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dam Shth Idrs N Hd li Ibrhm Isml Isq

Yaqb L Shuayb Ysuf Ayyb Ynus Dhal-Kifl
Msa Hrn Ysha azql Ilys AlYas
aml Dwd Sulaymn Ashiy
Aramaya Dnyl Uzayr
Zakariyya Yaya sa
class notes
qabeelat ihsaan
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dam Shth Idrs N Hd li Ibrhm Isml Isq
Yaqb L Shuayb Ysuf Ayyb Ynus Dhal-Kifl
Msa Hrn Ysha azql Ilys AlYas
aml Dwd Sulaymn Ashiy
Aramaya Dnyl Uzayr
Zakariyya Yaya sa
class notes
qabeelat ihsaan
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dam Shth Idrs N Hd li Ibrhm Isml Isq
Yaqb L Shuayb Ysuf Ayyb Ynus Dhal-Kifl
Msa Hrn Ysha azql Ilys AlYas
aml Dwd Sulaymn Ashiy
Aramaya Dnyl Uzayr
Zakariyya Yaya sa
class notes
qabeelat ihsaan
i. Introduction . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1
ii. The Beginning . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2
1. dam(a.s.) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3
2. Shth a.k.a. Seth (a.s.) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8
3. Idrs a.k.a. Enoch (a.s.) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10
4. N a.k.a. Noah (a.s.) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12
5. Hd (a.s.) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 16
6. li (a.s.). . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 19
7. Ibrhma.k.a. Abraham(a.s.) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 23
8. Isml a.k.a. Ishmael (a.s.) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 31
9. Isq a.k.a. Isaac (a.s.) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 33
10. Yaqb a.k.a. Jacob (a.s.) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 35
11. L a.k.a. Lot (a.s.) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 38
12. Shuayb a.k.a. Jethro (a.s.) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 42
12. Ysuf a.k.a. Joseph (a.s.) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 45
14. Ayyb a.k.a. Job (a.s.) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 53
15. Ynus a.k.a. Jonah (a.s.) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 56
16. Dhal-Kifl (a.s.). . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 59
17. Msa a.k.a. Moses (a.s.) and Hrn a.k.a. Aaron (a.s.) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 62
18. Ysha b.Nn a.k.a. Joshua (a.s.) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 84
19. azql a.k.a. Ezekiel (a.s.) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 86
20. Ilys a.k.a. Elijah (a.s.) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 88
21. Al-Yas a.k.a. Elisha (a.s.). . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 90
22. aml a.k.a. Samuel (a.s.) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 92
23. Dwd a.k.a. David (a.s.) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 95
24. Sulaymn a.k.a. Solomon (a.s.) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 98
25. Ashiy a.k.a. Isaiah (a.s.) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 102
26. Aramaya a.k.a. Jerimiah (a.s.) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 105
27. Dnyl a.k.a. Daniel (a.s.) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 107
28. Uzayr a.k.a. Ezra (a.s.) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 109
29. Zakariyya a.k.a. Zechariah (a.s.) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 112
30. Yay a.k.a. John the Baptist (a.s.) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 114
31. sa a.k.a. Jesus (a.s.) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 116
iii. Quiz answers . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 124
120 000 according to a narration by Abu Dhar (H. Amad)
124 000 in another narration
Mentioned in the Qurn
25 prophets by name
(Some are mentioned more frequently than others.)
Our position regarding Hadith Israliyat
Correspond Qurn and Sunnah
Contradict Qurn and Sunnah
Not mentioned in Qurn or Sunnah
Neutral (neither accept nor reject)
Al-Qurn Hadith Isral iyat
+ +
Means of
Role Models
Best Lessons
& Stories
the Creed
Art of Giving
the Qurn
Loving the
Khushu' in
Renaissance and
Reformation of
our homes
+ +
The Beginning
In the beginning, there was only Allh.
H. Amad
Allh wrote the decrees before He created the heaven and
the earth by 50 000 years. And His throne was above the water.
H. Amad, Abu Dwd, Tirmidhi
The first thing Allh created was the pen, and He ordered it to
write everything that will happen until the Day of Judgement.
H. Amad, Muslim (n. Abu Hurayrah)
Allh created
dust/earth on Saturday
mountain on Sunday
trees on Monday
makruh/dislikes on Tuesday
light on Wednesday
animals on Thursday
dam(a.s.) on Friday (after Asr)
Allh also created angels, each one given a specific task.
For example:
Angels that carry the throne of Allh (Q. Ghfir: 7)
Angels that guard the human (Q. Rad: 11)
The jinn were created first.
Q. Al-Hijr: 27
And the jinn We created before from scorching fire.
H. (n. Ibn Abbas)
2000 years before mankind was created, there were jinn.
What was created first:
The throne or the pen?
Opinion of the Ahll-Ilm
First from the earth: The pen
First from out of the earth: The throne
Adam (a.s.)
dams (a.s.) name is mentioned in the Qurn 25 times.
Q. Al-Baqarah: 30
Allh informed the angels about the creation of man.
The angels asked why create men who will cause corruption and bloodshed on earth.
But Allh know what they do not know.
H. Ibn Hibbn
Allh ordered angels to collect soil from earth (red, white, black, brown)
Soil + water Mud Clay statue
Ibls would pass by the clay statue, which was open at both ends.
Went in from one end and out from the other
Kicked it
Allh then blew the soul in.
It came down from the head.
When it reached the nose
dam(a.s.) sneezed. He said: Alamdulillh, and Allh replied: YaramukAllh.
When it reached the eyes
dam(a.s.) looked at the Paradise. He wanted to go there but he couldnt move yet.
Allh commanded the angels to prostrate to dam(a.s.) (to honour him). Q. Al-Baqarah: 34, d: 72
All of them prostrated, except for Ibls (he was among the jinns).
H. Bukhari (n. Abu Hurayrah)
dam(a.s.) was 60 cubits tall.
H. Bukhari (n. Abu Hurayrah)
Allh told dam(a.s.) to go to a group of angels.
dam(a.s.) went and greet them with Assalmualaykum.
The angels replied with Assalmualayka wa ramatullh.
This will be the greeting of dam(a.s.) and his offspring.
Q. Baqarah: 31-33
Allh taught dam(a.s.) the names of everything.
Allh asked the angels the names of things, but the angels couldnt. They admitted that they have no
knowledge except what Allh have taught them and that Allh is the All-Knower, the Wise.
Allh then asked dam(a.s.) to inform them the names, and he did.
Allh knows everything including the unseen, all that are revealed, and all that are concealed.
Adam (a.s.)
H. (n. Ibn Abbas)
dam(a.s.) was alone in the Paradise.
Allh created a woman out of dams (a.s.) rib and made her as dams (a.s.) companion.
One day, he woke up from sleep and found Hawa next to him.
dam(a.s.) : Who are you?
Hawa: A woman.
dam(a.s.) : Why have you been created?
Hawa: So that you could find tranquility in me.
Angels passed and asked dam(a.s.) about her.
dam(a.s.) replied that she is Hawa* (because she was created from dam(a.s.) and he is a living being)
* Hawa: Derived from Hayy (something alive)
Q. Al-Baqarah: 35
dam(a.s.) and Hawa were allowed to enjoy the pleasures of Paradise.
But Allh warned them not to approach a tree.
Q. Th: 120
Ibls whispered to dam(a.s.) and said they will live forever if they ate from the tree.
Hawa ate the fruit, followed by dam(a.s.).
When they tasted the fruit, their clothes fell off.
Both of them tried to cover themselves with leaves of Paradise.
dam(a.s.) ran away in Paradise.
Allh asked him: Are you running away from me?
dam(a.s.) replied: No my Lord, but I am ashamed.
Q. Al-Baqarah: 37
dam(a.s.) repented to Allh, and Allh accepted his repentance.
Adam (a.s.)
Q. Al-Arf: 23
Du of dam(a.s.) in repentance
They said:
Our Lord, we have wronged ourselves,
and if You do not forgive us and have mercy upon us, we will surely be among the losers.
dam(a.s.) repented for 40 years for his disobedient.
Q. Al-Baqarah: 38
Allh sent dam(a.s.) and Hawa out of paradise and down to earth.
Ibn Kathr (Ibn Abbas)
dam(a.s.) India
Hawa Jeddah
Point of meeting: Arafah
H. Tabari
Hawa gave birth to 20 sets of twins.
: Qabl (Cain) and his sister
: Habl (Abel) and his sister
Differences between the two brothers
Habl was stronger and was a shepherd.
Qabl was lazier and was a farmer.
The marriage arrangement
Habl + Qabls twin sister (beautiful)
Qabl +Habls twin sister (not beautiful)
But Qabl wanted to marry his own sister
dam(a.s.) advised them to offer sacrifice to Allh
The sacrifice Q. Midah: 27
Habl : a good, healthy she-goat accepted (a fire from the sky that took the goat away)
Qabl : a poor harvest rejected
Adam (a.s.)
Q. Al-Midah: 27-30
Qabl threaten to kill Habl out of jealousy and anger
Although Habl was the stronger among the two, but he refused to fight Qabl
Qabl hit Habls head with a rock and killed him
H. Amad (n. Abdullh ibn Masud)
Every soul unjustly killed until the end of time will be entered into Qabls record.
Q. Al-Midah: 31
Qabl didnt know what to do with Habls body.
Allh sent two crows to teach Qabl how to bury his brother.
The crows fought and one of them died.
The other crow dug a hole, placed the dead crow in it, and covered it with sand.
Qabl followed the method.
The tragic news reached dam(a.s.), Hawa, and their daughters
Habl had died
Qabl had ran away to live in the valley due to his guilt and ego
Ibn Kathr
dam(a.s.) lived for 960 years.
When dam(a.s.) died, angels washed and buried himto teach his children the proper burial procedure.
1 Allh created dam(a.s.) on Friday, after Fajr.
a) True
b) False
2 The soul of dam(a.s.) was blown from the head to the feet.
a) True
b) False
3 What did Ibls tell dam(a.s.) and Hawa about the tree?
a) The fruits were the tastiest
b) The fruits were the sweetest
c) If they eat the fruits, they would live forever
d) If they eat the fruits, they would never go hungry again
4 The first set of twins delivered by Hawa was Qabl and his sister.
a) True
b) False
5 Whose sacrifice was accepted by Allh, and what did he offer as a sacrifice?
a) Qabl, crops
b) Qabl, goat
c) Habl, crops
d) Habl, goat
6 Which bird did Allh sent down to show Qabl how to bury Habl?
a) Crow
b) Pigeon
c) Eagle
d) Owl
7 Qabl went back to his father after killing his brother.
a) True
b) False
Shith (a.s.) a.k.a. Seth
2 -
Shths (a.s.) name is not mentioned in the Qurn, but mentioned in a hadith (Bukhari).
SHTH (A.S.) (A.S.)
After Habls death, Allh blessed dam(a.s.) another son, Shth (a.s.), who became a prophet.
Out of 104 books, Allh revealed
10 to dam(a.s.) (a.s.)
50 to Shth (a.s.) (a.s.)
30 to Idrs (a.s.)
10 to Ibrhm(a.s.)
Tawrah to Msa (a.s.)
Zabr to Dwds (a.s.)
Injil to sa (a.s.)
Qurn to Muammad (s.a.w.)
The men of Qablat Shth were very handsome.
The women of Qablat Qabl were very beautiful.
Rule at the time of Shth (a.s.):
No mixing between Qablat Shth and Qablat Qabl
Shayn came to the Qablat Qabl in the form of a man
claimed to be fromQablat Shth, but wanted to join them
introduced sounds (drum, flute) and made music
They started having a festival every week.
The music was loud and could be heard by some men from Qablat Shth.
The men decided to join the festival and started mixing with the women from Qablat Qabl.
The first sin of zina was committed.
Suhuf: Small books/scrolls
1 How many books were revealed to humankind?
a) 100
b) 104
c) 105
d) 110
2 How many scrolls were given to Shth (a.s.)?
a) 1
b) 30
c) 50
d) 10
3 Shayn influence people to commit sin directly.
a) True
b) False
4 The first thing Shaytn taught Qablat Qabl was how to sing.
a) True
b) False
Idris (a.s.) a.k.a. Enoch
3 -
Idrss (a.s.) name is mentioned in the Qurn 2 times.
Idrs (a.s.) was from the progeny of dam(a.s.) & Shth (a.s.).
He was born in Babylon.
His characteristics:
Had a long beard (Ibn Kathr)
Very patient
Loved studying
o His name, Idrs , comes from the root word da-ra-sa which means to study
His history:
Invented the process of writing and taught the people how to write
First to initiate war (Jihad) against the Qablat Qabl
30 scrolls were revealed to him
He asked an angel to bring him to Malakul Maut for asking him to give him some more time before
taking his soul away.
They reached the 4
heaven and met the Malakul Maut who was on his way descending.
The angel asked Malakul Maut how much time Idrs (a.s.) had left.
Malakul Maut told them that Allh has ordered him to take the soul of Idrs (a.s.) at the 4
Idrs (a.s.) died in the 4
This story is mentioned by Ibn Kathr, and he noted that the story is from Isrliyat and has flaws.
H. Bukhari
Prophet Muammad (s.a.w.) met Prophet Idrs (a.s.) at the 4
heaven during Miraj.
1 How many scrolls were revealed to Idrs (a.s.)?
a) 30
b) 1
c) 50
d) 10
2 Where was Idrs (a.s.) born?
a) Makkah
b) Palestine
c) Iraq
d) Damascus
3 Idrs (a.s.) was the first person to
a) teach writing
b) make an armour
c) build an ark
d) received miracle fromAllh
4 At which level was Idrss (a.s.) soul taken by the Angel of Death
a) 3
b) 4
c) 5
d) 6
Nuh (a.s.) a.k.a. Noah
Ns (a.s.) name is mentioned in the Qurn 43 times.
H. Muslim, Ibn Hibbn (n. Abu Umamah)
N (a.s.) came 10 qurun after dam(a.s.)
Either 10 centuries or 10 generations
In that period of time, there was only Tawheed and no Kufr.
They were righteous men who preached people to good and the worship of Allh SWT alone.
Shaytn could not do much as long as there is someone who is calling towards good.
Shaytn waited for 10 centuries and all these 5 righteous men died.
Then, he started inviting the people to visit the graves of the 5 righteous men.
Next, he told the people to take things from the graves and make images of themas remembrance.
Next, he told the people that their forefathers used to worship the 5 righteous men, and they should
The people started worshipping idols named after the righteous men.
Q. Ankabt: 14
N (a.s.) lived for 1000 sanah (tough years) and 50 ama (good years)
Q. N: 3
N (a.s.) called his people to
Worship Allh alone and have taqwa
Follow him
He called to them
Day and night (Q. N: 5)
Privately and openly (Q. N: 8-9)
Q. N: 10-20
He told them about
Forgiveness and Allhs mercy
Doors of success
Pondering the creation of Allh
Everyones final destination
Q. Ash-Shuar: 108
He was not asking for reward; his reward would be fromAllh.
Ask forgiveness from
Allh, and He shall give
rain and increase wealth,
children, and provisions.
Q. N: 10-12
Nuh (a.s.) a.k.a. Noah
His people were arrogant and went away with fingers plugged in their ears. (Q. N: 6-7)
They people accused him of and they
being a liar (Q. Hd: 27) said he was only like them(Q. Hd: 27)
being astray (Q. Al-Arf: 60) mocked him(Q. Hd: 38)
being insane (Q. Al-Qamar: 9) threaten to stone him(Q. Ash-Shuar: 116)
Only 83 people believed after 950 years of dawah.
Allh revealed to N (a.s.) that no others else would believe in him (Q. Hd: 36)
N (a.s.) wanted to save the believers from being misled by the non-believers.
So he asked Allh to remove non-believers from the earth (Q. N: 26-27)
Q. Al-Muminn: 27, Hd: 37-40
Allh instructed N (a.s.)
to build an ark under His observation and supervision
when oven overflowed, bring the believers and two mates from each creature into the ship
Q. Hd: 41
N (a.s.) started embarking with a du
And [N] said:
Embark therein; in the name of Allh is its course and its anchorage.
Indeed, my Lord is Forgiving and Merciful.
Q. Al-Qamar: 11-12
The gates of heaven were opened and rain came pouring down.
Water sprang out from the earth.
Ibn Kathr
Water rose from cracks in the earth.
Rain poured in quantities never seen before on earth.
Nuh (a.s.) a.k.a. Noah
The ark began to float
The ship sailed through mountain-like waves (Q. Hd: 42)
The believers were scared
N (a.s.) taught them to make Dhikr of Allh
Q. Hd: 42-43
N (a.s.) called his own son to come on board.
The son refused, saying that he will take refuge at the top of a mountain.
But no non-believers was safe from the decree of Allh.
His son drowned with other non-believers.
Ibn Kathr
They stayed on the ship was for 6 months
N (a.s.) sent a bird to bring in some soil from somewhere to examine if the water has been drained.
Q. Hd: 44-48
Allh had ordered the Earth to swallow the water and the sky to stop raining.
The water subsided.
The ship came to rest at Mount Judi
1 How many years did N (a.s.) called to his people?
a) 600 years
b) 900 years
c) 950 years
d) 1000 years
2 In Arabic, the word Sanah signifies years that are hard whereas Ama signifies years that are easy.
a) True
b) False
3 Which of the following statements are true?
i) The disbelievers said N (a.s.) was in error.
ii) The disbelievers said N (a.s.) was crazy.
iii) His people listened to him but chose not to believe.
iv) His people threatened to stone him.
a) i, ii, iii
b) i, ii, iv
c) i, iii, iv
d) All of the above
4 What was the signal given by Allh for the believers to start embarking on the ship?
a) Rain started
b) Water sprang from earth
c) Oven overflowed
d) Bird brought some soil
5 Who from among Ns family had disbelieved him?
i) His father
ii) His wife
iii) His son
iv) His daughter
a) i and ii
b) i and iii
c) ii and iii
d) iii and iv
Hud (a.s.)
