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16 FEB Presidents Day Brief Remarks:

Often we think of Presidents Day as a time off. A break from the winter school schedule. That day to head to the mall for sales. Today we gather on a crisp morning before dawn on the 16 th of February why?

I’d like to pause a moment and consider the true meaning and significance of this day

16 FEB – Presidents Day – Brief Remarks: • Often we think of Presidents Day as

Since 1880 the third Monday in February has been set aside to honor our first President George Washington only in the

1980s did it become Presidents Day to also honor President Lincoln whose birthday was February 12



Today of these two famous presidents - I’d like to focus on President Washington – a man who served his nation as a Soldier, statesman, and leader.

It’s no coincidence that this man’s image appears on a small purple heart-shaped medal that we give to those who have demonstrated sacrifice for their country.

In light of our Army Values President Washington embodied selfless service and sacrifice


Individually wealthy could have led a quiet comfortable life


Served Virginia as a representative in state legislature


Veteran of one war the French and Indian - when called to service for another this one for freedom


As the commander of our First Army he took a job nobody wanted, led an Army that could barely fight, and won a


victory that earned a country its freedom. After over 8 years in the field retired


Called back to serve as our first president


When he could have served until death as some in government wanted he stepped aside for the sake of democracy.

So before our run today - pause to remember our first president. A man who fought for and led our country. A man who to this day we owe a debt of gratitude.

“Any mission – anywhere, on target – on time. We’re 3 d ESC – Sustaining the Line!”