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CEO -The responsibilities of an organization's CEO or MD are set by the organization's board of director or
other authority, depending on the organization's legal structure. They can be far-reaching or quite limited and
are typically enshrined in a formal delegation of authority.
Typically, the CEO/MD has responsibilities as a director, decision maker, leader, manager and executor. The
communicator role can involve the press and the rest of the outside world, as well as the organization's
management and employees; the decision-making role involves high-level decisions about policy and
strategy. As a leader of the company, the CEO/MD advises the board of directors, motivates employees, and
drives change within the organization. As a manager, the CEO/MD presides over the organization's day-to-
day operations.
DIGITAL MEDIA AND COMMUNICATION - Digital communications are just what they sound like:
communications performed with and by digital technology. Multimedia developers and managers use digital
communications methods to create any variety of entertainment, graphic design, and artistic productions.

CONSUMER ELECTRONICS - For more than 40 years, Samsung Electronics has been at the forefront of innovation,
delivering breakthrough products and exceptional value to people around the world.
As the #1 Consumer Electronics company, Samsung Electronics is the global leader in mobile, semiconductor
and display technologies. Through our successes with the Galaxy SIII and the Galaxy Note series, as well as
our groundbreaking advances in computer memory and green technology, we continuously strive to push the
limits of technology to better peoples lives
Guided by the simple philosophy, Inspire the World, Create the Future we are committed to shaping the
future of technology and setting the standards in the realm of fast, dynamic change.
IT and MOBILE COMMUNICATION - has been a specialist provider of wide-area digital radio dispatch solutions and
antenna sites. We lead the industry in providing seamless, flat-rate airtime on our independently
owned Trunked Networks and the most up-to-date technologies in a
rapidly changing market.
MOBILE COMMUNICATION DIVISION- is Mobile Communications Solution & Service Provider which enables
communications and collaboration at any time at any place. Important businesses include telecommunications
service based businesses (telephony, UC application solutions), solution/service based businesses (mobile
office, mySingle), and software development support business (mobile contents, ESDM).
DEVICE SOLUTIONS - Samsung's Device Solutions Business leads the world's memory and LCD markets in
product and technology development. It consists of four major divisions: the Memory and System Large
Scale Integration (LSI) Divisions, comprising Samsung's semiconductor operations, and LCD and Storage
Systems Divisions. In a fast-paced electronic components industry, marked by intense competition and
market volatility, clearly differentiated products from each of these divisions have helped spur continued
Samsung's Memory Division designs and manufactures integrated circuits for storing digital information. It is
the market leader in dynamic random access memory (DRAM), static random access memory (SRAM),
NAND flash memory and Solid State Drives (SSDs). In addition, the Division has been setting an aggressive
pace for developing new memory devices and multichip packages, as well as pioneering fusion memories and
commercializing nanotechnology.
The System LSI Division designs and manufactures logic and analog integrated circuit devices. It is
comprised of 3 major areas of business concentration - mobile solutions, home & media solutions, and ASIC
& foundry services. The Division focuses its efforts in five strategic products areas - display driver IC (DDI),
CMOS image sensor (CIS), mobile application processor (AP), smart card IC and media player SoC. System
LSI holds the number one market share in DDI, Navigational AP and MP3 SoC.
Samsung's LCD Division produces panels for TVs, digital information displays (DIDs), notebook PCs and
desktop monitors. It is the market leader in developing next-generation, premium products such as ultra-slim,
edge-lit LED-backlit LCD panels, and is at the forefront of creating new markets with advancements in LED-
backlit panel design and 240Hz LCD technology. The Division also is leading the LCD industry in its
transition to the 16:9 widescreen aspect ratio, as well as in the introduction of high-value-added products such
as 20-inch and larger slim-panel monitors and super-bright DID panels.
The Storage Systems Division is a leading producer of high-capacity, high-performance hard disk drives for
notebook and desktop PCs, as well as digital camcorders, MP4 players and a wide range of other consumer
electronics and mobile devices. Just recently, it introduced a new line-up of ultra-compact, high-capacity
external hard drives. It has made significant advances in hard disk drive technologies leading to lighter,
quieter and more energy-efficient drives.