Hds (a.s.) name is mentioned in the Qurn 7 times.
Population started to increase and the people began to spread around the earth.
From Sam b. N, came the Arab.
From Ham b. N, came the African.
From Yafith b. N, came the Asian/Russian.
The d tribe is a progeny of Sam b. N (a.s.).
The lived in Al-Ahqaf area in the Empty Quarter, Sham (between Oman and Yemen).
Their characteristics:
Humongous Tallest = 100m
Strong Could pull out palm trees just using their hands
Great craftsmanship Built tall buildings with lofty towers
The d was the first people to return to shirk after the flood.
da Yadu (return)
Allh sent to d a prophet from among them, Hd (a.s.).
H. Ibn Hibbn
Among the prophets, only 4 were Arabs:
Hd (a.s.)
li (a.s.)
Shuayb (a.s.)
Muammad (s.a.w.)
Q. Hd: 50-52
Hd (a.s.) said to his people
Worship Allh alone; there is no god other than him
Ask forgiveness from Allh
Do not turn away as wrongdoers
Q. Hd: 51, Ash-Shuara: 127
He was not asking for reward; his reward would be from Allh
Ask forgiveness from
Allh, and He shall give
rain and increase strength.
Q. Hd: 52
They became
Hud (a.s.)
Q. Hd: 44-48
d replied to Hd (a.s.)
There was no evident that Hd (a.s.) was speaking the truth
They will not leave their gods
They disbelieved in Hd (a.s.)
They accused Hd (a.s.) of being possessed by their gods
First, drought occurred several years.
70 of their righteous men went to pray for rain.
3 clouds came: white, red, and black.
They thought it would rain.
But the black cloud brought a blasting wind that lasted for 8 days and 7 nights (Q. Haqqah: 7)
The people was blown by the wind and crashed down: their heads and torso went into the ground, but
their feet remained above the ground like trees.
H. Bukhari (n. Aisha)
If the Prophet (s.a.w.) saw a cloud in the sky, he would become agitated. If it rained, he would become
relaxed. He feared that something similar to the punishment of d would happen.
Hisnul Muslim
Supplication when the wind blows
O Allh, I ask You for its goodness and
I take refuge with You from its evil.
O Allh, I ask You for
its goodness,
the good within it,
and the good it was sent with,
and I take refuge with You from
its evil,
the evil within it,
and the evil it was sent with.
1 The d people came from the progeny of
a) Sam b. N (a.s.)
b) Ham b. N (a.s.)
c) Yafith b. N (a.s.)
d) Yam b. N (a.s.)
2 Hd (a.s.) was one of the Arab prophets sent by Allh.
a) True
b) False
3 The d said that some of their gods had seized Hd (a.s.) with evil.
a) True
b) False
4 The punishment to the people of d started with a
a) flood
b) drought
c) plaque
d) infestation
5 The blowing wind that was sent to d lasted for
a) 6 days and 7 nights
b) 7 days and 8 nights
c) 8 days and 7 nights
d) 9 days and 8 nights
Salih (a.s.)
6 -
. .
lis (a.s.) name is mentioned in the Qurn 9 times.
The People of Thamd succeeded the d.
They lived in a place called Al-Hijr, in Madain li (rocky mountains 300-400 km north-west of Madinah)
Their characteristics:
Large in number
Build palaces and homes in mountains
Allh sent to the People of Thamd a prophet from among them, li (a.s.).
H. Ibn Hibbn
li (a.s.) was one of the 4 Arab prophets.
Q. Hd: 50-52
li (a.s.) said to his people
Worship Allh alone; there is no god other than Him
Allh created them
Ask forgiveness from Allh
Q. Shuara: 145
He was not asking for reward; his reward would be from Allh.
The People of Thamd disbelieved.
Q. Hd: 62
They used to have high hope on li (a.s.) (and wanted to make him a leader), but now they were
doubting him.
Q. Shuara: 153-154
Thamds replies to li (a.s.)
They accused Hd (a.s.) of being affected by magic
They demanded a sign from him
Salih (a.s.)
6 -
. .
They pointed at a rock and asked li (a.s.) to bring out an attractive she-camel, which must be 10 months
pregnant. And they promised to believe in li (a.s.) if he were able to do so.
Allh ordered the rock to split, and out came a great, pregnant she-camel The first miracle
li (a.s.) told his people
The she-camel was a sign (Q. Al-Arf: 73, Hd: 64)
Let her eat from the earth (Q. Al-Arf: 73, Hd: 64)
They were to share the water source: one day for the camel and one day for the people
(Q. Ash-Shuara: 155)
Do not harm the camel, or they would be punished (Q. Al-Arf: 73, Hd: 64, Ash-Shuara: 156)
Some people started to believe in li (a.s.).
Others remained arrogant and stubborn.
Ibn Kathr
The disbeliever hated the li (a.s.) and she-camel.
They laid a plot to kill the camel.
(her husband Saduq offered herself to her cousin Masra
was a believer) Unayzah offered her daughters to Qudar
Masra, Qudar and 7 other men went to kill the she-camel.
When the camel came to drink, Masra shot it in the leg.
The camel tried to run away, but Qudar followed it and struck its other leg, and slaughtered it.
The baby ran away, but they followed and killed it as well.
li (a.s.) warned the disbelievers that punishment will come in 3 days (Q. Hd: 65)
The disbelievers decided to kill li (a.s.) and his family by night. (Q. Al-Naml: 49)
Ibn Kathr
9 men came to kill li (a.s.), but Allh rained down stones that smashed their heads before
punishing the rest of the tribe.
day Faces turned yellow (pale)
day Faces turned red
day Faces turned black
day A loud, continuous shriek (sayhah) came from the sky and killed them all.
Salih (a.s.)
6 -
. .
Q. Al-Arf: 73
li (a.s.) came back after they had perished and said:
O my people! I have indeed conveyed to you the Message of my Lord and have given you good advice,
but you do not like good advisers.
H Bukhari
The Prophet (s.a.w.) and his companions passed by Al-Hijr and rested there during the Tabuk expedition.
The companions took water from its well, filled their water skin and also kneaded dough with it.
The Prophet (s.a.w.) ordered them to throw away the water and the dough (it was a cursed area).
The Prophet (s.a.w.) told them not to enter the area except in a weeping state, lest they should suffer
the same punishment.
The Prophet (s.a.w.) then covered his face with his cloth.
1 The People of Thamd lived in
a) Al-Hijr
b) Midian
c) Al-Ahqaf
d) Hijaz
2 The first miracle of prophethood was given to li (a.s.).
a) True
b) False
3 What was the sign that the People of Thamd asked for?
a) A meal from the Heaven
b) An angel coming down to them
c) A dead man brought to life
d) A pregnant she-camel coming out of a rock
4 The 9 men who went to kill li (a.s.) died in when the blast came on the 4
a) True
b) False
5 Two days before their punishment came, the faces of the Thamd turned
a) white
b) yellow
c) red
d) black
Ibrahim (a.s.) a.k.a. Abraham
Ibrhms (a.s.) name is mentioned in the Qurn 69 times.
Q. Al-Baqarah: 124
Allh gave Ibrhm(a.s.) tests and trials, and he passed them all.
Ibrhm(a.s.) was appointed as the imam.
Q. An-Najm: 37
Ibrhm(a.s.) had fulfilled his obligations
Q. Hd: 75
Ibrhm(a.s.) was
Halm Forbearing
Awwh Used to invoke Alllah with humility
Munb Repentant to Allh
Q. An-Nis: 125
Ibrhm(a.s.) was khalilullah (companion/friend of Allh)
Ibrhm(a.s.) was born in Babylon, Iraq.
His father was an idol maker.
When Ibrhm(a.s.) was still a child, he asked his mother: Who is your lord?
His mother answered: Your father.
Ibrhm(a.s.) asked again: Who is fathers lord?
His mother answered: Namrd.
Ibrhm(a.s.) asked again: Who is Namrds lord?
His mother answered: The idol that your father made.
What we can learn fromIbrhm(a.s.)
Know how to deal with people
Know when to speak or let others speak
Know how to convince people
Know how to plan our lives
Be an action taker
Be a profound thinker
Ibrahim (a.s.) a.k.a. Abraham
Stage 1: Childhood Stage 2: Migration Stage 3: Elderly age
Calling his father Confronting Namrd Abandoning Hjar and Ismal (a.s.)
Calling his people Migration from Irq to al-Shm The sacrifice
Destroying the idols Migration from al-Shm to Egypt The building al-Kabah
Being cast into the fire Migration fromEgypt to Palestine His death
Migration to Makkah
Q. Maryam: 42-45
Ibrhm(a.s.) called* to his father softly
Why worship something that cannot hear, see, or benefit
Follow me to the straight path
Dont worship Shaytn
I fear punishment of Ar-Rahmn** will overtake you if you do so
* He used Y Abati, a softer form of Y Abi, in each of his sentence.
** He used Allhs name, Ar-Rahmn, The Most Gracious, instead of other stronger names.
Q. Maryam: 46
His father responded harshly
I will punish you
Leave me
Q. Maryam: 46
Ibrhm(a.s.) responded softly
Peace be upon you
I will ask forgiveness of Allh for you
Ibrahim (a.s.) a.k.a. Abraham
Q. Al-Anm: 76-79
Ibrhm(a.s.) saw a star but the star set.
This is my Lord. I dont like those that disappear.
He saw the moon rising but the moon set.
This is my Lord. Unless my Lord guide me, I shall be among the misguided.
He saw sun the sun but the sun set.
This is my Lord. I am indeed free from what you associate with Allh.
This is greater. I have turned my face toward He who created the heaven and the earth.
Q. Al-Anm: 52-67
Ibrhm(a.s.) asked his people what were these idols that they worshipped.
The people told him they found their fathers worshipping the idols (they have no other evidence).
Ibrhm(a.s.) told them that they and their fathers were wrong, but they did not believe him.
One day, the people went out to celebrate a festival.
They passed by Ibrhm(a.s.) and asked whether he would come along, but Ibrhm(a.s.) said he was sick.
While everyone was away, Ibrhm(a.s.) took an axe and smashed all of the idols except the biggest one.
He put the axe next to this idol.
The people came back and saw the idols were destroyed.
Some people mentioned about a young man, Ibrhm(a.s.), who spoke bad about the idols.
They brought him before the people and asked Ibrhm(a.s.) if he was the one who did this.
Ibrhm(a.s.) told them the big one did it and he told them to ask the idols.
The people admitted that the idols could not speak.
Ibrhm(a.s.) admonished them for worshipping something that cannot benefit or harm them.
Q. Al-Anm: 68-70
The people became angry after being defeated by Ibrhm(a.s.).
They said: BURN him!
They made a big fire.
It took 6 months to lit up.
It was so hot that birds could not fly over it without being killed.
Ibrahim (a.s.) a.k.a. Abraham
Because the fire was so big and they could not go near it, they put Ibrhm(a.s.) on a catapult and
launched him into the fire.
Before being thrown into the fire, an angel came and asked if he need anything.
Ibrhm(a.s.) said: Nothing from you.
When they threw him into the fire, he said: Sufficient for me is Allh, and He is the best disposer of affairs.
Alllah told the fire to be cool and safe for Ibrhm(a.s.).
When the fire had extinguished, the people were surprised to find Ibrhm(a.s.) alive and
untouched by the fire.
Their plot was foiled and they were defeated.
Namrd, the king, had proclaimed himself as god.
When he heard about Ibrhm(a.s.), he summoned Ibrhm(a.s.) to the palace to have a dialogue with
Q. Al-Baqarah: 258
Ibrhm(a.s.) said:
My Lord is He who gives life
and causes death.
Namrd said:
I give life and cause death.
He took two prisoners out.
He set one free.
He killed the other one.
Ibrhm(a.s.) said:
Allh causes the sun to rise from the east,
then cause it you to rise from the west.
Namrd could not say anything.
He was defeated.
Namrd decided to banish Ibrhm(a.s.) fromhis kingdom.
Ibrhm(a.s.) married Srah, the most beautiful woman created after Hawa.
They migrated to Al-Sham, Damascus, where Ibrhm(a.s.) continued to preach.
However, the people there did not believe in Ibrhm(a.s.).
Then, they migrated to Egypt.
Ibrahim (a.s.) a.k.a. Abraham
They passed by a place ruled by a tyrant.
The tyrant was told that Ibrhm(a.s.)
and a beautiful woman had entered the city.
When he was asked about Srah, Ibrhm(a.s.)
said Srah was his sister.
The tyrant took Srah, but when he wanted to touch her,
he became paralysed.
He told Srah to pray to Allh to cure him
and he would not harm her, so she did.
But he tried to touch her again,
and the same thing happened.
The third time it happened, he told his servant that he
had brought him not a human being, but a devil.
The tyrant set Srah free and gifted her Hjar.
(H. Bukhari)
They went back to Palestine, and Ibrhm(a.s.) married Hjar.
When he was around 60-70 years old, Hjar gave birth to Isml (a.s.).
Ibrhm(a.s.) was again tested by Allh; he was ordered to leave his wife, Hjar, and his baby son,
Isml (a.s.), in the desert.
Ibrhm(a.s.) asked Hjar to get Isml (a.s.)
and prepare for a long journey.
They set out, and when they reached an
uncultivated valley, Ibrhm(a.s.) turned and
walked away, leaving Hjar and Isml (a.s.)
Hjar asked him: Where are you going?
But Ibrhm(a.s.) did not reply.
She repeated the question, but again,
he did not reply.
Then, she said: Has Allh ordered you to do so?
He said: Yes.
She said: Then He will not neglect us.
The three lies of Ibrahim (a.s.)
When he said to his people,
I am sick when they asked
him if he would come to the
When he told his people that
the biggest idol were the one
that had destroyed all other
When he told the tyrant
of Egypt that Sarah was
his sister.
H. Bukhari (n. Abu Hurayrah)
The Dua of Ibrahim (a.s.)
Our Lord, I have settled some of my
descendants in an uncultivated valley near
Your sacred House
Our Lord, that they may establish prayer
So make hearts among the people incline
toward them
And provide for them with fruits
So that they may be thankful
Q. Ibrahim: 37
Ibrahim (a.s.) a.k.a. Abraham
Their water ran out, and Isml (a.s.) was crying out of hunger.
Hjar ran between As-Safa and Al-Marwah 7 times to look for water and other people.
She then heard a voice and saw an angel digging the earth with his heel/wing.
Water flowed from that place, and Hjar started making something like a basin to contain the water.
The Prophet (s.a.w.) said: May Allh bestow mercy on Ishmaels mother! Had she let the Zam-Zam (flow
without trying to control it or had she not scooped from that water to fill her water-holder), Zam-Zam
would have been a stream flowing on the surface of the earth.
A tribe of Jurhum (from Yemen) was travelling through the desert when they saw a bird flying over an area
(a sign of the presence of water).
They came and asked Hjar to allow them to stay there.
Hjar agreed with a condition that they would have no right over the water.
(H. Bukhari)
Ibrhm(a.s.) would come and visit Hjar and Isml (a.s.) every now and them.
Q. Safft: 102-107
When Isml (a.s.) was old enough to walk with him, Ibrhm(a.s.) received a dream, an order fromAllh,
to slaughter his son, Isml (a.s.). He asked Isml (a.s.) for his opinion.
Isml (a.s.) said: O my father*! Do that which you are commanded, InshaAllh (if Allh wills),
you shall find me of the patient.
Ibrhm(a.s.) laid Isml (a.s.) face down (so that they would not have to face each other),
and started moving the knife, but it would not cut, by the will of Allh.
Ibrhm(a.s.) then heard a call: O Ibrhm, you have fulfilled the dream!
Allh had accepted their submission and ransomed Isml (a.s.) with a ram.
* Isml (a.s.) also used Y abati when speaking to his father, Ibrhm(a.s.).
One day, Ibrhm(a.s.) came to Isml (a.s.) and inform himof Allhs order to build the Kabah.
They began building the Kabah together.
While building, they prayed:
O our Lord! Accept this service from us, verily,
You are the All-Hearer, the Knower. (Q. Al-Baqarah: 127)
Ibrahim (a.s.) a.k.a. Abraham
Ibrhm(a.s.) asked Isml (a.s.) to go and find the final
rock to complete the building.
An angel brought them a rock from the heaven,
al-Hjar al-aswad, which was said to be originally
white but it turned black.
After they had built the Kabah, Allh ordered Ibrhm
(a.s.) to call the people to Hajj. (Q. Al-Hajj: 27)
It was said that Ibrhm(a.s.) did not know how to convey
the message for his voice would not reach them, but Allh
said: Call them and We will convey it.
Ibrhm(a.s.) called out: O mankind! Your Lord has
established a House, so come on pilgrimage to it. (Ibn
And the response to this call is the talbiyah
(Labbaik Allhumma labbaik) that the pilgrims say
during Hajj or Umrah.
Ibrhm(a.s.) died in Palestine.
Some people say that he was buried in a place called Al-Khalil (no authentic prove).
The Maqam of Ibrahim (a.s.)
