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SEVERABILITY: If any term of this Agree- The Client acknowledges receipl of D isclosure Report

ment is construed as invalid or unenforceable, the re- in lieu of Part II of SEC Form ADV.
mainder of this Agreement shall not be affected by
The designated Introducer or Service Associate. if
such determinati on and the remaining terms of this any, will be paid a fee by the Advisor. There is no ad-
Agreement will be valid and enforceable to the full ex- ditional cost to the Client due to this arrangement .
tent of the law.
Current Fee Schedule attached as Exhibit _
GOVERNING LA W: This Agreement is
governed by and construed in accordance with the Investment Policy Statement attached as Exhibit
laws of the State of Connecticut now in effect or as
from lime to time amended. unless Connecticut law is Client Information or Supplemental In formation
pre-empted by Federal laws then in effect. attached as Exhibit _

Address for AJI Communications : Social Security or Federal ill :

/3 - ~ f) g 6()j3

l-ull Tille of Account: - J

C 0 8 IT I1-rl r-f, U I T'-( PUr( ~
Telephone _

Names & T it les of Those Signing Agreement

(Please Print)

(I) Name _
Tille _

(2) Name _
T itl c _

(3) Name _
Title _

(4) Name _ _ .:....- _

Tille _

Introducer or Service Associate

for this Account :

Custodian _ Date 12../I&/9f? '


00200 .'1