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Equity Walk Observation Form LOOK FORS School: Date:

Rigor is when standards-based classroom instruction is clearly and

explicitly evident. As a result, students practice higher order thinking
skills each day to meet and exceed grade level standards. Classroom
instruction is relevant to students cultural and linguistic experiences
and aligned to subject matter/grade level standards and classroom
grading. Students are actively engaged and able to demonstrate their
academic understanding and knowledge (verbal and written) through
classroom interaction, grade level assignments, and assessments aligned
to standards.
(From Edwin Javius, EdEquity, Inc.)
Learning and Teaching
Standards-based learning is visible for Black and Brown students.
Classroom lessons reflect the experiences of Black and Brown
Teacher routinely checks for understanding with Black and Brown
Evidence of a positive, respectful learning environment for Black
and Brown students.
Evidence of caring, respectful relationships between Black and
Brown students.
Routines and rituals are visible and understood by all.
Rituals that help Black and Brown children feel a sense of
belonging are evident in the classroom.
There is evidence of opportunities for Black and Brown students
and their teacher(s) to learn about each other, and their unique
Classroom agreements, rules, and consequences for violating
agreements are negotiated.
The system of discipline is understood by all students and applied
fairly and equitably.
Black and Brown students are equitably and actively participating
in all classroom interactions.
Teacher attention is directed equitably (not equally).
Teacher regularly calls on, encourages, and sets high expectations
for participation and engagement by Black and Brown students.
Black and Brown students talk with/engage with white students in
small groups.
Student work, reflecting all students, is displayed in the classroom
and routinely updated.
(Adapted from Margery Ginsberg, Motivational Framework)
Teacher Expectations and Student Achievement
Teacher works in close proximity to Black and Brown students
within the classroom.
Black and Brown students are actively engaged in classroom
Teacher frequently calls on Black and Brown students (equitably,
not equally)
Teacher provides individual, learning-based attention and
assistance to Black and Brown students.
Teacher provides appropriate wait time/think time for Black and
Brown students, and encourages them to respond.
Teacher uses probing, delving, rephrasing strategies to encourage
Black and Brown student engagement.
Teacher uses high level questioning and calls for Black and
Brown students to offer opinions, explanations, and evaluations.
When praising Black and Brown students, teachers offer specific,
learning-centered reasons for praise.
Teacher listens attentively to Black and Brown students.
Teacher expresses respect for the Black and Brown students.
Teacher takes a personal interest in the lives of Black and Brown
students, outside of school, and infuses that information in
classroom lessons.
Teacher corrects the behavior in a calm, courteous manner for all
students, including Black and Brown students.
(Adapted from Teacher Expectations Student Achievement (TESA))
Equity Walk Observation Form LOOK FORS School: Date:


Black and Brown Students

Teacher and
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