heedless on the siffh sight lesson sifft
shakes heavens shake havens the earth shall reel the hayens moye move north MOTO to the northi the sea moyo roll up like as a scroll the earth goss corn goes forth command mand goe6foit when gods nise rise ribei riiei the mountains sink the valleys ay and all become a plain the islands and the continents

affright all nature look affriglit

will then unite again

1 the day will then arrive alakl alasl alas aias when rebels to gods grace can cau fail on them fall fan fau cail for rocks to fali call will cali from his face anaiiaetemfr6mhiifaci and hide them drom law hik hll la hil hii not so with those who keep his they joy to meet their lord in clouds above with them that slept thulr sure reward in christ their

dnee commence m adnee wfll then com will that glorious rest wall

did foretell which prophets prophetsdid didf6retellf


1197 197

when christ will reign with saints on earth ce dwell presence ana and in their preson day lay A thousand years sears 0 glorious aay dear lord prepare my heart
stand with thee on zions mount to part ama to parl

ana never neter more and nevermore

then when the thousand years are past ana satan and salan is unbound 0 lord preserve us from his grasp brom heavn hrom from by fire fromheavnsent hearn sent down shail come shali shall until our great last change shallcor4e


T immortalize this clay

111 w wil ll spend eternal day III IVI mill mili will

we in the celestial world

nymn 79 LM HYMN nyrin 11 HYIIN M 79

ay my iy soul is full of peace and love baom above from 1 I soon shall see christ abom apa ana and angels too the hallowd throng shall join with me in holy song

filld my soul with heavenly and field transported 1 I with peace and love am waiting for the throngs above

seard my nay rny peace ray has bas seard soard the spirits power bassoard grace




prepare my heart prepare my toalkli tongue glorious 0 us heavenly thro to join this glori throng pf hali the bridegroom from above hall above81 to hail af and join the band in songs of lovei aff loves ann

voice hisvoice his toice to hear disvoice

attend his call attendants and crown him king and lord of all HYMN 180

let all my powers of mind combine to hail my saviour all divine


now let us rejoice in the day of sal bailon iailon salvation sai N o nolonger colonger 0 longer as strangers on earth needwe need we roam needie good tidings are sounding to us and each
nation come and shortly shortis the hour of redemption will be given even and none will molest them from mom until and earth will appear as thegarden the garden of eden teegarden come home and jesus will say to all israel comdhome ind lovo one another and never dissemble iove love welllove weli well ebie F eble diu dio dlo

when all that was promisd promied promise the saints will

and while the ungodly are fearing and tre ibie ible ife m well watch for the day whentbq thg saviour when ehg

but cease to

onk do evil and ever be beenk beonk one

shall come



man gen men mcn avhen

even be given monn mom mob until nono ivill none will molest them from morn and noneivill edan edcn and earth will appear as the garden of eden sny and jesus will say saj to all israel come home

v in s will saints promied promise the S ail that was promisd ali all


in faith well rely on the arm of jehovah

to guide through these

last days of trouble

and gloom axe over ore andharvest aodharvest harvest are sco scourges urges and and after the scourger weli weil well rise with the just when the saviour doth come

i the saints will promisd promise was then all that 1 eaven heaven bo be given of nagelsof sof angels croxv croivnd nagel be croxo and they will bo nd as the nagelson of jeden aeden and earth will appear as the garden ofxden dispeople elerbe one his people will everbe and christ and hispeople

HYMN 181 ISI lsi


orn isrolling onn ori is rolling the glorious day Lord Y tholord tho tha all glory to thqlord

tio a cre reation8day when fair as at c res restudy earth will be rest the e arth restody


perre perro est then wu harvest ct hanx perfect perfo ed sa soil renovated s0 the reno





and rich abundance drop around

without corroding toil
ature smile again will n atre fiume riume perfume and ani blossoms streaming with pe p1 adorn the verdant pa plain saints will then the possess with pure delight the holy land and walk with jesus christ in white and in his presence stand
1 can we claim what glorious prospects I wll theill gli ours these hopes and call them yes if through faith in jesus zab name zkb we conquer gatans pow satans powers pov Ys

for in its own primeval bloom

jf if we

iu eq sage ra e ofdarlmes dar poers of then while the powrs tog f iia19 109 1m9 view ew1 ouiva ouivi with glory in our I lot iet us engage in in jesus strength let 60 to press to zion too

like jesus bear the cross like him despise the shame and count all earthly things but dross Ms most holy name for his




bloo for zion will like eden bloom i and jesus come to reign

the saints immortal

ITYMN HYMN liyun hyun

from the tomb with angels meet again

31 L LM

behold the great redeemer comes ransomd rans omd people home to bring his ransoms scatterd sheep he tomes to save his scattered who weep he comes to comfort those wiio

he comes all blessings to impart unto the meek and contrite heart he comes he comes to be admired he comes to burn the proud with fire he comes to bless the humble poor oiS to restore creatlon creati ots lie comes creation ile he purify tile tlle earth to purly he comes the lie lle ile he comes but not again to die he comes he comes unto his ownohie ofie thi throne davias tei he comes to reign on davids s hill zion lie comes to stand on zions lle ile he fulfil lre ire lie comes the scriptures to fulfill he n diw div lie lle ile he comes to tread the wicked down
tie comes the martyrs tle ile he


for t o 0 crown




s wa 6 u r e retem w& m drylthe tears mourners ile comes to dr lie lle he he comes to reign a thousand years

to stand he comes on olives mount t6staxid he comes all israel to defend he comes to lay the sinner low he comes that judah may him know bands hanas bands and side hands he comes to show his hinds he comes to wed his ready bride wing of f icings king he comes to reign as ming he comes let all creation sing sif HYMN 183

1 I

behold the saviour comes ye saints your youn hearts prepare joun mil z ionymountain i6i ibi Ziony ii mountain gather home T Z 0 t o i vim there him for soon youll meet mim


which he foretold the signs whichhe

already do appear ofthehold blood smoke and fire we oftvadlid and these bespeak him near
u heads then let us lift our praise with joy and sing his jraiw buds suds buis the fig tree putting forth its huis bespeaks the latter days

1 I


HYMN 184


sorro and their pains hell end their sorrow

earth is the place where christ will reign with all his saints a thousand years
dismiss their woes boes and dry their tears

hell burst the prison of their tombs and bring their sleeping dust to light loom imlAortal bloom hell clothe them with immortal
arraya arraydin ate wlate white Arr arrayd in garments clear and wl aydin arrand and bind old satan with a chain
from wicked men hell cleanse the earth groin


jm heul heui hell raise the meek and humble then heli heti to thrones of power and bid them reign 1
hosanna to the son of god to who soon will come to earth again to smite the wicked with his rod and oer the earth exalted reign

HYMN 185


behold the mount of olives rend V stand and on its top messiah standy pef his chosen israel to defend hahd mightj hand fahd and save them with a mighty


ga g6




slam while all their iene mles areslainz mies are siam jene enemies lo what pen can paint ih the scene but 10 bands hanas and side tlly see they his wounded hands tily S where once the nails and spear had been this our messiah can itbp it be

bains e s rise tains sink vallies mountains slak the talli siak the moun and all the land becomes a plain jeby tho he brings deliverance to the ho jews

whence then these wounds ah who has pierco piercd pier6d our great deliverers heart and hands these are the wounds 1 I once received li lindred amid my kindred indred and my friends

thus the messiah stands revealed blesse deliverer own and they their blessd lasi they find theyre humbled vhzn vlzn at iasi vlen
jesus messiah both are one
joseph7s brethren now they mourn josephs like josephas dimbly limbly own a saviour slain and humbly throna thronc they crown him king on davids throne ayrr 61 mayar ayelgn ign that oer the nations he m

HYMN PYMN hyun 186 166

L LM al

great messiah II osanna to the grgat hosanna &t lang of kings the long expected king

or CHRIST ok


cah cat th by fire earth hell come and cleanse the eat

and gather scattered israel in

on zions mount his throne shall be

his sanctuary stand secure sceptry oer the nations sway his sceptre aua all creation him adore ana aud and

hell judge with justice for the poor willwitlu with equity reprove he will hell smite the wicked with his power
oppression from the earth remove princes and ddn s and dukes andjor4sl and lords 1 longs idn langs Y men of great renown and mighty shall pray but not unto the lord down but to the rocks and hills bow dowil

ye rocks and mountains on us fall to hide us from the great messiah 10 the day of wrath has come wrathhas for lo

the lords great day of dreadful ire

shall hear the shepheidsxof6e toice shepherds voice volce d stand with him on mount2lon mount elsion lsion stan and witlihinx

the poor and meek shall then rejoice lahd laj saints in peace possess th6 tha lah the S
sheeb the sheep

ga a g7

206 20

SECOND COMING sec03rfomixg

iiymnr187 Vs rhymn187 jesus once or664umble of humble birth

now in glory gomes comes domes to earth nowin once he suffered grief and paen pa7n ai 2 now be he comes on earth to reign re

once a meek and lowly lamb now the lord the g reat eat i AM once with thieves was crucified now on yonder cloud he irides

once be ana he groaned in blood andtears and tears now in glory he appears once rejected rejfcted by his own X 7 now their king he shall become
once forsaken left alone now exalted to a throne once all things he meekly bore more but he now will bear no morg more


this earth shall be a blessed place opl to saints celestial cri estial given crl i6lace illace showlusjace where lchristagain chhist christ again shall show with the redeemd rede ram of adams lacl ms laca reaeemd redeems emd ocada ofada
clouds descend from heaxeniw heaven in cloudsdescend

HYMN 188

m r PM

y yi

sem ssw low


vsas asas i

yes yest when he comes on earth again bum as stubble hum the wicked burn thus all his enemies are slain

and oer the nations he shall reign and end the scenes of trouble

the trump of war is heard no more

but all their strife is ended while jesus shall all things restore orderas as they were before to order een oer eer and peace oen den all extended
sing 0 ye heavens I let earth rejoice while saints shall flow to zion choice and rear the temple of his choicey volce toice and in its courts unite their voice lion llon hon in praise to judah non


1 I

hosanna to the reign of peace when earth shall find a full release groenings of creation cease the groanings the righteous well protected
come comet sound his praise in joyful strains who dwell beneath his banner hell bind old satan fast in chains and wide oer earths extended plains the nations shout hosanna GS

the day so long expected



141 31 i14g COMING c6 SECOND SECO izi ca seco141

& as hymlsy 741 6s ts&ffs


girst first the babe ofbethlehjmf at firwtv61ie otbetblehet of m e eland humble mien est next tile lord from he tiie eit the but zi ay en head heaa glory shall


be seen

roae an ass s her he rode a crown second a with owrid the seeb vith glory retuind retumd to his abode
avd tvd persec u persecuted the first was parsec

girst first the fir s

upon UB

so 0 meek and lowly loay

A apilgiini pilgrim and a stranger notvihere I ay his not where to 1 bis head lay

into egypt flea fled and winto


will suddenly appear i with hun his sa saints witthun and all MA nits aits come withhun i a thousand e y ear thou thousandy sandy to reign a thow sanas thousands sands r s

the second

in his temple


first a man of sorrows S sorrow ea by his own rejected Reject plind blindfi fi S blindness lefa leat left in blind add israel lift and wander forth forlorn to wanier
second brings deliverance 1 1 in as t 1i king In ai I T own wi theu hen him they crown




2 209

hey own him as their saviour and join his praise to sing all compassion ali the first was an and healing his employ cloth7d clothe in vengeance e second clothd the wicked shall destroy

the claimed claimd no kingdom jthe the first he claim7d athe this wide wicked world 1 I oflast au him in all kings shall own hi ail ali the be hurrd or from their thrones bo burrd hurlu

Bles messiah bies nies siah his first and second coming will show that both are one

gentiles mingle let jews and jesus own

HYMN 190 4 as 8s & 2

as 6s

1 thou king of kings come 0 01 weve waited long for thee with healing in thy wings set thy people free to come thou desire of nations come gat be gatherd herd home eatherd let israel now bo

come make an end of 811 sin sli sii dire fire bj or and cleanse the earth by

10 210


righteousness gh teousness brin in bring and ri gin gln

happieritialls happier strains with songs ofjoyin ofjoy in happler

lyre e iyre the that saints may tune W


to welcome in thy peaceful reign

Hosan Bosan nahs now shall sound hosannahs bosannahs round ong ali the ransoms all vans from rans ransomd ahr throng kans omd thr fro ilil echo round and glory &4 A new triumphal song A faide ftide d e expanse 0 he wi ii6ii fill T of haten haven the from zionshill eviiet fr61in Zion shill with anthems sweet zf6iish1h

nhi nii sit

llyle while all the chosen racy own saviour avloiarown their lord and S theirlord ilen nation llen lien heatlien heathen nations bow the tbetimee 11ee the heat e confess LIWF to thee and every tongue y HYMNr 191 WE Ss & Vs muin fuin yuin

ana peace and hail prince of life andpea6c thrice welcome to tho throne


alar behold the day Is nlar shaar shair gan shail hasten shali shall wherz1 gtn there zions 6ns king shalr when V ei r fe banish h all theu then a rl fear and ba 1 with pace I peace and log paoo paco ail ali ll ioa fill a iove lovd love loa mes vC and blessmgsfiomao hes sings from above

ail thesaints ali the saints their hearts prepare let all



glin 2111 211

his church


with honours hondours to adorn toadorn church of the first born

behold he comes on flying clouds and speeds his way to earth with acclamations sounding loud heavily ofheavnly with songs of heavnly birth the saints on earth will sing heaynly lieavnly ly king and hail their heayn raco race rede emd o redeems 0 f adams ada&amce all the redeemd behold his face peaco peace ebehola in pac

names before his face devouring flames 1i ai NS in awful grandeur rise suf Tring rhing suirring suftring stirring ring saints he boldly claims H the suir ald es sides and bears them to the sld ified purified while earth is pun ifield ail abide ali in peace they all ana andlhiii again i and then descend to earth agy rejoicing in his reign

A thousand years in peace to dwell the earth with joys abound fre efrom freo ofrh6ll ali ail the powers of made freefrom free from all hell alithe no curse infectithe infect ithe infectthe the ground i add irelea releaed from sin and pain releasd release sd reie rele ieleaed i peace the saints abide in creatlon creation here below 4eation and all leation i S imor their king and saviour



win if c GATHERING OF ISRAEL GATHEEING pawn mawn rawi

api ajikiln



HYMN klin 192


1fi4 pmrirm P
1 I

our only delight on whom for a blessing we call our iong our all long oun ail ali our oar companion 1 I b&ilflf i ttl tra vvo avo ave we amow imow he is co coming ing opps coing faff

re eemer of israel redeemer

our shadow by day night bynight benight and our pillar by

loiq laiq and plant them in zion in IOTC vailey talley for why in the valley

to gather his sheep

of death

at aitt ritt A

should they weep or alone in the tho wilderness rovon rovjz

r As strangers in sin theel ana criedin elc elz cried in the desert for the friedin and our foe rejoi cd rejoicd foes shave foeshave have rejoic rejoin i ve seen theyve secil when our sorrows they it israel will ill shortly be free but

4t iitt how long we have wandered 0

alt slt



As children of zion good tidings for us goodtidings the tokens already appear jusa be just fear not and he for the kingdom is ours is near and the hour of redemption isnqar

nymn HYMN


L mi

what wondrous things we now behold which were declara from days of old

by prophets tha the visions

who in visions clear

beheld these glories from afar

which almighty god confirma confirmd by his unchanging word that to the ages then unborn fonn perform his greatest work he would per second tume secondttime time hed set his hand secondtime the secona fulfill fulfil the covenants he had made bead and pour his blessings 0 on their head
id oppressed oppressid oppressd moabs when moaba iioavs remnant long oppress blest biest gatherd ble shall gat st herd be and greatly kle ile eatherd and ammons children scattered wide return with joy in peace abide

limel to their land to gather israel



bana while elams elamb race a feeble band receive a share in the blestlanil biest blest lanil land iana lana all ali ail their po wer display power sali sail sall Gentile and gentiles to hasten on the glorious day dy shall haste in peace and see their rests rest and earths remotest parts abound everlasting sound with joys s of ofeverlastlg withjoy
Assy As syrias assyriks assyrian assyrias riks captives long since lost in splendour sllenaour sl lenaour come a numerous host egyptians waters filld field withfekr egyptias with fear egyptiai their power feel and disappear

aims sons a warlike race ephraims ephraime then Ephr

yes abrahams children now shall be like sands in number by the sea while kindreds tongues and nations all tongu tonguesfand esfand combine to make their numbers full
aay elny clay day has come the dawning of that einy

see abrahams sons are gatY gathring riig home and daughters too with joyful lays are hastening here to join in praise

prepare gub dub and our theme dui voices ftndo6i our gui mma combme WMA of mind our powers combee bui &iiblne mina pbw6g 0 let all guf divine to sing thy praise in song alvine altine
1 I

our r elg king 0 god our father and bu kig eig



2 r5 f5 fa



ye rans6bdln ranso md of th e lord ana and seek a safe abode bergg burn before benle the wicked bergi benie
now return m to zion fibirietu
ofjubilee jubliee draws near the year ofjubilee

jesus in clouds will soon appear unto their ancient home possess the 1161 poiieisihe nand holy land noly lidi ildi re gerusal rerusal ruski rusal P and build jerusalem wali wiil thojubilee wili tho jubilee jubliee awalt the and there await aidthe6a sea kingoff sm king of glory see klug they shall the kingof
ay y dntnsjhong wa to ai tipj ydo 1i6 lfielruiaey i6 who ia obey the truth ovey those shall shail shali pdq hall in his presence stand hail hali pdt 1611 shall shine celestial ifght seail seall ihli6 ihlia with the celesiwjigh4 iuni isil ana cliant christ in white with walk valk and rith jesus cliast aid vaik ald vik nith vlk rik Liis cmie hlis amie hiis come remiliis josephs remnants remi 41ls reme let ibs
VA lel G entiles let antiles throng ifie ne a liappy lin tipe land lanb T zi 0 zion8 ziona zions

let israel now return


to the celestial hill ana house eG onse otuod the And pg 6 of oa throng alire andthrong tlire o4 ana wl millr

e ar to do leam s nillr and his willy ad 6 NPOL 10 ne and s zion hine m ay arise an M ans tiiiii that t eu y ine li ght il it and danne dfnne wilfiiilit wilh with lne aht celestial ad di

