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VOLUME 4 (1971)

Doyo, Ma Ceres Establishing and Changing Meaning by means of Classical
Conditioning Using the Paired Associate Method

Enriquez, Virgilio Language & Originality: Recall of Postnominal Adjectives and
Semantically Ill-formed Sentences as a Function of the
Structural Locus of Anomaly

* Gavino, Jasmin The Gavino Word Association Norms

* Javierto, Socorro Verbal Conditioning Awareness and Intelligence

* Reyes, Renato Operant Conditioning GSP Amplitude under Feedback and
Non-Feedback Situations

Santos, Josefina The Primary Effects in Short-Term Memory

VOLUMES 5-6 (1972-1973)

De la Llama, Lenore Evaluative and Descriptive Components of Trait Inferences
Decenteceo, Edwin Contingency Management in Three Psychology Courses: A
Case Report

Felipe, Abraham Analyses of the GSAT: Preliminary Report on the
Development and Structure of the College Entrance Test.

Gumban, Remigio Sex Differences in Predictability of Some Measures of College
Achievement from the College Entrance Test and/or Some
Measures of High School Achievement
Gumban, Remigio
Iledan, Basilio Some Validities of the College Entrance test Based on a
Relativity Homogenous Group of Schools

* Mataragnon, Rita Individualized Instruction and Contingency Management: An
Application Learning Principle to the Classroom Situation

VOLUMES 7-8 (1974-1975)

* Day, Harry The Resource Comparison Mode of Coalition Formation

Iledan, Basilio Some Cross-Validity Studies Involving the College Entrance

Jayme, Josefina Demographic and Socio-Psychological Determinants of High
Level Migration from the Philippines to the United States.

Lavoie, Dina The Phenomologic: Transformation of the Self-Concept
Towards Self-Actualization Through Sensitivity Training

Miao, Emily An Exploratory Intervention Experiment on Development of
Class Inclusion Concept among Some Filipino Pre-schools

VOLUME 11 (1978)

Adversario, Peafrancia Some Factors Affecting Imitation: Nature of Initiative
Stimulus, Verbalization and Sex Subjects.

Esleta, Adona The Effect of Storytelling and Group Interaction on the Moral
Judgment of Children

Franco, Ana Carmela Altruism in Children as a Function of Deservedness of Reward,
Storytelling and Vicarious Reinforcement

Hipol, Clarita Anxiety and Coping Mechanisms of Terminally Ill Children
and Their Mothers.

VOLUME 12, #2 (Dec. 1979)

Alabanza, Mary Ann,
Gonzaga, Ma. Alma Belia
Obligacin, Freddie The Kristo of the Cockpit: An Unsung Phenomenon.
De Guzman, Jose Helping a Lost Passenger: An Analysis of the Number of
Bystanders and Dependency of the Victim in an Urban and a
Rural Community

Sdu, Milagros
Pasyu, Roland Pagtawad: Haggling Behavior

Magdalena, Federico A Validation of Holands Occupation Model by the Smallest
Space Analysis

Morais, Robert Some Notes on the Historical Roots of Contemporary
Interpersonal Relationships in the Christian Philippines

Ventura, Elizabeth et al. Attitudes Towards Working Wives in an Urban Setting

VOLUME 13 (1980)

Del Pilar II, Gregorio A Probe into the Philippines Potential for Cross-Cultural
Psychological Research: The View from Early Socialization

Ho, David Face and Stereotype Notions about Chinese Face Behavior

* Ho, David Reflections on the Development of Psychology in Hong Kong
Society: Students Teachers and Academic Institutions

* Hoshino, Akira Current Major Trends in Psychology in Japan
Sharma, Sagar Some Concepts of Social Psychology in India

Villacorta, Wilfrido Western Influence on Social Science Teaching in Philippine

VOLUMES 15-16 (1982-1983)

Carlota, Anna Daisy Filipino Female Juvenile Delinquents: An Exploratory Study of
their Level of Intelligence, Personality and Attitudes Towards
the Self and Selected Social Figures
Pineda, Josefina
Quieta, Romeo Mga Bata Tahanans: An Evaluative Study of a Child-
Care Strategy
Torres, Amaryllis Decisions Aspirations and Media Preferences of Rural
Out-of-School Youth


VOLUMES 17-18 (1984-1985)

Church, Timothy
Katigbak, Marcia Conceptions of Good Psychological Health & Personality
Functioning of Filipino College

Imelda Castaeda Students: A Multi-Method Investigation
Dayan, Natividad Coping Patterns of High-Low Anxious Soldiers: A
Psychological Study