The stone where Ibrahim
(a.s.) stood on when building
the Kabah
Allh said in the Qurn: and
take from the standing place
of Ibrahim a place of prayer
(Q.. Al-Baqarah: 125)
The Prophet (s.a.w.) prayed 2
rakah behind Maqam Ibrahim
after performing his tawaf.
(H. Bukhari)
1 Ibrhm(a.s.) was born in
a) Palestine
b) Babylon
c) Al-Sham
d) Egypt
2 King Namrd took Srah fromIbrhm(a.s.)
a) True
b) False
3 Allh ordered the fire to be to Ibrhm(a.s.)
i) Hot
ii) Cool
iii) Cold
iv) Peaceful
a) i and ii
b) ii and iii
c) ii and iv
d) iii and iv
4 After leaving his birth place, Ibrhm(a.s.) migrated to
a) Al-Sham, and then to Egypt, and then to Palestine
b) Egypt, and then to Palestine, and then to Al-Sham
c) Iraq, and then to Egypt, and then to Makkah
d) Iraq, and then to Palestine, and then to Makkah
5 Hjar ran ... times, starting from to and back.
a) 6, Al-Safa, Al-Marwa
b) 6, Al-Marwa, Al-Safa
c) 7, Al-Marwa, Al-Safa
d) 7, Al-Safa, Al-Marwa
6 The tribe of Jurhum was from
a) Oman
b) Iraq
c) Damshik
d) Yemen
Ismail (a.s.) a.k.a. Ishmael
Ismls (a.s.) name is mentioned in the Qurn 18 times.
Isml (a.s.) grew up and lived with the Jurhum.
He learned Arabic from them.
He married from their women.
He ordered his wives and children to pray and give zakah.
He continued to live in Al-Hijaz and served the pilgrims.
One day,
went to visit
Isml (a.s.),
but he was
not at home.
He asked Ismls (a.s.) wife
about their living condition.
The wife complained of
hardship and misery.
left a
Tell himto
change the
threshold of
his gate.
Isml (a.s.)
came back and
asked if
someone had
The wife said
yes. She
Ibrhms (a.s.)
Isml (a.s.)
said: It was
my father.
He ordered
me to
Isml (a.s.) then married another woman.
Another day,
went to visit
Isml (a.s.)
again, but he
was not at
He asked Ismls (a.s.) wife
about their living condition.
The wife told him they were
well off and thanked Allh.
He asked: What do you eat?
She answered: Meat.
He asked: What do you
She answered: Water.
Ibrhm(a.s.) said: O Allh,
bless their meat and
left a
Tell him to
keep firm the
threshold of
his gate.
Isml (a.s.)
came back and
asked if
someone had
The wife said
yes, a good
looking old man
came. She
Ibrhms (a.s.)
Isml (a.s.)
said: It was
my father.
You are the
and he
ordered me
to keep you
with me.
H. (n. Ibn Abbas) * Because of Ibrhm (a.s.) invocation, there are
blessings in Makkah. If someone has only these
two things (meat and water) as his sustenance,
his health and disposition will be badly affected,
unless he lives in Makkah.
1 Isml (a.s.) was an Arab.
a) True
b) False
2 What did Ibrhm(a.s.) mean by the threshold?
a) Ismls (a.s.) door frame
b) Ismls (a.s.) wife
c) Ismls (a.s.) occupation
d) Ismls (a.s.) house
3 The first wife was divorced because she
a) Was rude
b) Complained to a stranger
c) Complained to her father-in-law
d) Talked too much
4 During the second visit, Ibrhm(a.s.) made a du to Allh to bless their
i) Water
ii) Meat
iii) Dates
iv) Grain
a) i and ii
b) i and iii
c) i and iv
d) iii and iv
Ishaq (a.s.) a.k.a. Isaac
Isqs (a.s.) name is mentioned in the Qurn 17 times.
Three angels (Jibrl, Mikal, Israfl) came in human form.
Ibrhm(a.s.) welcomed them as his guests.
He told Srah to sacrifice and roast a fat calf for them.
He then invited his guests to eat, but they did not touch the food.
Ibrhm(a.s.) began to fear them.
But the guests said: Do not fear. We have been sent to the people of L (a.s.) .
They brought him the glad tidings of the birth of Isq (a.s.), and after him, Yaqb (a.s.).
Sara was astonished: how could she and her husband have a child when they were already very old?
Sara was about 80-90 years old and said to be sterile.
Ibrhm(a.s.) was about 100 years old.
But Allh had decreed it and blessed them with another son.
(Q. Hd: 69-73)
1 Who were the three angels that became Ibrhm(a.s.) guests?
i) Jibrl
ii) Izral
iii) Israfl
iv) Mikal
a) i, ii, and iii
b) i, iii, and iv
c) ii, iii, and iv
d) None of the above
2 Why was Ibrhm(a.s.) fearful of his own guests?
a) They were scary
b) They would not eat like other guests normally did
c) They would not speak to him
d) He knew they were sent to destroy a nation
3 Why was Srah surprised by the news of the birth of Isq (a.s.)?
a) She was barren
b) She was old
c) He husband was old
d) All of the above
Yaqub (a.s.) a.k.a. Jacob
Yaqbs (a.s.) name is mentioned in the Qurn 16 times.
Isq (a.s.) travelled to Iraq and settled there.
H. Isrliyat (Ibn Kathr)
Isq (a.s.) married Rebekah bint Bethuel bin Nahor.
They had twins
Al-Is a.k.a. Esau He was hairy
Yaqb a.k.a. Jacob (a.s.) He was not hairy
Esau disliked Jacob
Jacob was favoured by Isaac
Jacob received a du fromIsaac that was meant for Esau
When Isaac became old and his eyesight had weakened, he asked Esau to bring some
cooked game. Esau went out.
Jacob later came in, dressed like his brother (with goat skin on his arms and neck).
He fed his father some food that his father liked.
When Isaac finished eating, he made prayed for his son (whom he thought was Esau)
to be the more blessed brother and to prevail over them and all people, and for Allh
to sustain him and his children.
When Esau came back with the food his father had asked, Isaac asked him:
Did you bring it an hour ago and ask me to pray for you?
Esau threatened to kill his brother.
Rebekah heard about this and told Jacob to flee until his brother calmed down.
H. Isrliyat (Ibn Kathr)
Jacob left his family. At night, he rested at a place, took a stone, put it under his head, and slept.
He had a dream
There was a ladder from heaven to earth.
Angels were ascending and descending
The Lord said to him: I will bless you and your offspring and make this land for you and for those
who come after you.
He woke up feeling joyful and vowed, for Allhs sake, that if he returned to his family safely, he would
Build a temple at this place
Give one tenth of his property for the sake of Allh.
He poured oil on the stone to recognize it and called the place Ayles House (Bethel), which means
House of Allh. This place is the location of Jerusalem.
Yaqub (a.s.) a.k.a. Jacob
H. Isrliyat (Ibn Kathr)
Jacob married two sisters*
Liya (a.k.a. Leah): older sister
Rhil (a.k.a. Rachel): younger sister
and two women slaves.
Zilpah: Leahs slave
Bilha: Rachels slave
From his four wives, Jacob had 12 sons.
* It was permissible at that time to marry sisters.
The sisters were his cousins, and he worked for his uncle for 20 years.
H. Isrliyat (Ibn Kathr)
An angel appeared in the shape of a man.
Jacob and the angel began to wrestle.
The angel injured Jacob thigh and he became lame.
The angel said: What is your name?
Jacob answered: Jacob
The angel said: After today you shall not be called (anything) but Israel.
Jacob asked: And who are you? What is your name?
The man had vanished. Then Jacob knew that he was one of the angels.
Jacob was lame, and for this reason the children of Israel do not eat the thigh muscle on the hip socket.
H. Isrliyat (Ibn Kathr)
Yaqb (a.s.) came back to his father, Isq (a.s.).
They settled in a village of Hebron in Canaan (where Ibrhm(a.s.) had lived).
Isq (a.s.) fell ill and died when he was 180 years old.
Al-Is and Yaqb (a.s.) buried him with his father, Ibrhm(a.s.)*, in a cave which he bought.
* It was said that Ibrhm(a.s.) died at the age of 175.
1 Most of the stories of Yaqb (a.s.) came from
a) the Qurn
b) the Sunnah
c) the People of the Book
d) Commentaries
2 Yaqb (a.s.) woke up from his wonderful dream and promised that, if he returned to his family safely,
he would
i) Build a palace at that place
ii) Build a temple at that place
iii) Give a fifth of his property for Allhs sake
iv) Give a tenth of his property for Allhs sake
a) i and iii
b) i and iv
c) ii and iii
d) ii and iv
3 Yaqb (a.s.) had two wives, Liya and Rhil.
a) True
b) False
4 Who was called Isrl?
a) Isq (a.s.)
b) Al-Is
c) Yaqb (a.s.)
d) Yahud
5 Isq (a.s.) died at the age of
a) 170
b) 175
c) 180
d) 185
6 Al-Is and Yaqb (a.s.) buried their father, Isq (a.s.), with his father, Ibrhm(a.s.).
a) True
b) False
Lut (a.s.) a.k.a. Lot
Ls (a.s.) name is mentioned in the Qurn 27 times.
They committed
o No one had ever done before (Q. Al-Arf: 80)
o They did it openly without shame
L (a.s.) was Ibrhms (a.s.) nephew, and he believed in Ibrhms (a.s.) message.
L (a.s.) was sent to the city of Sodom (Sadum, a.k.a. Al-Muktafikah) on the western of the Dead Sea
(between Jordan and Pakistan).
Q. Ash-Shuar: 160-166
L (a.s.) said to his people
Fear and obey Allh
He was not asking for reward; his reward would be from Allh.
o Similar to the sayings of N (a.s.), Hd (a.s.), and li (a.s.)
Warned them for preferring to be with men than their wives
Do not turn away as wrongdoers
Q. Ash-Shuar: 167, Al-Arf: 82
His people threatened to drive him out.
Q. Ash-Shuar: 168-171
L (a.s.) made du to Allh to save him and his family from their despicable action.
Allh saved L (a.s.) and his family, except his wife.
Q. Hd: 74-75
After hearing about the coming of punishment for the People of L (a.s.) , Ibrhm(a.s.) tried to plead for
them (he was forbearing).
n. Said bin Jubayr
Ibrhm(a.s.) said: Will you destroy a town that has 300 hundred believers in it? They said: No.
200? No.
40? No.
30? No.
5? No.
1? No.
Lut (a.s.) a.k.a. Lot
Ibrhm(a.s.) said: But there is L in it.
They said: We know better who is there. We will save him and his family except his wife.
Q. Hd: 76
Ibrhm(a.s.) was told to give up his plea because Allh had decreed their destruction.
Ibn Kathr
The angels came in form of beautiful men. They reached the wall of Sodom in the afternoon.
The first person to see them was one of Ls (a.s.) daughter.
One of them asked her if there is a place to rest.
She told them to wait and do not enter, and she went to informed her father, L (a.s.) , of their arrival.
L (a.s.) brought them home, but along the way, he tried to indirectly tell them to leave because of the
nature of his people.
At his house, Ls (a.s.) wife (a disbeliever) saw the beautiful guests.
She slipped out of the house and spread the news to the people.
They rushed to Ls (a.s.) house and wanted him to surrender the guests.
L (a.s.) was embarrassed.
He said: Here are my daughters, they are purer for you (Q. Hd: 76)
i.e. He wanted them to be with women in a halal way.
His people said: We have no need of your daughters You know well what we want. (Q. Hd: 79)
Jibrl called L (a.s.) and brought him inside.
With the tip of one of his wings, Jibrl struck the people outside, causing them to lose their sight.
(Q. Al-Qamar: 37)
The people then retreated.
The angels said to L (a.s.) (Q. Hd: 81)
Set out with your family during a portion of the night
Do not look back
Except your wife, she will be struck by that which strikes them
o Some scholars said she stayed at home and was destroyed.
o Some scholars said she turned and looked back, and a stone from the sky killed her.
Their appointment is for the morning. Is not the morning near?
Lut (a.s.) a.k.a. Lot
Q. Hd: 82-83
At sunrise, the people of Sodom was punished:
The earth turned upside down
o With the tip of one of his wings, Jibrl lifted the entire town so high that the sounds of barking dogs
can be heard from the heaven. The town then was turned and crushed down to earth.
Stones rained down on them
o The stones are marked with the names of the person it would hit
L (a.s.) went back to Ibrhm(a.s.) and told him what happened.
He was surprised that Ibrhm(a.s.) had already knew about the punishment to the People of Sodom.
1 Sodom was situated near the
a) Red Sea
b) Dead Sea
c) Black Sea
d) Baltic Sea
2 The people of Sodom committed
i) robbery
ii) homosexuality
iii) incest
iv) murder
a) i, ii, and iii
b) i, ii, and iv
c) i, iii, and iv
d) ii, iii, and iv
3 The people of Sodom threatened to if he did not stop preaching.
a) kill L (a.s.)
b) beat up L (a.s.)
c) burn L (a.s.) in a fire
d) threw L (a.s.) out of the city
4 Three angels came to Sodom in the form of
a) three old men
b) three wise men
c) three beautiful young men
d) three matured men
5 Who was the first person to saw the angels (in the form of men)?
a) L (a.s.)
b) Ls (a.s.) daughter
c) Ls (a.s.) son
d) Ls (a.s.) wife
6 What were the punishments for the people of Sodom?
i) Rain of stones
ii) Blasting wind
iii) Earthquake
iv) Drought
a) i and ii
b) i and iii
c) ii and iii
d) ii and iv
Shuayb (a.s.)
Shuaybs (a.s.) name is mentioned in the Qurn 10 times.
They are also known as the People of Al-Aykah.
They lived in Madyan, in the Arab Peninsular.
The people committed several crimes:
Highway robbery
Cheating in weight and measure during business
Oppressing people with taxes
Allh sent to the People of Madyan a prophet from among them, Shuayb (a.s.).
H. Ibn Hibbn
Shuayb (a.s.) was one of the 4 Arab prophets.
Q. Al-Arf: 85-86
Shuayb (a.s.) said to his people
Worship Allh alone; there is no god other than him
Do not cheat in their weights and measures (and they were prosperous)
Do not cause mischief and corruption
Do not sit in the path, threatening
Do not hinder people for the path of Allh
Remember Allhs blessing
Remember Allhs punishments to the wrongdoers
Q. Ash-Shuar: 180
He was not asking for reward; his reward would be from Allh.
Q. Ash-Shuar: 185-187
The people of Madyan disbelieved.
They accused Shuayb (a.s.) of being affected by magic
They said he was just a man like them
They accused him of lying
They demanded him to make the sky fall down on them
Shuayb (a.s.)
Q. Hd: 91
They considered Shuayb (a.s.) as weak and they did not respect him.
If it was not for his family, they would have stoned him.
Q. Al-Arf: 88-89
The chiefs among the arrogant people replied
We shall drive you and those who believed you out of town, unless you return to our religion
Those who followed Shuayb (a.s.) would be losers.
The people of Madyan were given several punishments:

The people threaten to

throw him out of the city.
Q. Al-Arf: 91
Earthquake seized them.

The people asked him to

make the sky fall on them.
Q. Ash-Shuar: 189
Torment of the Day of Shadow seized them.
Ibn Abbas
Allh sent thunder and intense heat.
They entered their houses but it pursued them.
They went into the fields.
They found clouds that shaded them from the sun.
When everyone had gathered beneath the cloud,
Allh sent fire upon them.

The people spoke to him in

disrespectful manner.
Q. Hd: 94
A loud cry (Sayhah) left them lifeless.
1 The People of Madyan are also known as the People of Al-Aykah.
a) True
b) False
2 Shuayb (a.s.) is one of the prophets who were Arab.
a) True
b) False
3 The People of Madyan committed the following crimes:
i) Robbery
ii) Killing
iii) Oppression
iv) Cheating in business
a) i, ii, and iii
b) i, ii, and iv
c) i, iii, and iv
d) ii, iii, and iv
4 The chiefs of Madyan threatened to kill Shuayb (a.s.).
a) True
b) False
5 Allh punished the People of Madyan with
i) A flood
ii) An earthquake
iii) A blast
iv) A cloud
a) i, ii, and iii
b) i, ii, and iv
c) i, iii, and iv
d) ii, iii, and iv
Yusuf (a.s.) a.k.a. Joseph
Ysufs (a.s.) name is mentioned in the Qurn 27 times.
Surah Ysuf was revealed in the Year of Sadness.
Khadijah passed away
Abu Talib passed away shortly after
Allh revealed this surah to console the Prophet (s.a.w.).
Q. Ysuf: 4-5
Ysuf (a.s.) had a
11 stars
the sun
the moon
prostrating to him
He told his father,
Yaqb (a.s.)
* Also used Y abati
Yaqb (a.s.) told him
Not to tell his brothers
Or they will plot against you
Shaytn is an open enemy
Left the
family at the
age of 12
Thrown into
a well
Hated by his
Sold as a
slave in
Thrown into
the jail
Accused of
Wealth and
Reunited with
his family
With his family
Loved by his father Lived in the
house of Al-Aziz
Became a
Three types of patience
In calamity
In obedience
From disobedience
Yusuf (a.s.) a.k.a. Joseph
Q. Ysuf: 6-18
Ysufs (a.s.) brothers
were jealous of Ysuf (a.s.) and Binyamn (a.k.a. Benjamin) because Yaqb (a.s.) loved them more
thought that their father was in error
plotted to kill Ysuf (a.s.) or cast him out father would love them repent
with Ysuf (a.s.) out of the way
The eldest son suggested that they throw him into a well
travelers would pick him up and brought him to a distant land
They asked to take Ysuf (a.s.) out to eat and play with them.
