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Why is planning so important?

•We wouldn’t have control over the group

•Boring classes
•Successful classes
•Students actually learning

•Recognize the importance of
lesson planning
•How to lesson plan?

By Gerson G. Cisneros Soto



Main presentation

Follow – up

Is it important? Why?

a) Although it’s “short”, it’s very important Activities

since it motives your students to learn a) Eliciting
b) It “changes” their mind from Spanish to b) Watch a part or a movie and then a
English. c) Making a dialogue to a movie
c) In case of verbs recycle conjugations d) _______________________
d) No more than 8 minutes e) _______________________
f) _______________________
e) With not much vocabulary g) Activities to motive your students to
f) Recycle past topics. English

Our students need to learn new

a) Shouldn’t be less than 5 but no more
than 7
b) It should be presented with mechanical
a) Oral repetition for pronunciation
b) Semi Mechanical. (Game, Activity)
c) Critical. When do they use them in
their lives?
c) No more than 8 minutes
d) It should remain visible to your students
Main Presentation

This is the strongest part of our

a) Grammar presentation
b) Video class
a) Warm – up. A warm-up about the Communicative
c) Listening class Function for the presentation. Example: If your
d) Reading class point in Present Perfect you may use “Hobbies and
e) Having always an objective in mind Habits”. When are they going to use it in life?
b) Vocabulary. Specific vocabulary for it. Example: “A
f) About 25 minutes habit is…”, “A hobbies is…”
c) Main Presentation. (Grammar point, etc)
a) With Mechanical drills, Semi Mechanical Drills,
d) Consolidation. To avoid language conflicts between
L1 and L2. (Game, role play, etc)
Follow – up

Here is where our students apply

whatever we have taught them!

a) Role play
b) Game
c) Interview Motive your students to apply
d) Class presentation their language!
e) __________________
f) No more than 10 minutes
Final Activity

Let’s prepare a class!

Keep these suggestions in mind!