1 I



gig 916 216


saintsing sain in every clime t saintsin saints tsin af let 1f their waiting hearts prepare

the great bridegroom

HYMN 195

every ry tribe and tongue vroni eye from ete to zions mount repair near sel sei is silvari sil sileari the marriage of the lamb i eari earl

soofflippear will sobmappear L 31

the joyful message now has borne spirits nigh which brings our longing qirits to bow and worship near the throne
mercy and truth together meet and joy and peace with fond embrace the earth and heavens each other greet their offspring truth and righteousness

erom an holy angel drom on high from hom onbigh bom anholy anhold

10 lo from the heavens comes righteousness and truth from earth exulting springs wiess si biess bless these jonfa in one shall israel 14 B bom as it were on angels wings
wide round the earth the echo flies nations wake from their long sleep the nationswakei the righteous shout with glad surprise while the ungodly fear and quake O



7 217 21

clime gime cime thus truth shall spread through every iior home ne gat herd bior israels tribes be gatherd eatherd and isr&wiciribes for the appointed time and watch f6iihe and see the great messiah come y f HYMN 190 LM
wondrous rous whah wha6 what

scenes mine eyes behold view lev what glories burst upon my lew ephrairn7s Ephr alms ephraims when ephraime aims record 1 I unfold all things appear divinely new

angels to earth good news have borne which fills our souls with joy and peace
good news to comfort those who mourn and bring the captives full release

griend grievd vd oppressed and grie israel so long oppressd in every land in every clime shall hear the word of god and live this is the time the chosen time

c P

the scattered sheep who once were sold eer daro dani mess der dari oer the mountains far in darkness shall now return unto their fold and there their waiting hearts prepare
scmd descend shali de shail scad lo their shepherd shall when 10 heatnly throng with all the glorious heavnliihrong



41efnd defls deals deflS the sheep destroy the wolves he ho IF yom e wo from every wrong fam every fr6m 6 f6m
t nt 1 I tune iyre lyre the 068 odd ijrlfe glory to god 1a hos ilis ills name ho his saunas to liis hosannah hosannas annas in loud hosaunas thdchoir let jews and gentiles join hd6oir and round the earth the news proclaim


HYMN 197

4 as 6s & 2

as 8s

an angel from on hi high 9h ro e the long long silence brok descending 6nding from the s nie ele eie sc anding skyj1 t V e spoke words he pese these gracious wor hiuv Cumo rahs lonely heuv 10 lo in cumorahs
A sacrearecord sacred record nes lies concealed iles lles hes
ges slept ges it has for a command to wait the lords comman

seara hana seard seala by moronis hand

PT reign lisher fisher messiahs usher in to

seei seea s 6tiosepvs S of josephs seed speaks igbal ipbal

ii gioI n again come shail shall co in e forth to light it shali


speal fromaustagainto from dust again to speair

and makes the remnant known d dead since de n cf iong ii of nations long wa 1 w4 h I ea e6 new dwelt awell aio alo on nce had haa neoia alonew hddzbii alonea who 0

OF 19kcii ISR AEL 0

1291 pega eig


of the gospelt6o gospel toof thefulhs tool the fulnessbf t will vall vail nail iview

its pages

reveal to view

dlee flee dee away and darkness aee And anddarkness open the thi seals and wide unfurl ana glory to the world and lightandglory its light

fulfilled filled the time is now fial iong lono expected day iono the long let&aiih let earth obedient yield

v filla with yoy 10 joy lo israel waviith shall now be gathered home f employ their wealth and means empio l to build jerusalem while zion shall arise and shine fill the earth with truth divine and1fill and fili

HYMN 198

r C CM

yaps yops on mountain tops yabs the mount of god lops days shall rise latterdays latter in iatter above the summit of the hills wonxring wondring won von dring eyes and draw the gondring

to this the joyful nations round

all tribes and

tongues shall now flow up to the mount of god thev U say GO chev thixtsii and to his house well go



the rays that shine from zion hill Shill zionshill shall lighten every land ears thousa fy n5d years thousand her king shall reign a chousa

and all the world command

among the nations ho he shall judge misjudgments hisjudgments judgments truth shall guide uis his sceptre shall protect the meek his sceptry and crush the wic wickeds keds pride wickas wiclas niclas

no war shall rage

no hostile band peaceful years disturb those peacefulyears jears coplow shares toplow men shallbeattheirs7ords sharesmenshallbeattheirjsvrords pears 5 to pruning hooks their spea


come then

and worship at his shrine god walling in the light of goa and walldng with tholy beauties shine

0 house of ofjacoby jacoby J 4cqp




t 4 fh por i oor 6 aw teo tee olo for the die morning is cormer awake cormea corner g nplalrcyl meroy rejc4ce in &i6id rejoice his mercy the bord trustm trestm hismercy lord and trusi trust







and pray unto him in meekness and love for knowledge and health and all his good



comfort and happify home

and king 0 lord thou good shepherd to we want through the day feed in


pastures and feast on thy bounteous goodness and

of still waters 0 lead us along the banks ana sana and to sing sand

heartsand hearts heart to gladden our heartland

lord turn all our hearts unto thee

paths of virtue and wisdom to walk in thebonds of union and peace

to live in the

and glorify thee in earth as in heaven 0 keep us unspotted and free

on which we can lean in fort age aged or valley of death in youth and agey comm corm corn for raiment and food for joy and for com so praise ye the lord who is god
HYMN 200

rod 0 thou art the staff and the every condition

al L M

thesus awake my soul and with the 4u run 4 thy daily course of duty


v222 222


sloth shake off dull sl oth2 otha and early rise crifie crific e morning sacrifice g sa to pay thy morr mori

pan past redeem thy mispent time thatspast pagi thatspaa PAA thats pasi live this day as iftwere if twere thy last thy talents take tako duecar due care to improve thytalents duesar 9 gainst the great day thyself prepare

sincere let all thy converse be si ficere

god thy ways ail seeing godi ali think how the all godl ali thy secret thoughts survys ail surveys and all sirvys
self my heartt wake and lift up thyself thy seif heart and with the angels be parti boan ar thy par boar bear who all night long unwearied sing glory to thee eternal king
wake ye heavenly choir mayyour manyour may your devotion me inspire I like you my days may spend that 1 godattendttf end rV you may on my g6&tt Likeyou endrv endra like

day clear thy conscience as the noon noonday

1 I I wake 1

goa delight ingoe may 1 in god I like you ingod iong my god iii in sight have all day long perform like you my 31 akers w ill makers may y T never more do ill 0 ma

1 I



glory to thee who safe has kept me while 1 refreshd re fiiihdme and has refreshed I slept grant lord when I 1 arlom snall wake irlom death snail from 1 I may of endless life partake

renet lord 1 I my vows to thee renew morning ue scatter my sm 3 mo sins aj rung d 1 ruyg guard my fib fim spring of thought and feil fell sry spirit fi my spy fill elmy eimy and with t hyself
direct control suggest this day ao ozao orao swy or say dooc door 01do sar I design deeio decio of all 1


might ail their mi all powers with ali that all my powersliiltall

in thy sole glory may unite

.5 5

god from whom flo now praise godfrozq ail blessings dlo ali all wh9mall praise him all crea turg turp here creature lere below praise him above ye heavenly host praise father son and holy ghost on and11ply HYMN 201

he hear themm thetooming themoming themo them oming thou shalt lord in theto v s high lii iii ill my voice ascending pb 5



thee will 1 I direct my pray r mine eye eyey y thee lift up minqvyf

had 0 up to the hearns christ hag hagne heavns hcavns where chrisi f

his sain all ali saints r ail to plead for i 41 yi



euting at the fathers throiiak ges presenting throna . throne Fes enting 1 1 our songs andour and our complaints andoor eipur ipur
sight liget thou art a god before whose iwif the wicked shall not stand the righteous shall be thy delight band and dwell at thy right hand


der bei

malre maire malfe make every path of duty straight and plain before my face
do thou give my daily bread J0t and be my sins forgiven

0 may thy spirit guide my feet in ways of righteousness

streac treac lhd lehme und let iet me in thy temple tread letme lad ihi
HYMN 31 hymn202 IMN 202 C CM

ofheav heavh heath and learn from thee of

enaes SKSSS fe more my soul noo morej noe reonce nce deonce

the rising day utes thy waking eyes ya Salutes yasalutes pay a let my heart its tribute pa ana ply ani skles skies to him that rules the sides

repeat sj night unto night his name repeats and day renews the sound hejits i the heavens on which henits wide as theheavens it s V seasons round the to turn

I 1fq k alP tx 1 rny ray mortal bramy supmgte framy tis liehadgu tishe tisbe upgo ypppl upgj III sag lai lal my tadgu smg is buna
111 tlly toriguihall la sll sli sit 4 111 hi name lri lik lii lib I will glory in and 1 aday rayni rayqi my extuids illy vivtle inbile lie extji& tily alay vittle INTY inly

mikk mike wite


and whpiyportal puysadinjyji 1 mustielamyratii in 10 lo yields titybfvt4 and I suu the sun soui bright as tllesul 0 may my soul b oa4pnj shine de oer V the night ofsjyith


see ilow liow tpqiiipg suli liowthe the morning seehoaiie sull atr bir hir GB pursues ohming way shming his shmingyayit pursiie S hiis u ft4 pnft llis makers liis cesto proclainislisma wide proclaims anft anel nide anil pride and ifo ito aery righeningrad brighfningraj with eery jljthpvery CTI

209iaoa ft W
ctr cir r

iarnil arnil totpoiet toopo ppie loopo apie spread the truth from frompple and
jesus my ygreat great king ofjesusm of kvofl knofl

my rising S soul soui tiuscould lusxouid tius could ni garnil swg of hea heavens i parent cwg

1 mia 1 I falth laid I mil me dwa wil in faith awl abl gua ar guardian his wis beneathhis Beneath bis deneath 1 d 1I awoke andjfg I slept an siept andl andi it he was jusi jui nea jul that liew thatliew




oral orai I 1 wantojifii orrl 0L loni so bulnwomatilli liummpjiyitchtli v



thatinthy may presence a encel edcel ncel 1 thy pr inthy in I mav 6ncel spend i es that luthy mas spena
A blest eternity
3 T

il divlbme give gite me thy spirit then thell theil to guide me through this day and just t andjust that 1 I may be upright ana and always watch and pray

J ti 4

jg 6
httl attl

HYMN 204


weka waka from my bed of blumber waled slumber iween sweets iweet refreshed in body and in mind refreshd 6r greet ar greeb the morning light with joy 1 I gi6etpd numi nimi offer up a song divine mi it ofier and osfer

themea my themef rhy thy praise 0 god shall be znyihinief

while day and night their course pursue till time shall end its transient dream eternity the theme renew
and aangersgripfs dangers griefs and fears toils ana through tousand I al im earthly ball bail 1 bali and still upon this earthlyball nest lengthnest lengthhest hest out my days and years ears thou length
1 I

preserve soril souli pre serva my sobil thy mercy has preserva

spirit power grant me then thy spiritsp6n6f grantme 0 grantie Tp y feetin peace ofpeace tpguide feet in ways of feekin guide gulde my to preserve me thine each dayand6t day anci hou ot sm sin releav4 TM tui from a world of


aaiosedi closed mortal lifeis when my mdrtillif whenfy lifes then whency o 11 rnino shall beqil be etemalidry eternal glory mine beail arraym ajrayd in spotless white and all arrasm A aist A 1 of glory see tist shali the king ofbibry shail shall I ishall

x nit nil

27 227



bynns MINS ains

i i


fetfw HYDIN HYMN 205


come let us sing an eveninghymn evening hymn for rest nour minds forrest balnibui cahnour to cah An deach one try with single eye andreach andeach saviour best td praise the sdviourbest
1 I


ea tet Y yealetus Yea m s sing& song singateacred isacredsong singa letus

with one accord call on the lord vwitch and pray and ever watch
t i
1 I

to close the passing day

in jatter renewd latter days reneld inlatterdays

7 b

r v

0 thank

oor grace gmceand and gifts lord for

for truth and light to guide us right

wisdoms pleasant ways in inviisdoms

havereceitdyft receivdpt for every line we have turn our hearts above y lii to turnburbeartsabov64o iii

didah didai ryng ryrg

rf rv

2 h2 ha




and every good for every word an devery

our souls bouis with bouls foursouls ourlsouls that fills oursouls


acolier holier strain 0 let us raise a aholier s great as ours blessing for blessings pr epard pard while angels guard and be pre paid through Us thro slum bring hours slumbring bsh our slumbering

while life with us remains ana then go bome beyond the tomb borne beyond14e and where peace for ever reigns
HYMN 206

waile wake walle in jo y 0 may we sleep and wahe joy

LJML 131 l31



say my thih nigbte thia nigbee glory to thee iny lay god thiamigbtjq for all the blessings of the light iree me kingiofjdngs kingoff kings kingof 0 icee keep me okeep okeef thy wings under the shadow of thywiugs

1 1 1 I II

deazoaji forgive me lord for thy dear oni have done the sins that 1 I this day ithee thee andthee that with the world myself and 1 peaco peace maybe I ere 1 I sleep at peao
t i dreada dreadr teach me to live that 1 I may droadr 4 the grave as little as my bed 1 mayz aq to dieythat aley dley diey tq maly mamo moto meto that so I aiethatso teach me mefo mayt mawn lefo tito daymolt dayrtrtr triumphing rise at the last dayvolt t



may me more nrigrousm tmay vigtousjrialieyajl ike 4 thatmay that sleep thalmay tha ooz oifa cifa I awake 4 booz to serve my god when 1

vfv r t majy mysost soul on thee repose vav omay my sout mjy mysout 0 eyelids closer 1 I and with sweet sleep mine eyelidiclosd1

I sleepless lie when in the night 1 my soul with heavenly heavnly h eavnly thoughts supply lot no ill dreams disturb my rest let
no powers of darkness me molest ft sleep while wulle widle I 1 sleea1 let my blest guardian vidie
lii of ill approach 0 and guard me from th thapproacb
wear me keep near watchful keepljkj watch6d station ilear his watched

my heart with love celestial fill

l may lle lie cplestial ho 9 celestial joys rehearse 0 and thought in thought with me cqrtyerl or in my stead all tho the night long Ss sing to my god a grateful song

rd let my soul pij for ever share i lord 10 lo carg carp care the bliss of thy paternal ligy heayn heavn hearn n aV tiz lidy tis heavn on earth tis hearn tis see iov lot love iove to thy face to sing thy tov
dayi shall shail shali 1 when hall whenshall 0 whenhall I in endless day wrenshall hali hail ey er oye away eve lchase awby chase chare dark sleep awa for eye

gei gel with angels difine w and hymns divine glory to thee eternal king ing


fr9w frow

h3 ha

r230 f 230
1 I


praise i praise praise praise

god from whom all blessingsgow flow blessings gow blessingsflow beio belo him all creatures here be belowff wff bf belowr lowr beloer abov alme aime biye ye angelic host4jrwi him aboa hostet jrvq host4t eiye ghostly 4 father son and holy hostasa host4sa A


laa ifa




10 lo




goa to thee my evening song great god 1 raise with humble gratitude I ralfe raife tongue 0 let thy mercy tune my tong and fill my heart with lively praise

my mj days unclouded as they pass and every onward rolling hour fd ta grae grac are monuments of wondrous grace and witness to thy love and power

and yet this thoughtless wretched heart

depart theeaepi ungrateful can from thee r 0 nove rovcfti and from the path of duty rove

too oft regardless of thy love

ay &y

wa seal my forgiveness in the blood lonh lonk aion alon name his namoa namoalonk of christ my lord bis 1 f1fad for pardon gracious god i Ijaead throne cep tance at thy throiife X nd kind acceptance



231 531

with hope in him mine eyelids close feebie frame my feeble kame bame with sleep refresh myfeeble I repose safe in thy care may 1 and wake with praises to thy name et
HYMN 208

k f

I pray bear me when 1 thow thon wilt hear thoa lord thou
1 I am for ever thine ag the day 1 I fear before thee au omay 0 may 1 I never sin
A ta t

bead nay niy weary head I rest my and while 1

tt f
s U

from cares and business free my bed tis sweet conversing on thee with my own heart and ahee

pay this evening sacrifice and when my work is done reil rell reiles relles relies great god my faith and hope reli upon thy grace alone
1 I

safety keeps thy hand in hoep hosp leep lesp my slumbers keep

compose topeace peace compo sd to swith with my thoughts composd thuswith thus Thu r 111 IM iti give mine eyes to sleep my days

and will

4 h4 ha

lir lif

zil lil jiyjut209 w





oma e nie mbl&well nkqau remember 0 majfwoall rememberwell weli well or night of death draws near taff
at garx66u vt fa ratur by batur garrofcp ts bv 6t P vtiiiywe il weretir retard retird 140 trfpst jest
pem pep

via vla day daj Is past and gone the tia Iing shades appear tbvcning th Nve 1

if sodhdir6be deattfwill soon disrobe us all e4 t what we herm hemm s Ab ssw p6 possess possess1 here 0 pa ssA ea her

eap lordfeeep e6p us safe this night nighv i nighf nears iff our we from all owr oui fears 0 neep Is guard us while angels whilwlecpt feonung s f fernung ormng orang light appears appeii

lien we early easly eaily rise llen ilen jjandjtiew ew tw fh unwearied sssf

nzq p neq marwe the priz matwe set out to win th a crafter rudd ruiu rudi after glory ruil ind ruri rull lna ina

alfrom lfrom

gour re mour days are dleriour W

st pa past pasi q m b remove 4fzrom tiime demoi remoi iirtliy s bip ifilly kingddmresti cik 4ip k- d lik T JApeaceWEio T

ot sseacendrott




aa F pade FARE jy LL farely farejy fade

A 01



41 tetrflm

byis nyis nyls

bkay hk&t j


abdiu A adieu r brethren adiu my dear rehtiadieu we give you the hand reluctant wo R no mor to assemble with you morqto morato stanet 77 stana stana77 nt zion shall stanci onmon onmou mount till we on



as fs

your acts of benevolence past pasty youn yourgentle Your yourentie gentle You lqve sentie sentle rentie compassionate iqve rentle lave efbrth iu irenceibrth irenc in our memry shall last though fax7from far from your sight we remove
tender our hearts swell with dender tender regret and sigh at each parting7embrace partingmbrace

direct while heaven our course must directs directt s succeed in our place and others

when journeying the gospel to preach qr we steer o ar course among strangers wo 0ur teach andy wb will each andT aith alth wee repentance entanc 0 an andtaith dfaith rol roi cfaith x torau torah that are willing to hear

h5 ha

34 .34 234 34 f12


our parting reflections to cheer thy voice volce to obey and help us thyvoice
lii help us to refrain from each ill iiii illi press forward for glory and alid peace our sacred engagements fulfil fulfill shall shail shait command pur release till thou shalt