Ysuf (a.s.) and his brother were always with their father instead of being with the brothers
Yaqb (a.s.) was reluctant because he feared that a wolf might eat him.
But in the end, he let them go out with Ysuf (a.s.).
The brothers did as they had planned
They threw Ysuf (a.s.) into a deep well
They killed a sheep and soaked Ysufs (a.s.) shirt with its blood
They went back to Yaqb (a.s.) with the shirt, telling him a wolf had ate Ysuf (a.s.)
Yaqb (a.s.) knew they were not telling the truth.
The shirt had no tear in it
Yaqb (a.s.) said: Faabrun jaml (Patience is most fitting)
Q. Ysuf: 19-20
A caravan passed by and stopped to fetch water from the well.
When the bucket was lowered, Ysuf (a.s.) hanged on to it.
When they saw Ysuf (a.s.) coming out of the well, they were surprised.
They sold him cheaply (for a few dirhams only) to the Trustee of Eqypt (Al-Azz)
Q. Ysuf: 21
Al-Azz told his wife
make Ysufs (a.s.) stay comfortable
maybe he will profit us
or we shall adopt him as a son (they were childless)
Yusuf (a.s.) a.k.a. Joseph
Q. Ysuf: 22
Ysuf (a.s.) grew up
wiser and more knowledgeable
more handsome
Q. Ysuf: 23
The wife of Al-Azz tried to seduced Ysuf (a.s.)
closed and locked the door
called him to herself
Ysuf (a.s.) was
Very handsome
A slave
A stranger (no one would know)
Wife of Al-Azz was
A woman with power
They were in a closed
room with locked doors.
No one was around.
Q. Ysuf: 23
Ysuf (a.s.) refused her called
He sought Allhs refuge
His master had been kind; he would not betray him
Q. Ysuf: 25-29
They raced towards the door.
She tore Ysufs (a.s.) shirt from the back.
When they reached the door, they found Al-Azz in front of it.
She started accusing Ysuf (a.s.) of having evil intention towards
her, but Ysuf (a.s.) defended himself.
A witness from her family said that if Ysufs (a.s.) shirt was torn
fromthe front she was telling the truth
fromthe back he was telling the truth
Yusufs shirt was torn from the back.
Al-Azz said
to Ysuf (a.s.): Ignore this
to his wife: Ask forgiveness for your sin
Three types of people ignored
by Allh on Judgement Day
the one who dishonors
his parents
women that act like men
the dayyt (someone who
has no protective jealousy)

(Classified as hadith a
by Shaykh al-Albni)
Yusuf (a.s.) a.k.a. Joseph
Q. Ysuf: 30-31
The women in the city started talking about the incident.
The wife of Al-Azz got to know of this, and she invited them to a banquet.
They were given fruits and knives.
The wife of Al-Azz then summoned Ysuf (a.s.).
The women was astonished by his beauty.
They said he was not a man, but a noble angel.
They cut their own hands while admiring him
Q. Ysuf: 32-34
The wife of Al-Azz threatened him: if he refused to obey her call, he will be imprisoned.
Ysuf (a.s.) preferred the prison than what they invited him to, and Allh responded to him.
Ysuf (a.s.) was imprisoned even though he was innocent.
Q. Ysuf: 36
One day, his jailmates asked him to interpret their dream.
They saw him as a good person
Q. Ysuf: 37-40
Before interpreting their dreams, Ysuf (a.s.) told them
He can tell them the food they would receive, and this was a gift from Allh
He believed in the religion of his fathers, Ibrhm(a.s.), Isq (a.s.), Yaqb (a.s.)
They do not associate anything with Allh
Are separate god better than one god?
Worship nothing except Allh
Q. Ysuf: 41-42
Ysuf (a.s.) interpreted their dreams.
Kings cook King cupbearer
Dream Birds were eating bread on his head. Serving the king wine.
Interpretation He would be crucified. He would return to service.
Ysuf (a.s.) asked the cupbearer to mention his name to the king.
But Shaytn made the cupbearer forget about Ysuf (a.s.),
so Ysuf (a.s.) remained in the prison for several years.
Yusuf (a.s.) a.k.a. Joseph
Have good manners/morals
Have good appearance
Be self-confident
Use intellect and common sense
Remind people of Allhs blessing
Uses affectionate words
Q. Ysuf: 43-45
The king had a dream
7 fat cows eaten by 7 lean cows
7 ears of green grain
7 ears dry grain
No one knew what the dream meant.
When the news reached the cupbearer, he remembered Ysuf (a.s.).
The king sent him to Ysuf (a.s.).
Q. Ysuf: 47-49
Ysuf (a.s.) interpreted the dream.
There would be seven
years of abundance
followed by seven
years of famine
and a year which water
will be plentiful.
Excess of good
Store what they
harvested in the ears
(preserving the grains
longer), except a little
needed for food
Nothing would grow
Eat from the harvest
they collected
Grapevines and
olive trees would
grow in abundance
People would press
wine and oil as
Q. Ysuf: 50-53
The king was fascinated, and he asked Ysuf (a.s.) to be brought to him.
Ysuf (a.s.) refused to leave until his innocence is proven regarding the ladies who cut their hands.
The women and the wife of Al-Azz told the truth of Ysufs (a.s.) innocence.
Yusuf (a.s.) a.k.a. Joseph
Q. Ysuf: 54-55
The king offered Ysuf (a.s.) a high position.
Ysuf (a.s.) asked to be made the controller of the storehouses.
So that he could guard the nations harvest and thereby safeguard it during the anticipated drought.
He did not mean to seize an opportunity or get any personal gain
He wanted to rescue hungry nations for a period of seven years.
He was trustworthy.
He had knowledge after years of living with Al-Azz.
Q. Ysuf: 58-62
7 years later, people everywhere suffered from the drought, except in Egypt where they had stored grains.
Yaqb (a.s.) told his 10 sons (all except Binyamn) to go to Egypt.
Ysuf (a.s.) recognized his brothers and supplied them with provisions, and if they promised
to bring the youngest brother (Binyamn), he would reward them with double rations.
Ysuf (a.s.) secretly returned their money, so that they would come back.
Q. Ysuf: 63-80
The brothers told their father about Ysufs (a.s.) request for them to bring Binyamn,
but Yaqb (a.s.) was reluctant.
The brothers found that their money had been returned, and insisted that their father let Binyamn come.
Yaqb (a.s.) set some conditions
Bring Binyamn back unless you are surrounded
Do not enter by one gate, but by different gates
When they arrived in Egypt, Ysuf (a.s.) invited them to a feast.
Later, he took Binyamn aside; he told him that he is Ysuf (a.s.) and informed Binyamn of his plan.
The next morning, as the brothers were
leaving, Ysuf (a.s.) ordered a servant to
put the gold measuring cup into
Binyamns bag.
An announcer called out to them: Thieves!
They denied stealing the cup,
but the cup was found in Binyamns bag.
The brothers said: If he steals,
a brother of his has stolen before.
Ysuf (a.s.) heard this, but he swallowed his resentment/.
Visit 2
Visit 1
Yusuf (a.s.) a.k.a. Joseph
According to their law, a thief would be made a slave, so Binyamn was taken.
The eldest son also stayed behind because he could not face his father.
The others went back and informed Yaqb (a.s.) of what happened.
Yaqb (a.s.) wept and repeated: Faabrun jaml.
He lost his sight from crying.
Nevertheless, he asked his children to go and look for both Binyamn and Ysuf (a.s.); he never despaired.
Q. Ysuf: 88-100
The brothers came back to Egypt again, pleading for Ysuf (a.s.) to be charitable.
Ysuf (a.s.) then spoke in their tongue and revealed himself.
He forgave his brothers and asked them to bring his shirt to their father.
The caravan then headed back to Palestine.
Before the caravan arrived, Yaqb (a.s.) said he could smell Ysuf (a.s.).
They thought his mind had became weak.
When the caravan had arrived, one of them put Ysufs (a.s.) shirt over Yaqbs (a.s.) face
he could see again.
The brothers asked their father to asked Allh to forgive them, and he did.
Yusufs father, mother, and his brothers all went to Egypt to see Ysuf (a.s.).
Ysuf (a.s.) raised his parents on the throne.
They all bowed in prostration to him.
Ysuf (a.s.) said to his father: This is the explanation of my vision.
Q. Ysuf: 101
Ysuf (a.s.) made a du to Allh
Grateful for the blessings
Allh is the Creator of heavens and earth
Allh is his Waliy in this world and the hereafter
Asked Allh to let him die as a Muslim
Asked Allh to join him with the righteous
Visit 3
Visit 4
1 Ysuf (a.s.) had 12 brothers.
a) True
b) False
2 The other sons of Yaqb (a.s.) feel jealous of Ysuf (a.s.) and his brother because they were more
beloved to their father.
a) True
b) False
3 The brothers plotted and discussed about
a) killing Ysuf (a.s.)
b) kicking Ysuf (a.s.) out of town
c) throwing Ysuf (a.s.) into a well
d) all of the above
4 Ysuf (a.s.) was sold as a slave to
a) the king of Egypt
b) a trustee of Egypt
c) a magician of Egypt
d) a merchant of Egypt
5 The king of Egypt dreamed of
i) 7 fat cows eating 7 skinny cows
ii) 7 skinny cows eating 7 fat cows
iii) 7 ears of green grains and 7 dry ones
iv) 7 ears of green grains and 7 black ones
a) i and ii
b) ii and iii
c) iii and iv
d) i and iv
6 During Ysufs (a.s.) brothers first visit to Egypt during the drought, Binyamn came along.
a) True
b) False
7 The eleven stars, the sun, and the moon in Ysufs (a.s.) dream were symbols for his brothers,
his father, and his mother.
a) True
b) False
Ayyub (a.s.) a.k.a. Job
Ayybs (a.s.) name is mentioned in the Qurn 4 times.
Ibrhm(a.s.) Ayyb (a.s.) lived in Bathniyah, between Damascus and Adhrust
(said to be north of the Gulf of Aqabah)
He was sent to the Romans.
Allh blessed Ayyb (a.s.) with
14 children
Isq (a.s.)
Ayyb (a.s.)
Allh tested Ayyb (a.s.) with one calamity after another.
Ayyb (a.s.) became sick
o Nothing of his body could move except his head and tongue made zikrullah
He lose his business and properties
His slaves and friends left him
His children became sick and died one by one
He lived in this condition for 50-70 years.
For 7/8 years of hardship, Ayyb (a.s.) did not asked
Allh to heal him. His wife asked him why.
Ayyb (a.s.) said that he had a good life for 70 years,
should he not be patient for another 70 years?
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
H. MuslimDu of the Prophet (s.a.w.)
O Allh! I seek refuge in You
from the decline of Your blessings
the removal of our state of well-being
the suddenness of Your punishments
and from all that displeases You
The Story of Ayyub (a.s.):
For those who are undergoing
hardships (e.g. sickness, lost of
family and friends)
For those who Allh had given
many blessings, but are not
thankful enough.
A test from Allh is
a sign of His love
a way to expiate sin, to
wake the person up and
bring him closer to Allh.
Ayyub (a.s.) a.k.a. Job
Q. d: 44
Allh commended Ayyb (a.s.) for being an excellent slave
for being patient
for returning in repentance
Ayybs (a.s.) wife started working as a maid to support their family.
However, there was a rumour that Ayybs (a.s.) disease was contagious,
so no one would hire her anymore.
She cut her hair and sold it to buy food.
When Ayyb (a.s.) got to know of what she did, he vowed to beat her a hundred times.
Q. Al-Anbiy: 83
Ayyb (a.s.) then supplicated to Allh (indirectly asking Him to cure his condition):
Verily! Distress has seized me, and You are the Most Merciful of all those who show mercy.
Q. d: 83
Allh instructed Ayyb (a.s.) to
Strike the ground with his foot a spring of water gushed out
Wash and drink from the spring of water golden locusts began to fall on him (H. Bukhari)
Ayyb (a.s.) became healthy and young again.
Q. d: 44
Allh ordered Ayyb (a.s.) to fulfill his oath to beat his wife for selling her hair:
And take in your hands a bunch of grass and strike with it.
Allh then gave Ayyb (a.s.) blessings more than what he had previously, as a reward for his patience.
1 Ayyb (a.s.) came from the progeny of Isq (a.s.) and Ibrhm(a.s.) through Yaqb (a.s.).
a) True
b) False
2 How many children did Ayyb (a.s.) have before he was tested by Allh?
a) 13
b) 14
c) 15
d) 16
3 How many years did Ayyb (a.s.) live a good life before he was tested by Allh?
a) 60
b) 70
c) 80
d) 90
4 Why did Ayyb (a.s.) make and oath to beat his wife?
a) Because she was rude to him
b) Because she asked him to make du to Allh to cure himself
c) Because she started working as a maid
d) Because she cut and sold her hair to buy food
5 Allh praises Ayyb (a.s.) for being
e) patient
ii) strong
iii) repentant
iv) wise
a) i and ii
b) i and iii
c) i and iv
d) ii and iv
Yunus (a.s.) a.k.a. Jonah
Ynuss (a.s.) name is mentioned in the Qurn 4 times.
Ynus (a.s.) b. Matta was sent to the people of Nineveh (Ninawa), Iraq.
The people of Nineveh were idol-worshippers.
Initially, they rejected Ynus (a.s.).
After Ynus (a.s.) had left, the skies began to change colour.
They were reminded of the destruction of nations before them and realized Ynus (a.s.)
was telling the truth.
They all gathered outside and started beseeching Allh for mercy and forgiveness with pure sincerity.
Allh spared them from the punishment. (Ibn Kathr)
The people of Nineveh were
the only nation which Allh removed His torment from them (Q. Ynus: 98)
the only nation where all its inhabitant (100 000 people or more) became believers.
(Q. Saffat: 147-148)
Q. Ynus: 98
After his people had rejected him, Ynus (a.s.) left in anger and disappointment.
He went to the shore and boarded a ship to leave the town.
A horrible storm started, with waves as high as mountains.
The crew tossed baggages overboard to lighten the ship, but this was not enough.
They decided to throw at least one of them overboard.
They made lots with names of everyone.
The one whose name is drawn will be thrown into the sea.
time Ynus
time Ynus
time Ynus Ynus (a.s.) knew this was fromAllh, so he decided to throw himself off.
Allh ordered a whale to swallow Ynus (a.s.).
Ynus (a.s.) stayed in the belly of the whale for 40 days.
The crew did not want to throw him as they knew he was honourable.
He did not have the
permission of Allh
to leave.
Yunus (a.s.) is called
Dhan-Nn, which means
the man of the fish
(Q. Al-Anbiya: 87)
Yunus (a.s.) a.k.a. Jonah
Ynus (a.s.) was in 3 layers of darkness:
The darkness of the belly of the whale
The darkness of the ocean
The darkness of night
Q. Al-Anbiy: 87
Ynus (a.s.) supplicated to Allh:
None has the right to be worshipped but You, Glorified are You.
Truly, I have been of the wrong-doers.
The angels in the heaven heard a weak voice coming from
an unusual place, so they asked Allh.
Allh informed them that was Ynus (a.s.).
The angels asked Allh to save Ynus (a.s.).
Allh replied that He would.
Allh then ordered the whale to swim towards the shore and ejected Ynus (a.s.).
Ynus (a.s.) body was weak; his skin could not protect him from the sun and the wind.
Allh gave him
a tree with big leaves shade
a female deer milk
When Ynus (a.s.) health had been restored, he went back to Nineveh and found that
all his people had believed.
The supplication of
Dhun-Nun (a.s.)
No Muslim ever prays to
his Lord with these words
for anything, but He will
answer his prayer.
(H. Ahmad, Tirmidhi,
The Prophet (s.a.w.) said:
None should say that I am
better than Yunus bin Matta.
(H. Bukhari)
1 Ynus (a.s.) was sent to the people of
a) Madyan
b) Nineveh
c) Al-Ahqaf
d) Al-Aykah
2 The people of rejected Ynus (a.s.) were saved from the torment of Allh.
a) True
b) False
3 What was the mistake that Ynus (a.s.) made?
a) He did not preach to everyone.
b) He became angry at his people.
c) He left his people without Allhs order.
d) He went to another land.
4 How long did Ynus (a.s.) stay inside the belly of the whale?
a) 10 days
b) 20 days
c) 30 days
d) 40 days
5 The supplication of Ynus (a.s.) could be heard by angels in the heaven.
a) True
b) False
Dhal-Kifl (a.s.) a.k.a. Isaiah
Dhal-Kifls (a.s.) name is mentioned in the Qurn 2 times.
Q. Al-Anbiy: 85-86, Al-Qasas: 45-48
Dhal-Kifl (a.s.) was mentioned together with other prophets.
Majority of scholars : He was a prophet.
Some scholars : He was not a prophet.
Ibn Jarr
He was not a prophet but he was a righteous man.
Supported his people to suffice their needs
Administered justice among them
That is why he was called Dhal-Kifl literally means
possessor of, or giving, a double requital or portion
A qadhi said to his people:
Anyone who could
fast every day
stay up at night for prayers
would take his position.
Day 1: Siesta Ibls came to Dhal-Kifls (a.s.) house, disguised as a poor old man.
He claimed that his people had wrong him.
He prolonged his story until siesta time ended.
Dhal-Kifl (a.s.) asked him to come to the court in the evening.
Day 1: Evening Dhal-Kifl (a.s.) looked for the old man, but he was not there.
