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(XXX)-XXX-XXXX uoes Live, Facilitating 0nline Civic Paiticipation

A new website uesigneu to connect Naiylanu citizens with theii electeu
officials will unveil its soft launch on Becembei 1 foi aiounu Su electeu
officials anu stakeholueis

College Paik, Nu. (PRWEB) Novembei Su, 2u12

Aftei months of web uevelopment, is exciteu to announce that the soft
launch of the site will take place Becembei 1, 2u12. Aiounu Su electeu officials anu
stakeholueis will be inviteu to cieate accounts anu pieview the site.

The soft launch will seive as a tool to gauge the effectiveness of anu help
iuentify any changes that neeu to be maue befoie the public beta launch latei this yeai.

22-yeai-olu founuei, Ben Simon, began uesigning the site with fellow
0niveisity of Naiylanu stuuents aftei iuentifying the neeu foi a moie iesponsive anu
tianspaient goveinment. Theii vision is in the final steps of becoming a ieality.

Team has met with SS electeu officials so fai anu has ieceiveu extiemely
positive feeuback. Nany of these officials will be inviteu to take pait in the soft site launch.
0theis inviteu will incluue jouinalists, piospective funueis, anu oiganizational paitneis.

Belegate Tom Buckei (B - Bist. 2u), a suppoitei of the vision, says,
"Lawmakeis neeu to heai moie input on moie issues moie often. Communication between
iepiesentatives anu iesiuents is ciitical to making goveinment woik, anu sites like aie a gieat way to fostei bettei communication." is uesigneu as a platfoim foi the aveiage peison to make his oi hei voice
heaiu, anu the site offeis an aiiay of tools foi voteis anu electeu officials to connect. When
useis entei theii auuiess, scans the Naiylanu votei Registiation File to
veiify them as iegisteieu voteis. They aie then linkeu to infoimation pages foi theii electeu

0seis have the ability to vote on bills, post in foiums anu even cieate petitions. Electeu
officials aie able to engage uiiectly with constituents by cieating polls anu paiticipating in
online uiscussions. anticipates a beta launch to the geneial public by the enu of 2u12. The
Naiylanu site is just a pilot, anu Simon hopes to eventually expanu the site to all Su states.
The site's ultimate goal is to facilitate uialogue between constituents anu officials on the
local, state anu national levels of goveinment. has iaiseu $6S,uuu so fai anu is continually seeking out auuitional
funuing. Nost iecently, was gianteu one of ten spots in Points of Light's
inauguial Civic Acceleiatoi piogiam. The piogiam incluues $1u,uuu, a thiee-month
mentoiship anu the chance at competing foi an auuitional $Su,uuu in funuing.

Last month, the Sunlight Founuation, a majoi oiganization in the open goveinment
movement, awaiueu a $S,uuu giant.


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