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Philosophy of Education Statement

Andrea Villarreal
Dr. Richardson- ELAS 6310
University of Houston- Victoria (LCISD Cohort)

Through my Philosophy of Education Statement, I was able to reflect on where I have
been as a teacher; in addition, I was able to plan accordingly for my years to come as an
educator. In all the growth that I will participate in, there will still remain the constants of my full
hearted beliefs. Students possess so much potential and it is our responsibility as educators to
help them reach to their fullest capabilities. Invest in our students. Invest in our future.

Philosophy of Education
I believe that all teachers should model a passion for learning towards their students. I
plan on being a life-long learner because, even today, I am always learning something new. This
learning occurs from either something I have read or from one of my students during class.
Another aspect of my philosophy is treating students equitably at all times with both dignity and
respect. All students are different and I believe it is a teachers responsibility to take time to learn
about those differences. When you understand where a student is coming from, you will be better
able to teach a student in a more meaningful way. I also believe it is important to carry high
expectations for all students and to have those expectations known by your students. With high
expectations, students will continue to strive for success and possess a determination for
achievement in all of their work. The largest facet of my philosophy entails my responsibility to
assure them that they are always in a nurturing and safe environment. Safety is a basic need for
students and without this sense of security learning is not possible. Students are to be nurtured
and kept safe to ensure learning and comprehension of all subjects.
In addition, a key to developing a nurturing and safe environment would be to have a
classroom management plan in place as well. It is important for the students to be an integral
part of the behavior plan for the classroom. At the beginning of the year the students should be
held accountable for the creation rules and expectations along with the teacher so that everyone
feels that they are a part of the plan. Students will take pride in their rules and follow them better
if they had a hand in making them. Students should also be allowed to create the possible
rewards and consequences; if they are within reason. With constant input from the students,
students will see how important their jobs are in the classroom and how valuable they are
considered by their teacher. An organized classroom is a great classroom and it is even better
with the help of students. The classroom becomes a family and just like a family the teacher and
the students need to work together to be successful.
Constructing this plan will indeed take much work and preparation, but the reward is
worth the time. Students are a treasured investment for our future and I plan to invest time,
knowledge, and care in hopes for their successful future.