Day 2: Morning The old man still did not turn up.
Day 2: Siesta The old man came to his house.
Dhal-Kifl (a.s.) asked why he did not come.
The old man said, while Dhal-Kifl (a.s.) was in the court, his people pretended to
agree to give the old man his right, but when Dhal-Kifl (a.s.) was not in the court,
they resisted him.
Siesta time ended.
Dhal-Kifl (a.s.) asked him to come to the court again.
Day 2: Evening The old man did not turn up.
No one fit the descriptions except for Dhal-Kifl (a.s.)
(slept only during the qailulah/siesta time).
He was appointed as the qadhis successor.
Dhal-Kifl (a.s.) a.k.a. Isaiah
Day 3: Morning The old man still did not turn up.
Day 3: Siesta Dhal-Kifl (a.s.) told his wife to lock the door and not let anyone in,
because he was very sleepy.
The old man appeared, but the wife would not let him in.
Ibls slipped through and got inside the house.
Dhal-Kifl (a.s.) saw the old man and knew he who he was: the enemy of Allh!
Dhal-Kifl (a.s.) kicked Ibls out of the house.
He passed the test.
1 According to the majority of scholars, Dhal-Kifl was not a prophet.
a) True
b) False
2 Dhal-Kifl worked as a
a) farmer
b) shepherd
c) judge
d) minister
3 When did the old man come to Dhal-Kifl house?
a) Morning
b) Mid-afternoon
c) Evening
d) Night
4 Who was the old man?
a) One of the townspeople
b) A traveler
c) An angel
d) Ibls
Musa (a.s.) a.k.a. Moses
& Harun (a.s.) a.k.a. Aaron
Msas (a.s.) name is mentioned in the Qurn 136 times in 50 different chapters.
Hrns (a.s.) name is mentioned in the Qurn 20 times.
According to some historians, the King of Egypt (Firawn) at the time of Msa (a.s.) was
Minfitah a.k.a. Merneptah (1230-1215 AD), the son of Ramses II.
Firawn and the Eqyptians ruled the land.
Banu Isrl became slaves and were oppressed.
Firawn declared himself as god.
Firawn saw a dream:
A fire came from Jerusalem.
It burned the houses of the Egyptians only.
It did not harm Banu Isrl.
His priests and magicians interpreted the dream:
A boy will be born from Banu Isrl.
The Egyptians would perish at his hands.
Firawn issued a decree to kill all male babies of the Banu Isrl.
Then, they changed to killing all male babies born in alternate years.
1 year: kill the babies* Otherwise, they would lose manpower if
1 year: let the babies live** all the children were killed and the aged died.
* Msa (a.s.) was born in one of these years They were
** Hrn (a.s.) was born in one of these years brothers.
Firawns plan
Egyptian midwives would go around checking for pregnant women.
A sign would be placed at each of the Banu Isrls house that had a pregnant woman
(only the Egyptians could read the sign).
Soldiers would raid houses at night, taking babies from their mothers.
Some of the Banu Isrl people became spies and informed any pregnancy or delivery to the Egyptians.
Musa (a.s.) a.k.a. Moses
& Harun (a.s.) a.k.a. Aaron
UmmMsa became pregnant with Msa (a.s.) during the year of slaughter.
She kept the pregnancy a secret.
She and her neighbour (who was not pregnant) planned:
If any soldier came, they would switch places so that the soldier would only find
non-pregnant woman in both of their houses.
When Msa (a.s.) was born, UmmMsa nursed him secretly.
Q. Al-Qasas: 7
Allh inspired UmmMsa:
Suckle Msa
When she feared for him, cast him into the river
Do not fear
Do not grieve
Allh would return him
Allh would make him one of the messengers
Allh commanded the waves to be calm and gentle while carrying Msa (a.s.).
Q. Al-Qasas: 10-11
After casting her baby in a basket into the river, Umm Msas heart became empty.
She asked her daughter to follow him.
The daughter followed the box secretly from afar.
Q. Al-Qasas: 9-13
The basket drifted towards Firawns palace.
The first person to take the basket was the wife of Firawn.
She fell in love with the baby.
When Firawn saw the baby, he wanted to kill him.
But the Queen defended the baby, saying:
A comfort of the eye for me and for you.
Kill him not, perhaps he maybe of a benefit to us,
or we may adopt him as a son.
Formula for
Who named Musa (a.s.)?
Most probably Asiyah,
the wife of Firawn.
What does Musa mean?
Something that the
wave left behind.
Musa (a.s.) a.k.a. Moses
& Harun (a.s.) a.k.a. Aaron
The Queen summoned a few wet nurses, but he would not suckle from them.
Msas (a.s.) sister came forward and said she knew the perfect woman for the job.
The Queen asked her to call woman.
Msas (a.s.) sister went back and told her mother.
UmmMsa went to the palace and started nursing Msa (a.s.).
Firawn was astonished; he asked her who she was.
UmmMsa said: I am a woman of sweet milk and sweet smell, and no child refuses me.
She became his wet nurse.
Msa (a.s.) was brought back to his mother so that
she would be content
she would not grieve
she would know that Allhs promise is true
Preparation 1
Execution 1
Preparation 2
Execution 2
In Firawns
Until Msa
(a.s.) was 30
years old
Face Firawn
15 years
In Madyan
10 years of
learning skills
Came out of
Egypt with
Banu Isral
Until Msas
(a.s.) death
Free Banu Isral
from oppression
Take Banu Isral
out of Egypt and
create renaissance
with them
Musa (a.s.) a.k.a. Moses
& Harun (a.s.) a.k.a. Aaron
Gentle and
Pride and
Have a role
Have vision
Have good
Umm Msa told Msa (a.s.)
the story of Yusuf (a.s.). He
was from Banu Isral , but was
also loved by the Egyption.
in the
The Egyptians
trained their
kids to do
Msa (a.s.) saw
how Banu Isral
was oppressed
and wanted to
change it.
Msa (a.s.) was
able to blend in
with both
Egyptians and
Banu Isral .
Msa (a.s.)
asked Allah to
make Harun
(a.s.) a prophet
to support him.
Msa (a.s.)
knew when to
say yes/no and
how to make
Msa (a.s.)
was confident
in front of
Firawn and
his people.
Musa (a.s.) a.k.a. Moses
& Harun (a.s.) a.k.a. Aaron
Asiyah told Msa (a.s.) about his past.
Msa (a.s.) visited his wet nurse (his own mother) and spent some time with Hrn (a.s.) (his brother).
UmmMsa did not tell Msa (a.s.) who she was until the right time came.
One day, Msa (a.s.) entered the city
when the people were unaware.
He found two men fighting: one was an
Egyptian and the other from Banu Isrl.
The Banu Isrl asked for his help, and
Msa (a.s.) hit the Egyptian with his fist.
Msa (a.s.) was so strong that one strike
caused the Egyptian his life.
Msa (a.s.) repented to Allh.
Allh forgave him.
The next day, the same
person whomhe had
helped got involved in
another fight with an
Msa (a.s.) said:
You seem to be a
quarrelsome fellow.
The man thought Msa
(a.s.) wanted to kill him.
He said: Would you kill me
as you killed the wretch
The Egyptian heard
this and reported
Msa (a.s.) to the
A man alerted
Msa (a.s.) that the
chiefs had decided
to kill Msa (a.s.).
He advised Msa
(a.s.) to escape the
(Q. Al-Qasas:
Q. Al-Qasas: 21-22
Msa (a.s.) left Egypt towards the desert of Madyan (the only country not under Firawns power).
He prayed to Allh to
save him from the wrongdoers
guide him to the right way
Msa (a.s.) travelled for 8 nights and hid during the day.
He did not have anything with him.
no water
sandals became worn out
ate leaves
Musa (a.s.) a.k.a. Moses
& Harun (a.s.) a.k.a. Aaron
When he arrived at the watering hole outside Madyan, he rested under a tree.
Q. Al-Qasas: 23-24
He saw shepherds watering their flocks and, at the other side, two young women.
Msa (a.s.) asked them: What is the matter?
They said: We cannot water our flocks until they finish, and our father is a very old man.
Msa (a.s.) went to the watering hole and removed a heavy rock that was covering part of the spring.
He watered the womens flock from them.
Msa (a.s.) then turned back to the shade, saying:
My Lord! Truly, I am in need of whatever good that You bestow on me.
One of the women heard his prayer.
Q. Al-Qasas: 25-28
Later, one of the women came and told Msa (a.s.) that her father, Shuayb (a.s.),
had invited him in order to reward him.
He came to their house related his story to Shuayb (a.s.).
Shuayb (a.s.) said: Fear not. You have escaped from the wrongdoing people.
(The answer to Msas (a.s.) prayer earlier.)
The eldest sister asked her father to hire Msa (a.s.).
He was strong.
He was trustworthy.
Shuayb (a.s.) wedded Msa (a.s.) to his daughter with the condition that Msa (a.s.) work for him for
8 years
or complete 10 years, as a favour fromMsa (a.s.)
Msa (a.s.) accepted, and he became a shepherd for Shuayb (a.s.).
Musa (a.s.) a.k.a. Moses
& Harun (a.s.) a.k.a. Aaron
After 10 years had passed, Msa (a.s.) decided to went back to Egypt with his family.
At nightfall, they reached Mount Tur, Sinai.
Q. Al-Qasas: 29, Th: 10
Msa (a.s.) noticed a fire from Mount Tur.
He told his wife to wait; he would go to the place where he was the fire
to bring information (they were lost)
to bring some fire for warmth
Q. Al-Qasas: 30-32, Th: 11-23
When Msa (a.s.) reached the place, he found the fire burning in a green bush on the side of the mountain.
He then heard a call from the right side of the valley:
O Msa! Verily, I amAllh, the Lord of all that exits!
Allh spoke to Msa (a.s.) directly.
Msa (a.s.) became Kalimullh.
Allh told Msa (a.s.) to take of his shoes . Msa (a.s.) was in the Sacred Valley.
Allh asked Msa (a.s.) about his staff,
and ordered him to throw it.
The stick turned into a snake. *
Msa (a.s.) got scared and ran away.
Allh told Msa (a.s.) not to be afraid and
ordered him to pick the snake up; He
would return it back to its original state.
Msa (a.s.) did as he was told in
tawakkul. The snake turned back
into a staff.
Allh ordered Msa (a.s.) to put his hand
into the opening of his garment
Msas (a.s.) hand came out shining
white, without a disease.*
* Proofs from
Allah to
Firawn and
his chiefs.
Musa (a.s.) a.k.a. Moses
& Harun (a.s.) a.k.a. Aaron
Q. Al-Qasas: 30-32, Th: 11-23
Allh ordered Msa (a.s.) to go to Firawn for he had transgressed.
Q. Al-Qasas: 33
Msa (a.s.) said he had killed one of the Egyptian, and they might kill himback.
He requested Hrn (a.s.) as a helper to confirm his message.
Q. Th 25-35
Msa (a.s.) made a dua:
Open for me my chest
Ease my task for me
Make loose the knot from my tongue, that they understand my speech
o He had speech impediment.
Appoint for me a helper from my family, Hrn, my brother
o Increase my strength with him
o Let him share my task
o We may glorify You much, and remember You much
Q. Al-Qasas: 34, Th: 36
Allh granted Msas (a.s.) request and appointed Hrn (a.s.) as a prophet.
As soon as they reached Egypt, Msa (a.s.) went to his mothers house and informed Hrn (a.s.)
of the message.
Msa (a.s.) and Hrn (a.s.) went together to see Firawn.
Msa (a.s.) spoke to Firawn
about Allh
His mercy
His paradise
His worship
and about freeing Banu Isrl
Firawn said they were his slave
Msa (a.s.) said they were Allhs slaves
Firawn started reminding Msa (a.s.) of his past
how they picked him up from the Nile
how he was brought up in the palace
how he killed an Egyptian
Musa (a.s.) a.k.a. Moses
& Harun (a.s.) a.k.a. Aaron
Msa (a.s.) explained to Firawn
He was wrong when he killed the Egyptian.
He fled because he was afraid of their revenge, even though the killing was an accident.
Allh had forgiven him and appointed him as his messenger.
Q. Ash-Shu`ar': 23-31
Firawn said: Msa (a.s.) answered:
What is the Lord of the lamn?
Lord of the heavens, and the earth,
and all that is between them.
[To those around]
Do you not hear?
Your Lord and the Lord of your
ancient fathers!
[To those around]
Your Messenger who has been
sent to you is a madman.
Lord of the east and the west, and
all that is between them
If you choose an ilah (a god)
other than me, I will certainly
put you among the prisoners.
Even if I bring you proof?
Then bring it, if you should be
of the truthful
Q. Ash-Shu`ar': 32-37
Msa (a.s.) threw his staff. It turned into a snake.
He drew out his hand. It was white.
Firawn accused Msa (a.s.) of being a magician who wanted to drive the Egyptian out.
The advisors said they should call all magicians in the country and have them compete with Msa (a.s.).
Musa (a.s.) a.k.a. Moses
& Harun (a.s.) a.k.a. Aaron
On the appointed day, people gather to watch 10 000 magicians and Msa (a.s.) competing.
Before they began, Msa (a.s.) reminded the magician of Allhs punishment if they continued
lying against Allh.
Msa (a.s.) made them think, but they were greedy for what Firawn had promised them.
The magicians asked Firawn if he was going to reward them for winning.
Firawn said they would become close to him.
(Q. Ash-Shu`ar': 41-42)
Q. Th: 65-69, Ash-Shu`ar': 43-51
Msa (a.s.) let the magicians start first.
They threw their ropes and staffs, and the items turned into snakes to the eyes of people.
Msa (a.s.) threw his staff.
It turned into a huge snake and devoured all the other snakes.
The magician fell down in prostration to Allh and proclaimed their belief in Him,
the Lord of Msa (a.s.) and Hrn (a.s.).
Firawn became so mad.
He accused them of planning this event with Msa (a.s.).
He threatened to cut their hands and feet on opposite side, and to crucify them.
The magicians remained firm, so Firawn killed them.
H. Amad (n. Ibn Abbas)
During his night journey, the Prophet (s.a.w.) smelled a very nice scent.
Jibrl said it came fromthe grave of the woman who used to be to comb Firawn's daughter's hair.
This woman was a good, pious believer.
She had 4 kids and a baby.
One day, while combing Firawn's daughter's hair, the comb fell from her hand.
She picked the comb and said: Bismillah.
Firawn's daughter asked: My father?
The woman said: No, my God and your fathers God is Allh.
Musa (a.s.) a.k.a. Moses
& Harun (a.s.) a.k.a. Aaron
Firawn's daughter told her father what had happened.
Firawn asked the woman: Do you have a God other than me?
She said: Yes, my God and your God is Allh.
Firawn demanded the woman to leave Islam, but she refused.
He threatened to kill her children.
He brought a great container of boiling oil and he started to drop the children into it, one after the other.
The woman remained steadfast to Islam.
When they wanted to take her baby from her arm, and she was about to pull back,
Allh made the baby speak: Be patient my mother, you are in the truth.
So she remained calm.
They threw the baby into the boiling oil.
Before she was thrown into the boiling oil, the woman requested her bones and her childrens bones to be
gathered together in one cloth and buried.
Q. Ghfir: 28
A believing man of Fir`awn's family said:
Would you kill a man because he says Allh is his God
He has come to you with clear signs
If he is a liar, Allh will punish him in the Hereafter
If he is telling the truth, then calamities will befall on you
Firawns relative uses different types of dialogues:
Who was he?
According to As-Suddi, this man was Firawns cousin.
Some said he was the man who advised Msa (a.s.) to flee from Egypt.
Musa (a.s.) a.k.a. Moses
& Harun (a.s.) a.k.a. Aaron
Allh gave Firawn and his people another 7 signs:
Blood (All water turned into blood for the Egyptian.)
Each time, Firawn would ask Msa (a.s.) to pray to Allh to remove the torment.
He promised Msa (a.s.) that he would let Banu Isrl go with him.
But every time the torment was removed, he would not let them go.
Q. Ad-Dukhn: 23
Allh ordered Msa (a.s.) to go bring Banu Isrl out of Egypt at night.
He warned that they would be pursued.
Banu Isrl took all their possessions with them.
including their gold and jewels.
They walk towards the Red Sea.
Meanwhile, Firawn and his people realized that Banu Isrl had gone.
Firawn mobilized a huge army to pursue them at sunrise.
When Banu Isrl reached the beach of the Red Sea, they became agitated.
In front: the sea
Behind: Firawn and his army
Msa (a.s.) assured them not to worry: My Lord is with me.
Allh ordered him to hit the sea with his staff, and Msa (a.s.) did.
The sea parted; each portion as high as mountains.
(Q. Ash-Shu`ar': 63)
Musa (a.s.) a.k.a. Moses
& Harun (a.s.) a.k.a. Aaron
Msa (a.s.) led Banu Isrl across to the other side.
Firawn and his people followed them into the sea.
When the last of the Banu Isrl had crossed the sea,
Allh made the sea come back together.
Firawn and his army were still in the middle of the sea.
They started drowning.
At that time, Firawn proclaimed that
he believed there is no God except the one
Banu Isrl believed in
he was among the Muslims
But it was too late.
Firawn and his army were killed.
But Allh preserved the body of Firawn and it washed up to the
western seashore, as a sign to
his people back in Egypt:
their god was a mere human and had died
the future generations
(Q. Ynus: 90-92)
Some time after the Exodus, Msa (a.s.) went back to Sinai.
He appointed Hrn (a.s.) to be in charge of Banu Isrl.