Evangelista, Noemi Effects of Reinforcement Schedule and Task Difficulty of
Immunization against Learned Helplessness and Its Duration

* Lamug, Corazon A Path Analysis to Test a Model of Helping Behavior
Montiel, Cristina Values and Value Changes of Former Student Activists

VOLUME 19 (1986)

A Special Issue On The Filipino Family

Carunungan-Robles, Amelia Perceptions of Parental Nurturance, Punitiveness and Power by
Selected Filipino Primary School Children

De la Cruz, Alma The Impact of Maternal Employment on Family Members
Perceptions and Attitudes Towards Maternal Role

Du-Lagrosa, Milagros Some Family Related Factors & Personality Variables
Affecting the Adjustment of Father-Absent Adolescents

Gustilo-Villasor, Ma. Theresa Color as an Index of the Childs Developing Personality
* Jurilla, Lina An Exploratory Study of the Motivational System for
Parenthood of Rural Married Couples

Navarro, Ma. Divina Amor The Development of Facial Affects Recognition in Children
Raya, Pamela Anger Expressions of Filipino Children as Measured by the
Interview and Doll Play Techniques


VOLUME 20 (1987)

A Special Silver Anniversary Issue

Bulatao, Jaime MODES OF MIND: Experience and Theory of Consciousness
and Its Alternative State

VOLUME 21 (1988)

Social And Personality Psychology

Abregana, Betty Casual Attributions for Success and Failure in Farming among
Upland Farmers in Balinsasayao Region, Negros Oriental

Guinto-Adviento, Ma. Luisa The Human Factor in Law Enforcement: An Exploratory Study
of the Attitude of Policemen Towards Prostitution

* Montiel, Cristina Pastoral Letters during the Marcos-Aquino Transition Period
Sycip, Lynna-Marie
Fawcett, James Expectation, Family Networks, and Emigration: A Study of
Filipino Decision Making

Torres, Amaryllis Gender Imagery in Philippine Psychology: A Critique of the

Short Notes:

Agbing, Lourdes A Self-Concept Scale for Children
Custodio, Gina
Llamillo, Maryfel The Effects of Premature Birth on Intelligence
Nacionales, Pamela
* Torres, Amaryllis Psychological Dimensions of Government Reorganization

VOLUME 22 (1989)

Papers In Clinical Psychology

Carandang, Ma. Lourdes Reflections of a Clinical Psychologist as Practitioner
and Researcher
* Go-Singco-Holmes, Margarita Running and Group Dynamics as Treatments for

* Layug, Ma. Estela Behavior Disorders Among Filipino Children

* Liwag, Ma. Emma Concepcion Mother & Father of Autistic Children: An Exploratory
Study of Family Stress and Coping
Llaneza-Ramos, Ma. Lourdes Hypnotheraphy in the Treatment of Chronic Headaches
Tan, Allen Four Meanings of Fatherhood

VOLUME 23 (1990)

Issues In Applied Psychology

* Agra, Angelina Facilitating and Impending Factors Affecting the Activation of
Work Improvement Teams In Government Agencies
* Gonzalez-Intal, Anna Miren
Valera, Jaime There is nothing so practical as a Good Theory: Social
Psychology and Special Development Issues in the Philippine

Lolarga, Erlinda Aileen Filipinos Attitudes and Perceptions Toward Subic Naval Base:
Social Psychological Implications

* Ortigas, Carmela Human (Resource) Development: A Conceptual and
Operational Framework for Philippine Practitioners

Ramos, Exaltacion The Metamorphosis of Home: Banking on Peoples Power
Torres, Amaryllis Work Motivation and Productivity of Government Workers
______________, Code of Ethics for Filipino Social Scientists

VOLUME 24 #1 (June 1991)

Papers In Social Psychology

Domingo, Maria Fe Old Age: Meanings, Perceptions and Situations
Gastardo-Conaco, Ma. Cecilia Complex Social Categories

* Gonzalez-Intal, Anna Miren Relative Deprivation Theory and Collective Political Violence
in the Philippines

Llanaza-Ramos, Ma. Lourdes Perceived Gender and Drive for Success

Montiel, Cristina Factor Analysis of Ideological and Generational Differences in
Value Orientation Among Filipino Student Activists

* Valera, Jaime Two Path Analytic Models of Test-Retest Reliability:
Examples from Social Psychology


VOLUME 24 #2 (Dec. 1991)

Papers In Developmental Psychology

* Carandang, Ma. Lourdes Close Encounters with Autistic Children: A Group
Therapy Program