0 shepherd of israel draw near thy glorious presence display

then may we to zion repair

to spend Ts end the millennium

and wait our blest master iosie tosie tos ee

there pe free from sin and from sorrow set fr

fthatjrest 6n rest how cheerful the thoughts o that w arith jesus our saviour t o with 0 reign lest iest liltbblest iest flitlest fliT shali shall the stall be changd till we shail chanad with lilu and glory celestial obtain
nln NIN 211 lin hylin HYMN HY-

brethren rewell our friends and brethren1 farewell Xa hand inere here take the parting ii



we ve go to preach the gospel

to evry foreign land

lidren ildren our wives and rh farewell ourwives children yender who renderlife render life so sweet 7 r p

u9ww FA nEWELL FAREWEL farewell


ac 235 2c
19 T

our tears be faithful dry up yqurtears

till we again do meet

lip isb jy fib

u oni uni fi J ufi


we go to combat

farewell ye scenes of childhood and fancies of our youth

error with everlasting truth


farewell all carnal pleasure which gilds the scenes of mirth your days are surely bumbera num mun bera bum berd trouble troubie man on earth trubie to truble

farewell farewell our country home bome our h l ome is now abroad to labour in the vineyard in righteousness for god
the thersea to waft us oer thetsea tsea aeftea to gather up the blessed fred n may be free fre that zion zio

preready are ready the gallant ships areready


15 ii PM

greenlauts Green lands from greenlands lauTs lauds lanas lants icy mountains andias cor strand from indias coral alstrand I n ny fountains gunny sunny where africs afrids s africh ond sand roll down their golden end

h6 ha



they call us to deliver IdAd froin land from errors their idadfroin

from many an ancient river ngn from many A a palmy pial plain plainiv piai plai nin niv
ch chalu chain WU

though every prospect pleases and only man is vile vatn valn with lavish Idlandness vain naness in vaen the gifts of god are strown 9i blindness ids blindne the heathen in his ana stontfc and bows down to wood andstoiid

breeip es what though the spicy breez breein isle blow soft oer Cey hic hie ceylons lons isie lie

lighter shall we whose souls are 11 high with wisdom from on hl shall we to men benighted ilaa deny lire life the lamp of ilae yadon vadon salvation 0salvation osalvadon OSal osai j thejoyful the joyful sound proclaim till earths remotest nation jias leamd messiahs name leama leams has learn7d

saft waft ye winds the story D waters ye baters 0 11 roll i and yiou i aters YO iaters fill lii lilffa ill glor sea of glory likefa litefa gea sior slor spr6adi1iom polo pole from polwopolo polo to poio it spread

nature laier slaiir lamn or sinners lamb ai one rs s the adv creato crealor redeemed king creator redeemer redeeme retuia returns to reign in bliss reguia
HYMN 213

pursansonid ali oer all ail er ouriransomd 74 amv

iem tee


often jn sweet meditation my mind how oftenjn asid4fiom asid from man where vhere chere solitude reigned and asidfrom


news bir newn btl e the jews first unto the gentiles and then to th descent natjsiis esce n that jesus messiah in clouds will il destroy the ungodly the righteous defend

to lift up my ajr ioup ijr voice to imup

did deign tile tiie iilaa me ihus dameg h ibi ihl nameg call me his servant to publish ihi namei a gladi thelgladi thel thet and proclaim thag

hqjj 1 Q pao heit helt dwelt on the hour when hajj I dao

cntl antl



lH ii iilh

ea to usasmadekiiown us as made known by his word entrusted Entrust saiva salva salvation salvatiou tiou the gospel of tion V grace the plan of saiya race unto adams lost wit to publish abroad eit A hi
1 I

ii6 iia is 9 the treasure ye servants ofgod how nch 1

0 gladly well go

to the isles and proclaim no V11 then shall hear oj oflns oflus and nations unknown his nis ttl gamo oame fame


1. 1


S news ne

FARE PA bwe4l

veo veu fEU farefeu

1 i

yea kingdom klngdomsanlj&uitries i nd buntries bun tries both gentiles jews and sews J glad shall see us and hear us proclaim the giad riad ysfii
ilfe leord and millions shail turn to ilie shali shall millionsshall ltord and remillioniiliall theord theora theard
joice esus the ahe saviour that they have made tesug r 3 choice their theirchoice m the east from north and the south fro from j ana and the west andthewestii hriug g home our thousands in zion to well br kt rest

thern fly to their glorious home As clouds see them s ee them flows As doves to their windows in flocks flow floa come j come shail shali trembi6 and kingdoms while empires shall hall tremble hali shall rend s be cast down as wise daniel thrones and thron


fax far dlou flou israeihail flounshsrpread and israek flourida flouriha riha israel aaroa abroad i swtjsxitds abroa n oid11hhow gage of qsoyiedge fult full fuli fuit oftle till earth shall be god y iha ih8 m J ufitaih 6f shail the stone shall af thewquntain sione of thusshall and thus thil

wolfforth rolfforth rolf roif roilforth boll ioll ae 1 1e parth earth oarth I the whole fill s dominionand dominion and fil extend it its dominio nand





wa the gallant ship is under way float the streamers yonderfloat beamers gay and yonder

i ia-

to bear me off to sea

that say she waits for me theseamen the seamen dip their ready oar Xs ebbing waves oft tell As e bear me swiftly from the shore shor the ee th

mjlhative 31rnative land farewell

inn main4 indafi afi F ini ind the plough tle to toplough tie maina l to ease a restless mindI1 els p lain nor do 1 batti batties battles al I toil on battl joiq the victors wreath to tin joaq hid hla tis not for treasures that are hia binm 0 iultain or in dell in mountain inm ilde bidpt 1 klat ilke like bidet hia hla not for joys uke ilie these I tia my native land farewell

1 bucnot go bucknot but not i Igo

1 64



go to break the fowlers snare 1 i 190 suare Igo

e 1 go the is 0 bear i go ename eo of christ I 190 1 unlnaown lands s un lanas and isi lsi isles 0 I in v1 va trea3 beet pil mypllgrim shall tread shail eet s feet h nm and when dwelis 8 on dari ess dwells mess darlmess I land d where darl dar lana iana n1

to gather israel hometo



since fled 16 ed ave long iong hate truth have where light and trut whre t my niy native land farewell aly taly h8 ha

1 I

iare vell lare veil


maies teeleeble tEele feeble eble ebie strong that males the feebie M amy jmy p imy my shield forever nigh luy su w iinyshuld yl lii my fears dispel el he S ill &irs airs dis mg when tmsjiopesup this hope supports ports me brhen 1 sigh I ti inna farestell reelL r my native land

tho usam rres nies among fies ten thousand teu yet on his mighty arm 1 I trust

go an

erridcbijj erringchiyof 0 f dust

r to his cause I I go devoted 11 resignd and to his will resig resigna nd

t1lis talis lilg heart jsinlhig milk his promise cheers cheen the mill dai lest ceil andjligbts the tlle tile dairest andjights dailest exiled pilgri nipto nil grace inijarts nii lipto pilgrims 0 eclied irpp4rts my ty ii4tiveland native land farewell

presence cewill wili supply th will presen his presencewill tho loss the o bloss loss of all 1 I leave behind
1 I


cause my master calls specios speios HOs maae made my duty plain a appal tlle heart tile the 0a INS danger can ifie a beal beai A when jesus stoops to reigii1 0 i snlg salg nd no now the te asels sid 311 tessers and ail ali aud fssis11 f dle sails salis salls die their s lills 1 el ir bosoms I the ij isianswei gesn beaul c aie4jd hvuau yhy heuau i distance chy iesn the

1 I


y natnnlanj rewell fanwell

Ls jfareweiit 14arewel HYMN 215 al sla P sia PM


yes my native land 1 love thee iove lovethee I lovetree I love them well all thy scenes 1 conne3dons connex ions lous happy country lons friends connexions can 1 I bid you all farewell
can 1 I leave thee farin far in distant lands to dwell
thy joys are passing home thyjqys 9 lovely tell joys no stranger heart can ICU iove thed love thea thee happy home tis sure 1 I lovo can can 1 1 I say Farewell 9 I canisayfareweu9 cani can 1 I leave thee I far in distant lands to dwell 1 of joy and gladness ofloy holy scenes ofjoy swen every fond emotion SWCU swell can 1 I banish heartfelt sadness home farewell fkrcwch myhome while 1 I bid my mahome can 1 ileave leavo thee leave I bleave dw ell eli eil lands lanas to dnibu lauas far in distant lauds



y rf1

yes yon es 1 fi m you sou gladly if son I hasten from fim from the scenes 1 I love so wco wc4

jt away sut billowsbear skisst bear me skiest sst sui awas ye billows far awa yri SKi ari gare Care ay NAII nast HI vein 1y native lan ian chretein caretein Tein land nasi lovely el L pleasd pleasa 1 iea id hety I lea leavethety leavet hetz io dismant ear distant jand lands landa in distantland fkrlii land ALf far

yj aj

roalf ioalf dlf



on the mountains let me tell how he died the 66 blessed saviour 11 1 to redeem a world froin from he ll I froinhe helll belll haten let me hasten var ian s to d lands lauds far in distant lan well i weil well

in the deserts let me labour

swell heaxt with warm emotion heaves my heart while 1 I go far hence to dwell av 1v v i glad ibid bla thee bia I bid ibia jative 3& dative tive land Fa Tewell rewell fabe farewell farewell faie atit6 wil wll Z 1

moe on thou restless ocean roe bear bar me

let the winds my T canvass





piarewiu e

kina and fai my kind tind tina fal thrul mend faithful friend e partnerof partne rof my early youth yo util ttheppxtnerormy while from my home my steps 1 nid fid bend I be the&ruth to warn manldnd and teach thehrutb


how oft in silent evening mu mild A 1 IK I to some lonely place retire pice bice erana lover lovet iov lov loverand loveland erand and kindness call to mind thy lot mina then lift a voice in humble prajer e prajeg
loyeS oglove of oflove 0 lord extend thine arms ofloyes t aroland the partner of mr hearty around my heart

gsa gfa

yor por 1 ve A above th6whasi fromabo vor abote n from hast spok en for thou my part t h may called me with fay all to parts and calledsrk
i ti

1 243

iali preserve veri6dfiipeifect soulin perfect peace lsi her boulin sorrow ana and distress anddistress sicto ess sorroir from sickness i until our pilgrimage shall cease bill shall rest and we on zions hill

soui soul retire woula my soni how gladly would 4owgladlywould with thee to spend a peaceful life vaie in some sequestered humble vale far from the scenes of noise and strife


nor rage of sin disturb our peace our troubles toils and sufferings oer persecution cease there lies and andpersecution
panz paez parz PAST PART
10 the but lo

4 men should grieve our souls no more


sty siy SECO nis SECOND

htow htfw


the fields are white oer all the plain must be bound taxes in bundles mustbe mastbe the tares
while we with care secure the grain shall we repine when jesus calls or count the sacrifice r ac rifice too great A herej hreq to spend our lives as pilgrims hoeq ast 1st sikea it or loose them gospelssakea isi lsi dikea thez ther for the gospe i
i 1

warr wari haivesfcwide hari harifest fest wide extends

if &





same ashen jesus christ has done the samcic when lame 2 samcii duplace to lay uplace pinco pince layhis without a place his head laytis heaa aa i 6a A pilgrim on the earth be he came for us his blood was shed v atw until forus rtw

dooma the nations doomd shall we behold thenations i ana fire girel famine blood andoire andfamine and andfire to sword and yet not the least exertionmalce maiee malce maire make exertion exertionmake peaco peace retire retiro fh but from the scene in peaceretire
loye iove no whilehis while his love lote

IT ill sound to earths remotest lii

the pattern makes my duty plain


for meextends me extends

his gospel to the sons of men I

hind andfaithful inna land iana and faithful kiendyi snead farewell my kind until we meet on earth again endy end for soon our pilgrimage shall endi come tor to reign and the messiah comei
HYMN hyun 217
11 i P PM

v n

long aio iong shave aloshave shate alo adieu to the city where jong iinhate
W wandered judgments and warn them teu them of ofjudgments ten teli teil to tell A to flee s tift 0 T ift vr rift oave oftenin wocsalhavc woosil bave in sorrow their woisil how often r pandered pondered jmfcsll n me upon affliction theyll thirk think up perhaps verba verha sin itfluctiontheyll

1 I

1 I



expiring A feeling of pity this bosom inspiring sing this lamentation and think upon me

withatearofcompassion with a tear of compassion in silence retiring suety laso ray of hope for your safety the last



at evening your halls have

resounded with W pure testimony of jesus so free t hpure theure while the meek were rejoicing the proud were confounded gospelly theyll think gospely the poor had the gospel upon me

israel isiael when empires shall tremble at ishael

returning ther thes spirit ana clean sd by the and earth shall be cleaned of burning when proud men shall perish and priests with their learning sing this lamentation and think upon me
blessings withheld from the sons of columbia once free when bloodshed and war and famine dis oi i tresa them tress the warning and think upon me remember thewarning
1 I 0

when the union is severed and libertys



undoing ff ransoms ofo zion74pur omd the highway ransomd highwayofo highwayofizionpur the rans A suing iak eik lir sing this lamentation and thin upon me think uponme

citysball shail crumble to ruin shall when this mighty city jmrchants a millstone the imerchauts asa and sink as

ifk ifltwt

HYMN 218


e nd keep these few lines till time shall e i

t fi 1 lit tit lii

erid fri erld of your absent friend wave r 0 us vaye boisterous vave wanders vanders oer lifes bolste who 4aiifirs 6 save the meek the humble poor to

in memory

e 1 while vvo NVO I endure IU ill spend my breath lii

166if truth x thetruth in prayer for those who love the t lands ill IU distan in distant lii call to mind l- l
my truq q and faithful friends trua
1 I

so kil kii i d kli hind kind


I where you retire to seek ids gracem31 then lift your voice in humble prayer htii there mm whose lines are hanging ilitievo for heii

place ep the let these few lines adorn th

HYMN 219

nia 111

Lord lordpi farewell ye servants of the T whom weoft di weort have preachdi preachdithword towhomweioft to preach

lordfv fv




24j 247

may you improvethe improve the wisdom given and lead ten thousand souls to heaven
samtspf farewell ye saint saintsof sof latter days with whom weve met in prayer and praise whoseldndhrarts land iana hearts the truth has shone lana in whose herd all in one gatherd eatherd by which were gat true friends whose hearts are inna friendswhose land iana iretrue farewell kind we can no longer stay with you thel thei voiceof troth obey vdice adice of truth arise thi ani wash your sins away 0 come and
wius wllis wins farewell to all whose stubborn wills stuf shilf them bind bindthe in in chains of darkness stilf our oar voice no nd longer you shall hear till jesus shall in clouds appear

knofp knofe shall see and hear and know then you ahall what you rejected here below gjul in plin sjul aa pughjoim ay sinlc thpughypumay 1a endless pain th

yet truth eternal will rema4i remain remali n nymn HYMN 7a 7s HIN 220 6 as

nln nin

shall shail shali we all meet again when shii when shall we our rest obtain our pilgrimage be oer when ourpilgrimage ouri mome morm wore sighs be known no more sigisbe varting sighsbe parting patting


FAKWESX far9wfl1
we regainiftiu4 regamj6

jwa iw roay we all meet again agahi awa there may f r we to foreign climes climesrepair repair i ar truth the message which we b ear thaye oft4baveborne thave borne truth which angels of whopourn who ourn those whop comfortthose mouro whomouro truth to comfort truthto truth eternal will remain Us rock well meet again on conits onits ana anil and morning star now the wight bright anel glorious light afar spreads its gloiious l kindles up the rising dawn 1 mom orn of that bright millennial tee saints shall ris hise and reign nise the rise when tle again in the clouds well meet aga
come of israel canies when the sons ofrsrael conies when they build jerusalem beardi reardi when the house of god is reara J a prepared vre and messiahs way pre veu ven he heaven heaten h comes to reign when from hea e again n 4 meet there may we all in

whenm6unt when mount zion

deansy deansd by fire when the earth is cleaxwd wic keds hopes expire wickens when the wickeds shade a oblivion wen i skade when in cold oblivions uen proud oppressors all are laid nf i n tffitt remain long will zions mount againio19 remah4 offitt remahl attml there may we all meet again attal
kik kil lil

FAREWELI farewell
HYMN 221

2491 949 249

nus & 10s Us ios mus los

1 I

dear friends and from neigh hours bours to part and go from my home it afflicts my poor hearn 1 heart with the thoughts of absenting myself far away from the house of my god where ive chosen to pray

to leave my

but jesus doth call me a message to bear anjislands islwids afar kingdoms ana and countries and To toldngdomsand bleps biess me and be with me bless hill beeps his presence will
there his spirit inspire me in answer to prayer

I linger with fondest dethen why should 1 sire oer homo hoino and the raptures its comforts inspire sweeter 1 bear for sweeter 0 swe eteri the message I wprayer Wp to rayer prayer to comfort the mourner in answer sprayer adieu and pay my devotion in parts that are new IM remember niber in pilgrimage there but still 111 iti reme prayer kayer the joys that we tasted in answer to li

dear friends 1 I must leave you and bid you



oan sile has when the days oft how ona bustle bugyi bustie hys busyebu dys busyi onwhen4thef cload closd y silentrrepose and nature lies sleeping in silentrreposo

