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The course instructor MUST have this evaluation to issue a grade for the student.

Course outcomes:
NURS 352: Summative Evaluation Form
Name: Lisa Dust
Clinical Rotation: NUR 352; Orthopedic/Surgical Rotation
Clinical lnstructor(s): Mariah Hockin RN
Total# days: absent 0 tardy or left early 0 cancelled clinics 0
Final average
score: 4.75
5) Use quality improvement principles, healthcare policy,and cost effective strategies . 5
to support system wide practice improvements in the clinical setting, (Collaborative
Student must earn a score of 4 to pass.
*Must satisfactorily complete Little Room of Errors assignment to meet this objective . .
Faculty Comments: Lisa always charts accurately and has had several opportunities to chart admissions and
discharges. She is working on charting timely with improving organization/prioritization skills. Safety is a top priority
for Lisa as she has worked with patients with several physical limitations this semester.
6) Select appropriate nursinginterventions to manage acute. or chronic patient care, 4.75
and promote health. (Generalist Nursing Practice} ; .
.Studentmustearn .a score of 4 to pass. >> ._.. ... . .
*Must satisfactorily complete 4 Critical Thinking Summaries to meet this objective. :
Faculty Comments: Lisa provides therapeutic communication with patients and families. She is very caring and
quickly identifies patient needs. She has documented several individualized nursing interventions and outcomes on
the Critical Thinking Summary with implementation of many of them during clinical. At times, she spends too m.uch
time visiting with patients and receives direction on completing tasks. Lisa works well as a team member and is well-
liked by staff and other students.
7) Demonstrate clinical reasoning in nursing practice with appropriate clinical 4.5
judgnients; (Health Care Environment} . ... ' .. . . . . . .
Studentn,ust earn a scoreof 4 topass. . . . .. ... .
*Must satisff]ctorily complete 4 Critica!Thinking Summaries with emphasis on patient
Biomarker/Lab values to meetthis objective. .. . ... ...
Faculty Comments: Lisa is continuing to develop critical thinking and prioritization skills. She is knowledgeable about
medications prior to administration. Lisa has been able to manage 2 patients by semester's end safely.
8) Demonstrate a professional image in the clinical setting. by modeling nursing values 5
and attitudes. (Professionalism)
Student must earn a score of 4 to pass.
Faculty Comments: Lisa displays strong professionalism during clinical. She is very eager to take on new challenges
and seeks out new experiences.
ti/V]J1AnuJ H:M "f'j{ 12/5/13
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Instructor s1gnature Date Student s1gnature Date
Please forward a copy of each completed summative evaluation to the course instructor.
The course instructor MUST have this evaluation to issue a grade for the student.