De la Llana-Decentaceo, Lenora Language Switching in Story Telling Tasks Among
Filipino Bilingual Children

Ledesma, Lourdes et, al Speech Delay in Filipino: A Clinical Profile
Lopez, Melissa Lucia The Development of Arithmetic Concepts and Skills in
Slow Learners
Racillo, Jeanette Concept Understanding and Movement Expression of
the Elements of Space in Children

VOLUME 25 #1 (June 1992)

Papers In Clinical Psychology

Encarnacion, Ruben Coping Strategies of Manic Depressives

* Paular, Regino Mental Illness as a Social Problem in the Philippine During the
Spanish Colonial Period

* Samonte, Elena Sources of Stress and Coping Mechanisms Among Filipinas in
West Germany and Holland

Tilander, Ake C.G. Jungs Autobiography as a Source of Information on His
Psychohistory: An Evaluation

VOLUME 25, #2 (Dec. 1992)

Research In Experimental Psychology

Bernardo, Allan Defining Constraints on the Effects of Framing on Risky
Pedron, Divina Gracia
De Guzman, Annalyn
Hidalgo, Ma. Cristina
Jacinto, Mary Jeanette

Bernardo, Allan Misleading Information and Memory for Major and Minor
Details About Events: Evidence for the Memory Impairment
Hypothesis: The Visual and Semantic Components of Memory
for Pictures

Bartolome, Ana Maria The Visual and Semantic Components of Memory for Pictures
Caluma, Melanie
Felizardo, Melissa
Guevarra, Ma. Concepcion
Bernardo, Allan
Obligacion, Freddie Perceptions of Pornography: Correlates and Gender Differences

VOLUME 26, #1 (June 1993)

Ampil-Antonio, Aileen
Andaya, Indira Myra
Roque, Emily
Vasquez, Sandee
Bernardo, Allan The Tongue-Twister Effect: Subvocal Articulation in
Silent and Oral Reading

Bernardo, Allan A knowledge Set-based Taxonomy of Decision
Problem & Decision Strategies

Gastardo-Conaco, Ma. Cecilia
Brij Lata Kotia A Study of Deprivation Level Approval Motive and
Locus of Control as Job Satisfaction

Lagmay, Alfredo Moderators of Bahala na!
Ventura, Elizabeth
Aballa-Matta, Leticia
Cipres-Ortega, Susan Psychological and Social Factors Affecting Compliance
in Blood Examination and Treatment of Filariasis

VOLUME 26, #2 (Dec. 1993)

* Kunmumpura, Joe Vipasama Meditative Relaxation Therapy in the
Treatment of Asthma
Ledesma, L.K.
* Diputado, B.V.
Orteza, G.O.
Santillan, C.E. De-Westernization of a Dementia Screening Scale: The
Philippine Experience

Bernardo, Allan The Use of Analogies in Learning Scientific Concepts
in Psychology
Tan, Allen
Morais, Robert Normative Conceptions of Romantic Love Among
College Students.

VOLUME 27 (1994)

Problem Areas Among Filipino Families

* Castro, Ma. Carmen Families with Terminally Ill Children

* Lamberte, Exaltacion Family Relationship and Street Children: Some Points to

* Samonte, Elena Acculturation Difficulties of Filipina Brides in Japan and
Opportunities for Intervention

* Alano, Marianette Infidelity: The Querida System in the Philippines

VOLUME 28 (1995)

Cross-Cultural Concerns Of The Filipino Psychologist

Dalupan, Mary Ann Evaluating the Translation Adequacy of a Filipino MMPI: A

* Salazar-Clemea, Rose Marie Counseling for Peace

Rosamma Pendanathil John Pranic Healing Suggestion in the Treatment of Asthma
Condon, Richard

Tan, Allen Latitude, Cultural Complexity and Color Terminology
Relucio, Edelvina The Stress and Coping Reactions of Separated Women: An
Exploratory Study

VOLUME 29 (1996)

Focus On Educational Psychology

* Gonzalez-Intal, Anna Miren Literal and Inferential English Reading Comprehension
Skills Among Multilingual Filipino Elementary School

* Bernardo, Allan Using Contemporary Psychological Perspectives to Intensify
the Involvement of Psychologists in Philippine Schools

* Montiel, Cristina Jayme Social Psychological Issues of Peace Education in a New
Democracy: The Philippines

* Ventura-Umali, Conchita Meeting Counselor Challenges as Consultant in a School-
Community Partnership Program

Obligacion, Freddie Modeling Social Cognitive Repercussions of Education
Attainment in Filipino Women

Abrenica, Alexa The Wellspring of the Middle Years: A Filipino Perspective

VOLUME 30 (1997)

