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Lesson Plan three

Great Depression song

(Wednesday 1

Objective: Students will assess and analyze the song, brother can you
spare me a dime. They will discuss the song within their groups and answer
the questions before creating their own song.

Standards: Common Core Standards
Reading Standards for literacy in History/ Social Studies 6-12
1) Analyze in details a series of events described in text; determine
weather earlier events caused later ones or simple precede them.
2) Analyze how a text uses to structure to emphasize key points or
advocate an exploration or analysis.

Writing Standards for literacy in History/ Social, Science, and technical
subject 6-12

2. Write informative/explanatory texts, including the narration of
historical events, scientific procedures/experiments, or technical

a. Introduce a topic and organize ideas, concepts, and information to
make important connections and distinctions; include formatting
(e.g., headings), graphics (e.g., figures, tables), and multimedia
when useful to aiding comprehension.

!"#$%&'&() +,-%.-/.+0 11123+,"2&/(

1.Creativity and Innovation
Students demonstrate creative thinking, construct knowledge, and
develop innovative products and processes using technology.
b. Create original works as a means of personal or group expression.

3. Research and Information Fluency
Students apply digital tools to gather, evaluate and use information.
b. Locate, organize, analyze, evaluate, synthesize, and ethically use
information from a variety of sources and media.

Material Needed for this lesson
Song, Brother can you
spare me a dime.
Song questions
QR codes
Google doc

Students activities/assignments
Step 1: Teacher will
explain the different
projects the groups will
be doing. It will take 10
minutes to explain what
we will be working on
the in the next four
weeks. One student
from every group will
get the ipad for their
These are the small
program they will
work on:
A. Groups will listen to
the song Brother
can you spare me a
dime. Students will
answer the questions
Step 1: one Student from each
group will get the ipads for their

1) Students will listen to the teacher
for the first ten minutes as she goes
over the mini projects and the final
big project.

Step 2: Students will download the
questions and they will search the song.
Students can also use their smartphones
and use this QR code to look for the song.

on Google Doc.
They will than
create a song using
Garage Band. Their
song will be a story
of the G.D. They
will use this song
for their final mini
B. Groups will analyze
and interpret
different pictures
and propaganda of
the New Deal. As a
group they will
create a poster for
their mini movie.
C. As a group they will
read a poem from
the G.D. They will
than write a poem
for their mini movie
about the G.D. and
their New Deal.
D. Groups will also
compare the G.D. to
the Great recession.
They will make a
time line and charts
of how they are
similar and what is
E. I will show students
my mini movie on
YouTube as an
example. I will
explain to the
students that all the
projects will be
incorporated into

Step 3: groups will share some of their
questions. They will discuss the song.

Step 4: Students will email their question
sheet to teacher.
their movie.
F. I will explain to the
students that each
group will write a
skit for their mini
movie. They need to
be creative.

Step 2: They will all go on
their Google Doc and
download the questions that
go along with the song. They
search the song Brother can
you spare me a Dime. As
they search I will go around
to each group to make sure
they know where to go.

Step 3: The last seven
minutes of class I will go
bring the class back. Each
group will share what they
found interesting about the

Step 4: Teacher will instruct
students to send their
questions to email.

Rubric for assessing the song



$ %



(- 1)::-3(
+809:.+ (-
(;3++ -3
0,* ;0=+
(- 1)::-3(
>-)3 (-
0,* ?0=+
(- 1)::-3(
0.. >5=+
0,* ;0=+
>-3 0.. >5=+
(- 1)::-3(
@;+/ 0.1-
;0=+ (;3++
(;5,?1 (-
10/ 0A-)(
(;+ 1-,?6


Questions to Song

1) What do you think the writer was feeling? (Give examples)

2) What does him mean by, They use to tell me I was building a dream?

3) What does he mean by, why should I be waiting in line just waiting for
bread? (Crosby)

4) What does he mean he says, Brother, can you spare me a dime? (Crosby)

5) Name three things that you found interesting of the song and why?