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Teacher: Andria Phesia 9C Group: 9F Rm: 4103 Date: Monday, October 21, 2013

Division Administrators School Administrators Observing Teachers
Norma Garza
Becky Pylant
Gabriela Dvila
Janice Gburek
Berta Guerra
Isaac Pineda
Christopher Ambury
Ksenia Plyushkina
Scott Newman
Margo Flores
Tanya Relitzki
Paul Delleman
Clarifying Question
The trailer was also seen for HW? No
The trailer was done at a previous lesson? Yes

Warm Feedback
Began the class on time
The video was very short and full of content
Nomenclature was perfect
Well defined procedures in class
Students listen to each other
Students were able to go back to previous knowledge and use it in the new lesson
Good example of flipped classroom, gave students theme previous to a class
Students recognize all the work invested by the teacher
Constantly encourages students to participate (asks for more hands, call on those who had been quiet)
Monitors students constantly
Gave plan B option if internet was not working (use air drop)
After getting past all the technical problems, she reviewed the few things that had been done in the first 10 min in
order to have everyone on board
Had all the class engaged
Very well planned class with good structure
By having the video it can be used as a review in the future for students and for future lessons
The video is short and students can pause where they want so they can invest their time in getting their work done;
also students who feel uncomfortable to interrupt the class to ask questions can see it later on
The video was well explained since students did not ask any questions indicating that it was well explained
The closing was a connection with values, Dr. Ubran (toxic and nourishing), grammar they had done, etc.
The chain reaction examples were brought up with real life application
It was clear that they can use different ways of expressing ideas and they can give the emphasis on the likelihood on
the action in the sentence
It was odd to have so many absences in class, yet the class still participated
Students who come back will be able to catch up thanks to the resources she provided
Manages group through body language in a very respectful way and with great poise
Students who was struggling got additional explanation from her and from her peer
Flexible to allow students to work in pairs, individually, provide extra minutes, etc.
Applied healthy pressure
Answered the sentences together, explored additional terms that could be used, discussed the differences/probability
between the words
Corrections were done respectfully, well lets try this again
Gave enough wait time
Gave follow up on particular students who needed extra reinforcement and it felt like a conversation
Speaks to students in a very respectful way and students respond in the same way
Good example of good rapport without loosing authority of a teacher

Cool Feedback
If you have the conditional if you should use were (she used was-may be used informally)
Clarify a point where she hesitated but did not explain why the hessitatiion
When a student made a mistake, bring up another one for him to answer just to confirm that he understands
Discuss what we are in the present but we are discussing the past
SMART board is fussy
A student was sitting with his laptop on his lap rather than the desk

General Feedback (with observed teacher involved)
How long did it take for you to make the video? 4 periods, 11 minutes, uploaded in 2 different parts
Creating the video sends a message to students that they teacher did her HW and they will retribute in the same
Experimented with a new tool in a new setting
The video is very customized