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Iranian Arms Ship Intercepted financial aide Fuad Shubaki for master-

minding the Karine-A affair. Shubaki

stated that several key figures in the
Palestinian Authority were involved in
BY SAMUEL SOKOL weapons were bound for Syria. The ves- found on the Karine-A, captured in 2002 the weapons smuggling, indicating that
sel is thought to have been carrying a carrying weapons to Gaza. In July, a mil- terror is central to the Palestinian
An IDF spokesperson announced quantity of weaponry similar to that itary court convicted former Arafat Authority’s aims. ❖
Wednesday morning that Israeli naval
forces have intercepted an Iranian ves-
sel, flying the Antiguan flag, carrying a
cargo of weapons near Cyprus, 100 miles
off the Israeli coast.
The weapons, including missile sys-
tems, were disguised as civilian cargo.
The ship was boarded and has been taken
to the port of Ashdod for a detailed
Defense Minister Barak lauded Naval
commander Eliezer Marom and IDF
Chief of Staff Gabi Ashkenazi for the
capture of the ship. “This is another suc-

Photo By Asaf Ravitz, Defense Ministry

cess in the incessant battle against the
smuggling of arms and military buildup
by terrorist organizations who threaten

Photo By Avi Rokach

Israel’s security,” Barak said.
According to the Palestinian
Authority affiliated Maan news agency,
Israeli authorities believe that the Some of shells found on ship. Barak aboard seized arms ship.

Because the cry of

[the victims of]
S’dom and Gomorrah
is great, and because
their sin is very
(Bereishis 18:20)
In S’dom it was decreed:
“Whoever hands a piece
of bread to a pauper or
stranger shall be burned
at stake”
Plotit the daughter of Lot
was married to one of the
leading citizens of S’dom.
One day, she saw a pauper
starving in the street, and
her soul was saddened over
him. What did she do?
Every day, when she went
to draw water from the
well, she would place from
all the foods of her home in
her pitcher and feed the
pauper. But the people of
S’dom wondered, “This pau-
per, how is he surviving?”
until the matter became
known and she was taken
out to be burned, and her
cries rose to the
Divine Throne.
(Pirkei d’Rabbi Eliezer, ch. 25)

78 November 6, 2009 5 TOWNS JEWISH TIMES