I will fondly repair to some lone retreat 1

there 6 HYMN hyun 222 4 s & 2 Ss 61s&2 46
Is f i

remember my kindred and pray for them

4 time shall shali shail shan shau when

yawhen eer yaWhen yashen en all its cares are der oer T T t aau num Dered with the dea aea dead ftssift and numbered alu deadam deadau daU unveiled eternal truth shall shina shinitjji urn un its own image all divine W ti 7 peg oif meg H son pei fon S ts in robes of e saints light aflight oflight the gown golden street shali shail shall sh walic the goiden h bow before his throne shail shali shall ib- or worship at his feet i j i exalted ehigh thigh shall sit on thrones exaltedjbigb 1 qt v I enthroned in might and maj majesty tug ing 7 tewal tewao 0 sinner wouldst thou stand A in that blest company obey the lords command itin r s be sins and from thy si e free ri ana J H look forhy 01 forhj J shall be1 there and of th ol remembe farewell rewell tillA till then Xa rem embe 97 W temembessfc hena tillaheni heni remember

be no more 1 s and sorrows fled S joys its ils I loys JOY loy

fr ct frn


efti tfti


lil lii SCELUNE at miscellaneous

111 III HYMN 223 2 23

41 i



3 of mansion angel came down from the mansions an an glory 1 orah was bid cumorah hid record hla in Cuni hia bla bia ana I told that a rec an orkwas and

fulness ofjesuss gospel containing the falness lefulnessof3esuss gathen bis people his nant to gather covnant pt4erbis connant and also the cov 0 israel 0 israel I gs dings abidings abidm abl abiam in all your abi prepare for your lord when you hear these glad tidings

merit fuli of menit full A heavenly treasure a book ful1ofmerit speaks from the dust by the powr of the it speak
A voice from the

spirit nt

saviour that saints can

brings again

day when he to watch for the daywhenhe zion Ls is srael 1srael b 0 israel I 0 01 pil ali your abidings ail in all iii in prepare foli

rely on

your lord j alv Fr ebare for yourlord air tidings glad giad yon yox hear thesa these slad tiding yot hearthese fyhen you


misckllaneous miscellaneous

gite ear every nation listen 0 isles and give genefa tion for great things await you in this geneia generation nourish the kingdom of jesus in zion shall flourish wicked must the righteous will gather the wickedmust
perish 0 israel 0 israel abi dings in all your abidings prepare for your lord glad tidings giad when you hear these gladtidings 221 HYMN 224


before this earth from chaos sprung or morning stars together sung jehovah saw what would take place vast extent of space in all the tast

this world to order came he made lord of the same and men be great things to them he did make known which should take place in days to come

ile spoke lie lle he

to holy men minutely told


what future age would unfold scenes god had purposd piade place plade purpo sd should take purpoed takeplace purpled down to the last of adams race

but we will pass these ancients by

who spoke and wrote by prophet prophec proph kroph

untipwo untifwe cometo come to him of old gv liis ilis ills brethren sold irvn njosephwom irva joseph whom his


ile prophesied of this our day lle lie that god would unto israel say gospel light you now shall seey see the gospelilight
yopr bondage be set free and from copr up a geer would alse seex raise ood wouldralse seer aise ppa wouldr he said god sons to cheer the hearts of jacobs agns ana again jil iti iii and in bands aba gather them againjil in latter days upon their lands

lid foretell the name lre ire likewise did he should shard be that shaud le given to the same should agree his and his fathers father shouldagree

and both like his should joseph be

j A spokesman god would him prepare


like moses should obtain ilke this seer lilke the word of god for man again

wor word d when written to declare his wora

according to his holy plan aupup the man raia raiadup dup ralsd the lord has now ralpd iatter day work to begin latter his lattcday scatterd ifiracl in scatterdtlsrael to gather scattered

this seer shall be esteemed high nndby by josephs rpmnantsy nedby


al ISCEL LANTO ladmo 06

miscetlaods iscellanto

lead christs church1n churchon church in thes ejlasrdays and leadchrists 6lufdayg

e man whoscalld the whos chos caird to raise v he is th

the keys which peter did ieceirewl& recefie41& rear a kingdom god to please owr mgi agi to reara beara 4wr haye have oon hate once more been con d on maj4p men man conferd confeld ferd jehovahs u t jeho beho about vahs to bring abo hs plan Jehova

sincel lost the key of knowledge long since

to bring to light things of great

worth and thus with knowledge 1131 fili fill the earth

has virtue still as at the first

aft gil del to none need his hisheighbour say neighbour then know thou the lord this is the way d shallij4 shall shail shali sand for all shall know him who shallsand PY ian lan land both old and young hi in all the lah

now let the saints both far and near scattered bear scatterd and sc atteA israel when they hear bews dews god news rejoice ii in israels goa this hews goatjj jj and sing and praise his name aloud
HYMN 225
A poor wayfaring


godt Goat afe ike ife 1 I



way hath often crossd me on my wa so humbly for relief who sued sohiunbly magr vayr could never f nayf I couldhever hever answer aray that 1

man manof of grief

yi W vy 00

1 bad had isk his name haa not power to ask I baa vent he came tient or whence became whither he went yet there was something in his eye lovea 1 know not why lovej iove love I that won my loye

265 255

once when my scanty meal was spread enferd enterd erd not a word he spake he ent just perishing f jnstperishing for want of bread braile 1 brake it bralie gaye blesse ft I gave gate him all he blessd ii A part again ana ate but gave me part and saisr tw saier angels portion then mine was an angers faj nti 1 whii61 ftj I fed with eager haste for while fc the crust was manna to my taste
st lv burst fountain fitain bur spied him wheye where a fou fintain higstr was gone engthasgbfi his strength clear from the rock hagstr hf s thirst heedless water mockd mocka Ms the beedless4ater i on1 ona h saw it hurrying heard it sa heleafd he u ffererp sufferer 1 ran and raised the su I rea my cup he dri stream iea K draind braind from ind myc thrice fro mthe P ef t1rannin running goe oer dept and re retumd it dipt 1 thirst e d more I drank and never thirsted
1 I

aloof A winter hurricane al6bk Toice abroad arid alid qevr and toiceiaroad 1 beard his toiceabroad I heard dira vacarool rogl rool to bid him welcome to varool roof

were out itlble4 twas night the floods outi itblew alvere slvere diod didd fiod 4

wo44 onek

1 I

OUS miscellaneous m14cellanz

ts19thoo jc cheered my guest warmd J clothed wardd 1 on my couch to rest I laid him onny anase and scend andse scemd ewd then made the earth my bed ana ead dreamd dreama in edens I dreamd edela garden while 1 eders edels

piled plied and supplied revived his spirit anas ands UPI ou refreshment he was heald wine oill d 1 conceald eald conceals condeard I had myself a wound conc but from that hour forgot the smart hound up my broken heart and peace bound

1 I found him by the highway side 1 brough back his breath trough breith I roused his pulse brought

stript wounded beaten nigh to death

wndempd 1 saw him next condemnd condemns in prison I to meet a traitors doom at morn

jiem md lying tongues jtemmd oflyng oflypg the tide of

ilish was the flesh

scorn acom m1dst shame a end nd scom and honored him midst nd my friendships utmost beallo zeallo zeal to try woula would die aie ale ulddie it 1 I for him wo he aska if


ranchill weak my blood ranghill ran chill the freesplrit free spirit cried 1 I


then in a moment to my view so disgtu the stranger started from disguise 4 s 1 kiew fx kiev I knew tho hand the tokens in his hands my saviour stood before mine ores erea i CC YWZ YW

MISCUILAN FOUS miscellaneous

aj 3j 57 7 2 57

dimmed immed name he jartvned and my poor nainehe spako iudmy he spake

1 I

ashamed amed asb thow thon thou hast not been ash of me thonhast these deeds shall thy memorial be fear not thou didst them unto me M HYMN 226 p P31

1 I

come all y 5 e sons of ziou and let us praise the lord oma 4 ransoms oed ransomd rans omd are returning his ranwteaare tY according to lots lus word ius ins songs and gladness in sacred song they walk the narrow way nie ole uie and thank the lord who brought them to see the latter day

persa v ofjudith come comeye dispensa diapers pers d ofjudab dispers dis of Judith s ye dispersa peri comete singi sing j oin oln in the theme and dingi oin 1 with harmony unceasing the praises of your king whose arm is now extended gaze world may way gaw on which the worl up the righteous to gather in these the latter days
A rejoice rejoice 0 israel your joys abound and let yourjoys yoa of god shall reach you jou joa the toice ofgod neyer whenever Whe wherever neter you are found reTer




ama ana you back bach from bondage and call youback bouback that you may sing his prilise4 praise jerusalem in zion and and4erusalem in these the latter days iaiji iji 4

ye saints through throughout land out ouk the landt and clear the way before you jou As god shall shali give command shail shab shau though wicked men and defils thoughickea deyil detils exert their power lsi isi vainswv danam dsnam since him who is eternal eat ebi e&t
obta has said you shall oata obtain
w 1 afef fef

then gather up for zion


HYMN 227

67s 67sj

with her ten thous wlm vith earth wim thousand fi flowers owers air with all its beams and showers shower 3 heavens infinite expanse i440 0 oceans resplendent resplendant countenance ant counteilane resplend y all around and all above Z 10 god hath godis is lo rath this record goa loved t lover bodis

ana hills sounds among the vales tales and talesandhills by the rills bytherills in the woods and bythe of the breeze and of the bird faj ys fjj by the gentle murmur stirra stirrd sacres sacre2l dacres songs bene beneath aboves abodes athi abovej have one chorus god is iove lovo love hate

misullaneouoy miscellaneous
stirt all the hopes that sweetly start fountain of the heart thef6untam from the all the bliss that ever comes to our earthly human homes an all the voices from above ail
sweetly whisper god is love HYMN 228

269 259


guide us 0 thou great jehovah promisdland land saints upon the promwa we are weak but hut thou art able hanav hana hold us with thy powerful hand holy spirit feed us till the saviour comes
open jesus zions fountains opeifffesds come nich her richest rich esst blessings coni6oftj let herrichest the fiery cloudy pillar let guard us in this holy home holyhome gre great ore at atredeemer redeemer bring 0 bring the welcome day

when the earth begins to tremble bid our fearful thoughts be still c flo n thyjudgments spread destru destra destruction when thy judgments tW t hiukvuf hillow keep us safe on zions hill hilltw 11 v singing prali6iiw IT iy praises tc ak songs ofglory ento thee of glory unto 2 12

1 I


0 US miscellaneous

uyw uye xhi xai

otow rm a foundation ye saints of tie firm how hirm tb eLord tle iswald isiald Is laid for your faith in his excellent word i what more can he say than to you be he hath sald said you who unto jesus for refuge have fled



in every condition in 6icknessjjn sl4nessjrs health I n povertys pover tys vale or aboundipgin in abounding in wealth at home and abroad on the land on thesea the sea thelea As thy succous thi days may demand so thy succour

pie tte shall be ite

aid ii 1 thee help thee and ind cause causa lii strengthen lil ill stana thee to apana aiana stand 0f hanu upheld by my righteous omnipotent omnipotenthand hand nana nand u when throgghthe 1 call cail calitheb through the deep waters J c44thee thee I callthee to go 993 992 dedow 6egow oerflow oer rflow the rivers of sorrow shall not thee megow 1 willbe with thee thytrioublea less for I thy troubles topless nd sanctify to thee thy deepest distress and ani

mayd will still give thee I am thy god and wm for 1

1 noa fear not no4 jam be not dis I am with thee 0 ba lam



goi 961 261

when through fiery trials thy pathway

ile lle be shall lie my grace all ali sufficient shall be tl ail thy supply 1 only shkil not hurt thee I shail shali olly design the flame shall consume sume and thy gold to refine totonsume toton todon thy dross to


down to old age all my people shall shali

my sovereign eternal unchangeable love iwheli cheh greyh6rs grey hairs shall their temples and then wheh


adorn dom like lambs they shall still in my bosom be borne borio

g hath leand for on jesus soul that oii repose 1 1 I desert to his foes cannot I will not icannot that soul though all hell should endeavour to shake toshakej ney neyer 111 never neser er nd no never forli nev never no forsake ake III 0 nev aie iti ill lii lil ney

tlle tile the

jsu jsn

nymn HYMN
how pleasant

ily n



arid friends agree kindred and move moke each mole eich in his proper station moye nui ful fiLlus part fulfillus fulfilbis and each nul sym ati sing hearte atl sympathizing sympathising avith heart hearti with gym iove love lore the cares of ii ilfe and 1070 life jn in all thi ife
1 I

wseo tis eseo to see



on aarons sacred head
ilko the ointment shed ilke lile tis like
in ft aae ade aj 0j f xnftfi

efy rich divinely sweet Divin divinely t room the oil through all the roome 4 room4 diffused fume fame perfume diffusd a choice per ran through his robes and blest hisfeet s feet his feet


that water all the plain neighbouring1ills ing hills descending from the neighbouring neighbour
such streams of pleasure roll sji ivi through every friendly soul f lri aji tji iii di stils distils Tenly distill enly dew disteli eniy where love like heavenly beai venly heai distili hea
HYMN 231
M ai P 31ip

like lile fruitful showers of rain

come let us seek our god tq dayn K K to dayre com dayne day yes with a cheerful zeal wen well haste to zions hill weli honours honourt pa pay and there our vows and hondours

fft oot ofa aft J how pleased and blest was ire irm howpleased a to hear the people cry aq aay


zion duice thrice happy place adorna with wondrous grace theejround round and walls of strength embrace theet in thee our tribes appear heac f to pray and praise and deac the sacred gospels joyful sound

he sits for grace and judgment there saint he glad saintie he bids the saintbe he makes the sinner sad
and humble
souls rejoice with fear


there davids greater son his royal throne has fied hisroyal

may peace attend thy gates and joy within thee wait gues wiess wiers the soul of every guest cobless tobless to bless the man that seeks thy peace and wishes thine increase on him rest A thousand blessings ob

my tongue repeats her vows TOWS 11 peace house redhouse sacred to4his rothis sac tothis kindred dwells I dwell friends and landred for here my 1 and since my glorious god makes thee his blest abode my soul shall ever love thee well 3 M
HYMN 232
I M L 1

nnow enow evry soul soui is free know then that evrysoul what heli bis ilfe and whathellbe life heti ba hell choose his hisjife t6choose to yov yor given tov for this eternal truth is gi Tenie venie fi 61heaveu tofhe&en man mau gadwill godwill that God will force no nan 4 i4


264 64


hell call heli heti


dai act him right dii ect persuade direct w wfsdom wisdom bless him with fsdom love and light in nameless ways be good and kind I never force the human mind 1 but neyer

edoni and reason make us men Fre freedom tre

1 I

we are vre ire then mere animals and just as well the beasts may think of heaven or hell
away what
owr powers abuse M ay we no more our may uay mas 1 noose choose goodness ssehoose sse hoose go6dne but ways of truth and goodne our god is lfinproy pleasd pleasa please when we improve it pleasra his grace and seek his perfect love 4 e rez erimyfreewillfortobel s x my ft ee trill for to believe egit e 4 tisigods aeo recelv goda tlijgod Tisi Gods frlwill ade will me to recely hee tisl eo stubborn willers this ill tell To au freegraceand dree trebb grace and all freiwill fred free freewill frei will fiall flail Ts

take these

ttl til


still harder spo those that despise grow barder dili dill tums thell their theli ll theirlll those thoe that adhere be turns theirl i despi sers sink to hell and thus despisers while those that hear in glory dwell

downward zoudjft tale taie the dow4arcli6ad but if we take bell heii beu hen ourlast ben our last aboda abode t outlast andtmaliein andthikilin heli shallilaioy wes litow U shalitlitow wei shalit aur dds cl ear and we odiistclear jur VO ads selvi our e cjplungd edaew01 oitrelveineddleo PR 1 ourselvi

HYMN 233

A 265

wam war


glorious gospel lipel light the great and usheff df forth into my sight usherf usher has usherdf ivd ltd iTd rece receivd ivd receitd which in my soul 1 I have received



from death and bondage being freed


iasaintsbelow and saints above with helow faints below A saints 111 pralse aise the god 1 I love III iti ill join to praise I will proclaim like enoch too 1
A loud hosanna to his name


tho echo fly hosanna let the k y to sky from pole to pole from sky ky and saints and angels join jom to sing ev a aq tq allefeinity eternity shall ring ali ail till all


hosanna let the voice extend haye ana cease hta mhd an end have an76d and kad hayw till time shall ceasekad abov aboa till all the throngs of heaven above loye ldiik song of iove love shall join the saints in songs

hosanna r let the trump of god p1 proclaim his wonders far abbroad abroadipa andzeas and seas aldes andjeas sides and earth and air and sldes souna wsouna prais es r to his pralielit conspire wyouna sound aloud hisprais tosound



miscellaneous nymn HYMN



the happy day has rolled on now W has come the glorious period no again8j ja co the angel sure has come 4 j3 its itt to introduce messiahs beien messiah reien ilS tW ilstw
haf htf

the gospel trump again is heard heirdi 510 appearm darl mess has appeard the truth from darlmess appeared 74 7 darkness lar the lands which long in darknesslay lay
now beheld

a glorious day

bortold fortold noid nold RT fon the day by prophets long fortoldi for told the day which abraham did behold uwp J uip the day that saints desired long iong ump aba when god his strange work would perr perform orm



the day when saints again should hear the voice of jesus in their ear do reign and angels who above aoxeign come cam e down to converse hold withen cbm

yma N 235 YMI HYMN

4 as 8s &

coma comi esthe into hehe behe his garden comes 11 dInto lord lora lordinto Lor ithe V yield their nich richperfum perfumeif rich tae perfum eif the ale ile spices thrive the lilies grow and thrire4aaf


refreshing showers of grace divine tine from jesus flow to every vine e the dead revive male mak mal and make


ria iid lia ground gron kron this makes the dry and barren grou in springs of water to abound and fruitful soil become the desert blossoms like the rose his foes sus conquers all hisfoes when j Jesus wis people one na his bis n4 make lis kand band iani