Special Addresses By Outstanding Psychologist Awardees

* Tan, Allen Choices through the Life Cycle

* Torres, Amaryllis Methods, Minds or Meaning: Shifting Paradigms in Philippine

Bernardo, Allan Psychology Research in the Philippines: Observations and

Hechanova-Alampay, Ma. Regina
Stressors and Strains in Combining Work and Family: A Study
of Filipino Working Parents

Jose Clamor, Ma. Regina Conflict Management in Semiconductor Companies

VOLUME 31 (1998)
Papers From the 4
Afro-Asian Conference
Psychology In A Changing Afro-Asian World

Liwag, Ma. Emma Concepcion
De la Cruz,Alma
Macapagal Ma. Elizabeth How we Raise our Daughters and Sons: Child Rearing and
Gender Socialization in the Philippines

* Peltzer, Karl Psychotheraphy in Africa
Abrenica, Alexa Womanhood at the Crossroads: The Lumad Perspective

* Lin Zhongxian Age Difference of Stroop Effect in Chinese

* Peters, Noel B. The Inclusion of Multicultural Competencies Across the
Curriculum in Higher Education

VOLUME 32, #1 (June 1999)

Studies In Cognition

Liwag, Ma. Emma Concepcion What Do Young Children Think About Thinking?
Exploring Preschoolers
Understanding of Pag-iisip
Bernardo, Allan Cognitive Representation of Number Facts in
Bilinguals: Insights from an Incidental Recall Task
Fang Ge
Tian Xuehong
Yang Sha Childrens Temporal Reasoning
Orteza, Grace Testing for Memory in the Filipino Elderly
* Lee-Chua, Queena N. The Rubics Cube Approach to Diagnosis and
Remediation of Mathematical Learning Disabilities in
Arellano-Carandang, Ma. Lourdes
Fernando, Priscilla
Sison, Beatrix Aileen Pagkatao, Pagkababae at Pagkalalaki

VOLUME 32, #2 (Dec. 1999)

Liwag, Ma. Emma Concepcion
Tiangco, Luz Erlinda Marie What Do Young Children Know About Knowing? A
Cognitive-Developmental Study of Preschoolers
Understanding of Knowledge Acquisition

Puyat, Joseph Aggression and Group Membership: A Social
Representations Approach to the Study of Aggression

Sta. Maria, Madelene Filipinos Representations for the Self

Vergara, Maria Belen Multiple Role Stress, Burnout, and Purpose in Life
among Female Counselors

Pentecostes, Joy Individualism vs. Collectivism: Implications for Health

VOLUME 33, # 1 (June2000)

* Arellano-Carandang, Ma. Lourdes The Clinician as Researcher, Innovator and
Sta. Maria, Madelene The Phenomenological Approach in Psychological

Bautista, Violeta Developing a Method for Understanding the Resiliency
of Abused Children

Laguisma-Sison, Beatrix Aileen The Inner World of the Boy-Child Prostitute: A
Phenomenological and In-depth Clinical Study

Gonzalez-Fernando, Priscilla Pagkatao, Pagkababae, at Seksuwalidad (Self-Concept,
Womanhood, and Sexuality): A Phenomenological Study of
the Inner World of the Girl Child Prostitute
Araneta-de Leon, Rosales Makasalanan o Kapus-Palad: A Phenomenological
Study of Children in Conflict with the Law

* Puente, Ma. Kathleen Bernardette Re-visiting the Children of Smokey Mountain: The
Past Still Speaks for the Present

Trivio, Ma. Louise Minding the Minds of the Sexually Abused Street
Children: A Look into their Cognitive Functioning

* Mogol, Christian Vernon When a Positivist-Trained Psychologist Asks a
Different Research Question

VOLUME 33, # 2 (Dec. 2000)

* Montiel, Cristina Jayme
Macapagal, Ma. Elizabeth The Social Cognition of Human Rights

* Sta. Maria, Madelene Managing Social Conflict: The Peace Zone Experience

* Briones, Adelfo The Cantomanyog Zone of Peace The Role of the
Grassroots Church

* Montiel, Cristina Jayme Philippine Political Culture: A Conceptual Framework

VOLUME 34, # 1 (June2001)

* Josph Anthony Narciso Z. Tiangco Deconstruction and Psychology: Understanding The
Context of Power, Ambiguity, and Impermanence of
Knowledge and Its Pedagogical Implications


Dominik Guss Towards A Psychological Theory of Altered States of

Susan A. Estanislao Development of a Tool To assess Suicide Potential
Among Filipino Youth

