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a , an
a / an = un / o
[ , n ]
Articolul nehotrt , n limba englez , se folosete astfel :
- a n faa unui cuvnt care ncee cu o consoan !
- an n faa unui cuvnt care ncee cu o vocal "
#$" Cuvinte care ncep cu o consoan :
a carrot % un morcov a big house % o cas mare !
a boo& % o carte a green en % un stilou ver'e
Cuvinte care ncep cu o vocal :
an orange % o ortocal an o'' man % un om ciu'at
an ale % un mr an interesting stor( % o oveste interesant

! Obs. Literele y i w sunt considerate consoane n liba en!le"
#eci $ n %a&a cuvintelor care ncep cu y sau w se va pune articolul
ne'otr(t a :
a yar' % o curte a wil' animal % un animal slbatic
a win'o) % o fereastr a yello) car % o main galben
Fill in the blanket with a or an :
* )ant to eat ++++++ale "
,ou )ant to eat +++++++re' ale"
-iz )rites ++++++comosition about +++++++o'' frien' "
.he )ears +++++++orange blouse "
/hat &in' of ++++++++animal is the lion 0
1he lion is +++++++)il' animal"
2( mother coo&s +++++++++'elicious ca&e"
1his is +++++++ imortant sub3ect"
4ac& has ++++++++ (ello) car"
5o (ou thin& #nglish is +++++++nice language 0
/oul' (ou li&e to eat +++++++icecream 0
/hat &in' of ++++++++animal is that 0
*s it +++++++++elehant 0
6o, it7s +++++++giraffe"
8ive me +++++++eraser an' ++++++ encil , lease 9
1here is +++++++)in'o) on the )all"
:e eats +++++++onion"