M aill lill on rolling glorious is time the the gracious work is now begun 1 flgfifa fc my soul soui a witness is soni come taste and see the pardun free pardon fieg to all mankind as well as me come to christ may live who cometo A saviour pitiful and kind who will them all relieve none are too late if they repent legbris went legijns out of one sinner legeris jesus did him receive
find fina sinners here may fin the worst of simiers

jy jl


come brethren you iove the lord lovo jou that love jsweetness of the sweetness ofhisrord who taste thesweetness vvhotaste bait biit in jesus ways go on T h 4 6 16


we arrive

our troubles and our trials here hebo heio will only make us richer therea theret there
at home

ft alduk lduk
lel tsi lri

. 4 4

ve feel that heaven is now begun be begunpi gunn beguhn begunn pi yeo thrones yer 1 th it issues from the shining throneieo throne ieo t I from jesus throne on high i aaa ak iaa lt comes like floods we cant contain jt ve drink and drink and drink again we ana aro and yet we still are arc dry

thronet ronet
zw 4

but when we come to reign above b ofloye and all surround the throne qflov1e1 1 I supply well drink a full supp Y 14 resu jesuawill jesuswill lead Jesu swill awill ius armies thr lus his through ahr 0 ug Y tolikina liking living fountains where theyftow toliking to tfi6rn will never run dry that neter
shali shail there we shall hail hall hali reign and shout and sing slug make the upper regions rey hake ring landmake and andmake rei honi samts get hqt when all the saints hat come on n come on my brethren dear soon we shall shali shail meet together tha d140r come for jesus bids us coms come s


HYMN 236


firca ffiplntrof pint f god like a gires fircs bcass urs caas uis bif

btl iti r day giorpw gloryibegiii elatterday R to coiiietortli

uif fh

visions slont and blessings T


11 sing an and dme7ll we weil shout with the armies weli well well weli

kofold of old oid are returnin ofold returning the earth the angels are coming to visit the eart

of heaven IQsanna hosanna to god and the lamb hosanna let glory to them in the highest be given hencefqtkand hencefprth men and amen men henceforth and for ever a

th6l6rdis thel6rd is extending the saints under-

ding stan standing aing restoring their judges and all as at first i are exthe knowledge and power of god ang ate panding the veil oer the earth mth is beginning to 0 burst ac well sing and well shout &c


in spirit kingdom of heaven tospi6ad to spread forth the kingdomofheaven uakoild abroad rit pit nit dit thatwqi mith maybegin faith thatje with may twe through bur falth Tha toinhe inhe iche thatwe toinie maj begin to

gur solemn assemblies call in inimr

visions thevirions the


and blessings and glories of

&c weli shout weil well sing and well lout ac

by waswo andwithoil and with oil bt waswd be washd w011 h and bo washa well wash anointed wih then washing of feet i wil wll thel thai not omitting tha thal withal the

r 7 ta t7



th his penny receive for he that receiveth

bifi bifited ted appointed must sure lybe clean at the harvest 6fwhe ai surelybe mustsurelybecleanattheharvestofwheat ac tac &c shout weli shou weil well well sing and wellshou t&c

for his old israel that sed world ror fled aed from the worldf6rhis

must come como with the cloud and the pillar A moses and aaron and joshua lead him ana feedhim feedldm on manna from heaven again fredhim and weli ac and weil weil shout &c well well sing ana
iamb ami the lamb how blessed the day when the lamblaaihb
lion shall lie down together without any ire brownd cr ownd owad with his blessing and ephraim be crownd

amaia 1 amain amain amkin amlin 2

in zion As jesus descends with his chariots of fire well sing and well shout with the armies of heaven goa and god annalo godana end theda the lamb ho&annao hosanna hos hosannalo thela be giveni gileni guten highet 164 highit given giten let glory to them in the highest ent lamen U eni henceforth and forever amen ani


HYMN 237


the sun that declines

stil stii sk westemlsty in the far W ummers ummers ummera mera rolld oer our heads till the isibblera has roald M i gone byr gc6eby 1anbb



spring that in the green bower did exultingly spring

warblers of hushd are the notes of the warbler husha husid and husyd

the changes for autumn already appear brownd the glad year has crownd harvest of plentybas A abarvest plenty ybas plent while glie mile soft smiling zephyrs our fancies to ulie
please the laden fruit trees bring odours ofjoyfrom theladen

As the summer of youth passes swiftly along slivery silvery locks soon our temples adorn and silverylocks so the fair smiling landscape and flowery lawn though lost is their beauty their glory has

of life shall have dead fled ancl anel anci and hersorrosentombd entombd with the her sorrows entombed her joys ana faith like good goodenoch enoch arise aeby faithlike then may weby brownd with the justin just in the midst of and be crownd the sides
1 I

sweet summer 0 when the t4sweet 1

descend with the saviour in glory profound perfectionwhen perfectibnwhen when satan is bound and reign in perfection loye andrsweet sweet union together shall andr love iove andsweet while loyb and
blend and peace gentle peace like a river extend





1 HYMN hyms 238 3S I

1f L M

zion soon shall rise ofzion the cities of t in majesty amid the skies won dring eyes wondring attract the gaze and gondring ee of all that worship gloriously
chles cities chies stand shail shali see those cries the saints shall
AW upon this consecrated land sind and israel numerous as the sand inherit them eternally

hastentonj4 ha day would hasteen hastenn stenn 0 that the daywould

vhen ahen wickedness shall all be gone angels join in one and saints and angelsjoin to praise the man of holiness

b6n ben ban

11 end heavens emd shall the veil of heaven then y nhe rhethe the son awman aw man willdes6en will descend and

A vast eternity to spend

righte us e s s in perfect peace and righteousness

exalt the name of zions god

praase prajse ye his name in songs aloud praise proclaim his majesty messengers1 abroad j ye banner bearing messengers S



cry to the nations far and near ank in the glories share and to come andin that on mount zion will appear when earth shall rest from wickedness



131 731

eara a feast of fat things for the righteTher ehra etra theres ous preparing the good of this world all the saints thegood thai thergood that mays maps be sharing maybe mayt for the harvest is ripe and the reapers readers have

learnd be to gather the wheat that the tares may ie


bunna burna buma come to the supper come to the suppers supper come to thesupper the supper of the great bridegroom C go forth allanye e servants unto every nation up your voices and make pioclam& proclamaand lift u tion wase from all ail evil ali etil and leave off all etli cease orom for ito mase

mirth saviour iivbmingto isipomingtoreign reign on tha tho the tha for the thdsaviour i earth come to the s ac pera sur upper per2 &c g the ilnd 0 set forth judgments Go u gments thejudgments the and tie come iland tha ghents to com sornow sorrow f moday after to there day 0 th today r cpmetto for dater cametto morrow


3nbimib ut
4dred ifngodly reb6hio remedious mclreduhgodlj reb eDious vhen the adred rebedious enious and wliemthe ahen petoud prom prow ptoud H hali hall be burnt up as sfublble stubbl 0 cry it siubbl shali shail shall t hail
asouo aSo abouo uo au alo aio 0u

WW ahr ana thr aig p epathrougbout oigh on t europe and annasias andasias asias dark


ome to the supper&c &c supper ac

legions loons oplaim pro claun to all people vs ind proclaun asty&ure pas smgby sigby 4 9 by leavidg leaving the summeris sum summers arees are leating summer aeji is leji figttrees meris merls engh lugh ingh gh come to the supper &3 f

regions C nes inas far shores an Cb aracs black blach and to araas cbinas cainas africs



eauon on the great men of fame and of eabon

er ipwer ipser

on his throne gonlds goulds ig

and thebrave brame in the brave

tower nonn sonn fail taii tail but tali ins must oali orm them all kingdoms int nisttail kingdo nist

rene rne rue

thersun ther sun a the moon and as fair as therson tatfasthe thet


quarters ters and then rviotwle ikey ikfy i f an jland aland nt ileS ntiles jewnd prod lies and jewed lles antiles

lem iem iam ikm

ac & me aq tq the supper &c c


to the


1 I1 19cf

76 W

bold israel in every land iold oia ola exclaim extiain to old and iw heaven7s at repent ye the kingdom of heavens


ac come to the supper &c

go carry glad tidings that none need doubt

whether ile down together lle he the lamb and the lion shall lie will cease when the devil is for the venom willceie round bonna bound niver hiver river extend the world and peace like a tiver ac come to the supper &c
1 I

viour meek may inay begin to that the poor and the meeb find favor and rejoice in their coming redeemer and eena friend tena I end 10 he is with you henceforth to the and lo &c come to beslipper the thesupper besipper sipper ac be supper
lesA regardless ana invite them regard less of trouble rehard and Mke and the the rich and the learned the wise noble be ready when jesus bereacy that the guests may beready shall come comb welcome forever the holy bridegroom bridev 0 M bridee to wblcomeibr6ver ac come to the supper &c

go publish the gospel the tr arth trth 6 of the sa-

go gol goi



ther & yea push them to zion the sain is for saintsrestfor
ever heavens and earth where the best that the hea heavensand can afford rana grace the great marriage anq fe aS of and feast alq

go qogathetthqwdlin andpushthebi gather the willing and push them 9 ana

za z4


lord lyhelord

ac thp supper come gome to ohp &c the supppr&


ogi 061

people iet let nofbmgpreclude peoplelet elcpmebis oispepplelet elcm elam 41qc de

h Ps oseph eph and simeon and reuben ome omeoseph ad judab judae at 4t Issac a tha on dan me enapthah har bar levi and anddan issachar andean e on asher and gme come a beniamin ome benjamin enjainin ome to the supper c maigkfjcome

gjud vjad hjad VJ

failen fallen
1 I

3ulon aulon

llb11 iliful and just bejaithfal be



1f af

the end of your rour jour tour call

failen is she is babion the great ashe bablon 7she lb fallen

1 I

Vs justservants just servants iusye then return and receive the ausye y re ward reward aw ohhe of the st 0 of the house oche to feast AW te ia andfdm 9w wa ii w1 ir ei e supper kis I h supper come to the ybe abe e U P de upper VITH thegrepde uppervith ejyitifthe




HYMN 210 P mi i t wri t landwas a glo gio landaas was once place glorious 910 this land fr i6 verdune c verdure ia common sv allll 0 0 with allyl il S live did dla dia aid oly race h a men and lie lle face jeus face to facey and worship jesus raff rtff ondl ondi ahman aahdam azhdam in A
with god we read that enoch walkd gd w4ed waed with 1 1 ammon above the power of mammon I while wion vlon zion spread herself abroad eion


V and angels sung aloud and saint ana 4 ondl ahman azhdam ondi aahaam A in aahdam I zao ibtfsilm zal

above old israels canaan to west known t towsf1 from eail nown fro her fame was A was great and e tiru thvr d pure thar st her peace wits ondl A m aandam ondi ahman of aalidam aandal W corny comp such days to commy hosanna to 0 suchdays es second comm Savi savioues savl ours saviours the Saviou blaorigj when all the earth in glorious v1w0u1 li al affords the saints a holy homi ondl ahm azhdam ondi ahman like aahdam

bles1 es ifer land was good and greatly 11 lier iier her blesa blesi

HYMN 241 P M hyun 11 PM bplow belowj though in theputward the outward church balow and tares together grow the wheat andlarestogeth6rgfow

ra 7 r2 278


jesus ere long will weed the crop and pluck the tares in anger up
1 I

for soon the reaping time will come comei

and angels shout the harvest home andangels

to recollect their stations

here how much they heardhow hear dhow much they thjknew thes knew grew how much among the wheat they deiv oeiv
nate aggravate no this will aggra Tate their caseb case case4 grac perishd perishd under means of grag they perisho falth t falih to them the word of life and faith

will it relieve their horrors there

aj 10 we seem alike when thus we meet meef

d ends yous yobs enas IOUs the tares are spared for various pra g fnendtj some for the sake of praying win air will eir others the lord against their

became an instrument of death

wheat eat all ali wgre strangers might think we ail agre w M searching ail spart ali seart ing eyes but to the lords all each heart appears without disguise

fulfil employs his counsels to fulfill

tan tail and strong tah but though they grow so tall lbng lang tbemlong his plan will not require theli ills own Us he sayes liis qyfmt in harvest when be xp bell heli heii be thrawn ap the tares shall into hell

11 IS CELLA N eq miscellaneqp

010 oln oin oh

awful thought and is if it so know must all m the harvest mankina mankind vesi1no71o d&har awbert Is every man a awbeat wheat or tare me for thailafvis prepare thatttiarvest are t lord prep

1 I

7 279 979 079


1 I


HYMN 242 PM nesk nesi wilderness what fair one oce is this from the wilder trailing ling travling trav vao loang heare iao do f her heart belov belovdo beloido ido looung belo beio lodng for christ the belpido fair wir bride of the 0 this is the church the mir saviour which with every idol is willing to part while contention tion are constantly wh ue men in conten howling Baby babylons and llabylons ions lons bells are continually tolling As though all the craft of her merchants was failing and jesus was coming to reign on the earth pei of pel is a sweet sound ip gospel in the gos thero there 19 lived heaven are joyful when they and people irejoyful them understand ire faints on their w way home to glory are the gaints ei6n eian even 0 reachtheblest goodness .0 D et armind biest reach the blest rmind by goqduestq dete rmwdby dett land lupion delusion old formal professors are crying 14 de A ala gjiminded nigh i d uigh av tia n i n de d hyppcrie and tistla convq q ta aq t1 fusion

ta t6

e sion slon i rejofcing to see priestatridt and saints are rejoicing andsaintsarer oic ingto priest craftfall ej bic fall fali inato
19 poured out in a blessed while grace is wblewd effu-

A blessing a blessing the savio saviour ur is coming As prophets and pilgrims ofold kofold oid bavedeclard of old have de clard favo urd of god is beginning the favourd havourd and israel Israelthe israelthe eithe come to the feast to forthe hteousprepard feastforthe tocometothefeastfortheryhteousprepard in the desert are fountains continually springing 1441 Tenly venly heavenly ringing music of hea zion is the wrings their of frings the saints all their tithes and theirofrrings are bringing his blessing hiiblessing they thus prove the lord and hii lis ha e r ajeceh receive floc flfc 1
1 i

preaching and all that will hear them they freely are teaching and thus is the vision of daniel fulfilling fill th soon fili roon the the stone of the mountain will soonfill altr ltr isr varth barth arth

jehovah is worthy of praising the name of ofjehovah and so is the saviour an excellent theme dlare ar&rkising raising areraising standar the elders of israel a standard 4 4 44 thl thi Flame to tname thiflame cometo and call on all nations to come thame d the gospel forth and are these elders go forthan vire g6ijr


min millandu millande MIL


y LANdU langu

alu 2lu

HYMN 243


oay uay

when joseph his brethren behold afflicted and trembling with fear filld compassion was field his heart with compassionwas
from weeping he could not forbear frqmweeping

xw dougli aw awmfhis a s rougli 0 61s behaviour was wal geder in their pasfilp sins to geden their mindj past S minda biln brmg brag to brin any eny eig were fii u they gere gire humbyejl vfai e e U wheki but wheji

he hastened

S to show ilibvi himsel iliavi

himselinki inKI


wasefc sefc wa sefe how little they thought it was 1 andoldt3i whom they had ill treaded andes lo bep be10 how great their confusion must bey i 1 I told name as had As soon he his soonas boonas you sold me and thought 1 I was dead her but god for your sakes sent me he
saidy 1 jokeph your brother he sid I am joseph f7 axe dear deki fa dedi and still to my heart you are


benore though greatly distressed before chargd when charged charad with purloining the cup ofie one of them durst to look u p not ogie

much more were confounded muchmore they now w6reconfounded

ISCE &xeou miscellaneous

whom we would haye slain forgive us the evil we did 140 liv 14o tam I he our oun households rliouseho1ds iyiafntainj maintam maln main and will ivo

can joseph canjosepb

0 this is a brother indeed f


att at 4t N 244


then shall reflections brighter

e stiess ilc lle ile lic bea j lie restless on my bed len ien leil eo fly g sleep which still V courting wui 11 ay

power ur U houra illume the lone and midnight ho



tiai tlle tili thejtj3j huswd the breeze and calm th ifhushd husid 1 gli it sir

ry glnle memry soft will the stream of mem ana gentie train and all the past a gentle wayd wavd walla by remembrance live again kmin imin

if loud the wind the tempest high sly the and darkness wraps t he sullen sky 1 sa agga I muse on lifes tempestuous sea jgga aj qj
and sigh 0 lord to come to thee A
swelling wave tosad on the deep and swelungwayp tossd mark my trembling soul and saye save savado 0 savada 8 0146 aveto to mv harbour neWar iveto my view that thia harbournewar nearjij

t grie each ghie raar ar griefaar isqwyon htrjhou wilt chase eaciign faar P

AX iisqellaifeqlhj

HYM hy31n 215



hark listen to the trumpeters they call for volunteers gowr mquni on zions bright and goar flowry niount
behold the officers

brigI 14 their horses white their armours bright

with courage bold they stand enlisting soldiers for their king to march to zions land
e flam it sets my heart all in a flame

A soldier for to be As 1 will enlist my arms enlist gird on I enlis4 onmylms fight liberty and fi 9ht for hibert


we want an s no cowards in our ui bands wantno E our colours colouos ny fly that will we call for valiant hearted men oot afraid to die whore not

to see our armies on parade

they th U

how martial they appear ar&d and drest in uniform armd all arad like lile ille men of war they look ilke

