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IUSPP notes #3 (February 20)

* Summary of material covered
Non-Credit Students
We have begun our presentations on Representation, an have !o"p#ete Intervie$ s%i##s&
* Student Updates
I am pretty alarmed at how quickly and readily UBC is rejecting students this
year. Rachel, Jack, Fred, Rita, and Vinson have all been rejected. Emily has
received an offer from Vantage. The students are obviously very worried, as am
I. We have never had so many students be rejected, and definitely not this early.
We are trying to determine if this is largely because of the Gao Kao changes, or if
it is something else. I dont think the students have much recourse. If there were
only a couple of students, we could have them write appeal letters, but I dont
think that it will work for so many students, particularly considering that their
individual circumstances are not unusual.
Thankfully, Iris and Sibyl have been accepted.
* Any reminders (dates/events) that other Instructors/Program Coordinator need to
be aware of
March 31 - 4:30PM
VAG - Edward Burtinsky Exhibit
April 4 - 4PM
ECON 102 Visit
April 11 - 9:30AM
NNC Student Presentations
April 11 - 1PM
CNC Student Presentations