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Transactions, Receipts,
Netting (With respect to Aviva?)
Bank Model
Print Documents (Invoices, Dunning Letters, Statements, Balance Forward Billing)
AR to Advanced Collections Process
Late charges (In Line with CCA Act), Contra charging (Addl details reqd)
AR to GL instead of Interface.
SLA Functionality to show the event functionality
2. GL:
Concept of LE (How the data can now be partitioned) Eg. LE association with bala
ncing segment, bank accounts, taxes, Invoices.
Certain reports are now at the LE level. This will reduce the need for maintenan
ce of customizations. (Need to Identify proper reports)
Operational Efficiency: (Opening Closing periods simultaneously across different
ledgers - Ledger set functionality)
Simultaneous reporting with multiple accounting methods (Eg. Management and IFRS
Cross Ledger Allocations
Disabled Accounts Replacement (Helps prevent Journal Import Errors -- Most commo
n in Aviva)
Period Closing process
3. Oracle Payables
Netting functionality (Verify from Aviva perspective)
Bank Account model
Concept of Invoice Lines
Possibility of Line level approval
Line level matching with the PO or receipt lines.
Payment functionality in Payables is limited to Batch Creation.
4. Oracle Payments
Payments from Oracle payables
Credit Card settlements and Receipts from AR
Bank Account transfer functionality (relevance in Aviva ?)
Need to verify the format and FTP programs (Can be handled through seeded functi
onality). XML Publisher can be used to design the templates.
Payments across operating units (MOAC)
Capability of Payment processing rules
Payments Dash board