IN o 0

the great eternal lamb lamjaif wif bif

general great G follow their gr



11mellineous mioeluneous
his garments staine staind in his vw own blood

king jesus is his xingjesils ids name

h6jiuinpctgound trumpets sound the


the arnii94hout armies shout y drive ri ve the hosts of hell heli f heii thy adful is our god tadore wl dreadful dful how t emmanuel

t t hesp jesus christ ienlist with vith aekus rsenllst jekus sinners sinners tin goa thqieternal goaima gonima AimA avnal Go tvnal son of god atma dima 4 lonsm axid dmarch march with us to Z tana abid demarch lonam alid zious zions tand jiood swellingtoodvu fy betna the swelling r bena bend

here dre fruits iinmortalg ro fW grov grovfw immortal grom as 1s all array vsvfw angels arrayed mte vd in white vie eie cow & how 664 r redeemer ltedetm

ut lsen arsen and dlo tien mouzli mounli aher on a grsen flo fher flowry VrYimet fonn foni


jsqiq 5atan 66 S atan and his army too satan batan

biall eiall a down hunna to hell be hunia

ut and sing for eviiid evermore bgisut t at eternal world

i f

lift up your heads

ye soldiersb6i4 soldiers bold boia bola redemption7s redemptions ons drawing nigh Redempti we soon shall hear the trum tsound trumpet pe tsoung sound awk b alk le slty1 and ay41 that shakes the earth land

NEou MISCELLA miscellaneous miscellaneou

ts we shall rise charlo in fiery chariots fire dre ana and leave the world on nire una iove surrouna und the throne of love lote surround kurro and all surro i hoir y ch heavnly oir air jbxtheheavnl tha heavily the and joul


HYMN 246



poura poua poud pure testimony pourd bourd forth in the spirit cuts like a keen two edged sword and hypocrites now are most sorely tormented by the word bythe condemns hythe because theyre condemnd s the dross dischar discoar the pure testimony discovers while wicked professors make light of the cross of her loss but babylon trembles for fear other
ome Is not the ume time come for the church to be gathered god of goa dod doa into the one spirit 0 on spirit into the one body baptized Bapti baptizd baptlid zd by ong partaking christs flesh and his blood
1 I

1 I


drink in one spirit which makes them be all see jesus wherever they theyre one in christ gentile Oen tile tiie the bond and the tlle the jew and the gen free


US isdlillneo NEOUS

fifimpet fi yethfinimpet pi&et then blow y64116 pure tefttinaouy ib&1y in piget world voria hear it agamic agami1 k and let the romlearitagilut gaad ocome acome fro m babylon egypt adda adia 0 come ye from arid gaag orn egyptifid edoin sdoin oin Sd make your way over thi and malcbjobr plaint plam tu and gird on your armour ye saints of the

for christ will direct you by his hying living word pare testimony will cut like a sword the pure dainess prince of dagness darkness 1 is mustering I bis forces his to make you hisprisners again adon jdon k1111 lion flat ternes tennes flatteries by fiattii6s teries kepfoachesimd vlie lorse vile reproaches and ylie cu tile perbecu perbeck JOrse jorsecu lerse ids cause may remain that you in his beit belt bilt but shun Ms temptations whereywthey whereverlheylay ihunhis lay and mind not his sements sermnts semnts whatever they say the pure testimony will give you the day
great the 1


like them as their fawn the same akffi6irb but hold them we bep separation the pure testimony cries up sep down calis you your calls and cdllsyou y6uk y6ur lives to lay46w69 lay aown come out from their spiri nna ana tand and practices too spiritland spiritand spirit tana spirl y 0 ur still junyour of your saviour keep trackof leep sdlljn the track jnyour
s view way bayro ro wayihro why the pure testimony will cut the wayro

si orho persecutew who are those persecuted the world will not persecute



dolny doing doms round i the armies are gathering n perseeut16 pura testimony and vile persecution the pure weli come to close battle ere long weil will win b166a blood of roles in the bl6od then wash all your robes the lamb and walk in the spirit as jesus has done u will kill overcome testimony you stimon y yo in pure te

battle is coming between the two king

HYMN 247


neary beary near afflicted saint to christ draw nears Savi savl ours gracious promise hear saviours thy savioursgraciovs ares to thee deci axes declares his faithful word decl that as thy day thy strength shall b c

let not thy heart despond and say shali shail 1 how shall I stand the trying day shii he has engaged by firm decree

thy strength shall b e that as thy day thystrength should persecution rage and flame still trust in thy redeemers name ilam llam ea trials thou shalt s ee e2 in fiery bhail shall bj shail that 11 as thy day thy strength iliaff&
doe noos noes on j toes weak are ara strong foosarb and doo sarb foo if faith is wc aknd aind 16ng dic connick connicl slibuld be f sh6uld and if the cond conflic conf lic should


iisoellageous misoelueous

will make the tempter fl phylora willmare thylora fleg thy lord willmake forg lorg day t hy strengthdiallbe srail be strength shall lort as thy di r 0 os s cawdt6vbia to hear c ross calld calid bear r the weighty weigbj y ngs when tr whe calad
4 1 I

affliction pain or1os sore re afflictionpain ordos or loss of so OT deep d6tiessi or heep distress or poverty


tp as thy day thy strength shall he be


& win when ghastly

I death appears in view ses presence shall fhy fears subdue shali shau shail thy christs set free w he comes thy spirit to setfree shall be and as thy day thy strength bhail



i ameis amels wisdom mayt may 1 I 0 44ddies ldamels top stephens show patiencfrshow faith and patience P f wjphnklln jno ino ine compassion feel lne P


al shua kness jo joshnajsfal fvlgsestokness valn dik the unwearied vain yraifilce P ilk ethe lik

n ih e prize ffn fan

ail d conquer all an and

t possess may 1 3iaryisllote pqs ioto lote kimry ps I ktmry r t yai xai 1 tender fiearte es s i mf tenderheartedness heartedness kljpias I inder pfilerh ardent s spirit e & irit fe feel ra Pwttw tw james faith ea reveal falth by works re Ajames61fliby iljk toung ilak ylllce 1 young ovi4timoth timothy may I uly ry smful ull passion uil smaul fly dds verr assioi assifi fi

y3i ii f ilip



show davids true devotion know I hear samuels call 0 may 1 lazarus happy portion share hallowd fire isaiahs hs hallowdfire isaials let Isaia new born soul inspire all my newborn
e be 1 mine I min


joys submission let me jobs

gideons valiant stedfast care Jose josepbs josephs pbs purity impart isaacs meditative heart 6 trofa leb jetrft iel me let abrahams friendship jetret iove i66 faithful to the god of love

grayen prayer jacobs wrestling grayer

most of all ali may 1 ail 310storallmaylpursue I pursue drew that example jesus drem dreti areti iloe life and conduct shok show in my life shotto Wj he lived and walked be heliced below how helived pay ray grace davo davs through gra belpwd belp day by day ce belg wd rny dearest lord imitate my iny
worthfeaf mecit 1 these worthi6gmdt4 shall I meiit atjesas3 jenuss feet with them bow at jesuss lovijl lovial oflote oflete with them praise the god of abore abare with them share the joys above1 shord thore range the blissful shore shori ihori with them ranger more meet them ailta morek ali to part no morel all



v liwi diwi 249 miri249 mird midi miri

fw saw menea 1 Joseph his lenjoseph leojoseph enjoseph brethren I mened en mined ien len gyfth gifth with keenest sorrow and distress t jcould y a 0 d no longer hide his love 14 but hut warm scanu emotions mo Ill suppress more re supp ll scann I s hess at trp tem isy he did ald untold aid qinjsteryhexaunfoia imjgtery tj nesa ness en necks upon their in feli feil fell benfell tears enfell intears phen 1 am your brother whom ye sold I sour lamjqir jour amjour av i beirs ss doubts dispelyoiii feirs your dispel jourifears iddinn dismiss idinn


wei mei tei





maSid maiid d6d dad that sent com malid vyaisdbs ommld sint me by commasid

somm some you from the famine 6 sore egypto land n ou int into 0 egypts ori shall never hunger snore oti vou von more inore lnore i fc y le d le elings seized theirbreasts their thun breasts thur jied bied ana iove love se andgrlefandjoyanalm and griet and joy lote jos and q and sorrow and dis distresbj treno distreso distress lal lai their feelings mog moj miaje&v egY mojegy fmff amir ilylm1 shail be afa heiy type shali vely hely IN 7 af afi SW S eph unlmowit t nant long unlixiowiliff remnant 1 I glory see eee t3opir glory4see antiles entiles shalfilhbir th theyre mat ign t o their brethren T

aye ayo save avo




14 misceilaneqls jiiscellanep

2911 291

a bye word vord long theyve been abye beelf8 A curse abyeword afflicted by the gentile race Pl Fl underd and driven sold and slain or brought to shame and deep disgrace brings blessings on the conc eald conceals their ancient records long conceald Yd unfurled unfurld unfur are like a banner now unfuryd ld
cam C c1m cluA 11
1 I


10 itheirorigin A rev eald p reveals lo their origin reveald buttol butlol but r gentile worldy world f

wmx amx ye wonxring glye eaxjfs won elx A eix wondring dring nations now give gondring J fo nt unto the angels cry appeared appealed appeaed aed lo from heaven he has appe for 10

tion nigh salva saiva salia lation to bring sa


oor ooi for forth records H cords horth hes brought the ancient r Un loosed the mighty seal unlooked unloosed a af nl6osed shail fill the earth shall its glory now shali and wondrous things reveal

gone na ings of worth in ages gonei things gonel the th

from slumber it unfolds 5 and things to come now rolling on pi


wisek wisel maynow macnow behold the wise


yieyv bev lew iev qf opening wonders burst to lev af W 71 glorio usand divine gloriousand i ali allgloriousand ail all

xa x2 k2 ka


F 292


point out the piththat path pith that men pursue r t p ilme time lime down to the end of ume fr
yole yold volce voice Voie all israel now shall know his hisvoie

shali rejoice shail shall the meek and humble shallz56f shali understand shail the wise shall 1l

and gather to their land

HYMN 251


to earth he bent his way owrig on high A message bearing from obrig to cheer the sons of day

fi 1 saw a mighty angel fl I

tle mts 040

to calm our doubts


truth is the tidings which he bears the gospels joyful sound

volce noice e cries and with mighty voice he ye nations lend an ear

to chase oun our fears chaseour make our joys abound

isles ana and continents rejoice wi ndislesandeontinen and the great redeemers near r

ali act ail fct tty and thrones and empires all rhiend e ki king make the mabeth Y0 n rhieny fear god and maketh in g y6ufricfld 4 it ali ail the king the lord of all


J cries let every tongue attend



worship him who made fear god and kworship the heavens earth and sea J on whom your sins were laid fear him onwhom

lyhoaied aled to make you free who died


hymn252 HYMN 252 P

go ye messengers of glory

go and tellthempleasing a teli the pleasing story lna teil tell IAV laa rf t rp flies that a glorious angel
great and mighty with a message from the skies vith
sound to all the proclamation taa ira taf Bu lUmetA tell to all the truth sublime fitt fiti that the gospel t ltw4 D oes in ancient glory shine does
i i

run ye legates of the sides

go to every tribe and nation visitevery visit eVery land and clime


go to all the gospel carry the joyful news abound let go till every nation hear ye

trl irl iri

let the gospel earth around echo all the eartharouncl 3 k3 ka

jew and gentile hear the sound

V4 tj


missvelilyreous afimpillf4hous

ger au the earth scatter it 6iiill go jehovah will support yo you b6l bal gather the sheaves ofwortb of zortbi dither all tbesheaves

OW Bl wed of h eavenly virtue W bearing dafin seed

44qj wst I in glory on the earth ast reign r


then with jesus


i glorious day & foretdldlaptt by prophets long foretold ftjl idy 44411 when with harmonious lay liy coid cold fold rt the sheep of israels foldaof on zions hill his praise procl proclaim ynl yel proal nd shout hosanna to his na name iw and ac 1 new now 4c few when israel from afar ana judah scattprd fidei wide d judahscatterd widei and hail to their land repair hali ball hall hail hali W t and there in peace abide kle ile jirected directed ire6ted Jirected by jehovahs hs hand ilk Jehova long lana land 711 snail snall dwell in peace in Z iong ions iana lons

rall hali the hail ail hall ali


aaa HYMN 253 46 s & 2 as 46 8s

.1 1


4 tw iw

1 mount from zions heavenly mountr mouhtr sma vaters flow swa shall healing waters q and near 9 11 J h neat this holy fount vili will f vill trees immortal grow f t VTlose nvhose vtiose idngdomtfeel baim the king halm ling iose heavenly balm otiose vhose leaves will all the nadonshcal natfonolictl fthose chose shoso

IIISOELLA ibous 1iisoel1aneous ieous


be jerusalem shall bs our oar oad great redeemers throne a oer all the earth and s ea his glory be made known ana kings messiah greet nations and honours at his feet and lay their hondours

strike strike the golden lyre sing t and ye A te his angels fire joy your bosoms let aviheavenyith beaven with glory ring and heaven skles skios skied from earth and air and sea and skies let the redeemers praise arise HYMN 254

plau plan plaa vian which god has given the glorious piau ruined ainfined fined world to heaven to bring Ain aln was framed in christ by the new birth on earth soa sea sealemon sealed sealedon ledon seala was seara ieamjn in heaven was goa
As in the heavens they all agree there by three given thero the records giventheroby on earth three witnesses are given sons of earth to heaven to lead the gons
s one jehovah god tho ono the fatherione father Fathe catherione rione gods eternalson anothergods eter nalSon i another goas x 4 k4 ka

ag 2g the

agree e0 agr witnesses in heaven are three

the spirit does with them


as in eternal night about the way to endless light

nor are axe we in the second birth 44 left without witnesses on earthft4 earth al

to grope

buried beneath the liquid wave to know the spirits poker saye power to sav poier save sae mgo ugo and feel the virtue of his s moo blood are witnesses ordained of god 1

ft tt it


son tho the father spirit and the thesont on earth these witnesses agree igree the water blood and spirit three

one in heaven they all agree in oe

wk M

ta t4 IA

one gre great t connecting link IS is giyekj glyen giyen 1eay between the sons of earth and beay n lyl lieayh iti the spirit seals us here on earth in heaven records our secona bil r s econd bli econd birth ecoid
mysterious saving unity the book of life lite will record bear ournames surnames OuT outnames Our names are surelywritten written there surely whitten


if we

on earth ethree those three carth possess thosethree thos

hydin255 M HYMN 255 P rm
upon our senses reveals to some G lightreteals gospel light fences if there still should be of wo to them by whom they come

977 2

truth reflects

judge not that you be not judged was the counsel jesus gave measure given large or grudged just the same you must receive

jesus says be meek and holy

ajudge a judge tis high to be adjudge I would be pure and holy if 1 grudges grudge 1 must love without a grudged I


T f

T 4

9 laboar it requires a constant labour wm his precepts to obey all hisprecepts L A 4 I truly love my neighbour pj L if 1 if ip a

1 am in the narrow way

1 I

1 said unto another once I in thine eye there is a mote brother if thou art a friendly brothers out holdmand and let me pull it OUL hoid hold dand holdand Hol hoi

tre ier


but 1 I could not see it fairly

.1 1

very yery dim p right was verydim my dight for mysightwas

iyw ft irw

k5 ka



erase t and hism6te I it ti y ri the light should shine the clearer nathen iri

ail sll aq my mp brother dearersli mpbrother 1jfl 7q if 1 I love mybrother lafi mft his mote 1 would

avhenveam I came to search m6r6 when 1 more clearl moro clearly y01 in mine eye there was a beam W n

iil at

ifor the eyes a tender place ta t1 IP fe 1 have oft ort reproved ens I thers ers ed it ofttqro j like ue a mote for an object ilke ow 1 wat it wai I wish this beam removed f 41 outfly wash it out outfl t 1 0 that tears would w

charity and love is healing charity wl this will give the clearest sight U fathis fethis failing m 7 hen 1 I saw my brothers A gwhen ewhen
1 51 al5l


not exactly right

6 pw

esus love is all my theme sus themepl llla bot a ii hot itla re t 6 motes are but a bubblei4a bubbie 4 amp bubble jmp en 1 I think upon the beam beamattf 236 HYMN 256

tale no farther trouble ill take



joaw i of morning shout for joyw joy osof stars rsof 0 iingr6demptions yp mystery redempti ons myster fing redemptions ting p ri holy loly hols hois holy cry and p raise ralso th eLamb c d

A at 1 wa

cil thy hand stretcli ethiopia stretch come ye tribes of evry land sandy sand s sando oceans countless as the ocean to praise the lamb


bend thy bow and come good lord send thy spirit with thy word rth ita iia now revive thy work 0 lord

iamb thou bleeding lamb

my inlybellevingspiritfill believing spirit fill faith demands it is thy will all things now are possible it shall be done

thus thu may we

each moment feel 11 is him liim him serve him praise lovo mm love um still 1 I till we meet on zions hill e the tile lamb tlle pral praise to prai
como coma saviour let thy kingdom come com& now the man consu allan of sin consume bonsu in 0 millemiiin bring the blest millennium

exalted lamb

HYMN 257 P M i r judah rejoice in this glorious news let yop yor yot will fop soon reach wll wil willioon lioon tot for the sound of glad tidings willimon the jews 6 ic k6 ka
i6 ia

F7 6 300

miscellaneous nar pres 6p ana save them far oppression far from ap and and faehr bressionand faihr 4 fear ear 1k and delivrance proclaim to their mir sons far
1 ak

and near


wan wanderd an exile derd am hast landerd thee to scorn ild iid fauglid lauglid and all that haver seen thee have laug laughd lid thounought thou nought but affliction and sorrow hast has been seen rending and cheerless thy pathway heartrending heart


long thou iong forlorn

comfort thywoe thyroe thy woe stricken spirit to com fortl and cheer

ends didst kor fox friends for fri in vain midst the nations nor cause thou wast thou seek vast weak meak wastmeak spowdthelp be robba thee and spoildthee they have robbd no bosom has pitied no friend has been near

when messiah will come thy redeemer and cheer thee and bless thee and ani dry up aid fears thy tears sad bosom and chase all thy and calm thy sadbosom
messiah lah the sure hope of israel lab iab when Mess

but the days of thy mourning are near at and vriend an end friend

come f thew islands and gatherthew gatherthe mands wands gather gatherthe andlr6m and andconfluents ani from confluents 1 home elyas elysa thome i

miscellaneous kliscellaneous

3011 301

whom thy fathers rejected thy saviour shall

be free be will strike off thy fetters and bid thee

shall shait from affliction thou shalt

for ever be free of oppressors shall bow down to the sons or jew thee ten men shall take hold of the skirt of the you well and say with youwell weil go for jehovahs hs Jehova with you

come from his place of refeet treat messiah lab lah and bow at his iab and shall worship Mess and all abrams seed from the nations shall home come lhome tho land of their fathers a and shall find in the

and israel shall

As the sea was once severd by mosess rod so again thou shalt witness the power of thy

thy moses shall speak




and the waters shall shkil in glory thy tribes ribes on dry land shall pass through passthrough

i and inshall shait build thou shalt shali plantand shait shall piant plant plantard pian plan tand thou shalt wheat hab habit and eat jabat jaeat or f est 6 finest on the & soui and thy soul 0 ul shall be fed bathe bdthe

