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For Windows 8 Users

This driver software supports Windows 8 with some limitations. For instructions and explanations on using the driver
software with Windows 8, please see the procedures and descriptions for Windows Vista/7. The following limitations in
functionality and precautions have been discovered when utilizing the driver software in Windows 8. Be sure to read the
contents described below carefully before using the driver software.
[Precautions During Operation]
Be sure to switch to the desktop when performing the following procedures:
Installation and uninstallation of the driver software
Changing detailed settings of the driver software *
* Please note that some of the settings that are specifed in the desktop may not be refected depending on the Windows
Store application.
[Limitations During Operation]
When using the scan function while the device is connected to a computer by USB, removing the USB cable and then
plugging it back in or turning the device of and then on will cause the scanning function to be unable to execute. If this
occurs, please restart the computer.
CANON INC. 2012 USRM2-3352(00)