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PED 347 Syllabus

I. About teacher
Brock Armstrong
Contact information
o Spring Arbor High School
o (123) 456-7890
o Bachelors in physical education & health
o Currently coaching JV basketball and Varsity Track
II. Philosophy
My philosophy of teaching Physical Education is to emphasize active student
participation, understand the benefits of being active, and stress healthy competition.
Another aspect of my philosophy is teaching students the importance of using a variety
of activities, skills and movement forms to stay active and healthy, which can have a
lasting impact on the rest of their lives.
III. Expectations
o Wear the proper footwear properly tied.
o Wear the proper clothing/attire/equipment
o Keep hair out of your face or eyes
o Always participate with effort and seriousness in all activities.
o Demonstrate a commitment to the process, lesson or activity.
o Demonstrate proper movement skills and concept.
o Adhere to the rules or instructions of the lesson or activity
o Display honesty during the lesson or activity.
o Allow equal opportunity for others to participate.
o Lookout for the safety of others.
o Avoid careless risks.
o Show an awareness of your body and those around you.
o Listen when it is time to listen (to the teacher or classmates).
o Cooperate with the teacher and classmates. Display good sportsmanship.
o Show the value of others, the equipment, the property and the

IV. Discipline Plan.
When a student chooses to misbehave and break a classroom agreed upon rule or norm
the following discipline plan will be followed.
o Student will be warned
o Student will be asked to stay after school to discuss why they continued
breaking the rule.
o Loss of personal lunch time. Student will still be allowed to eat with the teacher.
o Detention with teacher, served after school.
o Sent to principles office and a call home.
If the behavior is endangering another student or themselves I will step in and take
immediate action. And will be required to abide by the school districts disciplinary
V. Grading
o Students receive 5 pts/day
o Absences
Students will have opportunity to make up make up ONLY excused
Unexcused absences will result in no participation points for the day
along with any skills/written tests of the day.
o The following actions will result in point deductions from the units grade:
Non-participation10 pts
Unprepared.10 pts
Tardy (after first 3)....2 pts
o Skills tests will be graded on an IMPROVEMENT scale. There be will be a base
test at the beginning of every unit and students will have to show improvement
from one stage to the next. This is unit specific and will be more clearly outlined
at the beginning of each unit.
o The test will include information covered daily in class and on the unit review
sheets which will be provided the week prior to the exam.
General Grading Rubric:
Exemplary Satisfactory Needs Improvement
Sportsmanship Encourages others,
takes turns, no put-
Takes turns, takes care
of self, usually positive
Required frequent
interventions, demeans
others, selfish, mostly
Effort / participation Constantly pushes self,
always on task,
prepared for class
Steady participation, on
task, usually pushes self
Frequently doesnt
dress, seldom on task
and pushes self
Skills / performance Does all things well,
uses proper technique
Can usually do things
well, improving, uses
proper technique most
of the time
Inconsistent technique,
does few things well
knowledge Communicates and
applies the rules
Usually communicates
and applies the rules
Seldom communicates
and seldom applies

o A = 90 -100%
o B = 80 89%
o C = 70 79%
o D = 60 69%
o E = 0 59%
VI. Course description
The High School Physical Education curriculum will concentrate on all areas of physical
development. Classes will stress the importance of student participation and
sportsmanship while learning and performing various skills - along with encourage
students about nutritional needs.
VII. Materials
Proper uniform
o Athletic shoes
Appropriate flat bottom sole
NO heels, sandals, boat shoes, etc.
o Socks
o Athletic shorts/pants
Everything must be worn above the hip
o Shirt
Full length long sleeve, t-shirt or tank top
VIII. Schedule
Daily routine:
o 60 minute class periods
o 10 minutes for dress/warm-up
Warm-up: Preparation drills led by class leader
o 40 minutes lesson plan
o 10 minutes for shower and change of dress
Tentative semester schedule. Unit skills tests and exams will be given at the last 2
periods of each unit with all skills and rules instruction being done prior to those days.
Any changes in schedule will be clearly outlined at least 3 days/class periods prior the
changes occurring.
o Week 1 Unit 1: football
o Week 2
o Week 3 Unit 2: Soccer
o Week 4
o Week 5 Unit 3: Tennis
o Week 6
o Week 7 Unit 4: Badmitton
o Week 8
o Week 9 Unit 5: Volleyball
o Week 10
o Week 11 Unit 6 Basketball
o Week 12
IX. Confirmation
This must be reviewed with a parent or guardian and signed that it is understood by
both them and student.
I _________________________ (students name) understand and accept the rules,
expectations, and grading criteria of the class and will be committed to it every day.
Student Name__________________________ Students Signature____________________________
Parent/guardian Name____________________________ Parent/guardian