Rina Grace Baterna-Daluz Translation of the Stress Pictorial Test to Hiligaynon
and Establishing its Construct Validity

Lucia Jemima O. Muez Coping Styles and Personality Type of Filipino Women
with Intact and Broken Marriages

VOLUMES 34 #2 (Dec 2001)

Ma. Emma Concepcion D. Liwag What Do Young Children Know About the Differences
and Hazel C. Chua Between Physical and Mental Objects? A Study on
Preschoolers Ontological Abilities

Allan B. I. Bernardo Do Asians and Americans Think Differently? Thinking
Styles Among Filipino, Hong Kong Chinese, and
American College Students

Margaret Helen Udarbe The Tagasalo Personality

* Regina Hechanova-Alampay Predictors and Efficacy of Coping Strategies Among
Working Parents
* Jesus Enrique G. Saplala Spiritual Activities and the Resiliency Levels of the
Inmates of the Maximum Security Compound at the
New Bilibid Prisons

* Rosalyn A. Castro Career Advancement of Filipino Graduates and the
Relationship to their Previous Student Leadership Roles

Yii-Nii Lin Conceptions of Helping: A Cross-Cultural Comparison
from the Helpee Perspective

Rotacio S. Gravoso,
Arturo E. Pasa, Jerome B. Labra
And Toshiaki Mori Transmitting Information or Engaging in Problem
Exploration? An Examination of the Effects of
Educational Media Designs on Students Learning

VOLUME 35 # 1 & 2 (June-Dec. 2002)

Abraham I. Felipe The Filipino Psychologist and the World of Psychology

Virgilio G. Enriquez Filipino Psychology in the Third World

Rita H. Mataragnon The Case for an Indigenous Psychology

Jaime C. Bulatao, S. J. Oh, That Terrible Task of Teachers to Teach
Psychology in the Philippines

Gregorio H. del Pilar III A Probe into the Philippines Potential for Cross-Cultural
Psychological Research: The View from Early Socialization
Amaryllis T. Torres Gender Imagery in Philippine Psychology: A Critique
of the Literature

Amaryllis T. Torres Methods, Mind or Meaning; shifting Paradigms in
Philippine Psychology

Allan B. I. Bernardo Psychology Research in the Philippines; Observations a
and prospects


#1 A Portrait of the Filipino Culture by Amaryllis Torres
#2 Psychology in the Philippines: History and Current Trends by Patricia Licuanan
#3 Philippine Child Psychology: Current Trends & Generalizations by Elizabeth R.
#4 Status of Women in the Philippines by Elena L. Samonte


Eric Julian Manalastas Do Heterosexual Men Misperceive a Gay Mans
Friendliness as Sexual Interest? Evidence from

* Mira Alexis Ofreneo Tomboys and Lesbians: The Female Homosexual and
Her Identity Development Process
* Alexa Abrenica Father Portrait: Adolescent Daughters Perspective
Betty Abregana,
Margaret Helen Udarbe

Michelle Joan Valbuena Technology-Mediated Communication and Ego Identity

Maria Rowena Villarama Changing Attitudes through Print Advertisements: The
Moderating Role of Issue Involvement

Lota Teh Survey on the Practice and Status of Psychotherapy in
the Philippines

* Serafin Ngohayon Grouping in Perception: A Review of Empirical
Findings and Introduction of A New Model


Special Issue on Adolescent Psychology

Lianne Alampay,
Alma Dela Cruz,
Ma. Emma Concepcion Liwag Methodological Issues in Research on Adolescents: A
Review and Evaluation of The Past Two Decades

* Allan Bernardo Adolescent Cognitive/Academic Development, Do
Filipino Youth Really Value Education

Lianne Alampay Adolescent Social-Emotional Development
Self-Complexity, Self-Construal and Negative
Emotions in Filipino Adolescents

* Ma. Regina Estuar Adolescents Lifestyle Issues
Lets Talk About Txt!


