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The Original Vampires, known as "The Originals", are the world's first vampires from which all current

vampires descend from and are the most dangerous in the fictional universe of The Vampire Diaries. In
the series mythology, they were created in ancient times through an occult blood ritual performed by their
powerful witchmother, Esther, after the death of her youngest son Henrik at the hands of werewolves. In
order to protect them, she turned her husband, Mikael, and her five surviving children, (Elijah, Finn,
Niklaus, Rebekah, and Kol) into vampires.
Family history[edit]
The Original Family comes from 10th century Viking
era Europe, probably Sweden because in the
episode "Aprs Moi, Le Dluge", Elijah is explaining that where his mother came from, witches were
called hxa, the Swedish word for witch. They traveled to the Americas in order to escape a plague that
had overcome their home, killing their son, Aaron.
Members of the Original Family[edit]
Mikael was the patriarch of the Original Family. He is portrayed by Sebastian Roch.
Mikael was searching for Klaus and the rest of his family for a thousand years.
He desired to kill Klaus,
in order to get revenge for his wife's infidelity. He also never liked Klaus, as he was the product of an
affair Klaus' mother had with a werewolf. As such, Mikael was condescending, cold, and abusive towards
Klaus. This treatment contributed greatly to Klaus' narcissism, hunger for power, and psychosis.
Mikael was imprisoned in a coffin by Bonnie's mother Abby, when he came to Mystic Falls looking for
Elena when she was a small child. He wanted to kill the Petrovadoppelgnger in order to prevent Klaus
from breaking the curse and creating a hybrid army. Katherine awoke him in order to get information on
how to kill Klaus.
Klaus eventually killed Mikael in a bizarre series of events that were supposed to have resulted in the
death of Klaus himself.
When the Originals throw a ball in order to introduce themselves to the Mystic Falls community, they use
the last name "Mikaelson", as a tribute to the patriarch.
Ironically, Klaus also refers to himself as
Mikaelson, despite his deep resentment of Mikael.