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Making a PCB

Report and ppt presentation

1.) 1.1) 1.2) 1.2.1.) 1.2.2.) 1.2.3.) 1.3.) Structure Making the PCB Assembling a circuit The components I choose They functions The way the circuit works Comparison: the traditional placement - SMT

1.1) Making the PCB

1. The board is covered with copper and photosensitive film. 2. The circuit mask is applied. 3. The board is exposed to light. 4. The unprotected copper is etched away in acid solution. 5. The board surface is cleaned. 6. Holes for the componets are drilled, when surface is dry. 7. All components are soldered on.

1.2.)Assembling a circuit

1.2.1.) The components I choose:

lamp Power supply generator

Switch Resistor

1.2.2.) They function:

AC Power supply gernerator
These supply electric current.

A switch is used to turn electric current on and off.

Resistors are components that limit the flow of electric current in a cicuit. They are made from carbon or metal.

Lamps are consumers. They gives off light when a current flows through it.

1.2.3.) The way the circuit works

This circuit consists of an AC power supply generator, a switch, a resistor and a lamp. The resistor and the switch are connected in series. Both are connected in parallel with the lamp and the AC power supply generator. The hole time the lamp gives light off. When pushing the switch, the lamp becomes ---- because of the resistor

1.3.) Comparison:
Traditional placement
the leads of the components must be inserted through holes in the PCB and soldered to the board SMT Surface Mount Technologie

components can be soldered dirctly onto the surface of the board - both sides of the board can be used because of special miniaturized components saving space, cheaper production, smaller PCBs and greater reliability