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The world is filled with objects which occurs and matters. Where people are interested and
curious about knowing more about the things happening all around earth and how things
moves or happen in the world, this thing all occur because of physics. As the scientist find
the way of everything around us because of everything has due to the reasons and if the
reason are put together into a formula and which gives us solution to our problem. Where
people are curious and ready to find more physics to reveal more unknown thing occurring
around the world. Physics has made everything easy to do and work upon things which we
will encounter on the future. As this year I have learned a lot about physics, which Im

When I was a small I thought how does echo travel? Well as I know about it quite now about
echo and its really interesting to know about how eco travels. Echo travels due to vibration
of molecules as it is sound through the medium in a wave formation, the wave is
longitudinal wave by compression and rarefaction (relax). As the wave of sound hits an
object and reflects back where the sound has been created. Echo could not travel in space
because there is no air molecules at space, as sound requires medium to travel and as
we know if molecules is vacumed from that area sound cannot travel. Echoes are useful
as animals needs to catch prey because as echo reflects by hitting the prey and the
predator could sense it to capture it. Ships use radar to detect animals or other ships

Does sound travels much more faster in solid? Yes, sound travels much more faster in
solid than in air and sound could be heard much more clearer. Sound is due to the vibration
of any particles which is transferred from place to place by molecules and it travels through
the medium. As we know sound could even travel through solid molecules, water molecules
and air molecules. But, sound could be heard better in solid because the molecules are
closely packed together, sound travels in a wave formation called the longitudinal wave in
a solid object, the wave carries the vibration of sound and transmits the vibration from
molecule to molecule, and the wave of sound carries on until the wave fades away. So, on
the train track when the train is moving it creates the vibration of wave, where it carries on
until the wave fades away, the wave of sound is carried by the solid particles as the
vibration of sound gets transmitted from molecule to another molecule, and at the end it
could be heard by the listener who placed his or her ear on the train track. While at air the
molecules are far away from each other and it cannot be clearly heard and the waves of

What are the main things that a rocket needs to focus for a successful flight? Well, few days
ago I thought that it is really difficult knowing about and also building a rocket, but there are
few components we need to know for how does Nasa makeS rockets. Size and shape
should be aerodynamic, it is required because to make it properly to fly through space
because rockets needs to travel distance in short time as they dont have abundance of
fuel. The main thing scientists focuses on aerodynamic because the shape needs to be air
resistant for gliding air through it's body so it could travel fast. The weight needs to be
decreased because more weight means more fuel consumption and it takes a lot of time to
travel so by the time fuel will end. Greater the thrust faster the object will travel faster and
travel the distance in a shorter time. Thats why flames come out from underneath which is a
immense for as it is heavy and big, thats why it requires a lot thrust. As thrust does the

This year I have learned a lot about physics and which makes me quite cheerful for my
understanding. As there are many more mysteries about physics and will approve it on the
future. The world is filled with physics and which and which gave me a new perspective
view of the world. There are many more changes happening around our world, where new
research and advancement happening in this world about physics, which Im really
interested to know more about physics in the upcoming future and hopefully I would like to