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A dog was asleep in a manger full of hay. He woke up when the cattle came in to eat. They had
been working in the fields and were tired and hungry. But the dog would not let them get near the
manger. He snapped and barked and growled at them. The cattle looked at the dog with disgust.
How selfish he is! He cannot eat the hay and he will not let us eat it and we are so hungry, the
cattle all said. The farmer heard all this and came in. When he saw what the dog was doing, he
beat the dog with a stick and drove him out of the stable.
1 Where was the dog sleeping?
A) in his bed b) in a cows manger c) under a tree
2 A manger is used for
a) dog food. b) a dog bed. C) a place to put cows food.
3 The cattle were
a) hungry and tired. b) lazy. c) didnt like dogs.
4 The dog
a) jumped out and let them eat. b) ignored the farmer. C) growled at the cows and
refused to get out.
5 The cattle said that the dog was
a) selfish. B) funny. C) loud.
6 The dog
a) liked to eat hay. B) did not eat hay. C) did not like cows.
7 The farmer heard all this and
a) told the cows to be quiet. B) gave the cows hay in the yard. C) beat the dog and made
him leave the manger.
8 The lesson is to not grudge others with what we cannot enjoy ourselves. Grudge means to
a) hate people. B) not want to give to others or admit they are right. C) push others