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1 The equilateral triangle is the only triangle with rational sides and angles.
2 There are figures other than circle having constant width, called reuleaux
They are constructed by taking any odd sided polygons and drawing arcs
with a corner as vertex and opposite side as endpoints of arc.

3 Uranus is the only planet whose poles are warer than its equator.
! The day of "enus is longer than its year.
# The tail of a coet always points away fro the sun due to pressure of
solar wind $particles e%ected fro the surface of sun&.
' The highest ountain in solar syste is (lypus )ons on )ars which is
2* k high.
+ ,arth is closer to -un in winters than in suer for .orthern heisphere.
/ The deepest point on ,arth, the deep challenger, is 3',000 feet deep
enough to have )t. ,verest and still have over a ile of space over it.
* The density of 1ead -ea is so high that huan can2t sink in it.
10 The 3a4on 5iver is saller than .ile 5iver but contains ore than '0
ties its water.
11 The deadliest fish is piranha which has ra4or sharp teeth that can rip the
skin off crocodiles. -o high is its hunger than if one of its own is caught in
a fishing line and it can2t free itself, the rest of the school will even eat it.
12 -ilver is so alleable that it can be ade transparent.
13 6n an acre of land there are ore insects than entire population of huan
1! There is rapid eye oveent $5,)& during dreaing.
1# 7ities such as 8ondon, .ew 9ork and -ydney receive ore than 1'0
rainy days in a year.
1' 3t the tie of launch of -pace rocket, /': percent of its weight is fuel.
1+ The nuber of rings in a tree trunk tells its age in years.
1/ The strongest anial in the world, a beetle, can lift ob%ects +#0 ties
ore assive than itself.
1* The flea %ups over 30 ties its length in height and distance and iparts
an acceleration of about 10 g.
20 3long an inverted cycloid shaped curve, a bead will fall in shortest
possible tie to a point not directly below it. 6t will also take the sae tie
to reach there no ater where it is placed above the point.

21 There are surfaces having only one side, one such exaple is )obius
strip ade by giving a twist to a strip of paper and then %oining the ends.