Liwag, Ma. Emma Concepcion
Reyes, Rachel What Do Children Know About Emotions? A Goal
based Appraisal Analysis Of Childrens Emotion

De Guzman-Capulong, Annalyn The Relationship of Gender and Maternal Socialization
to Delay of Gratification among Selected Public School
First Graders

Barra, Louella What Are Our Children Eating? Childrens Nutrition
Knowledge and the relationship between Nutritional
Intake and Attention

* Obligacion, Freddie Conceptualizing the Nexus between Social Class and
Cognitive Framework in Filipino Women

Gonzales, Teodulo, SJ
Greer, Joanne
Scheers, Nancy Jo
Oakes, Elizabeth
Buckley, James Sources of Resilience in the Filipino Wifes Responses
to Spousal Infidelity

Balmores, Rozel Personality Traits and Married Womens Career

Tan-Mansukhani, Roseann Narrative Construction of Self in Dreamwork
Mateo, Nini Jose This Business of Kidnapping: Making Sense of
Kidnapping within a Business Transaction Perspective

Bambico, Francis The Behavioral Pharmacology of the NAALADase Inhibitor:
Its Effect on Cataleptic and Hemi-Parkinsonian Rats

Bance, Lucila Development, Validation and Implementation of Instructional
Modules on Personality Theories


Marin, Marisa Exploring Music Therapy for Filipino Autistic Children
Go Tian, Rizason A Construct Validation of the Tagasalo Personality Using
Panunukat ng Pagkataong Pilipino

Davediuk Gingrich, Heather Disassociative Symptoms in Filipino College Students
Bernardo, Allan Culturally-rooted Beliefs and Learning: Exploring the
Relationships among Social Axioms, Achievement Goals, and
Learning Strategies

Hechanova, Regina
Dioquino, Manuel Technophobia and the Filipino Worker
De Carvalho Filho, Moises Kirk
Purruganan, Ma. Aurora
Sanchez, Marinela Jessica Relational Aggression among Filipino On-the-Job Training
Carson-Arenas, Aggie A Preliminary Survey of Middle Adulthood Sexuality


Special Issue in Industrial-Organizational Psychology

Hechanova, Ma. Regina State of Industrial/Organizational Psychology in the Philippines
Tang, Robert
Restubog, Simon Llyod
Cayayan, Peter Lemuel Investigating the Moderating Role of Equity Sensitivity
Between Psychological Contract Breach and Employee

Mayoralgo-Nolasco, Jocelyn Individualism-Collectivism, Attributions and Leadership Styles
of Asian and Western Managers
Lim, Abigail Ruthchin
Hechanova, Ma. Regina Dissecting the Glass Ceiling: Leadership Stereotypes and
Gender Discrimination
As Perceived by Filipino Managers

Grozman, Elizabeth Patricia Conflict Management Style, Social Support and Teamwork in a
Call Center Environment
Cementina, Raquel
Pangan, Farida
Yabut, Katie Abigail Satisfaction with Work Life Balance Programs and its
Relationship with Work Related Outcomes
Lanuza, Godofredo
Hechanova, Ma. Regina Job-Fit: Its Drivers and Outcomes among HR Practitioners


Papers on Philippine Social Psychology

* Gastardo-Conaco, Cecilia The Development of a Filipino Indigenous Psychology
Yacat, Jay Making Sense of Being and Becoming Filipinos: An
Indigenous Psychology Perspective

Generalao, Flora Causal Attributions for Poverty and their Correlates
* Manalastas, Eric Julian
Del Pilar, Gregorio Filipino Attitudes Toward Lesbians and Gay Men: Secondary
Analysis of 1996
and 2001 National Survey Data
Bernardo, Allan
Posecion, Ofelia
Reganit, Arnulfo
Rodriguez-Rivera, Elizabeth Adapting the Social Axioms Survey for Philippine Research:
Validating Filipino and English Versions


Pigul, Ferdinand The Effects of Procedural Justice and Distributive Justice
Criteria on Secondary School Teachers Fairness Appraisal

Manalastas, Eric Julian Are You Happy Now? Agreement of Self, Father, and Mother-
Reports on Judgments of Life Satisfaction of Filipino College

* Dans-Lopez, Gilda Structural Similarities among Significant Others and
Acquaintances: Measurable?

Gonzales, Richard Conceptual and Psychometric Properties of a Foreign Language
Learning Motivation Questionnaire
Pangan, Farida
Hechanova, Ma. Regina
Franco, Edna
Mercado, Ricardo
Lopez, Carmelo Exploring Differences in Work Attitudes of Professionals in
Family and Non-Family Businesses

Calleja, Mendiola The Relationship of Human Resource Management Roles and
Practices and Organization Effectiveness
Tang, Robert
Restubog, Simon Lloyd
Rodriguez, Joseph Anthony
Cayayan, Peter Lemuel The Impact of Human Resource Management Practices on
Organizational Commitment: Investigating the Mediating Roles
of Perceived Organizational Support and Procedural Justice

Valencia, Marshall Gender Differences in Scientific Productivity of Academic
Scientists in the Philippines

* Alampay, Liane Risk Factors and Causal Processes in Juvenile Delinquency:
Research and Implications for Prevention