Msa (a.s.) fasted for 40 days, and then he went to Mount Tur to speak to Allh.
He stayed at Mount Tur for 40 days.
Msa (a.s.) asked Allh several questions
Allh gave Msa (a.s.) the Tawrah that was written on tablets.
The Day of Ashura
The day when Msa (a.s.)
and Banu Isral were
saved from the oppression
of Firawn and his people.
It is a sunnah to fast on
the Day of Ashura and one
day before or after it.
H. Bukhari, Muslim
Musa (a.s.) a.k.a. Moses
& Harun (a.s.) a.k.a. Aaron
Msa (a.s.) asked Allh to teach him something
He never taught to other prophets.
L ilha illAllh = heavier than everything else
Msa (a.s.) asked Allh about the last men to
enter Jannah.
A man crawled out from the hellfire.
He asked to be closer to a tree, and promised
not to ask for anything else.
Then, he asked to be closer to another more
wonderful tree, and promised not to ask for
anything else.
Then, he asked to be closer to a tree in front of
the Gate of Jannah, and promised not to ask for
anything else.
Then, he asked Allh to let him enter Jannah.
Allh allowed him to enter.
Msa (a.s.) asked Allh about what was written in
the Scrolls.
A nation where if a man
- intend to do good deed, he will get 1x reward.
- do a good deed, he will get 10x reward.
o Msa (a.s.) asked Allh to make it his nation.
o Allh said no, it is for the nation of the
Prophet (s.a.w.)
Msa (a.s.) asked Allh to make him the
prophet of the final nation.
o Allh said no, Prophet Muammad (s.a.w.)
will be the final prophet.
Jannah will be filled with people from this final
o Msa (a.s.) asked Allh to make him one
of them.
o Allh said no, it is for the nation of the
Prophet (s.a.w.)
Msa (a.s.) asked to see Allhs face
Allh told Msa (a.s.)
He would not be able to.
Look at the mountain, if it remained in its place,
Msa (a.s.) would be able to see Him.
The mountain collapsed and turned to dust.
Msa (a.s.) fainted.
When he recovered, he glorified Allh and turned
in repentance. (Q. Al-Arf: 143)
Q. Th: 88-99
Smr suggested that they find themselves another guide, as Moses had broken his promise.
He collected all their gold jewelleries, melted them and built a golden calf.
It was hollow wind pass through produced a sound.
Smr told Banu Isrl to worship the golden calf.
He said that the calf was their God and the God of Msa (a.s.), but Msa (a.s.) had forgotten.
Some of the people followed Smrs suggestion.
Musa (a.s.) a.k.a. Moses
& Harun (a.s.) a.k.a. Aaron
Hrn (a.s.) said to them: O my people! You have been deceived.
Your Lord is the Most Beneficent. Follow and obey me.
They replied: We shall stop worshipping this god only if Moses returns.
When Msa (a.s.) came back and saw what they did, he was furious and upset.
He hold Hrns (a.s.) beard and said:
What held you back when you saw them going astray?
Hrn (a.s.) replied:
O my son of my mother! Seize me not by my beard, nor by my head! Verily, I feared you would say
You have caused a division among the children of Israel, and you have not respected my word!
Msa (a.s.) asked him why he made the calf.
Smr said he was only following his nafs.
He took a dust from the hoof print of Jibrls horse and threw it together with the jewelleries into the fire.
Msa (a.s.) burned the calf and scatter its particles into the sea.
Smr was exiled.
The calf worshippers were punished with a death sentence. (Q. Al-Baqarah: 54)
Q. Al-Midah: 20-26
Msa (a.s.) took Banu Isrl towards Palestine.
Banu Isrl refused to enter because they were scared of the strong people who lived there.
Out of the thousands, only two men were ready to fight.
Ysha` Ibn Nn
Kalib ibn Yufna
(Ibn Kathr)
They suggested an assault and said victory would be theirs.
But the others would not go in unless the strong inhabitants of the land leave.
They told Msa (a.s.) to go and fight; they would stay right there.
Banu Isrl were forbidden from entering the holy land because of their disobedience.
Allh made them wander around the land for 40 years.
In the period of wandering, Msa (a.s.)
split Banu Isrl into 12 tribes and appointed a leader to each tribe
started teaching them about the 10 commandments
Musa (a.s.) a.k.a. Moses
& Harun (a.s.) a.k.a. Aaron
Q. Al-Anm: 151-152
Do not joint anything in worship with Him
Be good and dutiful to your parents
Do not kill your children because of poverty
Do not come near to shameful sins, whether committed openly or secretly
Do not kill anyone whomAllh has forbidden, except for a just cause (according to Islamic law).
Do not come near to the orphan's property, except to improve it, until he or she attains the age
of full strength
Give full measure and full weight with justice
Say the truth even if a near relative is concerned
Fulll the Covenant of Allh
Follow this straight path and not other paths.
The Law of Tawrah became heavy to Banu Isrl.
They did not want to implement them until Allh raised the mountain over them.
They thought it was going to crush them.
Allh reminded them to
hold firmly to the Tawrah
enter the gate of Palestine prostrating in humility
honour the Sabbath
(Q. An-Nis: 154, Al-Arf: 171)
Msa (a.s.) chose 70 people from Banu Isrl to go to Sinai and ask Allh for forgiveness.
They heard Msa (a.s.) conversing with Allh, but still they were dissatisfied.
They said: O Msa! We shall never believe in you till we see Allh plainly.
They were seized by lightning earthquake and killed.
Msa (a.s.) asked Allh to forgive their foolishness.
Allh forgave them and brought them back to life.
(Q. Al-Baqarah: 55-56)
Musa (a.s.) a.k.a. Moses
& Harun (a.s.) a.k.a. Aaron
Q. Al-Baqarah: 60
Msa (a.s.) and Banu Isrl asked Allh for rain.
Allh commanded Msa (a.s.) to hit a rock with his staff 12 different springs came out from the rock
(one for each tribe)
Q. Al-Baqarah: 57-61
Allh sent down to Banu Isrl
Manna whiter than milk and sweeter than honey
Salwa bird that looks like the quail
They would collect manna and catch salwa as much as was sufficient for a particular day.
Manna and salwa would be spoiled the next day.
On Friday, they would collect what was enough for that day and Saturday.
But they told Msa (a.s.) that they were bored with one type of food.
They wanted traditional foods: herbs, garlic, lentils, etc.
Msa (a.s.) admonished them for preferring something lower (normal crops) to something better (manna
and salwa). He told them to go to the town, instead of asking Allh to grow the food for them.
Q. Al-Baqarah: 57
When they were in the desert, the clouds shielded them from the sun.
H. (n. Ubayy ibn Kab)
A man asked Msa (a.s.): Who is the most knowledgeable man?
Msa (a.s.) said: I.
Allh sent Jibrl to informMsa (a.s.) of a man more knowledgeable than him.
Musa (a.s.) a.k.a. Moses
& Harun (a.s.) a.k.a. Aaron
Q. Al-Kahf: 60-65
Msa (a.s.) and his servant, Ysha b. Nn went to the junction of the two seas.
Sign of the place: When the fish they carried disappeared.
They reached the junction of the two seas.
The fish jumped out and swam away.
Ysha, who saw this, forgot to informMsa (a.s.).
They continued their journey until they were exhausted and hungry.
Msa (a.s.) asked for their meal to be brought out.
Ysha remembered about the fish and informed Msa (a.s.).
They retraced their steps to the junction of the sea where the fish
had jumped out.
There, Msa (a.s.) found Khidr sleeping.
He waited until Khidr woke up.
Q. Al-Kahf: 66-82
Msa (a.s.) asked Khidr if he could follow him. Khidr said Msa (a.s.) would not be patient with him.
Msa (a.s.) assured Khidr that he would be patient. Khidr set a condition: Do not question him.
They walk along the
They asked a boat to
take them on board.
The crew knew Khidr, so
they did not charge
A sparrow came and dipped
its beak into the sea.
Khidr said:
His + Msas (a.s.)
knowledge have not
decreased Allh's
knowledge except as much
as the sparrow has
decreased the water of the
sea with its beak.
Khidr made a hole on
the boat.
Msa (a.s.) questioned him,
but Khidr reminded him
of the condition.
The boat belonged to the poor
There was a dictator who would
take away undamaged boats, so
Khidr made a hole so that it
would not be taken away.
Lessons for Knowledge Seekers
from the Story of
Msa (a.s.) and Khidr
Have good manners
towards the teacher.
Love knowledge
Be persistent
Be humble
Be sincere
Musa (a.s.) a.k.a. Moses
& Harun (a.s.) a.k.a. Aaron
They passed by a boy.
Khidr killed the boy.
Msa (a.s.) questioned him
again, but Khidr reminded
him of the condition.
The boy would grow up bringing
harm to his parents.
He killed the boy so that
Allh would replace himwith
a child who would be more
righteous and merciful
the boy may enter jannah.
They passed by a village.
The inhabitants refused
to entertain them.
They was a wall that was
going to collapse.
Khidr repaired it.
Msa (a.s.) suggested Khidr
to ask for wages.
Khidr said this was where
they would part, and he
would explain the reasons
behind his actions.
The wall belonged to two
Underneath it was a treasure left
by their righteous father.
When the orphans grew up, they
would take out their treasure.
Q. Al-Baqarah: 67-74
Among Banu Isrl, there lived a poor but pious man.
When he was nearing his death, he told his family :
not to sell their cow until his son grew up
only then they could sell it at a high price.
The man died.
The Wealthy
A young man whose father had died lived with his wealthy uncle.
He wanted to kill his uncle and marry his daughter to take his wealth.
He told his uncle that he wanted to do business with another tribe and
he needed his uncle to be his guarantor.
When they were close to the other tribes area, he killed his uncle.
The man came back to his tribe and told them that the other tribe had killed his uncle.
Argument ensued. No one admitted being guilty.
So they went to ask Msa (a.s.).
Musa (a.s.) a.k.a. Moses
& Harun (a.s.) a.k.a. Aaron
Which Cow?
Msa (a.s.) told them that Allh commanded them to slaughter a cow.
TThey said: Msa (a.s.) answered:
Do you make fun of us? Allh forbid that I be foolish.
What type of cow? Not too old, not too young.
Do what you are commanded.
What color must it be? Yellow cow
bright in its color
pleasing to the beholders
Do what you are commanded.
Make it plain to us. All cows are alike. Not used to till the soil or water the fields
Now you have brought the truth.
Searching for
the Perfect
They searched high and low for such cow.
They almost could not find any until they came to the cow owned by
the son of the pious man.
They asked the young man the price for his cow.
He said he would have to consult his mother.
They followed the young man home and asked his mother.
At first, they offered three gold coin, but the mother refused.
They increased their offer, but the mother kept on refusing.
They requested the young man to ask his mother to be reasonable.
The young man said: I will not sell the cow without my mother's approval,
even if you offered me its skin filled with gold!
The mother said: Let that be the price.
They had no choice but to pay the cow's fill of its skin in gold.
The Dead
Man Speaks
They slaughtered the cow and touched the dead man with a part of the cow.
The dead man came to life.
They asked him: Who killed you?
The dead man said: [pointing to his nephew] That man.
He died again, and the nephew was not allowed to inherit him.
Musa (a.s.) a.k.a. Moses
& Harun (a.s.) a.k.a. Aaron
M SA (A.S.) AND HRN (A.S.)
Msa (a.s.) & Hrn
spent time together.
Msa (a.s.) went for
Hrn (a.s.)
Msa (a.s.) came back.
Msa (a.s.) died. at the age of 120
some said he died at a place near Mount Nibu
1 Firawn ordered the killing of all Banu Isrl babies.
a) True
b) False
2 Msa (a.s.) and Hrn (a.s.) were
a) brothers
b) cousins
c) uncle and nephew
d) friends
3 Msa (a.s.) had speech impediment.
a) True
b) False
4 Among the signs that Allh had given to Firawn and his people were
i) plague
ii) earthquake
iii) flood
iv) frogs
a) i, ii, and iii
b) i, iii, and iv
c) ii, iii, and iv
d) All of the above
5 Among the signs that Allh had given to Banu Isrl were
i) splitting of the sea
ii) manna and salwa
iii) shading clouds
iv) talking calf
a) i, ii, and iii
b) i, iii, and iv
c) ii, iii, and iv
d) All of the above
6 Why did Banu Isrl refused to enter Palestine?
a) They liked where they were living.
b) They were scared of the inhabitants of Palestine.
c) They disliked living in Palestine.
d) They were thrown out of Palestine.
7 Khidr was a prophet.
a) True
b) False
Yusha b. Nun (a.s.) a.k.a. Joshua
Yshas (a.s.) name is not mentioned in the Qurn, but mentioned in the srah.
Ysha (a.s.) b. Nn was Msas (a.s.) helper.
After the death of Hrn (a.s.), Ysha (a.s.)
accompanied Msa in the desert for 40 years
carried out all the assignments that were previously carried out by Hrn (a.s.).
He was mentioned in the Qurn as the boy-servant who had traveled with Msa (a.s.) to the
junction of the two seas (Q. Kahf: 60)
Msa (a.s.) or Hrn (a.s.) never entered Al-Quds in their lives.
After 40 years of wandering, Ysha (a.s.) wanted to conquer Al-Quds.
Al-Quds at that time was controlled by the Giants.
They were idol-worshippers
The Battle of Al-Quds The Entry to Al-Quds
Ysha(a.s.) trained Banu Isrl for jihad.
Q. Al-Baqarah: 58
Allh commanded Banu Isrl
to enter the gate of Al-Quds
saying iah
(asking Allh for forgiveness)
The battle was fierce
(12 000 people died)
Asr of Friday came,
but they were still in battle.
(Banu Isrl do not on Saturday)
H. Bukhari (n. Abu Hurayrah)
But they entered Al-Quds
crawling backward
saying Habbah fi sharah
(seed in hair) Ysha (a.s.) supplicated to Allh
to stop the movement of the sun
until they had conquered Al-Quds.
Allh answered his du, and they won.
Allh sent them punishment from the
heaven because of their disobedience.
H. Amad (n. Abu Hurayrah)
The sun has never been held back
for a human being from setting,
except for Ysha (a.s.).
1 Ysha (a.s.) b. Nn was the helper of which prophet?
a) Msa (a.s.)
b) Hrn (a.s.)
c) Shuayb (a.s.)
d) Ynus (a.s.)
2 Who led Banu Isrl to conquer Al-Quds?
a) Msa (a.s.)
b) Hrn (a.s.)
c) Ysha (a.s.)
d) azql (a.s.)
3 When did Ysha (a.s.) made a du for Allh to stop the movement of the sun?
a) Thursday, after asr
b) Friday, after fajr
c) Friday, after asr
d) Saturday, before fajr
4 Banu Isrl entered the gate of Al-Quds in prostration.
a) True
b) False
Hazqil (a.s.) a.k.a. Ezekiel
19 -
azqls (a.s.) name is not mentioned in the Qurn, but mentioned in the srah.
Q. Al-Baqarah: 243
Banu Isrl had fled a village called Dawardan, fearing death from the plague.
They settled on a plateau.
Allh said: Die you all. They all died.
Ibn Kathr
After a long time, azql (a.s.) Ibn Buzi passed by the area.
Allh showed to him how He bring people back to life.
A voice said:
O you bones, Allh commands you to gather up. The bones became skeletons
O you bones, Allh commands you to put on
flesh and blood and the clothes in which they had died.
And they did.
Allh commands you to call the bodies to rise. And they rose.
They returned to life. (Q. Al-Baqarah: 243)
They said: Blessed are You, O Lord, and all praises is Yours.
azql (a.s.) stayed with Banu Isrl as their prophet.
1 Why did Banu Isrl fled their village?
a) They were attacked by enemies.
b) They fear the plague would kill them.
c) They did not like living there.
d) They were hit by drought.
2 Allh showed azql (a.s.) how the He bring people back to life.
a) True
b) False
3 azql (a.s.) continued on his journey after the incident.
a) True
b) False
Ilyas (a.s.) a.k.a. Elisha
20 -
Ilyss (a.s.) name is mentioned in the Qurn 2 times, and 1 time as Ilysn.
Ilys (a.s.) was sent as a prophet to Banu Isrl after azql (a.s.).
Banu Isrl at that time were worshipper of an idol named Bal.
Q. Saffat: 124-130
Ilys (a.s.) said to his people
Fear Allh
Do you call upon Bal and leave the best of creators
Allh is your Lord, and the Lord of your forefathers
Ilys (a.s.) called Banu Isrl to worship Allh only.
At first, their king believed in Ilys (a.s.), but he later apostasized.
Ilys (a.s.) prayed to Allh against them. Allh withheld rain for 3 days.
They asked Ilys (a.s.) to pray to relieve them and promised they would believe him.
Rain came, but they still disbelieved.
So Ilys (a.s.) prayed to Allh to take him to Him.
1 At the time of Ilys (a.s.), Banu Isrl worshipped
a) Allh
b) Bal
c) Cow
d) Nasr
2 The king of Banu Isrl believed in Ilys (a.s.) until his death.
a) True
b) False
Al-Yasa (a.s.) a.k.a. Elisha
Al-Yass (a.s.) name is mentioned in the Qurn 2 times.
Al-Yas (a.s.) became a prophet after Ilys (a.s.).
Ibn Asaker
He was from the progeny of Ysuf (a.s.) b. Yaqb (a.s.) b. Isq (a.s.) b. Ibrhm(a.s.).
He was the cousin of Ilys (a.s.).
He lived among Banu Isrl, calling themto Allh and the laws of Ilys (a.s.).