7 x s a s7

down renown a plant of shall shait be midst the nations 4 thou iou lou shalt

i valley q4p4or Achor thy herd of lle ile bgrd shali lie shall he inthevalley ofachor herdshall bard Inthe vailey hera shall shali

aiiscejjlaneous 11sceweou4

thy olive

shall flourisb2thy tre es shall flourish thy fig trees shail shali ilow all ali ail flow snail snall tains S grow bains m oun raoun lik and honey lioney thy rabun and with wine m ilk cool neath the fig tree and vine in their cool

mre cre

spreading shade anao rnao male maie thou shalt worship thy god and none k thee afraid

ah will come and his right will h INI yhyimsesiah g a jtJ mai 4t ntain etain maintain mal shi sri reign sty gand dqer jand oer thee and all nations in maj e shireign ja deer daer mls nrhioumshalt vis presence forever be his itlioushalt with mis So r rest biest blest soblest soblett soirowkernally d1fi eternally defi gand from compain ompain mand pain grief and sorrow eak


tak tah

eil tilmi

HYMN 258


n earth in bondage long had lain nien ed reigned ness oerthe faandark berthe oer the n ations reign darlness darL darkness vain valn mans manb precepts proved in yain si all mans xperfect A perfect system to obtain

r i

ar ihrl inrl

f IS h oo higa oohiga ice commissioned from on apice ipice



S a th&angels bark hark it is ah



lighta light oflight aflight lightj descending from the throne of ana whitel whlter whiter whitel whitet andwhitet garments enta shining clear and ilia garm his

to reveal ile lie lle he comes the gospel men sons


ef ness to the fulness ful in falness Cumo rahs lonely hill lolfromcumorahs 10 lo from cumorahs goas oas will 1 gods there comes a record of G i p ip translated by the power of god voice toice tolc e bears record to his word toi ilia voi his ris again an angel did appear As witnesses do record bear

10 a lo sine sinceilost restored the priesthood long sinc in truth and power as at the firsthigh commissioned commis soned from on hijh74 thus men commissoned came forth and did repentance cry ft rr

baptizing those who did believe qi y that they the spirit might receive 6 ss as in days 11 aulne lays of old fulness falness f in fulne lass havel have one shepherd and one fold and haven


yousia ye gentile nations cease yousit your strife yegentile ilfe f and listen to the words of life onqaccorj sins with onqaccor from tousins turn fromtjpar ypusins
your g prepare coming prepr prear to roeet pt vour sour rheet c9min bour camin

k8 ka

irdi irdf



m19cellaneous miscellaneous
14 4

neam let judahs remnants far and near the glorious proclamation hear

for israel and the gentiles


the way to zion

shall pursue

the mountains and the hills rejoice his voice toice let all creation hear hiwvolce

tongues employ their voices and their tonguesemploy T everlastingi0y joy in songs of everlasting


tamest west from north to south from east to bles4d in thee all nations shall be blessed stind stina stani when abram and his seed shall stand unnumbered on the promised land

3m hymn259 HYMN 259 LM L am

aln ain the solid rocks were rent in twain rhe W am slam when christ the lamb of god was siam ace saturin sturin dartaiess veiled his face the t6 stin1fildarkness

ta are theu place thea mountain moved and left the the mountains

auj belg and wonder did beig with joy an&wozfdetdid withjoy believe bellere

till the messiah rose again gdin adin groans dreadful gro herdreadful when tro ans shen earth did cease her sh ae tae the sun unveiled his face and shone thsrigbteous tha righteous that thit were spared aej aul

01 ali creation groaned in pain and all


111 S C V L IA ii i a U S III miscellaneous

3051 305

botn convener otn tc veneA etheithe andssoii they together v con ands conversing on the 66 things theyd seen

which had been given for a sign divine lo they heard a voice diviney when 10 bearc as the heavenly voice they heard and ai tha lord of glory soon appeared

pal pil

but thought it was an angel

with joy and wonder all amazed upon their glorious lora bord bora they gazed if lord and wist not what the vision meant xii tji til

while in their midst he smiling stood proclaimed himself the son of god s4e come see sae Coine forth and feel and sae sald colne said he saidcoine 1 sour ay witness bear of me soui yoia may that your


and when they all had felt and seen had beer aen been where once the nails and spear haab aer claimed proclaimed hosanna they aloud pro and blessed and praisd praise his holy nami names namm nameh
malce make plain mahe he then proceeded to malre his gospel to the sons of men prophecies he did unfold the yea

gia gla kofold 611 ofold dayibf things that werb were wets in days



and&ery grcry thing thingthat and grory that should transpire tqloxiei lement should ih6uld melt meit with fire tiie tile tlle cou commanding coh andi anai anal them for to record andinihem nihem sa i of hisen nisen sen 10 f their ti risen the sayings r 01 lo lordi
a generation should be bles tb that bies dj blend
n nd w withshim him
1 I

j s

in his kingdom rest inhis indis but 0 what scenes of s oil rolled sorrow orrow r kvhen kahen n he the future dlf did dir dif unfold

N idt ikt tgeneraiions Toity ou toitygenerations generations dball shali sball shall elot pass liot A theyodturn vnfil theyd turn from enfil r righteousneig fron krighteousnessn the nephite nation be destroyed e Lama lamanites lamaoitcs ej ect nites reject act his worfe word the th y


14 jt


orom gospel taken gqpe taten grom luid t yy midsty from their missty the gape ay ir fathers hid the record of their te i they dwindle long in unbelief tbeydilndle and ages pass without rellf realf relief j tat nir until the gentiles from afar tir hould smite them in a ar zr should lrea4iulywaib asa aba ana take possession of thel talie and talle their candll thei landll ana should they no and tires have power Aq tiles tg stand aqstand amstand


t1t ya

but ag their re remnants wan ft wandenft wanden anad despa in darlinpsssprrow and inarkrmowmr andd



I from the earth their record comes llo to V to gather israel to their homes aled revealed gentuestis tis rye rve first to the gentiles fulfilled 4 the prophecy must beand understand

that they may know

lils liis ills bis gospel his

tend contend and no more ioan

ilear hear 0 ye gentiles and repent tion sent salvation yon you baita balta youis is this salya to bouis god to the gentiles lifts his hand to gather israel to their land
260 HYMN 360
M P 2m

records of old 0 who that has searchd in the of distress

An andreade read the last scenes dread andread and who with mormon left leftwho four and twenty were ienn S beheld mouldring todnst moul dring todust while their nation lay mouldering

thenephltesdestroyedthelamanltes dwelt thenephitesdestroyeathelammltes last unknovm for ages in sorrow unlmown gentiles at esat passd till generations have passa the gentilesat tillene Gentil tilllne vown thelago thei wro theiwro their lands as theivown have divided theirlanas

0 who that has seen oer the wide spreading plain nitey nites wander forlorn Lama lamanltes the lamanites


ft divide land they could once call their own

while the gentiles and oppression Gentile im pride aiwoppression sim



hour sin end and oppression shall ceases binand cease whan sinand when and truth like the rainbow display through the shower that bright written promise of peace

and who that believes does not long for the

thou afflicted and sorrowful race Ms the days of thy sorrow shall end his iv pronoun cd you ivremnant pronounced pronoun6d a remnant of the lord has pronouncd bis friend descended from abram his

shall shali shail stand 9hallstand sapphires all shining around and sapphired thy windows of agates in this glorious land carbuncled abound and thy gates with carbuncles

colouos most glorious thystones thy stones with fair colours


ofheaven amongyou come down s of heaven powers the power

and sorrow and sighing shall flee and christ in the centre
will be

songs of rejoicing to

ziou return zion

thewatchmen shall see6ykto see eyeto egeto eye and then all the watchmen 4g again aln ain when the lord shall bring zion ag


3091 309

the wolf and the kid down together shall lie

and the lion shall dwell with the lamb

the earth shall

be filled with knowledge of

royp royy destroy and nothing shall hurt or dest tidings we haye have to proclaim and these are the tidingswehave

glad tidings abounding anding with joy abo unding




plain or grove of man it whispers in the ears ofman iove love 104 low the voice of freedom peace and loye god tod order stand lod in harmony und nor hatred pride or envy know in freedom peace and love they grow
w ers that bloom oer all the land flo flowers the dlo

hark listen to the gentle breeze

oer hill or valley

the birds their numerous notes resound

in songs of praise the earth around their voices and their tongues employ in songs of freedom love and joy
of fishes with multitudes offishe fishe teeing

ana then behold the crystal stream andthen and



live and loveyi in silent joy they nylk 0 awl moveyi nioveit peaco and love in freedom uniontpeace unitpeace

parz MT

nta nia ris of wltt9i

the mountains high

dean dear the rivers oear heaven sheds her dews and tears where heaten teara with gentle roars mith in silenc roar oruith druith silence or god of love and peice godif peace adore the godof end kiry and and air and sea ana sky the earth ana the holy spirit from on high and angels who above do reign ii VV fl cry peace on earth good will to meni mezl mezi meti in l
i i

Savi ours love but most of all a saviours was manifested from above

our freedom

he died and rose to life again

korep lorep iove love

galm gaim and peace to gain kain

lost I seems see milost tile man alone seemilost but man vile with hatred pride and envy tossed hard end soul does seldom moypvy hardena ilia hardend xddvant his in freedom union peace or love

for him let all creation mourn

oer him did enochs bosom yearn tnta promied promise from above anta till he was promisd t
love lote A day of freedom peace and iove

hy31 N 262 261 HYMN

L 31

another day has fled and gone unwestern vestern skies in western sun declines inwestern the gun tineir their son song the birds retired have ceased pineir let ours in pure devotion rise
course resumes she sheds her light oer land and sea the gentle dews in soft perfumes troe oer each herb and tre der fall sweetly eer ti while here in meditation sweet I call to mind f those happy hours 1 when with the saints 1 I oft have met our hearts in pure devotion joined 4

the moon her splendid

their hearts
flow rets AB flowrets As flovfrets

those friends afar 1 I call to mind when shall we meet again below

affectionate and kind my rny ray grief and w oe how dia did they soothe nay dla

thelk brightest bloom in theli their t are withered by the chilling blast biest blest llast so maiss ilke a dream mans fond hopes are like pes pas pliz his days how fleet how swift they pel thei plis

moanp moan ceitse this melancholy moana but cease nor sigh for those who wiltnot6me will notco natco me



1 rael surely will return israel ir for I itpzion to zion and jerusalem

i there is a source of pure delight myn fyn for ever shall support my heart ayn A gwi foizionsjands to sighttrjl dwi lanis revealed tosightr lauis for zions lauds
HYMN 263

althere saints will meet no more to part



meet W deet deex the precious momentsrolllq fleet how moinentsroll4l oer how soon the harvest will be ai low einai rett einal final che he watchmen seek their finalrestijj rhe rets retsfi fi moreen no A m voice a warning ana nd lift ore and


roald away ys other year has rolld dyr another dbr wa w4 and took its thousands to the tomb its joys are fled i its sorrows and itsjoys ji to hasten on the general doom jjf

sirt atk

tf wk tt esst tsst heran the moments that we labour herqn herein wing swiftly the on wig are rolling

thrive tendrils and soon the leaves and tendril tendrilsv

token of returning spring A tokenof


oq falness of the gospel shines ij a r the fulness with glorious and resplendent rays beavens show forth their signs andbeavens and heavens the earth andheavens


iatter days litter As tokens of the latter

ah aH




ye chosen twelve

klyen are given last ministry the keys of this lastministry to io every nation under heaven from land to land from sea to sea
to you


to the gentiles sound the news y land Colum bias happy happ columbian throughout columbias and then before it reach the jews europen prepare on ropes ou europes Eu standi euroles roles shores to stand roies

tow towns ns and cities hear lou Europes low let europes M the gospel tidings angels bring neary the gentile nations far and near prepare their hearts his praise to sing g i aan andias anil indias in4afzics afn cs sultry plains must hear the tidings as they roll mere darkness darl aarimess death and sorrow reign aarl where controlled and tyranny has long controlld ld control

listen ye islands of the sea eor the sound tor every isle shall bear hear thesound for and then again

unknowns nations and tongues before unknownp unlmown though long since lost shall soon be found

shall asia hear bear proclaimd procla imd pr6clawd where angels first the news proclaims


1 I

eternity shall record bear and earth repeat the loud amen

W the nations catch the pleasing so undA

messiah then will come to reign

alif kiil strain and jew and gentile swell the str reson nd i olm hosanna oer the earth resound


ifymn HYMN



Ts ainU d sai scattered xai 14.1 salfiti fiti yne sal ye scatter scatterd 141 redemption draweth nigh 8 ints plaints pia pla the orphans plaines our saviour hears theorphans plain the widows mournful cry

lift up your heads



been siama slawa leen slama of those who have teen f 1 for vengeance cries aloud tf an vaini fn tainy taini vein valn vain nor shall its cries ascend in i vengeance vengzance veng zance on the proud tengzance for Teng

the blood

the signs in heaven and earth appear

eigher redemptions ons drawing nigher Redempti

and blood and smoke and fire beart mens hearts are failing them for fear feart 1

arebellowingneaththeground bellowing neath the bellowingneath earthquakes are and tempests through the-air sound H coundi the trumpets blast with fearful soundi
proclaims the alarm of war tar

ft groua

miscellaneous the saints are scattered to and fro through all the earth abroad the gospel trump again to blow
and then behold their god
rejoice ye servants of our god who to the end endure rejoice for great is your reward ana your defence is sure and although this body should be slain slair fil ill praise my god in higher strains ili and on mount zion stand
111 III

3151 3161 315


4 7 47

bands by cruel cruel wicked hands

glory to god yre ye jre saints rejoice and sigh and groan no more but listen to the spirits voice ons at the door redemptions Redempti
HYMN 265 266

tom from

our friends and captive led mid armed legions bound in chains that peace for which our fathers bled Is gone and dire confusion reigns

zion our peaceful happy home johnd where oft we wejoind joind in praise and prayer


6 316


desolation has become A desolationhas i sorrow linger the andsorrow and grief and therea therel rel 4 therei

&lif 1 lit her virgins sigh her widows mourn mod rn h nier iier ller iler iier children for their parents weep

rei ft

mial kial

i her rpriests priests and in chains he aud prophets gr in groan 0a while sorne some in deaths coldarmsiddileep cold coid armsdo armado sleep
1 I

lv her savage foes Exulting Exultingl now ravagesteal ana ravage steal andplunada and plunder where re P woes A virgins in tears a widows boes wot WOS nya M ot3 became their song ota of triumph n U mi chere jhere

yira vlra bece

how long

i r god awake awake 0 arm of gods the nations thou art god and teach uhe

the saints

wiit thou forsake wilt 0 lord lordwilt

who tremble


amm srm

at thywordlt thy word


descend with all thy holy throng i i mear near the year of thy redeemd bring g m rede emd br redeems haste haste the day of ofvengeanc6bfi bid zions children dry their te ar s tears
rt deliver dellver lord thycaptive jA thy captive saints comfortthosewholonghavemourod longbave have bave mo rad those who long and comfort jfe bid zion cease her dire complaints complaint sr nc tt and all creation cease to grokui440i groaa croaa

tij tis ti

Ug 3t1scellaiqroue miscellaneoug MISCELlANEO miscellaneous

3i ai 317

HYMN 266

L IU lio LIU

demand pofi and m m0 ourn ponder derand this morning in silence 1 M I pofiderand oer the scenes that have passed gassed no more

to return fears now vast are the labours laboure labours the troubles and how abild toild dhove aoild of eight hundred millions whove through the year

liow many ten thousands were slain by their ilow how ger foes their woes per boes oer theiio6sy while widows and orphans have m6uriyd moumd mohmd while pestilence rl famine and earthquakes appear past year and signs in the heavens throughout the
redy and pl underd plundered murdered how many been murde burde and robbd androbbd robba how many oppressed and driven by mobs have how oft haye hate the heavens bedewd bedead with their tears past year der the scenes they beheld the the earth oer

day star has dawnd dawid oer the land of but the daystar the bles blessd blesse rest sd the first beams of morning the morning of when cleansd clean sd from pollution the earth shall cleaned appear year sear byear jyear As the garden of eden imd and ind peace crown the

48 f3 fa 318

S miscellaneous aiiscellaneou

new year ijhailwith n& then welcome the na 11hall with de light ight flight theseason tho the season approaching with times rapid oach fleeting moment brings near and cach while each more near years ftears flears the day long expected the great thousand

praise and adore the eter 1 am eten eternal I nalI nail nall hosanna hosanna to god and d the lamb who order the seasons that glide oor er the oer spheres nl A ana crown vith with such blessings each hippy and happy newyear year new nev f jear
1 I


pi M pal PAI

ula uia mid scenes of confusion and creature creaturo corn slid creaturocotu coin plaines plaints p pia la ints Pi oommumon munion with how sweet to my soul is wmmunion wm saints A js room to find at the banquet of mercy theres there feel in the presence ofjesus awil feell atihoxno iome and f6ell of jesus aull bome home home sweet sweet home me dear sayi our in glory my receive medear saviour Safi safiour sasi dedear
114 its ils j


ft td 94 oi bonds bonas that unito sweet ionas childropf unite aalthe ali the childre ail all alithe allthe childrens childrenf nf ace spy p eace qqc6a cease fqy 5 ceale loplrabt and thrice precious jesus whose lovej lovea annot

