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Camille Zendzian

Immigration Revision
The United States was found when the colonists conquered the untamed lands of the
New World. Since then, immigration has flooded the nations gates, both strengthening and
weakening it. While many may argue that the US must close its doors to immigration, in reality
people must acknowledge their contributions to society; however, to do so, the influx must be
limited while maintaining the founding ideals of acceptance to all in order to set an example for
other countries.
Although it is erroneously believed that the inflated populations of immigrants hinder
Americas prosperity; in reality, without their demographic, the nation would not be the world
power it is today. Regardless, American prejudice, raised from ignorance, has led to the cruel
oppression of foreigners merely seeking a better life (Doc A). The greed of politicians has
persuaded citizens that these immigrant families are actually stealing jobs from the more
deserving locals. Indignant Republicans such as Mitt Romney preach this situation as an
outrage and demand the government limit the opportunities given to immigrants. Evidently,
those who portray them as crooks are merely putting a respectable face on their [selfish] thirst
(Doc C). Ignorant supporters of Romney have declared [war] on immigrants (Doc E) as they
pass bills deporting the masses, sending them to the countries that toss them in prison or force
them to return to the poverty they so desperately fled. However, such Americans do not realize
that loss their country would be at without immigration. The colonies of Plymouth Rock and
Jamestown were populated by individuals not so unlike modern immigrants: both seek
prosperity and freedom promised to them in the New World, the golden land. If the US closed its
doors, as illustrated in Doc E, those people would be pulled away from the chance to improve
their lives and alternately thrown toward tragedy. No other country can provide them with the
opportunities available here, and this very country would be desolate without their sheer
numbers. New York City, Chicago, San Francisco, cities central to federal prosperity would not
be able to provide the land with the success that led to its towering power, yet overpopulation
causes more problems than it is worth. Therefore, limitations on their figures should be decided
on unanimously by the people and placed in action.
If the US puts a complete halt to immigration, the nation would collapse just as the
removal of a buildings foundations causes it to crumble and fall. America was founded on
immigration and they are essential to its triumph.