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Ryan Westhoff

62 E Mark St. #3 Winona, Mn 55987

Phone: 218-209-5444 E-Mail:
YouthWorks Program Staff May 2012-August 2012
Lead worship services at night
Spoke mini sermons for our guests about our programs themes
Organize activities for our guest to do
Be support staff to the other workers
Showed extensive leadership skills
Solved problems involving worker conflict and guest conflict deal with conflict
Take initiative in decision-making and leadership.
Pizza Hut Delivery driver and manager September 2012-May 2015
Lead the shifts at work
Manage our employees
Handle customer complaints and mistakes
Winona State University September 2011-May 2015
Graduated with a BA in English with a writing emphasis and a minor in film studies.
Notable classes: Research Writing, Literary Studies, Literary Theory and Criticism, Film Theory and
Criticism, and Introduction to Filmmaking
Developed many skills to do different types of research
Written extensive blog posts on film and literary topics for multiple film classes and an English class,
specifically a class on Adaptation.
Made a short documentary film about a retired Winona State University professor.
Written a variety of essays showing critical thinking and argument of film and literary criticism and
analysis of different pieces of literature and stories
Developed a well rounded understanding of creative writing, academic writing, and technical writing

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