1 long I

19 319

from thy presence in sadness ix though oft fromthy

to behold thee

in glory at home

which hinders my joy and communion with lbamp may mayfcam thee though now my temptations like billows all ali ail all will be peace when im with thee at
home smy stay galley y of while here in the tailey f conflict 1 yalle balle I ajl ana str sir and give me submission aji strength ngth 0 givemesubmisdon nath as my

1 I sigh from this body of sin to be free

day 1 come thee would I all ail ali my aal afl afflictions to theewould in 911 cowe i shome ou home rejoicing in hope of my glon glorious

Wh whatever de niest 0 give me thy grace daniest ateer thou deniest whateer tbyyace spirits sure witnessan4 the spiriessure witness and smiles of thy

face throne indulge me tilth with patience to wait at thy and find even now a sweet foretaste of home
long dearest lord in thy beauties to shine no more as an e3iiwln sorrow to pine exlie in morrow exile 1 fj miage arise image r 0 lnth66mb from thy fair I the tomb andiz andia and iq ithyfalr ase tse fse rijse riase th e at with glorified millions to praise thee home
1 I

ray 32 r3y

wim w ir Tf tfcir cir misdfiluaneous



HYMN 268

am for they who wasted zions bowers bovos 41 ziona novos ana and laid in dust her ruina towers ani esirit la yes dasirit esire wt ves d in scorn their weary slaves iyre lyre to strike the chords of israels israel lyte and in their impious earsI to sing songsof songs on s long of zi the sacred song zions sof

while th&peaceful the peaceful waters siept slept 0 w naa aaa aua M re pensively nsively naively we sat and wept and on the bending will ws h willows unga hungj 0 our silent harps throu through gil grief unstrung gli s

ey nivers verdant sa by the rivers side s4 by the solitary tide

how shall we tune those lofty strains on babylon s polluted plains offi 1ffi t earth when low in ruin on the ea birum birth 8 lies the place that gave us birdp andi 0 andi hanas hanai iland liand ilana and stem destructions iron liand0 bilanan liandi sways our desolated land iw

fl oh never neter shall our harps awak awakfl oor Zions aake sake the dust for forzions laid in inthe zion sakewj wt ever on the willows hung hungt for eter theirmusichusyd their chords unstrung tr ng theirmusichushd v city of our god zionlcity lost zion s ro tyrarittrod while groaning neath the tyrant


ahing aning moul mouldering mouldring moulxring levei dring lie thy level still moui levelrd levelle levelld ld walls rain stalks along thy halls and ruin ruthd towers ruiiid and brooding oer thy ruihd

agit 3211 321

desolation sternly lowers for when we muse upon thy woe fast the gushing sorrows flow

through wretched life and while we toil t

drinking the bitter cup of strife veazy breath veary our weary until we yield owr untuveyiela eesa easa ana released relea rei tel tei reiel releasd and sleep reieasa in death sd from woe indeath 1 will zion in our memory stand I our lost our ruina native land

11 HYMN 269




mourn to think that 1 and moum I should be

1 think on thee 0 zion when I for pinions like 1 long oor longfof ilke the dove I longfox

so distantfrom distant from the land 1 I love

homed exile far from home A captive eklie exiled tigh zione sacred walls 1 I sigh for Zio gome rans omed kindred transomed kindrea thereto kinared landred come some there to gume with ransomed A andsee andlee ndaee messiah eye to eye ii


1 walk pn while here 1 n hostile ground an I dew that 1 my friends xan call myfriendsp ran tan the jew I can 11 L



c qa

are like myself in fetters bound and weariness our steps attends
but yet


AIR w our griefs shall flee awayt when imen all ouridefs awaft shali mourn shail shall ourn and we no more again sha

we hope to see the day A chii dren chil dien shall returii return when zions children

a at 3t

come the thought that such a day will clome sweety makes eenthe een the exiles portion sweet benthe home wanden far from bam thoughnow b6m though now we wander

0 atr nir fyf1 fyfot


in zion soon we all shall meet HYMN hyun 270 PM


sadness your sa fronfyqur Aness children of zion awake from for soon all your foes shall oppress you no glad gladness more siad fiess slad bright on your hills dawns the day star of snear oer sorrowsnear pfyour sorrow fybur arise for the night cybur children of zion awake from your sadness oes shall oppress jou you vou no sou for soon all your foes more

hut his arm will substrong are your foes but them due du ethem regions afar and scatter their armies to regi6nsafhr theyll flee like the chaff from the scourge war lol wan iol that pursues them ir i f 10i vain is theirtchariots of i their strength and iheirtchirioti



awafce from your sadness children of zion awake for soon all your foes shall oppress you no


children of zion his power will save you oer 0 loudly extol it aer 6er land and the sea yM that en troya destro destroym destroys troyd shout for the foell be des

the oppressor

slava you

will vanish and zion he free zionbe zionce awalse from your sadness children of zion awake yon you for soon au your foes shall oppress yi son no more more no more shall oppress you no morey

j HYMN 271 LM 1 I go 7 I have no home where shall 1 while I 1 am left to weep below my 31y1eart gonesr gaind my friends are go heart is paind moum and here ija jQ ita left on earth to mo moumjq

jn4 jno

all lifeless here upon the ground

1 see my people lyinground lying round I


young men and maidens in their gore J moret which does increase my sorrows morer moke nj roi moie moretnj

my father cooled looled lookd upon this scene and in his writings has made plam nephites how every Nep hites heart did fear when he beheld his foe draw near nekr



4 324


inith axe f with and1bowlthey fell upon aie andlbowithey J w6 our women out men and wa mend wend meni sparing none and left them prostrate on the ground roand 10 lo here they now are bleeding round roun4 J
that were led by me lie round this hill called cumorah fled bed their spirits from their bodies ded aw numbered ith the dead with de ai and they are number vith
father lather in aes tather despain paix mylather despair well might my weil weli cry 0 ye fair ones once how fair 1 S it that youve fallen t oh is how I my soul is filid with pain for you

ten thousand


t 1 my bought sought where shall life is ufa flee I niy lordy mo home todwell bodwell thee to dwell with theg lordt take me lord moy sorrow will be oer toy ail my ali all Whe where whereall reall no mmore shan rhan sigh and weep nomore ishan and J

he gazed upon his nephite men and women too which had been stamps slairto
to moulder on the plain lefttomoulder and left

ton of mormon when thus sang the son


uva uda v uia


ra imd im4 ima r4

inc icc

ifc f


1 yet delay and can I

page rage

26 31 away my moy unbelieving fears roy 66 56 of falth faith feith felth eternal word author offeith 58 gain A and can it be that 1 I should unorn &c 68 away with our fears the glad jnorn inorn ac 91 awake and sing the song 103 As the dew from heaven distilling 107 longs arise oskings of kings arise 0 king ofkings 116 and are we yet alive 117 all praise to our redeeming lord 138 lef lei iet gur our bodies part and let 160 150 and did my saviour bleed alas aha 152 nay goul rny ray soul loui arise arise my AD iove jmmanuels ioteimmanuels all you that love ali ail Jm manuels name 172 &c 190 awake 0 ye people the saviour is ac 208 at first the babe of bethlehem an holy angel from on high 216 218 an angel from on high 220 awake for the morning is come 221 may soul and with the sun ray awake my 233 adieu my dear brethren adieu 1 bave&c have&c 244 p city where long I adieu to the citywhere


r326 f 326
an angel


came down from 251 A poor wayfaring man of grief 254 afflicted saints to christ draw near 287 294 all hail the glorious day another day has fled and gone 4311

B be it my only wisdom here blest be our everlasting lord but above all lay hold begin my tongue the heavenly theme before jehovahs hs awful throne Jehova mankind behold the saviour of ofmankind behold th y sons and daughters lord thy behold the lamb of god behold thegreat the great redeemer comes behold the saviour comes behold the mount of olives rend
10 the harvest wide extends but lo

36 70 74 92 97 154 j62 162



before this earth from chaos sprung by the rivers verdant side C come allye ail ye saints who dwell on earth 19 ali all allyesaints come lord from above &c ac 27 i come sinnersto ginner to thegospel the gospel feast A 33 sinners sinner sto come ye that love walord j36 w&lord tlielord come letusanew pursae151I anew our journey pursue iet us sanew let letu cqme come inspir4 came moly boly 54 inspiras54 iholy ghost our hearts inspire xoly

202 203 243 252 320


327 page pap pad


above come saviour jesus from abote 79 86 host and guide captain of israels hostund rostund 89 come let us join our cheerful songs 96 come hither all ye weary souls comey 98 come sound his praise abroad come dearest lord descend and dwell 101 101 come thou desire of all thy saints 106 come guilty souls and dlee flee nee away 134 come holy spiriti spirit heavenly dove 167 come ye children of the kingdom .171 171 come all ye sons of 0 grace and view 171 come humble sin an sinner 4n whose breast 180 nerlin creation speaks with awful voice z 185 comey come 0 thou king of kings 209 come let us sing an evening hymn 227 257 come all ali ail yo ye sons of zion ad 257 .257 orom ac 322 from fromjour of zion awake fromjout ofman children orman rour jour &c D 127 dismiss your anxious care ning love 172 pardning will thy pardoning pard dear lord and wm 168 do we not know that solemn word danleyswlsdom 288 I know daniels wisdom may 1

ie long theveil ere the veil er tell teli will rend in twain


except theLord thelora conduct the plan will whered chris christ chrls twill earth is the place where earth with her ten thousand flowers
1.4 14


203 258



rather father how wide thy glory shines from all that dwell below the sides fatherty to thee my soul 1 Fat father herto lift fatherto I ilaa father in heaven we do believe from the regions of glory an angel &c ac
farewell our friends and brethren Green lands icy mountains from greenlands eU my land and faith carew farewell falth fal friend fai faithful farew farewell ye servants of the lord four generations shalliot wot shail shali shall not shallnot lot pass

w rf72 iw72 89
114 177 191

234 235 242 246 306

10 40

glorious things of thee are spoken great is the lord tis ds good to praise god spake the word and nime time began i god moves in a mysterious way god of my life to thee 1 I call god of all consolation take great god attend while zion sings glory to god ou high gently raise the sacred strain glory to thee my god this night y great god to th ee my evening s ong thee guide us 0 thou great jehovah go ye messengers of glory
ra r6
v erypnethat vec ver at thirsts drawnig obethatthirsts i app gsjrom irom harms


20 128 28 102 140 146 149


3 drawnigh

2cg 34 4 38



happy the man that finds the grace happy the souls that first believed how happy gracious lord are we hark how the watchmen cry how precious is thy word 0 lord r how pleasant how divinely fair how happy every child of grace lre ire lie died the great redeemer died he row foolish to the carnal mind liow ilow how


40 63 85 106 131 135 155 a55 178 hark from tle tie tombs a doleful sound 182 204 hosanna to the great messiah how often in sweet meditation my mind 237 &c 260 how firm a foundation ye saints ac 261 how pleasant tis to see 262 pleasa and blest was 1 I how pleasd 283 trumpetcrs trumpeters peters hark listen to the trum 309 n to the gentle breeze listen hark list erthe precious momentgroll groll 312 roll moments moment fle how dle ueeithe

1 I
65 55 seers eer F inspirer of the ancient T 66 111 ill praise my maker while ive breath 143 lii 1 arrand I long to behold him arrayd 158 ilyes lives ilves 1 redeemerlives I know that my redeemer

.164 164 jordans tide the prophet stands 164 inlordans in 168 in pleasure sweet here we do meet 168 176 in ancient times a man of god 187 ord eJ feard the days men leadth lord feadth d4smen in ancient desmen 15

mdw edw



eisaw fiiaw a mighty angel fly angelfly isaw homed home where shall 1 phaye imaye phate I go laate no homey

p323 6323 323

1292 292

jesus thou all redeeming lord jehovah god the father bless jesus my strength myhopei my hope hopa jesus lord we look to thee lookto jesus mighty king of zion jesus once of humble birth jesusonce Jesu sonce

kord will come joy to the world the lord comer 15 jesus the name that charms our fears rear fear si 18 jesus from whom all blessings flow now liow 41

50 71 71 82 118

5 5.

av 4v

s and thrones to god veio kingdoms kingdom velo beio belong 120 keep these few lines till time shall end 246 onee know then that ery wry soul is oree free hee 263

gio glo

evry let wry wiy mortal ear attend 6 11 let all creation join I l 48 let earth and heaven agree 48 re stord 60 let all men rejoice by jesus xestord60 to their idols haste let heathen n93 03 come we rd before 10 lord thee now 100 lo

lord dismiss us with thy blessing I believe thy etry evry word lord 1
wisdom jet tet not the wise his miswisdom hiswisdom let


.113 11 113 113



page paw pap

3311 331
122 12 179

ac thou hast se archd and seen &c 10 lo on the waters brink we stand hearts prepare let all the saints their let us pray gladly praynise in her beauty rise let zion iu thon shalt hear lord in the morning thou I pray lord thou wilt hear me when 1 lordthou let judah rejoice in this glorious news lift up your heads ye scattered taints


194 195

223 231 299 314

angels join 22 awake with angelsjoin ac 60 my god 1 I am thine what a comfort &c 61 my god the spring of all my joys 1 ace 1 my soul how lovely is the place 99 f sourdi may we who knowthe sound L 108 know the joyful souudi 115 messiah full of grace may the grace of christ our saviour 148 A ay my 197 1y soul is full of peace and love 1 I 7 ac 318 mid scenes of confusion &c
Al mortals ortals

not to the terrors of the lord

never does truth more shine now well sing with one accord now let us rejoice rej oice olce in the day of salvation


112 lie ile 12

0 happy souls who pray jesus the giver 0 jesusthe 16




0 disclose thy lovely face 0 thou to whose all searching sight

oer the gloomy hills of darl mess darlmess dari dariaiess

0 thou at whose almighty word

67 57 88 95
104 105 109

once more we come before our god added adoed adora 0 jesus our lord thy name be adord heavenly Tenly king venly 0 lord our hea 0 god on thee we all depend on jordans stormy banks I stand 0 god our help in ages past th eternal father 0 god ty on mountain tops the mount of god once more my soul the rising day owhy ac who that has se archd &c owh6 0 0 zion when 1 ozi6n ozion I think on thee

125 144 147


219 224 307


goa praise godt immortal praise e to god peace troubled soulthouneeds tnotfear ietroubledsoulthouneedstnotfear pmr raise i se ye the lord tis good to raise vare pj&ce vire doubtingheart doubting heart my gods 1 I am praise abote lord who reigns above iidse the lord4ho praise ye the lord my heart shall join yethe bethe praise w ingAo blessingao blessi ngg blessingto blessings ngs flow bless biess traise god from whom all blessingg

pakai pakal

13 j3 ja


tig ilg 119 419 49 149 1

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ya repent y y6 gentiles all redeemer of israels
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shepherd of souls with pitying eye sinners believe the gospel word spirit of faith come down soldiers of christ arise shall 1 I for fear of feeble man shepherd divine our wants relieve saviour on me the want bestow sweet is the memory of thy grace work my god my king sweet is the woric jehovavs Vs praise 3ehovahb sing to the great Jehova soon as 1 I heard my father say i bright king jesus by name lemb brightking alems salems see how the morning sun for forjoy joy morning shout gor stars of ofmorning

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breads the shadows flee the morning breaks tume time is nigh that happy time i timeas the timbas
16 35 thou shepherd of israel and mine 62 us lord thyself reveal withus with hus bus talk wit 94 this god is the god we adore 109 the rising sun has chasa the night 123 veil wil wll tell of night is no disguise the teli 150 father son and holy ghost ewason xwason twas on that dark that solemn night 151 plungd plunge 169 thus was the great redeemer plungd169 173 175 twas the commission of our lord

to him that made the world

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249 265 the great and glorious gospel light 266 the happy day has rolled on 266 the lord into his garden comes the spirit of god like a fire is burning 268 i &cw 270 adv the sun that declines in the far mcw ac 285 the pure testimony pourd bourd forth in &c 272 the cities of zion soon shall rise ac 273 theres a feast of fat things for the &c 277 this land was once a blessed place though in the outward church below 277 the glorious plan which god has given 295 297 truth reflects upon our senses 304 ks were rent in twain the solid ro roks the mountains high the rivers clear 310 tom from our friends and captive led 315 &c 317 this morning in silence 1 I ponder ac
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morning flowers display their sweets 186 orning the Lu 199 i the glorious day is rolling on Thi 206 thisparthshall searth shall be a blessed place thisearth thl 232 the day is past and gone ma 239 m9 the gallant ship is under weigh

to leave my dear friends and from



were not ashamd lordv4 asbamd ashame to own our lordcs lords 14 wrenot brenot weary s ouis that wander wide W 43 wehry jouis iav jesus would je cvw447 have the sinner die akpir47 susikate susiate arrayed rks are these arroyd arriyd in white aks vavs2 yks 62 ire whai kre what whit
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of egypt came when lsmel6ut israel out ofegypt aine

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when uhen quiet in my house 1 I sit i god who can coni&rei compare t 94 with israels andaoqe 24 134 my powers of heart ana 124 and tongue 1 with all mypowers gods own people stand in need 128 when goas 129 when all thy mercies 0 my god 1 can read my title clear 135 when I why do we mourn for dying friends 9 183 why should we start and fear to die dle die9 184 dieb won drons what wondrous drous things we now beholdf beholds behold 213

What wondrous scenes mine eyesbehold whatwondrous whatwoudrous eyes behold 217 wayd waled from my bed of slumber sweet 226 wafd 247 when shall we all meet again 250 when time shall he be no more 279 &c what fair one is this from the ac 281 when joseph his brethren beheld 281 when restless on my bed 1 iio lie ir282 he I mol 0 moved t 29 290 when joseph saw his brethren mom when earth in bondage long had lain 302 305 withjoy with joy and wonder all amazed

ye simple souls that stray ye who in his courts are fouxid founder ye dying sons of men r ye ransomm ransome oma rans ransomd omd sinners hear a ye sons of men a feeble race rac ye rarsomd ransoms ransomd of the lord ransomd t yes landy tesy lofe theo thee iov lofethee land 1 tes my native lands I lov
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ye children hilclrenof of our god

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ona smdringi ond snd W nations now give glye ear gite en lntiliations lons cease your strife ions twel ie to you e iiosentwlte 0 rou jou are given

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