Special Issue in Peace and Political Psychology

Macapagal, Ma. Elizabeth Effects of Gender and Social Status on How Filipinos Perceive
Political Candidates

Sucgang, Evangeline Typology and Correlates of Political Participation Among
Muyargas, Moniq
* Montiel, Cristina

Viaje, Archimedes Studying Media Bias: Print Coverage of the Top 2004
Presidential Candidates

Inzon, Charlie
Montiel, Cristina Stages of Collective Identification of a Freedom Fighter
Narratives of Three Mujahedeen

Montiel, Crisitna
Estuar, Ma. Regina Revolutionary Text: Social Psychology of Cellphone Texting
during People Power II

Yacat, Jay Exploring the Psychology of Children and Young Peoples
Participation in Organizations

Redoble-Buot, Nerissa Perceived Discrimination, Collective Self-esteem, Social
Support, Locus of Control, and Well-being of MNLF Integrees

Herrera, Angelina The Process of Healing War Wounds


Tarroja, Maria Caridad Filipino Adoptive Families Experiences: A Qualitative
Analysis of Disclosure and Adjustment Issues

Valencia, Marshall Student-Teacher Thinking Styles Congruences and Academic
Achievement of Filipino High School Students
* Reyes, Melissa
Magno, Carlo Considerations of Power, Effect Size, and Sample Size in the
Planning and Analyses of Studies

Tang, Robert
Restubog, Simon Lloyd
Cayayan, Peter Lemuel Investigating the Relationship between Psychological Contract
Breach and Civic Virtue Behavior: Evidence for the Buffering
Roles of Leader-Member Exchange and Perceived
Organizational Support

Manalastas, Eric Julian
Sese, Denise
Cabrera, Nicolo HIV Testing as a Sexual Health Behavior among Filipino Men:
Findings from a 2003 National Survey

Maculada, Sharon Gender Differences in Task and Ego Goal Orientations and
Motivation in Sport Participation



Special Issue on Abuse in Intimate and Family Relationships

Estrellado, Alicia
Salazar-Clemea, Rose Marie Dynamics of Abuse: Case Studies of Five Filipino

Jurisprudencia, Jerry Coming out of the Shadows: Husbands Speak About their
Experience of Abuse in Intimate Relationships

* Ladion, Florence Kiss of Heaven: Recovering from the Trauma of Child Sexual
Abuse among Evangelical Christians

Saplala, J. Enrique Understanding Abusive Relationships in Childhood and
Violent Behavior among Convicted Felons
Tarroja, Ma. Caridad
Balajadia-Alcala, Ma. Araceli
Co, Sharon Ann The Impact of Family Composition and Last Incidence of
Abuse on the Psychosocial Well-being of abused Children

Ofreneo, Mira Alexis
Montiel, Cristina Jayme Framing Intimate Violence in a Relational Context: Positioning
Theory as an Alternative to Psychological and Feminist


Studies on Motivation and Cognition

Magno, Carlo Self-Regulation, Self-Efficacy, Metacognition, and
Lajom, Jennifer Ann Achievement Goals in High School and College Adolescents

Fernandez, Karina Motivation as a Mediating Variable Between Parental Support
and Anxiety

Manullang, Daniel Erwin Filipino and Indonesian Adolescent Motivations for Entering
De Guzman, Allan Minor Seminaries: Cross-Cultural and Developmental

Galang, Adrianne John Retrospective Rationality: An Experimental Comparison of
Adolescent and Adult Risky Decision-Making


Siy, Sherilyn Cognitive and Affective Dimensions of Biodiversity

VOLUME 42, # 2 (DECEMBER 2009)

Sta. Maria, Madelene Expectations and resources in different contexts of
development: Towards positive developmental outcomes
among Filipino youth

Garo- Santiago, May Ann Adolescent identity in the context of the Filipino Family
Mansukhani, Rose Ann
Resurreccion, Ron

Lajom, Jennifer Ann Barkadahan: A study o peer group norms and values among
Canoy, Nico Filipino adolescents
Amarnani, Rajiv
Parcon, Apryl Mae
Valera, Paula Melizza

Lopez Reyes, Melissa Motivational and social aspects of the Filipino college
Galang, Adrianne John experience

Yabut, Homer Filipino working adolescents conceptions of work
Amarnani, Rajiv
Mendoza, Roberto
Lee, Chester Howard
Valencia, Marshall

Guanzon Lapena, Ma. Angeles Filipino youths concerns and worries and their ways of
Tarroja, Maria Caridad coping
Tirazona, Maria Andrea
Fernando, Katrina

