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Pisica (trad. C.D.

Pisica ,vin la pieptu-mi iubitor,
Ascunde gheara-n laba moale,
i las-m s m scufund uor
n ochi de agate i metale.
Pe spatele elastic c!nd petrec
"oar, m!na-n m!ng!iere,
i c!nd din trupi fiori electrici trec
i m !mbat de plcere,
mi vd, !n g!nd, femeia. #chii ei
Ca i ai ti, o dulce fiar,
Despic tot i-mprtie sc!nteie,
i lin, de sus i p!n $os,
%ptura-i brun o-nfoar
&ubtie parfum prime$dios.
Pisicile (trad. 'icu Porsenna)
&avan(i severi, pleca(i pe luneta planetar,
Ca )i aman(i frenetici, c*nd v*rsta li-e-n declin,
+ubesc voinica, bl*nda pisic din cmin,
Ca ei de rebegit, ca ei de sedentar.
Prietene )tiin(ei )i volupt(ii vii,
,le iubesc tcerea )i-au spaim de tenebre-
.e-ar folosi )i +adul la cursele-i funebre,
De )i-ar pleca trufia felin spre-a servi.
/is*nd, ele s-a)ea0 !n nobil (inut,
Ca sfinc)ii ce-n de)erturi contempl 0area mut,
&au dorm !n pacea nop(ii )i-a visului etern-
.e luce magic coapsa de sc*nteieri mobile,
1i pulberi, ca nisipuri de aur ce se cern,
.e scapr prin stranii )i mistice pupile.
The Cat (trad. 2eoffre3 4agner)
53 beautiful cat, come onto m3 heart full of
6old bac7 the cla8s of 3our pa8,
And let me plunge into 3our adorable e3es
5i9ed 8ith metal and agate.
4hen m3 fingers la0il3 fondle
:our head and 3our elastic bac7,
And m3 hand gets drun7 8ith the pleasure
#f feeling 3our electric bod3,
+ see in spirit m3 personal lad3. 6er glance,
.i7e 3ours, dear creature,
Deep and cold, slits and splits li7e a dart,
And from her feet to her head,
A subtle atmosphere, a dangerous perfume,
&8im around her bro8n bod3.
Cats (trad. ;o3 Campbell)
&ages austere and fervent lovers both,
+n their ripe season, cherish cats, the pride
#f hearths, strong, mild, and to themselves
+n chill3 stealth and sedentar3 sloth.
%riends both to lust and learning, the3 fre<uent
&ilence, and love the horror dar7ness breeds.
,rebus 8ould have chosen them for steeds
=o hearses, could their pride to it have bent.
Dreaming, the noble postures the3 assume
#f sphin9es stretching out into the gloom
=hat seems to s8oon into an endless trance.
=heir fertile flan7s are full of spar7s that tingle,
And particles of gold, li7e grains of shingle,
/aguel3 be-star their pupils as the3 glance.