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Work Sample Reflection

Title of Work Sample- Cuba City Nutrition Seminar for Seminar in Health Promotion_
Date Completed- 5/7/14

During a class that I was taking called Seminar in Health Promotion as a class we conducted a
nutrition seminar in Cuba City, Wisconsin. The nutrition seminar was split up into eight weeks
with a different topic each week. The topics consisted of label reading, body composition,
psychological reasons for eating/cravings, prepping food, tracking options, fueling movement,
and grocery shopping. Each week was taught by a group of students for an hour per session.
Before each group taught they presented to the class to practice the health session to be
professionally prepared for when they presented in Cuba City and to take suggestions from the
class to improve their session plan.
Health Promotion Standard Alignment

The best standard to align with this work sample would be Standard 2: Collaboration. The
reason standard 2 is the best standard for this work sample is because I worked with my
individual group to create our session plan for Cuba City while taking suggestions from the
rest of my classmates to improve our session plan. As a whole our class helped each other
create a very well put together seminar to better the community of Cuba City and the
surrounding area. By being able to give suggestions and take suggestions from my fellow
classmates I was able to us that information to create a great session plan with my group
members to help support client learning in the community of Cuba City.

Health and Physical Educations Knowledge, Skill, Disposition Statement Alignment

I believe the best KSD standard to align this artifact to is KSD4.d: Contributes to the School
and District. The candidate is able to assume a leadership role among colleagues and is
supportive and cooperative with peers and volunteers, and serves as a participant and leader
in school events and school and district projects. I believe this is the perfect standard for this
artifact because by conducting this seminar in Cuba City we were able to contribute to Cuba
City an opportunity to live a healthier lifestyle by supplying them with useful information to
conduct a healthy lifestyle. This standard was also demonstrated by cooperating with fellow
classmates and the individuals that attended the seminar.

What I learned about teaching/training from this experience.
I learned that having the ability to collaborate with individuals that have the same goal as you
can make for a fun and very fulfilling experience. If I had to conduct a nutrition seminar in a
community by myself it would have taken a lot more hours to complete and would also not have
the same subjects as the seminar we completed has. By having my classmates there to
collaborate with to create this seminar, the seminar was a lot more creative and successful than it
would have been if I had no one to collaborate with at all.
What I learned about myself as a prospective health promotion specialist as a result of this
experience/work sample:
I learned that I am able to work well with other people that have the same goal as me and that I
should collaborate as much as I possibly can in the future. By doing this I believe I will have a
much more successful career with whatever I do because other colleagues will have great input
that can change future projects for the better. By having better future projects that I can put on
my resume it may lead to greater professional opportunities.