Majority of the people did not believe him.
1 Ilys (a.s.) and Al-Yas (a.s.) were
a) brothers
b) cousins
c) uncle and nephew
d) father and son
2 Al-Yas (a.s.) was from the progeny of Ysuf (a.s.).
a) True
b) False
Samuil (a.s.) a.k.a. Samuel
amls (a.s.) name is not mentioned in the Qurn, but mentioned in the srah.
For a period of time
after Msas (a.s.)
death, Banu Isrl
followed the
straight path.
After some
time, they
At one time,
halted among
various tribes
of Banu Isrl.
Only one pregnant
woman remained of
the offspring of Lavi
(Levi), in whom the
prophethood still
The woman
gave birth to
aml (a.s.).
(Ibn Kathr)
aml (a.s.) became
a prophet.
Q. Al-Baqarah: 246-250
Banu Isrl asked their prophet (aml (a.s.), according to Mujahid) to appoint a king to lead them
in a war against the Philistines.
The prophet feared that when the time comes to fight, they would refuse.
But they assured him that they were ready.
The prophet chose alt (Saul) to be their king
He was tall and sturdy
He was pious
He was very intelligent
Allh had chosen him
but Banu Isrl disagreed.
He was not from the noble family
He had no wealth
The prophet told them the sign blessings of alt's kingship
Allh would give themthe Tabut (wooden box) that had been stolen, carried by angels.
The Ark of the Covenant contained
A container of manna
A staff (said to be Msas (a.s.)
Samuil (a.s.) a.k.a. Samuel
Banu Isrl had always carried the Ark everywhere, even in battles.
It gave them peace of mind and courage
They considered it holy
They believed that Allh will protect them from enemies because of it
An army from Babylon
invaded Al-Quds
kicked Banu Isrl out
took the Ark of the Covenant away from them
Q. Al-Baqarah: 249-251
alt lead the army of Banu Isrl to do jihad.
He told the army:
Allh would test you with a river.
Whoever drinks from it would not be allowed to join him.
Whoever does not drink except a handful would join him.
They came to the river.
Majority of them drank from the river, except a few.
The few soldiers that obeyed alt crossed the river with him.
Eventually, they met the enemys army
led Jalt , a huge and strong warrior
They prayed to Allh:
Our Lord! Pour forth on us patience, and set firm our feet and make us victorious
over the disbelieving people.
Jalt challenged any soldiers from alts army to duel him.
No one took up the challenge; they were too scared.
alt offered the hand of his daughter in marriage to anyone who would fight Jalt.
A boy stepped forward.
Jalt laughed at the boy for wanting to fight him.
The boy took his sling, placed a pebble in it, and shot at Jalt.
The pebble hit Jalts head and killed him.
When the two armies saw this, they started fighting each other until, at the end,
the army of Banu Isrl won.
The boy who killed Jalt was Dwd (a.s.), who later became a king and a prophet.
1 aml (a.s.) appointed alt as a king for Banu Isrl.
a) True
b) False
2 The sign for alt kingship was
a) the coming down of angels
b) the victory over Jalt
c) the stopping of the sun
d) the return of Tabut
3 Allh tested the army of alt with
a) a sea
b) a well
c) a river
d) a rock
4 Jalt was killed by
a) alt
b) Dwd (a.s.)
c) Dnyl (a.s.)
d) aml (a.s.)
Dawud (a.s.) a.k.a. David
Dwds (a.s.) name is mentioned in the Qurn 16 times.
Dwds (a.s.) came fromBayt Lahm (Bethlehem), Palestine.
He was from the progeny of Yahud b. Yaqb (a.s.).
Allh blessed Dwds (a.s.) with
Kingdom(Q. Al-Baqarah: 251)
Wisdom(Q. Al-Baqarah: 251, d: 38)
Prophethood (Q. Al-Baqarah: 251)
A book called Zabr or Psalms (Q. Al-Isr: 55)
Sound judgement (d: 38)
A beautiful voice (with 70 different tones)
Understanding of the language of animals
Ability to mould iron with his hands
Dwds (a.s.) was always in the state of worship.
Glorified Allh, day and night.
o The mountains and birds joined him (d: 38)
Fasted every other day
Cry a lot out of fear of Allh
Even though Dwds (a.s.) was a king, he earned his own living.
He was the first man who invented the armour/shield.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
H. Tirmidhi Du of Dwds (a.s.)
O Allh! I ask You for
Your Love,
the love of those who love You, and
deeds which will cause me to attain Your Love.
O Allh! Make Your Love dearer to me than
my family, and
the cold water.
The most beloved fasting to Allah:
The fasting of Dawud (a.s.)
Fast alternate days
The most beloved prayer to Allah:
The prayer of Dawud (a.s.)
Sleep for 1/2 of the night
Qiyam for 1/3 of the night
Sleep for 1/6 of the night
H. Bukhari
Dawud (a.s.) a.k.a. David
Q. d: 21-26
While Dwds (a.s.) was in his mihrab, two men climb over the wall into Dwds (a.s.) house.
They wanted him to judge between them.
Brother 1 Brother 2
Had 1 goat Had 99 goats
Took his brothers only goat
Dwds (a.s.) decided that the second brother had wronged the first brother.
Afterwards, he realized that he had rushed into judgement: he did not hear the second brothers side of
the story.
He prostrated and repented to Allh, and Allh forgave him.
Dwds (a.s.) was protectively jealous of his wife.
One day, when he was at the court, a man came to their house.
His wife asked him to leave.
Dwds (a.s.) heard the mans voice; he came over and asked who the man was.
The man said: I am the one who fears no king and no one can escape me.
Dwds (a.s.) knew that he was the Angel of Death.
It was initially written that Dwds (a.s.) would live for 60 years.
When Allh created dam(a.s.), He wiped over his back and all the offspring of dam(a.s.) fell out of him
and between the eyes of each one, different degrees of light.
dam(a.s.) was looking at them and he noticed one with a lot of light and he asked who is this?
Allh told him this is a man from the end of the ummam of your offspring, he is Dwd (a.s.).
dam(a.s.) asked how old will he be? 60.
Then dam(a.s.) said, add to him 40 years from my life
Dwds (a.s.) died at the age of 100.
Ibn Kathr
Dwds (a.s.) death was mourned by 4000 priests and thousands of people.
It was so hot during the funeral.
Sulaymn (a.s.), Dwds (a.s.) son, ordered the birds to spread their wings to shade them from the sun.
1 Dwd (a.s.) came from the progeny of
a) Yahud b. Yaqb (a.s.)
b) Lavi b. Yaqb (a.s.)
c) Yusuf b. Yaqb (a.s.)
d) Binyamin b. Yaqb (a.s.)
2 Zabr was revealed to Dwd (a.s.).
a) True
b) False
3 Dwd (a.s.) could understand the animals speech.
a) True
b) False
4 Dwd (a.s.) invented the first metal armour.
a) True
b) False
5 How did Dwd (a.s.) spend his nights?
a) 1/2 night sleeping, 1/6 night qiyam, and the remaining 1/3 night sleeping.
b) 1/3 night sleeping, 1/2 night qiyam, and the remaining 1/6 night sleeping.
c) 1/6 night sleeping, 1/3 night qiyam, and the remaining 1/2 night sleeping.
d) 1/2 night sleeping, 1/3 night qiyam, and the remaining 1/6 night sleeping.
Sulayman (a.s.) a.k.a. Solomon
Sulaymns (a.s.) name is mentioned in the Qurn 17 times.
Allh blessed Sulaymn (a.s.) with
ability to understand the animals languages
ability to mould metal (like his father, Dwd (a.s.)
power over the jinn, animals, and wind
wise judgement
The Ants
Sulaymn (a.s.) and his army came to the valley of the ants.
Sulaymn (a.s.) heard a female ant warning the other ants to go back to their home,
otherwise, Sulaymn (a.s.) and his soldiers might step on them without knowing it.
Sulaymn (a.s.) smiled upon hearing this.
(Q. Naml: 16)
Goat and
Her Kid
Sulaymn (a.s.) and his army passed by a bleating goat.
Sulaymn (a.s.) said that the goat said to her kid: Come quickly before the wolf
kills you like it killed your sister last year.
They went and asked the shepherd about the goat.
The shepherd confirmed that the goat lost its kid to a wolf last year.
The Camel
and a
Sulaymn (a.s.) and his army passed by a camel.
The camel would look back at the lady who rode it and made some noise.
Sulaymn (a.s.) said that the camel was trying to tell the lady that she was hurting it.
There was a needle under the saddle that pricked the camel every time it moved fast.
They asked the lady to dismount and removed the needle.
The Two
and a Child
There were two women who each had a son.
The son of the older woman was taken by the wolf.
The older woman started claiming that the younger womans son was hers.
The older womans argument was stronger, so Dwds (a.s.) decided that the child
belonged to her.
Sulaymn (a.s.) called them and said: Give me a sword and I will divide him between
the two of you
The younger woman said: He is her child, do not cut him up!
Sulaymn (a.s.) ruled that the child belonged to the younger woman.
(H. Amad [n. Abu Hurayrah])
Sulayman (a.s.) a.k.a. Solomon
Q. Naml: 20-44
and the
of Saba
Sulaymn (a.s.) was inspecting his army.
He found out that the Hudhud (Hoopoe) was not there.
He was angry and said that he would slaughter the Hudhud unless it could give him
a valid excuse.
Hudhud came back and told Sulaymn (a.s.) of the Kingdom of Saba (Shiba) in Yemen.
The kingdom was led by a queen (Bilqis).
The people of Saba worshipped the sun.
to Submit
Sulaymn (a.s.) wrote a letter to them to invite them to Islam.
In the Name of Allh, the Most Beneficent, and Most Merciful.
Do not refuse or be arrogant with me.
Come to me as Muslims.
Hudhud flew back to Yemen.
Dropped the letter in front of the queen
Hid somewhere to observe their reactions
The Queen read the letter and requested advice from her counsels.
The counsels opinion: They were strong and ready for war.
The Queens opinion: They should test Sulaymn (a.s.).
They sent gifts to Sulaymn (a.s.), but he rejected, saying that
What Allh has given him were better
His army would come
The Queen and her people decided to submit and they came to Jerusalem.
Before the delegation from Saba arrived, Sulaymn (a.s.) had ordered someone to
bring the Queens throne to him.
An Ifrit from the jinn said he could bring it before Sulaymn (a.s.) stand from his place.
A man who had knowledge of the Book said he could bring it in a blink of an eye.
The man brought the Queens throne.
Sulaymn (a.s.) ordered the throne to be changed to see whether the Queen could
recognize it or not.
The Queen said it was similar.
Sulaymn (a.s.) had also ordered the jinn to build her a palace of glass with water
flowing underneath.
The queen tucked her skirt up to walk because she thought that it was with water.
Upon seeing Allhs blessings and Sulaymns (a.s.) position, the Queen became a
Sulayman (a.s.) a.k.a. Solomon
Sulaymn (a.s.) ordered the rebuilding of Baytul-Maqdis, which King Bukhtanassar had destroyed.
There was a tree which said that it was created to destroy the house (Al-Quds).
Sulaymn (a.s.) destroyed the tree.
Q. Saba: 14
Sulaymn (a.s.) was in his worship,
reclining on his staff.
Angel of Death came and
took Sulaymns (a.s.) soul. He died.
A maggot ate Sulaymns (a.s.) staff,
little by little, until one day,
the staff fell out of Sulaymns (a.s.) hand.
Sulaymns (a.s.) body fell onto the ground.
The jinns were working.
The jinns thought Sulaymn (a.s.) was
alive because he was still sitting there,
so they continued working.
The people and the jinns realized that
Sulaymn (a.s.) had died a long
time ago
the jinns did not know of the
Sulaymn (a.s.) Hudhud
Not corrupt
Good decision maker
Chose the best people with the right talent to do a specific task
Chose the best method and materials for dawah
Knew what to prioritize
Knew how to speak
1 Sulaymn (a.s.) had control over the
i) wind
ii) birds
iii) sun
iv) jinns
a) i, ii, and iii
b) ii, iii, and iv
c) i, iii, and iv
d) i, ii, and iv
2 The people of Saba used to worship the
a) stars
b) sun
c) idols
d) king
3 Sulaymn (a.s.) accepted the gifts from Queen of Saba.
a) True
b) False
4 Who brought the throne of the Queen of Saba to Sulaymn (a.s.)?
a) Ifrit
b) Hudhud
c) A magician
d) A man who had knowledge of the Book
5 Why did the jinns think that Sulaymn (a.s.) was still alive?
a) They heard his voice.
b) They saw him reclining on his staff.
c) They saw him praying.
d) No, they knew he was dead all along.
Ashiya (a.s.) a.k.a. Isaiah
Ashys (a.s.) name is not mentioned in the Qurn, but mentioned in the srah.
Ashy (a.s.) Ibn Amisiah or Isaiah the son of Amoz came between the time of
Dwd (a.s.) and Zakariyya (a.s.).
He was one of the prophets who prophesied about
sa (a.s.)
Muammad (s.a.w.)
King Hezekiah (Hazkia) believed in Isaiahs (a.s.) message.
Listened to his advices and prohibitions.
At one time, the king became sick
with an infected foot.
Revelation came for the king to appoint
a successor because his end was near.
He prayed to Allh with full sincerity.
Allh revealed to Isaiah (a.s.) that He would
extend the kings life for another 15 years
save him from the enemy.
The king fell into prostration.
When he raised his head, Allh revealed to
Isaiah (a.s.) to command the king to
extract the water of the fig
apply it to his sore.
He did so and was cured.
When the king died, Banu Isrl started to
become corrupted again.
(Ibn Kathr)
During this time, King Sennacherib
(Sinharib) of Babylon advanced towards
Jerusalem with 60 000 men.
All of the army of Sennacherib died
except Sennacherib and 5 companions
(including Nebuchadnezzar).
They were put in shackles and
displayed for 7 days to insult them,
and then they were jailed.
Allh revealed to Isaiah (a.s.) that the king
should send them back to their country as
a warning to their people.
Their priests and magician said:
We told you about their Lord and their
prophets, but you did not listen to us. It is
a nation which, with their God, nobody
can overcome.
Ashiya (a.s.) a.k.a. Isaiah
Banu Isrl decided to kill Isaiah (a.s.).
Isaiah (a.s.) escaped from them.
A tree opened for him, and he entered.
But Shaytan held onto the loop of his garment, so it stuck out of the tree.
When the people saw this, they sawed the tree with Isaiah (a.s.) in it.
(Ibn Kathr)
1 Ashy (a.s.) was sent to Banu Isrl during the time of Dwd (a.s.).
a) True
b) False
2 Who was the king who believed in Ashy (a.s.)?
a) Sennacherib
b) Hezekiah
c) Nebuchadnezzar
d) Menapteh
3 Ashy (a.s.) prophesized about the coming of
i) Zakariyya (a.s.)
ii) Yay (a.s.)
iii) sa (a.s.)
iv) Muammad (s.a.w.)
a) i and ii
b) ii and iii
c) iii and iv
d) i and iv
4 Banu Isrl killed Ashy (a.s.) after the death of their king.
a) True
b) False
Aramaya (a.s.) a.k.a. Jeremiah
Aramayas (a.s.) name is not mentioned in the Qurn, but mentioned in the srah.
Aramaya (a.s.) Ibn Hilkiah or Jeremiah was the descendent of the House of Levi Ibn Jacob.
Jeremiahs (a.s.) people refused to believe in him.
They caught Jeremiah (a.s.) and jailed him.
Then, Nebuchadnezzars (Bukhtanasar) army came and invaded Jerusalem. The army
captured the children
destroyed the temple
burned the Tawrah
Nebuchadnezzar heard of a man, Jeremiah (a.s.), who used to predict what had befallen the Banu Isrl,
and that they had imprisoned him.
Nebuchadnezzar ordered him to be brought out of the prison and had a dialog with him.
Nebuchadnezzar said: Jeremiah (a.s.) said:
Did you warn those people against
what has happened to them?
I knew that.
Allh sent me to them and
they accused me of lying.
Did they beat you and imprison you? Yes.
What a wicked race, to deny their
prophet and their Lord's message!
1 Aramaya (a.s.) was from the progeny of
a) Judah
b) Lavi
c) Asheriya
d) Amoz
2 Aramaya (a.s.) was caught and imprisoned by Banu Isrl.
a) True
b) False
3 Who was the king who brought Aramaya (a.s.) out of the jail?
a) Darius
b) Nebuchadnezzar
c) Hezekiah
d) Josiah
Danyal (a.s.) a.k.a. Daniel
- -
Dnyls (a.s.) name is not mentioned in the Qurn, but mentioned in the srah.
Nebuchadnezzar captured the two lions and threw them into a pit.
He then brought Daniel (a.s.) and threw him at them.
Daniel (a.s.) supplicated to Allh.
The lions did not pounce at him, but they remained calmas Allh wished.
When Daniel (a.s.) desired food and drink, Allh revealed to Jeremiah (a.s.), who was in Sham
(Palestine/Syria), to prepare them for Daniel (a.s.).
Jeremiah said: Allh said:
O Lord I am in Jerusalem
while Daniel is in Babylon (Iraq).
Do what I have commanded you to do,
and I shall send you one who will carry you
and what you have prepared.
Jeremiah (a.s.) did so and Allh sent him something that would carry himuntil he arrived at the brink
of the pit.
Daniel (a.s.) said: Jeremiah (a.s.) said:
Who is this? I am Jeremiah.
What brought you? Your Lord sent me to you.