Mansukhani, Roseann Spirituality and the development of positive character among
Resurreccion, Ron Filipino adolescents

Sta. Maria, Madelene Forms, facilitators and obstacles to their political participation
Diestro, Jose Maria


Vol. 43, no. 1 (JUNE 2010)

Menguito, Ma. Ligaya Manuel Bahala Na as An Expression of the Filipinos Courage,
Teng-Calleja Hope, Optimism, Self-Efficacy and Search for the

Ortega, Renee Ann L. Work-Family Conflict, Stress, and Satisfaction among
Hechanova, Ma. Regina M. Dual-Earning Couples

Dela Rosa, Elmer D. Self-Concept, Self-Efficacy Beliefs and Performance on
Operations Involving Fractions among Diverse
Academic Groups

Menguito, Ma. Ligaya M. Helping by Volunteers: A Social Representations
Macapagal, Ma. Elizabeth J. Approach

Ganotice, Fraide A. Jr. Validating the Factors of the English and Filipino
Bernardo, Allan B. Versions of the Sense of Self Scale

Adviento, Maria Luisa G. Community Resilience During typhoon Ondoy: The
De Guzman, Judith M. Case of Ateneoville

Vol. 43, no. 2 (DECEMBER 2010)

Banzon-Librojo, Lorelie Ann Parent and Peer Influences on Adolescent Delinquent
Alampay, Liane Pea Behavior and the Mediating Role of Self-Regulation

Fernandez, Karina Galang Hits and Misses: Interventions in Case of Self Mutism

Antover P. Tuliano, et. al. MCMI-III Personality Disorder Elevations among
Filipino Male Substance Abusers Committed in
Residential Facilities: Comparisons with a Non-Clinical

King, Ronnel Bornasal What Do Students Feel in School and How Do We
Measure Them? Examining the Psychometric Properties
of the S-AEQ-F

Tarroja, Maria Caridad H. Revisiting the Definition and Concept of Filipino
Family: A Psychological Perspective

-- Code of Ethics for Philippine Psychologists


Vol. 44, no. 1 (JUNE 2011)

Baquino, Marshaley J. Social Representations of Mining Conflict in Davao
Cristina J. Montiel Oriental

De Guzman, Judith M. Shared and Contested Meanings in the Mindanao
Conflict: Exploring Peoples Understanding of

Pearanda, Gerald B. Exploring the Role of Organizational Power Distance
as a Moderator of Manegerial Influence Tactics and
Subordinates Degree of Commitment

Hechanova, Ma. Regina M. Deconstructing Emotional Labor

Grecia, Anthony S. It Makes Me What I Am: Interpretative
Ofreneo, Mira Alexis P. Phenomenological Investigation of the Social
Emotional World of an Adolescent with Asperger's

Manalastas, Eric Julian An Exercise to Teach the Psychological Benefits of
Solitude: The Date with the Self

Vol. 44, no. 2 (DECEMBER 2011)

Parcon, Apryl Mae C. The Prediction of Adult Attachment Orientation from
Perceived Maternal and Paternal Parenting

Saplala, J. Enrique G. Integrating Psychology in a Prisoners Reformation

Villavicencio, Felicidad T. Influence of Self-efficacy and Help-seeking on Task
Value and Academic Achievement

Baquino, Marshaley J. Dimenstion of Loob: Can Politicians be Used as
Dans-Lopez, Gilda Exemplars?

-- Republic Act. No. 10029

-- Proposed PAP Scientific and Professional Ethics
Committee (PAP-SPEC) Rules and Procedures for
Investigations of Unethical Conduct

-- Statement of the Psychological Association of the

Philippines on Non-Discrimination Based on Sexual
Orientation, Gender Identity and Expression
Vol. 45, no. 1 (JUNE 2012)

Garcia, Aileen S. Parental Efficacy, Experience of Stressful Life Events,
Alampay, Liane Pea and Child Externalizing Behavior as Predators of
Filipino Mothers and Fathers Parental Hostility and

Taylor, Amethyst Reyes Experiences of Adult Children of Transnational
Tuason, Ma. Teresa G. Workers
Guss, C. Dominik

Reyes-Laureano, Rachel C. Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis of the
Experiences of Single Filipino Women

Hechanova, Ma. Regina M. Employee Readiness for Change through the Lens of
Ilac, Emerald D. the Cultural Self-Representation Theory
Ellorenco, Sarah B.

Ramos, Roann M., et. al. Academic Motivation and Learning Styles of College
Freshman Exposed to Shadow Education

Nicasio, Marissa s. Adopting a Cultural Lens in the Understanding
Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT)