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Rules and Regulations - Staff

1. All staffs should fallow company rules and regulations. 2. All staffs should fallow regular attendance. 3. If you have failed to ensure your presence in company you will be marked as absent. There should not be any arguments in that. 4. Staffs should do their work which is given to you. Or you will be terminated from the company. 5. If you have any difficulties you may contact particular responsible person any time. 6. There should not be any over talk during the work time. If is not necessary. 7. Staffs whoever staying inside the company they only allowed to go out during 7 to 9. 8. If you have any important you can go out with permission of responsible persons. 9.

Rules leave 1. All staffs and employees allowed taking leave only 2 days in a month with genuine reasons and permission with the authority. 2. If you take leave more than 2 days those days will be calculated as LOP (Loss of Pay). In LOP =1 day salary 3.