And so my Lord has remembered me? Yes.
Praise be to Allh Who
never forgets those who appeal to Him!
And Praise be to Him Who
compensates good with good,
rewards patience with safety,
dispels harm after distress,
assures us when we are overwhelmed, and
is our hope when skill fails us.
1 Dnyl (a.s.) lived in...
a) Bethlehem
b) Sinai
c) Babylon
d) Samarkand
2 Dnyl (a.s.) was thrown into a pit that had in it.
a) tigers
b) lions
c) bears
d) wolves
3 Who did Allh send to provide Dnyl (a.s.) with food?
a) Ashy (a.s.)
b) Khidr
c) azql (a.s.)
d) Aramaya (a.s.)
Uzayr (a.s.) a.k.a. Ezra
Uzayrs (a.s.) name is not mentioned in the Qurn, but mentioned in the srah.
Uzayr (a.s.) came to a deserted, ruined place in Jerusalem, after Nebuchadnezzar had destroyed it.
He looked at what remained of the ruins and said out of curiosity:
Oh! How will Allh ever bring it to life after its death? (Q. Al-Baqarah: 259)
After a while, he fell asleep.
Allh sent the Angel of Death to take his life.
He remained dead for 100 years.
Then, Allh sent an angel to revive him.
The angel asked him how long did he sleep.
Uzayr (a.s.) said that he slept for a day or part of a day. He slept early in the afternoon,
and he woke up late in the afternoon
The angel informed him that he had slept for 100 years.
Allh showed Uzayr (a.s.) an example of how the dead will be brought to lift by reviving
Uzayrs (a.s.) donkey.
The bones were brought together.
The bones were covered with flesh, nerves, blood vessels, and skin.
The donkey became alive.
Uzayr (a.s.) went back to his town, but no one recognized him.
And old lady, who was the maid at his household, remembered him, but she was already blind.
She asked Uzayr (a.s.) to pray to Allh to cure her blindness, and he did.
She saw Uzayr (a.s.) and bear witness that it was him.
The people did not believe that Uzayr (a.s.) was who he was.
They accused the old maid of lying.
Uzayrs (a.s.) son said:
My father had a mark between his shoulders, a black mole. They discovered it.
Uzayr (a.s.) a.k.a. Ezra
The people said:
None among us memorized the Tawrah since
Nebuchadnezzar burned it, except Uzayr (a.s.);
and there was only one copy of the Torah,
which was hidden by Sarukha.
He buried it in the days of Nebuchadnezzar
in a place none but Uzayr (a.s.) knows.
Uzayr (a.s.) led them to the hidden place.
The copy of the Tawrah had already deteriorated.
Uzayr (a.s.) then copied the Tawrah again for them.
1 How long did Uzayr (a.s.) remained in his sleep?
a) 100 years
b) 200 years
c) 300 years
d) A day or part of a day
2 Allh showed Uzayr (a.s.) how He bring life to death through the example of the
a) horse
b) donkey
c) bird
d) calf
3 Uzayr (a.s.) was the only person among his people who had memorized the Tawrah.
a) True
b) False
Zakariyya (a.s.) a.k.a. Zechariah
Zakariyyas (a.s.) name is mentioned in the Quran 7 times.
Q. Maryam: 4-6
Zakariyya (a.s.) supplicated to Allh
He had became old
His wife was barren
He asked Allh for a child
o to inherit him
o to inherit the religious knowledge and prophethood
Q. Maryam: 7
Allh responded to Zakariyya (a.s.)
He would be given a son
The sons name would be Yay (no one had taken this name before)
Q. Maryam: 10
Zakariyya (a.s.) requested for a sign fromAllh.
Allh said the sign was that he would not be able to talk to people for three days,
even though he was not sick.
Banu Isrl disliked Zakariyya (a.s.) and planned to kill him.
Zakariyya (a.s.) escaped into a forest and hid inside a tree.
Shaytan showed them the tree and they cut it in half with Zakariyya (a.s.) inside.
1 Zakariyya (a.s.) asked Allh to bestow him a child who would inherit his
a) wealth
b) property
c) prophethood
d) business
2 Zakariyya (a.s.) was unable to talk for days, even though he was not sick.
a) 3
b) 5
c) 7
d) 11
3 No one had ever taken the name of Zakariyyas (a.s.) son, Yay, before he was born.
a) True
b) False
Yahya (a.s.) a.k.a. John the Baptist
Yays (a.s.) name is mentioned in the Quran 5 times.
Yay (a.s.) was
wise (since he was a child)
obedient to his parents
always weeping out of love and fear of Allh
King Herod planned to marry his beautiful niece, Salome.
Yay (a.s.) said that the marriage would be incestuous and against the law of Tawrah.
Salome was angry.
She offered herself to her uncle in return for Yays head.
King Herod ordered Yay (a.s.) to be executed and his head was brought to Salome.
Salome and the people of the palace are swallowed by the earth.
The Prophet (s.a.w.) said:
When we reached over the
second heaven (during miraj),
I saw Yahya and Isa,
who were cousins.
H. Bukhari
1 Yay (a.s.) was wise and knowledgeable even as a child.
a) True
b) False
2 Who was the king who ordered Yays (a.s.) killing?
a) Hezakiah
b) Bukhtanasar
c) Herod
d) Sennacherib
3 How did Allh punish those who were involved in the killing of Yay (a.s.)?
a) They were struck by lightning.
b) They were hit by fiery rocks.
c) They drown in a flood.
d) They were swallowed by the earth.
Isa (a.s.) a.k.a. Jesus
sas (a.s.) name is mentioned in the Qurn 25 times.
The Romans were in control.
Palestine had been taken over, and Banu Isrl were oppressed.
Among the Banu Isrl was the family of Imran (Ali Imran), from the lineage of Dwds (a.s.) (a.s.).
They were not prophets, but Allh had chosen them among mankind.
The wife of Imran wanted a child.
She made an oath to dedicate what was in her womb for Allhs service. (Q. Ali Imran: 35)
Q. Ali Imran: 36
The wife of Imran gave birth to a daughter.
She named her Maryam
She prayed to Allh to protect her and her offspring from Shaytan.
H. Bukhari, Muslim
When any human being is born, Shaytan strikes him which causes the new born to cry,
except Mary and her son.
Imran passed away, and the wife of Imran became very old.
Many people wanted to sponsor Maryam. They drew lots. Zakariyya (a.s.) won.
Zakariyya (a.s.) brought Maryam to live in the Baytul-Maqdis, where she served and worshipped.
Maryam had a roomfacing east in the temple.
Zakariyya (a.s.) visited here daily to see to her needs.
He would find with her fresh fruits that were out of the season.
He asked her, and she said that it was from Allh, and Allh provides sustenance to whom He wills.
(Q. Ali Imran: 37)
Isa (a.s.) a.k.a. Jesus
Q. Ali Imran: 42
Allh had chosen and purified Maryam, and chosen her above other women.
H. (n. Abu Hurayrah)
The best women of this world are four:
Maryam bint Imran
Khadijah bint Khuwaylid
Faimah bint Muammad (s.a.w.)
Asiyah, the wife of Firawn
Q. Maryam: 16
Maryam withdrew to a place facing east.
Jibrl came to her in the form of a man.
Maryam was surprised; she sought Allhs protection from him.
Jibrl informed her of the gift of a righteous son.
Ibn Kathr
Maryamwent to visit her aunt, who reported that she felt as if she was pregnant.
Maryamsaid that she, too, was feeling as if she was pregnant.
Her aunt said: I can see what is in my womb prostrating to what is in your womb.
Ysuf the Carpenter was surprised when he heard about Maryam.
Ysuf said: Maryam said:
Can a tree come to grow
without a seed?
Yes, the one which Allh
created for the first time.
Is it possible to bear a child
without a male partner?
Yes, Allh created dam(a.s.)
without male or female.
Isa (a.s.) a.k.a. Jesus
Maryam left Nazareth and went to a remote place (Belthlehem).
When she started having birth pains, she sat down under a palm tree.
Jibrl came and told her
Do not be sad
Allh had placed a stream of river under her for her to drink
Shake the palm tree so that fresh ripe date would fall for her to eat
If she saw anyone, say:
I have vowed a fast for the Most Gracious so I shall not speak to any human being today.
Maryam brought the baby back to the city.
The people scolded her and accused her of being unchaste.
She pointed to the baby, and the baby said:
Verily! I am a slave of Allh.
He has given me the Scripture and made me a Prophet;
and He has made me blessed wheresoever I be,
and has enjoined me prayer, and Zakat, as long as I live, and dutiful to my mother,
and made me not arrogant, unblest.
And peace be upon me the day I was born, and the day I die, and the day I shall be raised alive.
(Q. Maryam: 22-33)
The Jewish priests felt that this baby was dangerous because he would call them to worship Allh alone.
They kept the miracle of Isas speech in infancy a secret.
They accused Mary of being an adulterer, and Isa, the son of adulterer.
Made birds from clay and make themy with the will of Allh
Informed people what provisions they have in their homes
Healed the leper
Gave life to the death with the will of Allh
Isa (a.s.) a.k.a. Jesus
One day, sa (a.s.) met a woman who was crying on the grave of her daughter.
The woman would not move until she died or her daughter came back.
sa (a.s.) asked if she would believe his prophethood if he could bring her daughter back to life.
She said yes.
sa (a.s.) called the daughter out from her grave three times.
The 1
call Her body was brought together.
The 2
call Angel came and put her soul into her body.
The 3
call She came out with gray hairs and no eyebrows.
She thought it was qiyamah and was so scared that
her hairs turned gray and her eyebrows fell.
The daughter told her mother to believe in sa (a.s.). She died afterwards.
Q. A-f: 6
sa (a.s.) told Banu Isrl
He was a messenger of Allh
He confirmed the Tawrah
He brought good tidings of a messenger after him, Amad (variation of the name Muammad).
It was related that sa (a.s.) commanded his disciples (Al-Hawariyyun) to fast for 30 days.
At the end of the fast, his disciples requested him to ask Allh for a table spread with
food from the heaven.
So that they would have stronger faith
So that they could witness his miracle
sa (a.s.) asked Allh for the food.
They would take the day as a festival
As a sign fromAllh of His ability and Isas prophethood
Allh sent them the food.
He reminded them of a severe punishment if they disbelieved after witnessing this miracle.
(Q. Al-Midah: 112-114)
Isa (a.s.) a.k.a. Jesus
During a journey, sa (a.s.)
gave one of his disciples
money to buy some bread.
The man bought three
loaves of bread, but he ate
one himself.
He gave sa (a.s.) the
remaining two breads.
sa (a.s.) asked where the
third loaf of bread was.
The man answered that
there were only two loaves.
In the middle of their
journey, they hunted a
deer and cooked it.
sa (a.s.) asked Allh to
revive the deer, and it ran
away from them.
sa (a.s.) asked the man
again about the third loaf
of bread.
The man answered that
there were only two
They came to a river.
sa (a.s.) asked his
companions to hold his
Together, they walked on
the water surface and
crossed the river.
sa (a.s.) asked the man
again about the third loaf
of bread.
The man answered that
there were only two
They reached a desert.
sa (a.s.) took 3 rocks and
asked Allh to turn them
into gold.
He said that they will divide
the gold among themselves,
but the one who took the
last loaf of bread could take
the third gold for himself.
The man admitted he took
the bread.
sa (a.s.) said he could have
all three gold, but he could
no longer join them.
The man was so happy
with the gold; he didnt
care about being left by
sa (a.s.) and the other
Three robbers spotted the
man with the gold.
They killed him and stole
the gold.
Afterwards, one of the
robbers went off to buy
He thought of taking all
the gold for himself, so he
poisoned the food.
The other two robbers
plotted to kill him.
When he came back, the
two robbers killed him.
They then ate the food and
were killed.
sa (a.s.) and his
companions passed by the
place and saw the dead
man and the three dead
robbers, as well as the
sa (a.s.) said:
This is what happens if
you seek for worldly
goods in life.
Isa (a.s.) a.k.a. Jesus
Banu Isrl began to plot against Isa.
They convinced the king that sa (a.s.) was causing unrest among the subject.
The king ordered sa (a.s.) to be arrested and crucified.
sa (a.s.) asked his disciples
who would support him Some from the Jews believed and supported him.
who would take his resemblance, No one accepted He was crucified
die and be his partner in Jannah except their youngest. instead of Isa.
Allh saved sa (a.s.) and raised him to the heaven.
(Q. An-Nis: 157-158)
sas (a.s.) characteristics
Well-built man
Skin colour: Between red and white
Head appears to be dripping water
Descend while wearing two long, light yellow garments, carried two angels
Descend close to the white minaret, east of Damascus
(H. Abu Dwd)
The killing of Ad-Dajjl
sa (a.s.) will pursue Ad-Dajjl
When they reach the doors of Ludd, Palestine, he will kill him.
(H. Muslim)
The Yajj and Majj
sa (a.s.) will gather the believers at At-Tur, Sinai
Yajj and Majj will surround them
Allh will send
o an-naghaf (worm) to kill Yajj and Majj
o bird to carry their dead bodies away
o rain to cleanse the earth
(H. Muslim)
Isa (a.s.) a.k.a. Jesus
sas (a.s.) actions
Kill the pig
Break the cross
Lead the prayer in congregation
Give away wealth until it is no longer accepted by anyone
Abolish the Jizyah
Go to Ar-Rawha' from where he will go to perform Hajj, Umrah or both.
Call the people to Islam.
(H. Amad, Abu Dwd)
The conditions at that time
Allh will destroy all religions except Islam
Safety will then fill the earth
o Lions will mingle with camels, tigers with cattle and wolves with sheep
o Children will play with snakes
(H. Abu Dwd)
His death
sa (a.s.) will remain for forty years and then will die
Muslims will offer the funeral prayer for him.
there is none of the People of the Scripture, but must believe in him, before his death
(H. Amad, Abu Dwd)
1 Jibrl came to Maryam in the form of a man.
a) True
b) False
2 Allh provided Maryam with
i) dates
ii) fruits that were out of season
iii) river flowing underneath her
iv) spring from a rock
a) i, ii, and iii
b) i, iii, and iv
c) ii, iii, and iv
d) All of the above
3 sa (a.s.) was the only one who could speak when he was a baby.
a) True
b) False
4 sa (a.s.) informed his people of the coming of a messenger after him, named Muammad.
a) True
b) False
5 Which of the followings were some of the miracles of Isa?
i) Born without a father
ii) Revived the dead
iii) Walked on the surface of water
iv) Cured the leper
a) i, ii, and iii
b) i, ii, and iv
c) i, iii, and iv
d) All of the above
6 sa (a.s.) will descend to the earth and
i) Kill Dajjl
ii) Kill Yajj and Majj
iii) Kill the pigs
iv) Abolish jizyah
a) i, ii, and iii
b) i, ii, and iv
c) i, iii, and iv
d) All of the above
dam (Pg. 7) Ibrhm (Pg. 30) Ysuf (Pg. 52) Ysha (Pg. 85) Ashiy (Pg. 104)
Q1 b Q1 b Q1 b Q1 a Q1 b
Q2 b Q2 b Q2 a Q2 c Q2 b
Q3 c Q3 c Q3 d Q3 c Q3 c
Q4 a Q4 a Q4 b Q4 b Q4 a
Q5 d Q5 d Q5 b
Q6 a Q6 d Q6 b azql (Pg. 87) Aramaya (Pg. 106)
Q7 b Q7 a Q1 b Q1 b
Isml (Pg. 32) Q2 a Q2 a
Shth (Pg. 9) Q1 b Ayyb (Pg. 55) Q3 b Q3 b
Q1 b Q2 b Q1 b
Q2 c Q3 b Q2 b Ilys (Pg. 89) Dnyl (Pg. 108)
Q3 b Q4 a Q3 b Q1 b Q1 c
Q4 b Q4 d Q2 b Q2 b
Isq (Pg. 3
4) Q5 b Q3 d
Idrs (Pg. 11) Q1 b Al-Yasa (Pg. 91)
Q1 a Q2 b Ynus (Pg. 58) Q1 b Uzayr (Pg. 111)
Q2 c Q3 d Q1 b Q2 a Q1 a
Q3 a Q2 a Q2 b
Q4 b Yaqub (Pg. 37) Q3 c aml (Pg. 94) Q3 a
Q1 c Q4 d Q1 a
N (Pg. 15) Q2 d Q5 a Q2 d Zakariyya (Pg. 113)
Q1 c Q3 b Q3 c Q1 c
Q2 a Q4 c Dhal-Kifl (Pg. 61) Q4 b Q2 a
Q3 b Q5 c Q1 b Q3 a
Q4 c Q6 a Q2 c Dwd (Pg. 97)
Q5 c Q3 b Q1 a Yaya (Pg. 115)
L (Pg. 41) Q4 d Q2 a Q1 a
Hd (Pg. 18) Q1 b Q3 a Q2 c
Q1 a Q2 b Msa & Hrn (Pg. 83) Q4 a Q3 d
Q2 a Q3 d Q1 b Q5 d
Q3 a Q4 c Q2 a sa (Pg. 123)
Q4 b Q5 b Q3 a Sulaymn (Pg. 101) Q1 a
Q5 c Q6 b Q4 b Q1 d Q2 a
Q5 a Q2 b Q3 b
li (Pg. 22) Shuayb (Pg. 44) Q6 b Q3 b Q4 b
Q1 a Q1 a Q7 b Q4 d Q5 d
Q2 a Q2 a Q5 b Q6 c
Q3 d Q3 c
Q4 b Q4 b
Q5 c Q5 d